SCRC Report – 2014-07

SCRC Report – July 2014

South Central Regional Coordinators Report
Distribution: us-staff-reports (full), us-sc-general & us-sc-coord-reports (edited)
Online copy can be viewed at
Table of Contents:
I. Staff Listing
II. Summary
III. Upcoming Events
IV. Prestige Awards
V. Solitary Chapter & Domain Status
VI. DC Prestige Tracking
VII. Finances
I. Staff Listing
SC Regional Coordinator: Krista Guthrie, US2003061667, , Since: 5/6/14
ARC Administration: Evan Miller, US2012060038,
ARC Prestige: Cameron Wright, US2011118180,
ARC Media & Elections: Lucas Westfall, US2002034285,
ARC Tech & Special Projects: Kevin Whiteside, US2014020062,
ARC Charity & Events: Alinore Brady, US2014040024,

SC Regional Storyteller: Evan Odensky, US2002021282, , Since: 06/2014
ARST Administration: Billy Duvic, US2002034816,
ARST Accord: Dain Geist, US2002023664,
AARST Accord Support: Paul Hackett, US2002021986,
ARST Apocalypse: Jeff Thelen, US2002021470,
ARST Masquerade: David DeNova, US2002056136,
AARST Sabbat: Lindsey Vaughan, US2002022475,
AARST Cam/Anarch: Lucas Clendenen, US2010066080,
ARST NWOD: Travis C. Kearns, US2002055931,
AARST NWOD Support: Meredith Fajardo, US2007029421,

II. Summary
ARC Charities and Events
Alinore R. Brady US2014040024
FGotM went well or so I am told in Austin, always a good thing, I got a bid for October and we will be working towards a new charity within the next several weeks.

Houston’s DC has not, after several emails requesting the information, sent in the post FGotM prestige and information.

Other than that, “EVERYTHING IS AWESOME”

Questions and Answers

New Regional Charity; Still on the lookout for a 2 month regional charity to fill the quarter. Should have one by the end of August.

Prestige Recommendations

That is all from me. Be well my lively region.
Cameron Wright US2011118180

No Report
ARC Tech & Special Projects
Kevin W – US2014020062

No Report
ARC Media & Elections
Lucas Westfall – US2002034285


Completed the Election:
VIR-SC-C: New CC Chris Hundley
OK-008: New DC D.A. Boone

Elections Initiated or In Progress:
AR-008: Candidate Stage
TX-061: Voting Stage
LA-002: Seeking to be Added to List
OK-010: Seeking to be Added to List
OK-011: Seeking to be Added to List

Media Projects
Pending. No New Projects at this time.

Prestige Recommendations
Acting as a Proctor
VIR-SC-C DC Election
Joseph Kralick US2002034702 5R
Amanda Bellanger US2013050068 5R
OK-008-D DC Election
Joseph Kralick US2002034702 5R
Amanda Bellanger US2013050068 5R

III. Upcoming Events
Thank you Austin for the August FGotM!
OKC has been approved to host the FGotM in October! (Oct 11th!)

IV. Prestige Awards (Featured Game Prestige in Section II)
Recommended to National

All following prestige is awarded by the Regional Coordinator
Regional Coordinator Staff Prestige (Budget: 300)
Administrative (80 max/month):
ARC Administration: Evan Miller, US2012060038: 30R
ARC Prestige: Cameron Wright, US2011118180: 30R
ARC Media & Elections: Lucas Westfall, US2002034285: 50R
ARC Tech & Special Projects: Kevin Whiteside, US2014020062: 40R
ARC Charity & Events: Alinore Brady, US2014040024: 50R

Social/Non-Game Support: Acting as a Proctor [max 50/month]
Joseph Kralick US2002034702 10R
Amanda Bellanger US2013050068 10R

Social/Non-Game Support: Donating Needed Materials [max 50/month]
Amber Sandoval US2002034006 – Donated $10 to fund Website – 5R
Troll Sandoval US2002034819 – Donated $10 to fund Website – 5R

