SCRC Report – 2013-09

SCRC Report – September 2013 – Parts I – XIV

South Central Regional Coordinators Report
Distribution: us-reports (full), us-sc-general & us-sc-reports (edited)

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Table of Contents:

I.              Staff Listing
II.             Summary
III.            Questions & Answers
IV.            Projects
V.             Upcoming Events
VI.            Staff Election Updates
VII.           Finances
VIII.          Prestige Awards
IX.            Chapter/Domain Status
X.             DC Prestige Tracking
XI.            MC List
XII.           Member Class Awards
XIII.          Appeals
XIV.          Problems & Issues

I. Staff Listing



SC Regional Coordinator:

Ricky Kramer, US2002034170

Since: 7/31/2012

ARC Administration

Evan Miller, US2012060038

ARC Services and Featured Games

Rebecca Morgan, US2006037575

ARC Charities


ARC Prestige

Julia Kramer, US2005096588

ARC Project Management

Jon Tucker, US2002021887

ARC Arbitration

Timothy Hamilton, US20204584



SC Regional Storyteller:

William Sternenberg, US2002021008

Since: 07/2012

ARST Administration

Anastasia Marston, US2008092932


Sam Marston, US2003071808


Evan Odensky US2002021280


ARST Apocalypse

Jeff Thelen US2002021470

ARST Historian

Travis C. Kearns US2005022936

II. Summary



Good evening.  September was an eventful month with our Region in full swing into the new chronicle, the further development of the first ever MES National Event in San Antonio, TX, the creation of our newest unit, the Independent Chapter in Lafayette, Louisiana.  Activity is picking up around the Region and I look forward to this new growth period, let us keep up the momentum.


On the topics of Featured games, Little Rock just put on our 61st Featured Game of the Month here in the South Central region and the 5th for Little Rock to host.  Much more to come on this event in the next report.


If your Domain wants to continue the trend in hosting the Region in some of the first FGotM’s for the new chronicle (and some of the first overcap XP opportunities), please let us know and we will work with you to make that happen.


Exceptional Service awarded by the Regional Coordinator (Non-Game Support Other Tasks):


Just some of the things on the horizon:


– October Online Regional Staff Open Office Hour Q&A Session

– Everything you need to run a Recruitment Game Project

– Continued SCaRE 2014/National Event Development



Also to be sure to keep up with everything going on, and for even more inside information about the activities of our staff and Region please sign up for with one of the following social media feeds, or if you do not use any of these programs, one will be streamed to the website soon.



Continue to be awesome to one another, and please remember we are all here to have fun!  We will see you soon at a Featured game near you.









ARC Report – Julia Kramer – US2005096588
ARC Title: ARC Prestige
Cam #: US2005096588
E-mail Address:

Completed this past month:

Robin Wilson – MC 12 approved, 4356 G / 813 R / 337 N / 5506  TOTAL
Dave Sides – MC 14 approved, 5287 G / 508 R / 1121 N / 6916  TOTAL

John “Decker” Pool – Review for transfer, MC verified

Christopher Morris – MC 11, returned with questions
Leland Saunders – Log audited and updated for transfer

Questions & Answers: N/A
Upcoming Events: N/A
Prestige Awards: N/A

ARC Events and Services
Rebecca Morgan, US2006037575

Report to be included in next reporting cycle

ARC Arbitration

Timothy L Hamilton US2002045804



All disputes are in the final stages of resolution or have been resolved to the satisfaction of the members involved. The New Chronicles are going well, keeping everyone occupied with building characters and ties.

Keep up the great work Ladies and Gentlemen!


Questions and Answers

I’m here if you have any questions or concerns. My cell# is 501.993.3525. I can answer texts more often than calls, but if you need to call and I can’t answer, please leave a message and I will call back as soon as possible. You can reach me via Facebook: or email me at



  1. San Antonio TX-059-D, DC Election – In Progress
  2. Mediate and Research disputes: None for September


Prestige Recommendations


None at this time



III. Questions & Answers

All questions answered this month on the SC Coordinators List

IV. Projects

– October Online Regional Staff Open Office Hour Q&A Session

– Everything you need to run a Recruitment Game Project

– Continued 2014 MES National Event Development

– Research potential sites for Apocalypse camp-out feature, aka Howl at the

– Continued SCaRE 2014/National Event Development

– Development of Upcoming Featured Games

V. Upcoming Events

Developing bids for upcoming months, more to come.
VI. Staff Election Updates

Domain:          DC Name:                  Cam Number:            Email
Address:                       Taking office:

AR-008-D       Bill Rice                      US2005075866    07/12

AR-012-D       Krista Guthrie             US2003061667            03/13

AR-014-I       Scarlett Tarron             US2011037476       05/13

LA-002-D       Tracy Reeves               US2002045394           09/12

LA-003-D       Matt Willson               US2007060219         01/13

LA-005-D       Tabetha Long       US2010055892                   08/13
LA-006-D       Michael Greensfelder    US2006037533    05/13

LA-008-D       Lauren Thorn      US2012003505     05/13

OK-008-D       D.A. Boone                 US2010025370                08/12

OK-010-D       Adam Gustaitis           US2009084667  08/12

OK-011-D       Mike Wells                 US2005043380      10/12

TX-057-D       Ernie Ramos III            US2002023705

TX-058-D       Debi Hodges               US2008021874      05/12

TX-059-D       Melissa Wabler            US2005086266                 08/12

TX-061-D       Lee Wilson           US2002022680          08/12

TX-064-D       Shelley Brian               US2002066211                 9/12

TX-065-D       Janeka Rector              US2002021300         11/12

TX-068-D       Kenny Emch                US2008062453       4/13

TX-069-I       Rebecca Muniz          US2010066093     4/13

VIR-SC-C      Cris Hundley             US2002022255     5/13
VII. Finances

Funds in the MES are no longer handled at Regional.

VIII. Prestige Awards

Event prestige in Section II

RC Staff Assistance Awards in Section II

Exceptional Prestige Awards in Section II




ARC Administration, Evan Miller, US2012060038: 50r

ARC Services and Featured Games, Rebecca Morgan, US2006037575: 50r

ARC Charities: Vacant

ARC Prestige, Julia Kramer, US2005096588: 0r (MC 14 & willing to accept 0
to make budget)

ARC Project Management, Jon Tucker, US2002021887: 10r

ARC Arbitration, Timothy Hamilton, US20204584: 50r

Nicki Boyles-US2002021955
Maintenance of Wiki/FB Event and list announcements, 10R





Lee Stuart US2002023139                 AR-008-D      OT   50G

Krista Guthrie US2003061667            AR-012-D      OT 50G

Scarlett Tarron US2011037476         AR-014-I       OT    50G

Brent Wagner US2003061685        AR-015-I       OT    50G

Tracey Reeves US2002045394         LA-002-D      OT    50G

Matt Wilson US2007060219              LA-003-D       OT   50G

Tabetha Long US2012003505            LA-005-D   OT    50G

Michael Greensfelder US2006037533  LA-006-D   OT    50G

Lauren Thorn US2012003505             LA-008-D      OT   50G

D. A. Boone US2010025370              OK-008-D       OT  50G

Adam Gustaitis US2009084667         OK-010-D       OT  50G

Mike Wells US2005043380                OK-011-D       OT  50G

Ernie Ramos III  US2002023705        TX-057-D       NR 0G

Debi Hodges  US2008021874            TX-058-D       OT   50G

Melissa Wabler US2005086266          TX-059-D      OT  50G

Lee Wilson US2002022680                 TX-061-D      OT  50G

Shelley Brian US2002066211             TX-064-D       OT   50G

Janeka Rector US2002021300           TX-065-D       OT   50G

Kenneth Emch, US2008062453         TX-068-D       OT    50G

Rebecca Muniz US2010066093         TX-069-I        OT    50G

Cris Hundley US2002022255              VIR-SC-C      OT   50G

Philip Wortman US2012040087            LA-010-I        OT 50G

Special RC Staff Prestige Recommendations
September DC Reports (exceptional service, Non-Game Support Other Tasks):