Extraordinary Service (Social/Non-Game Support: Other Similar Tasks [max 50/month])
No Recommendations

Domain Coordinator Prestige
Lee Stuart, US2002023139 AR-008-D, Early: 50G
Timothy Hamilton, US2002045804 AR-012-D, NR: 40G,
Matthew Costa, US2002021172 AR-015-I, NR: 20G
Tracey Reeves, US2002045394 LA-002-D, Early: 50G
John Rolsen, US2008021777 LA-003-D, Early: 50G
Scott Waguespack, US2006078124 LA-005-D, Early: 50G
Jay Ponville, US2004092064 LA-006-D, NR: 40G
EJ Lastrapes, US2011037460,LA-008-D, OT: 50G
Philip Wortman, US2012040087 LA-010-I, Early: 50G
D. A. Boone, US2010025370 OK-008-D, OT: 50G
Adam Gustaitis, US2009084667 OK-010-D, OT: 50G
Mike Wells, US2005043380 OK-011-D, Early: 50G
Ernie Ramos III, US2002023705 TX-057-D, OT: 50G
Debi Hodges, US2008021874 TX-058-D, Early: 50G
Melissa Wabler, US2005086266 TX-059-D, OT: 50G
Lee Wilson, US2002022680 TX-061-D, NR: 30G
Nicki Boyles, US2002021955 TX-065-D, OT: 50G
Matthew Maddoux, US2009023568 TX-068-D, NR: 40G
Chancey Westfall, US2004092025 TX-069-D, Early: 50G
Cris Hundley, US2002022255 VIR-SC-C, Early: 50G

July DC Report Bonus (For Early Reports Only)
Lee Stuart, US2002023139 AR-008-D, Early: 2R
Tracey Reeves, US2002045394 LA-002-D, Early: 2R
John Rolsen, US2008021777, LA-003-D, Early: 2R
Scott Waguespack, US2006078124 LA-005-D, Early: 2R
Philip Wortman, US2012040087 LA-010-I, Early: 2R
Mike Wells, US2005043380 OK-011-D, Early: 2R
Debi Hodges, US2008021874 TX-058-D, Early: 2R
Chancey Westfall, US2004092025 TX-069-D, Early: 2R
Cris Hundley, US2002022255 VIR-SC-C, Early: 2R

July DC Report Bonus (For Consistent On-Time or Better Reporting Only)
Lee Stuart, US2002023139 AR-008-D, 3Months: 2R
Tracey Reeves, US2002045394 LA-002-D, 4Months: 3R
Scott Waguespack, US2006078124 LA-005-D, 4Months: 3R
Philip Wortman, US2012040087 LA-010-I, 4Months: 3R
Adam Gustaitis, US2009084667 OK-010-D, 4Months: 3R
Debi Hodges, US2008021874 TX-058-D, 4Months: 3R
Melissa Wabler, US2005086266 TX-059-D, 4Months: 3R
Chancey Westfall, US2004092025 TX-069-D, 4Months: 3R
Cris Hundley, US2002022255 VIR-SC-C, 4Months: 3R

Regional Storyteller Staff Prestige (Budget: 300)
Administration (80 max/month):
ARST Administration: Billy Duvic, US2002034816 – 50R
ARST Apocalypse: Jeff Thelen, US2002021470 – 50G [REGIONAL REFUSED]
ARST Accord: Dain Geist, US2002023664 – 50G [REGIONAL REFUSED]
ARST NWoD: Travis Kearns, US2005022936 – 50R
AARST Cam/Anarch: Dave Denova, US2002056136 – 50R [Outgoing]

DST Awards:
AR-008-D (West Memphis): Office Vacant – 0G
AR-012-D (Little Rock): William Peterson, US2007060047 – 30G
LA-002-D (Ruston): Timbo Plunkett – 30G
LA-003-D (Shreveport): John Rolsen, US2008021777 – 50G
LA-005-D (New Orleans): Alexander Jones, US2010086557 – 50G
LA-006-D (Baton Rouge): Jeremy Brown, US2002066290 – 30G
LA-008-D (Lake Charles): Ryan Crouch, US2012040107 – 50G
OK-008-D (Tulsa): Steven Hulford, US2009084580 – 30G
OK-010-D (OKC): Adam Gustaitis, US2009084667 – 50G
OK-011-D (Stillwater): Mike Wells, US2005043380 – 30G
TX-057-D (BCS): Office Vacant – 0G
TX-058-D (Dallas): Robert Hodges, US2008021876 – 50G
TX-059-D (San Antonio): Travis Kearns. US2005022936 – 50G
TX-061-D (Houston): Julia Kramer, US2005096588 – 50G
TX-065-D (Austin): Pete DeSalvo, US2008042216 – 50G
TX-068-D (Ft. Worth): Devon Wier, US2007039567 – 50G
TX-069-D (Odessa): Lucas Westfall, US2002034285 – 50G
LA-010-I (Lafayette): [VST Accord] Adrian Stewart – 50G

Bonus Award (for early or on time reporting):
LA-003-D (Shreveport): John Rolsen, US2008021777 – 2R
LA-005-D (New Orleans): Alexander Jones, US2010086557 – 2R
LA-008-D (Lake Charles): Ryan Crouch, US2012040107 – 2R
OK-010-D (OKC): Adam Gustaitis, US2009084667 – 2R
TX-058-D (Dallas): Robert Hodges, US2008021876 – 2R
TX-059-D (San Antonio): Travis Kearns. US2005022936 – 2R
TX-061-D (Houston): Julia Kramer, US2005096588 – 2R
TX-065-D (Austin): Pete DeSalvo, US2008042216 – 2R
TX-068-D (Ft. Worth): Devon Wier, US2007039567 – 2R
TX-069-D (Odessa): Lucas Westfall, US2002034285 – 2R

LA-010-I (Lafayette): [VST Accord] Adrian Stewart – 2R

Accord VSTs
VST Tulsa, OK – Meredith Fajardo (US2007029421): 2 Regional
VST, Lake Charles – Allen Aguillard (US2012040114): 2 Regional

Apocalypse VSTs
VST Austin, TX – Billy Martinez (US2002022121): 2 Regional
VST Houston, TX – David Hagberg (US2013060129): 2 Regional

Cam/Anarch VSTs
VST Little Rock, AR – Howell Herrin (US2002034609): 2 Regional
VST Baton Rouge, LA – Glen Davis (US2002116854): 2 Regional
VST Austin, TX – Lucas Clendenen (US2010066080: 2 Regional
VST Houston, TX – Jeff Fillhaber (US2013070047): 2 Regional
VST Odessa, TX – Cecil Hogg (US20020344292): 2 Regional

Lost VSTs
VST Tulsa, OK – Michael Keel (US2006078202): 2 Regional
VST Little Rock, AR – Amanda Falls (US2010096659): 2 Regional
VST San Antonio, TX – Michael Fricker (US2013010011): 2 Regional
VST Oklahoma City, OK – Josh Jaques (US2009084639): 2 Regional