Lee Stuart US2002023139                  AR-008-D 2R

Krista Guthrie US2003061667            AR-012-D 2R

Scarlett Tarron US2011037476         AR-014-I   2R

Tracey Reeves US2002045394         LA-002-D  2R

Matt Wilson US2007060219              LA-003-D  2R

Michael Greensfelder US2006037533  LA-006-D    2R

Lauren Thorn US2012003505             LA-008-D  2R

Adam Gustaitis US2009084667         OK-010-D  2R

Debi Hodges  US2008021874            TX-058-D 2R

Melissa Wabler US2005086266          TX-059-D  2R

Shelley Brian US2002066211             TX-064-D  2R

Janeka Rector US2002021300           TX-065-D  2R

Kenneth Emch, US2008062453         TX-068-D  2R

Rebecca Muniz US2010066093         TX-069-I  2R

Cris Hundley US2002022255              VIR-SC-C   2R

Philip Wortman US2012040087            LA-010-I   2R

Mike Wells US2005043380                OK-011-D   2R

Lee Wilson US2002022680                 TX-061-D    2R
D. A. Boone US2010025370              OK-008-D   2R


ARST Garou: Jeff Thelen (US2002021470): 0r (MC 14 & willing to accept 0 to make budget)


ARST Masquerade: Evan Odensky (US2002021280): 0r (MC 14 & willing to accept

0 to make budget)


ARST Historian: Travis C. Kearns (US2005022936): 20R


ARST NWoD: Sam Marston (US2003071808): 50R


ARST Admin: Anastasia Marston (US2008092932): 50R


AARST Cam/Anarch – David Denova (US2002056136): 40R



Mitchell Remy US2002034744 OK-008-D: Report on time 50 G

Robert Hodges US2008021876 Domain: TX-058-D: Report on time 50 G

Timbo Plunkett US2003011113 DST LA002-D: Report on time 50 G

Bill Peterson US2007060047 AR-012-D: Report on time 50 G

Travis Kearns US2005022936 TX-059-D: Report on time 50 G

Ryan Crouch US2012040107 LA-008-D: Report on time 50 G

John Rolsen US2008021777 LA-003-D: Report on time 50 G


All remaining SC DST’s are awarded 10G



Special RST Staff Prestige Recommendations

September DST Reports (exceptional service, Non-Game Support Other Tasks):



Mitchell Remy US2002034744 OK-008-D: 2R

Robert Hodges US2008021876 Domain: TX-058-D: 2R

Timbo Plunkett US2003011113 DST LA002-D: 2R

Bill Peterson US2007060047 AR-012-D: 2R

Travis Kearns US2005022936 TX-059-D: 2R

Ryan Crouch US2012040107 LA-008-D: 2R

John Rolsen US2008021777 LA-003-D: 2R



September VST Reports (exceptional service, Non-Game Support Other Tasks):



VST Austin, TX – Lucas Clendenen (US2010066080): 5 Regional – A history of excellent reports and always on time.


VST Baton Rouge, LA – Glen Davis (US2002116854): 2 Regional
*********Backdated Prestige**********


August 2013 Austin Feature Regional Meeting, 5R


David DeNova, US2002056136

Jennifer DeNova, US2013040182

Jeff Fillhaber, US2013070047
*********Domain Level Prestige**********

Name: Wortman, Philip


Membership #: US2012040087 (Member)

Expiration Date: October 26, 2014

Member Class: 4

Offices Held: Chapter Coordinator

Standards Passed: Test of Membership, Prestige, Test of the Coordinator, WOD, Test of the Storyteller, Lost, Membership Standard 1-8, Membership Contact


Past Cumulative: 604

National: 0

Regional: 0

General: 604

New Cumulative: 604




Administration (Up to 80 per month) –


Non-Administrative Game Support (Up to 50 per month)

Provided Game Site (Split with Adrian Stewart) –


Mind’s Eye Standards and Timely Renewal –

Test of Storyteller – 100 G

Lost – 50G

Standard – Membership 4 – 10G


Total prestige for month:





Member Name: Tracy Reeves
Membership Number: US2002045394
Expiration Date: 03/31/2014
Ordeals passed: Membership, nWoD, Awakening, Prestige, Storyteller,
Coordinator, Requiem, Forsaken Lost, & Masquerade.
Member Class: 11
Past Cumulative Total: 6546
General: 5823 + 40 =  5863
Regional: 540 + 0 = 538
National: 183 + 0 = 183
New Cumulative Total: Pending Regional Report

Administration (80 max): 40
DC: Pending Regional Report
VST: Awakening: 40g.