Requiem VSTs
VST Oklahoma City, OK – Robert Curtis (US2010086538): 2 Regional

Sabbat VSTs
VST Little Rock, AR – Randall C. (US200507839): 2 Regional

V. Solitary Chapter & Domain Status
AR-008-D, Raven’s Dive, Jonesboro/West Memphis, AR – Green
DC: Lee Stuart, US2002023139,, Since: 08/13
DST: Richard Davidson, US2006068015, ?, Since: 08/14
AR-008-D Funds: $0
AR-012-D, Axis of Awesome, Little Rock, AR – Yellow
DC: Timothy Hamilton, US2002045804,; Since 03/14
DST: William Peterson, US2007060047,; Since 08/13
AR-012-D Funds: $759.85
AR-015-I, Scientia Delorem et Mortem, Northwest Arkansas, AR – Black
CC: (Interim) Matthew Costa, US2002021172,, since 04/14
AR-015-I Funds: $0
LA-002-D, Nights of the Red Tables, Ruston, LA — Green
DC: Tracey Reeves, US2002045394,, Since: 9/12
DST: Timbo Plunkett, US2003011113,, Since: 4/13
LA-002-D Funds: $0
LA-003-D, Blood, Fire, & Fidelity, Shreveport, Bossier City, LA — Green
DC: John Rolsen, US2008021777, Since: 7/14
DST: John Rolsen, US2008021777, Since: 04/14
LA-003-D Funds: $0
LA-005-D, No Last Call, New Orleans, LA – Green
DC: Scott Waguespack (US2006078124), Since: 2/2014
DST: Alexander Jones (US2010086557), Since: 4/2014
LA-005-D Funds: $264
LA-006-D, Hilarity Ensues, Baton Rouge, LA — Black
DC: Jay Ponville, US2004092064,, Since: 8/13
DST: Justin Merrel, US2002022248,, Since:
LA-006-D Funds: $182.91
LA-008-D, Contraband Covenants, Lake Charles, LA – Green
DC: Lauren Thorn, US2012003505,, Since: 05/13
DST: Ryan Crouch, US2012040107,, Since: 9/13
LA-008-D Funds: $464.33
LA-010-I, Something Something Explosions, Lafayette, LA – Green
CC: Philip Wortman, US2012040087,, Since 09/13
LA-010-I Funds: $0
OK-008-D, Native Nights, Tulsa, OK – Green
DC: D. A. Boone, US2010025370,, Since: 08/12
DST: Steven Hulford, US2009084580,, Since: 03/14
OK-008-D Funds: $753.72
OK-010-D, Eternal Midnight, Oklahoma City, OK – Green
DC: Adam Gustaitis, US2009084667,, Since: 09/13
DST: Adam Gustaitis, US2009084667,, Since: 02/14
OK-010-D Funds: $ 1400 (and change)
OK-011-D, Ivory Tower, Stillwater, Oklahoma – Green
DC: Mike Wells, US2005043380,, since: 10/2012
DST: Mike Wells, US2005043380,, since: 03/2012
OK-011-D Funds: $0
TX-057-D, Midnight Yell, BCS, TX — Green
DC: Ernie Ramos III, US2002023705, 3/2013
DST: Vacant
TX-057-D Funds: $0
TX-058-D, Lone Star Nights, Dallas, TX — Green
DC: Debi Hodges, US2008021874,, Since: 10/13
DST: Robert Hodges US2008021876,, Since: 10/13
TX-058-D Funds: $345
TX-059-D, Civitas de Immortalis, San Antonio, Texas – Green
DC: Melissa Wabler, US2005086266,, Since: 11/13
DST: Travis Kerns, US2005022936,, Since: 09/13
TX-059-D Funds: $1579
TX-061-D, Midnight Magnolias, Houston, TX — Red
DC: Lee Wilson, US2002022680,, Since: 08/13
DST: Julia Kramer, US2005096588,, Since: 11/13
TX-061-D Funds: $ Not Reported
TX-065-D, No Witnesses, Austin, TX — Green
DC: Nicki Boyles, US2002021955,, Since: 12/13
DST: Pete DeSalvo, US2008042216,, Since: 06/14
TX-065-D Funds: $ 1381.97
TX-068-D, Westward Haven, Ft. Worth, TX – Yellow
DC: Matthew Maddoux, US2009023568,, Since: 11/13
DST: Devon Wier, US2007039567,, since: 04/13
TX-068-D Funds: $302
TX-069-D, Lost Haven, Odessa, TX – Green
DC: Chancey Westfall, US2004092025,, Since: 02/14
DST: Lucas Westfall, US2002034285,, Since: 03/13
TX-069-D Funds: $0.00
VIR-SC-C, Virtual – Green
CC: Cris Hundley, US2002022255,, Since: 07/13
VIR-SC-C Funds: $0.00
XI. MC List
(Note: If there are errors, duplications, or concerns, please contact ** and **)
MC 9
Banerjee, Sudiptya “Sid”
Bentancourt, Tito
Boyles, Nicki
Bradeen, Stephen
Brooks, Mark
Brula, Stephen
Buck, Steve
Cavitt, Shawn
Clark, Doug
Clendenen, Lucas
Cohen, Russ
Cowan, Laura
Cross, Thomas
Czerwonky, Rich
Daiber, Kevin
Danby, Scott
Danna, Russ
Davis, Grant
DeSalvo, Peter
DeWitt, Nick
Dickens, David
Ennis, Ray
Fellers, Lacey
Finseth, Chris
Fiveash, Theresa
Ford, Lori
Freeburg, Amy
Gullikson, Rick
Hall, John
Handel, Josh
Harper, Beckey
Hidalgo, John
Huskey, James
Jones, Kevin
Kans, Chris
Kearns, Travis
Lanning, Jackie
Lee, Bobby
Lewis, Heather
Lewis, Jason
Lloyd, Johnathan
Lotzer, John
Lucas, William (Billy)
Marquez, Anthony
Mason, Patrick
McAffee, Melissa
McKey, Alexander
Molsbee, Donna
Montgomery, Leah A.
Morgan, Jennifer Horton
Neff, Patrick
Odensky, Angela
Parker, Frank
Peltier, Brian
Pocai, David
Potter, James
Powell, Tricia
Riley, Brandon
Roberts, Bethany
Rodriguez, Troy
Russell, Tommy
Samp, Jason
Sanders, John
Sanders, Robert
Singer, Michael
Singleton, Richard
Sloan, Jim
Tan, Daniel
Taylor, Josh
Taylor, Valerie
Tennant, Donald
Tomplait, Adam
Tucker, Jennifer
Watson, Dave
White, Chris
Wilson, Matt
Wilson, Melissa
Woodall, Terrall Jay “TJ”
MC 10
Beck, Chris
Berthelot, Joshua
Broussard, James
Burgess, David
Capps, Aaron
Covington, Jason
Craft, Judy
Crawford, Randall
Davidson, Richard
Dodson, July
DuBois, Trisha
Edwards, Christopher
Emery, Sarah
Gibeson, Glenn
Gray, Cory
Hefner, Scott
Henry, Stephen
Hill, Luke
Hubbard, Charles
Klepper, Richard
Ledbetter, Lee
Lewis, Patrick
Merrel, Justin
Minette, Ted
Morgan, David
Plunkett, Timbo
Remy, Mitch
Rexwinkle, Josh
Rogers, Michelle
Sandoval, Joel
Satterlee, Wes
Stuart, Lee
Warren, Erin
Watson, Haleigh
MC 11
Blalack, Bryan
Boone, William
Brian (Welch), Shelly
Craft-Rendon, Benjamin
Curnutt, Mike
Curnutt, Sarah
Davis, Glen
DeNova, David
Duvic, William
Elliot, Sandra
Gergeni, Stephen
Guthrie, Krista
Hamilton, Timothy
Harrelson, Heather
Henry, Jamie
Herrin, Howell
Hugo, Steve
Lirette, Aaron “Duckie”
Molsbee, Chris
Montgomery, Monty
Morris, Christopher
Reeves, Tracy
Riordan, Charles
Scott, Mike
Speck, Charles
Sternenberg, William
Thompson, BJ
Wabler, Melissa
Westfall, Lucas
Wilson, Ryan
MC 12
Baker, Joe
Bearden, Stephen “Smokey”
Calland, Jenn
Cannon, Robin
Cowan, Michael
Cross, Leslea
DuBois, Jerimiah
Elliott, Nick
French, Chloe
Haughton, Patrick
Lanning, David
Marston, Sam
Martinez, Robert
Martire, Chris
Perkins, Jonathan “Jay”
Ragan, Matt
Rexwinkle, Angela
Roberts, Matthew “Pika”
Sanzgari, David
Shupee, Stephen
Teegarden, Michael
Tucker, Jon
Wallach, Kim
Wilson, Robin
MC 13
Branton (Merrell), Kathryn
Brian, Kevin
Brown, Jeremy
Cordell, Richard
Craig, Charles
Cross Logan, Jennifer
Duncan, Jeff
Edwards, Damon
Emery, Martin
Geist, Dain
Geist, Rachel
Lauzon, Danielle
Lofton, Dale
Marston, Sam
Martinez, Billy
Martinez, Erica
Morgan (Simpson), Rebecca
Pool, John “Decker”
Reinertson, Ken
Roberts, Jackson
MC 14
Beck, John
Berthelot, Kathy S (Sherman)
Cavitt (Graham), Julie
Collins, Brent
Cox, Harley
Fazio, Jess
Hackett, Paul J.
Harper, Weston
Harvey (Misamore), Liz
Hodges, Debi
Hodges, Robert
Hundley, Cris
Kramer, Julia
Kramer, Ricky
Manzar, Seth
McFarland, David
Meine, K. Kelly
Odensky, Evan
Ramos, Ernesto, III
Rector, Janeka
Remy, Crystal
Sample, Silja
Sample, Will
Sanders, Bert
Schlitt, Ben
Segall, Corey
Sides, David
Simpson, Laura
Thelen, Jeff
Vaughan, Lindsey
Williams, Cat
Williams, Matthew
VII. DC Personal Prestige Awards
Member Name: Cris Hundley
Membership Number: US2002022255
Justification by category:
Standards and Timely Renewal (no max):
Venue Standard: Awakening – 50G
Venue Standard: Accord – 50G
Venue Standard: Lost – 50G
Name: Wortman, Philip
Membership #: US2012040087
Expiration Date: October 22, 2015
Member Class: 4 (loaned to 5)
Offices Held: Chapter Coordinator
Standards Passed: Membership Ordeal, Prestige Ordeal, Coordinator Ordeal, WOD Ordeal, Storyteller Ordeal, Lost Ordeal, Membership Standard 1- 8, Contact, Website, Coordinator Standard, Forsaken Standard, Combined the Accord Standard
Past Cumulative: 1324G 16R
National: 0
Regional:16 + 37 = 53R
General: 1324 + 100 = 1424G
New Cumulative: 1424G 53R
Justification by category:
Administration (80 max/month) : 50G 7R
Chapter Coordinator June 50G
Chapter Reporting 2R
Chapter Reporting 3 Months 5R
Social/Non-Game Support (max 50/month):
Donating Needed Materials: 30R
Donated $60.00 to fund Regional Website 30R
Standards: 50G
Accord the Combined Standard 50G
Total Prestige: 100G 2R
Member Name: Tracy Reeves
Membership Number: US2002045394
Expiration Date: 04/30/2015
Ordeals passed: Membership, nWoD, Awakening, Prestige, Storyteller,
Coordinator, Requiem, Forsaken Lost, & Masquerade.
Standards Passed: Membership Contact + Membership Website + Chapters 1-8
Member Class: 11
Past Cumulative Total: 7327
General: 6663 + 0 = 6663
Regional: 587 + 0 = 581
National: 183 + 0 = 183
New Cumulative Total: Pending Regional Report
Justification by Category:
Administration (80 max):
DC: Pending Regional Report
Name: Lee Stuart
Membership #: US2002023139
Expiration: October 31 2014
Member Class: 10 (Loaned 11)
Present Office(s): DC, Test Grader
Date Gained: 08/2013
Ordeals Passed: of Thespis, Membership, Coordinator, Laws of the Tome, Praxis/Chapters, Prestige, Storyteller, Venue: WOD, Venue: Requiem
Standards: MES Website, MES Contact, MES Ch.1-8, Coordinator Standard
Past Cumulative: 5584
General: 4986 + 50 = 5036
Regional: 300 + 2 = 302
National: 298 + 7 = 305
New Cumulative: 5643
Justification by Category:
June DC Domain Coordinator 50G
June DC Report Bonus 2R
Social/Non Game Support:
26 Ed Docs Graded 7N
Name: D.A. Boone
Membership #: US2010025370
Justification by Category:
Social/Non Game Support:
Donation of 3 12-packs Sprite, Coke, & Diet Coke to Requiem – 15G

—End of Report

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