Name: Lee Stuart




Membership #: US2002023139


Expiration:  October 31, 2013


Member Class: 10 (Loaned 11)


Present Office(s): DC


Date Gained: 08/2013


Ordeals Passed: Ordeals Passed: of Thespis, Membership, Coordinator, Laws of the Tome,

Praxis/Chapters, Prestige, Storyteller, Venue: WOD, Venue: Requiem

MES Standards Passed: Website, Contact, Ch 1-4 6-8 Failed 5 retake Sep 22nd.


Past Cumulative: 4821


General: 4416 + 100= 4516


Regional:  288+2= 290


National:  297 + 0 = 297


New Cumulative:  5103


Justification by Category:


MES Standards & Timely Renewal (no max): 50G


MES Membership Early Renewal – 50G


Administration (max of 80) -50G 2R

(August RC Report) DC – 50G 2R
IX. Chapter/Domain Status

AR-008-D, Jonesboro/West Memphis, AR –Status: GREEN

Raven’s Dive

DC:  Lee Stuart, US2002023139 Since: Aug 2013

DST Richard Davidson, US2006068015, Since: Aug 2012

AR-008-D Funds: $1.25

Jan: 2/1/13           Apr: 05/03/13                 Jul 8/4/13         Oct: 11/1/12

Feb: 3/6/13           May: 06/01/13              Aug: 9/10/13          Nov:12/3/12

March: 04/03/14    Jun: 07/01/13         Sept: 10/15/13       Dec: 1/6/13


AR-012-D, Little Rock, AR – GREEN

Axis of Awesome

DC: Krista Guthrie US2003061667,; since 03/13

DST: William Peterson US2007060047,; Since 05/12

AR-012-D Funds: $ 912.56,,_AR

Jan: NR           Apr: 5/01/13         Jul 8/11/13              Oct: NR

Feb: 3/10/13        May: 5/20/13       Aug: 9/7/13          Nov: 12/10/12

March: 4/11/13   Jun: 7/12/13           Sept: 10/8/13       Dec: NR


AR-014-I, Hot Springs, AR

Wild Expanse

CC: Scarlett Tarron US2011037476,; since 05/13


AR-014-I Funds: 0

Jan: NR           Apr:         Jul: 08/06/13               Oct: NR

Feb:         May: 5/20/13       Aug: 09/08/13          Nov:

March:   Jun: 07/05/13           Sept: 10/09/13        Dec: NR


AR-015-I, Northwest Arkansas, AR

Scientia Delorem et Mortem

CC: Brent Wagner US2003061685,,  since 07/13


AR-014-I Funds: 0

Jan: NR           Apr:         Jul:                          Oct: NR

Feb:         May: 5/20/13       Aug:  09/05/13    Nov:

March:   Jun: 07/05/13           Sept: 10/05/13        Dec: NR


LA-002-D, Ruston, LA — GREEN

Nights of the Red Tables

DC: Tracey Reeves, US2002045394,    , Since: 9/2010

DST: Timbo Plunkett, US2003011113, , Since: ?

LA-002-D Funds: $4.00

Jan: 2/3/13         Apr: 5/4/13         Jul 08/09/13            Oct: 10/31/12

Feb: 3/3/13       June: 5/29/12       Aug: 9/11/13        Nov: 12/2/12

March: 4/3/13      Jun: 07/03/13         Sept: 10/1/12       Dec: 12/31/12


LA-003-D, Shreveport, Bossier City, LA — GREEN

Blood, Fire, & Fidelity

DC: Matt Wilson, US2007060219, Since: 01/13

DST: David McFarland, US2002021931, Since: 9/09

LA-003-D Funds: $0

Jan: 2/5/13           Apr: 5/3/13           Jul 8/10/13           Oct:

Feb: 3/2/13                 June: 6/3/13         Aug: 09/06/13

March: 4/7/13      Jun: 7/9/13           Sept: 10/06/13       Dec: 1/5/13


LA-005-D, New Orleans, LA – GREEN

No Last Call

DC: Tabetha Long, Since: 9/12

DST: Aaron Shepard US2011087966, Since: 4/12

LA-005-C Funds: $372.79

Jan: NR            Apr: 5/5/13                  Jul 8/18/13          Oct: NR

Feb: NR           June: NR               Aug NR                  Nov: NR

March: 04/15/13  Jun: 07/18/13                 Sep 10/11/12        Dec: 1/10/13


LA-006-D, Baton Rouge, LA — GREEN

Hilarity Ensues

DC: Michael Greensfelder, US2006037533,, Since: 5/13

DST: Justin Merrel, US2002022248, Since: ?

LA-006-D Funds: $182.91

Jan: 2/6/13           Apr: 5/7/13           Jul 8/15/13            Oct:11/6/12

Feb: 3/5/13           June: 6/1/13         Aug: NR          Nov: 12/5/12

March: 4/7/13   Jun: 7/16/13           Sept: 10/16/13       Dec: 1/5/13


LA-008-D, Lake Charles, LA – GREEN

Contraband Covenants

DC: Lauren Thorn, US2012003505, Since: 05/13

DST: Ryan Crouch, US2012040107  Since: 8/13

LA-008-I Funds:   $337.10

Jan: 2/7/13           Apr: 5/7/13           Jul: 8/15/13           Oct:

Feb: 3/7/13               May: 6/15/13         Aug: 09/9/13        Nov:

March: 4/7/12      Jun: 7/15/13           Sept: 10/15/13       Dec:  01/31/13

LA-010-I, Lafayette, LA


Something Something Explosions

CC: Philip Wortman, US2012040087,, Since 09/13


AR-014-I Funds: 0
OK-008-D, Tulsa, OK – GREEN

Native Nights

DC: D. A. Boone US2010025370 , Since: 08/12

DST: Mitch Remy, US2002034744, Since: 05/13

OK-008-D Funds: $340.00

Jan: 2/7/13           Apr: 05/3/13           Jul: 8/15/13             Oct:

Feb: 3/14/13           May: 06/15/13         Aug: 09/17/13        Nov: 12/9/12

March: 4/4/13      Jun: 07/16/12           Sept: 10/15/12     Dec: 1/6/13

OK-010-D, Oklahoma City, OK – GREEN

Eternal Midnight

DC: Adam Gustaitis, US2009084667,, Since: 08/12

DST: Joshua Jacques,US2009084639, Since: 6/11

OK-010-D Funds: $ 1189.45

Domain Website:

Jan: 1/7/13                 Apr: 5/5/13         Jul: 8/15/13          Oct:

Feb: 3/7/13                 May: NR               Aug: 09/15/13        Nov:

March: NR            Jun: 07/15/13                Sept: 10/15/13       Dec: 1/7/13


OK-011-D, Stillwater, Oklahoma – RED

Ivory Tower

DC: Mike Wells (US2005043380),, since: 10/2012

DST: Mike Wells (US2005043380),, since: 03/2012

OK-011-D Funds: $0

Jan: 01/08/13                 Apr: NR           Jul: NR
Oct: NR

Feb: NR                 May: NR         Aug: NR                Nov: NR

Mar: NR          Jun: NR         Sept: 10/14/13                Dec:


TX-057-D, College Station, TX — GREEN

Midnight Yell

DC: Ernie Ramos III  US2002023705, Interim

DST: Vacant

TX-057-D Funds: $52.50
Jan: 2/05/13         Apr: 5/4/12           Jul: 8/16/13             Oct:

Feb: NR         May:6/3/12          Aug: 9/7/12          Nov: 12/9/12

Mar: 4/10/12        Jun: 7/18/13           Sept: 10/6/12       Dec: 1/5/13


TX-058-D, Dallas, TX — GREEN

Lone Star Nights

DC:   Debi Hodges, US2008021874,, Since 05/12

DST: Robert Hodges US2008021876, Since 10/12

TX-058-D Funds: $360

Jan: 2/7/13           Apr: 5/3/13                  Jul: 8/10/13  Oct:11/5/12

Feb: 3/6/13           May:NR               Aug: 9/11/13          Nov:12/05/12

Mar: 4/7/13          Jun: 7/12/13           Sept: 10/15/13     Dec: 1/7/13


TX-059-D, San Antonio, Texas – GREEN

Civitas de Immortalis

DC: Melissa Wabler, US2005086266,  Since 8/12

DST: Travis Kerns, US2005022936, Since 8/12

TX-059-D Funds: $1811 ,

Jan: 2/7/13           Apr: 5/7/13           Jul: 8/8/12             Oct:

Feb: 3/7/13          May: 6/7/13         Aug: 9/9/13          Nov:

Mar: 04/07/13      Jun:07/15/13           Sept: 10/15/13       Dec:


TX-061-D, Houston, TX — GREEN

Midnight Magnolias

DC:  Lee Wilson US2002022680 Since 09/13

DST: James Hopson US2002066311, Since 11/12

TX-061-D Funds: $   631.00

Jan: 2/7/13           Apr: 5/7/13           Jul: 8/16/13             Oct:

Feb: 3/7/13           May: 6/7/13         Aug: 9/13/13          Nov: 12/8/12

Mar: 4/7/13          Jun: 7/15/13           Sept: 10/15/13       Dec: 1/7/13


TX-064-D, Greater Beaumont, Texas — GREEN

Silent Redemption

DC: Shelley Brian, US2004066211, Since: 09/12

DST: Kevin Brian, US2002021481, Since: 09/12

TX-064-D Funds: $454.00

Jan: 2/7/12           Apr: 5/5/13           Jul: 8/10/13         Oct:11/7/12

Feb: 3/5/12           May: 6/18/13        Aug: 9/9/13          Nov: NR

Mar: 4/5/13          Jun: 7/15/13           Sept: 10/10/13       Dec: 1/7/13


TX-065-D, Austin, TX — GREEN

No Witnesses

DC: Janeka Rector US2002021300, Since 11/12

DST: Pete DeSalvo, US2008042216, since 12/12

TX-065-D Funds: $ 672.09

Jan: 2/4/12           Apr:05/07/13          Jul: 8/16/13             Oct:

Feb: 3/7/13           May: 6/16/12       Aug: 9/16/13          Nov: 12/7/12

Mar: 4/7/13          Jun: 7/16/13          Sept: 10/7/12       Dec: 1/6/13


TX-068-D, Ft. Worth, TX – GREEN

Westward Haven

DC: Kenny Emch US2008062453, since 04/13

DST: Devon Wier US2007039567, since 04/13

TX-068-D Funds: $167.00

Jan: NR         Apr: 05/01/13     Jul: 08/15/13                   Oct: 11/14/12

Feb: 3/4/13   May: 6/5/12         Aug: 09/15/13                Nov: 12/7/12

Mar: 4/5/12  Jun: 07/14/13                Sept: NR                Dec: 1/7/13


TX-069-I, Odessa, TX – GREEN

Lost Haven

DC: Rebecca Muniz US2010066093 since 04/13


TX-069-I Funds: $0.00

Jan: N/A   Apr: 05/03/13     Jul:  08/15/13                  Oct:

Feb: N/A   May:                  Aug: 09/13/13                Nov:

Mar: N/A   Jun: 07/14/13              Sept:                Dec:

VIR-SC-C, Virtual – GREEN

DC: Cris Hundley US2002022255  since 06/13


VIR-SC-C Funds: $0.00

Jan: N/A   Apr: N/A        Jul: 08/02/13    Oct:

Feb: N/A   May: N/A       Aug: 09/05/13                Nov:

Mar: N/A   Jun: 07/01/13  Sept: 10/05/13                Dec:



LA-009-D, Alexandria, LA, — BLACK

XI. MC List

(Note: If there are errors, duplications, or concerns, please contact
** and **)
MC 9

Bentancourt, Tito
Boyles, Nicki
Bradeen, Stephen
Brooks, Mark
Brula, Stephen
Buck, Steve
Cavitt, Shawn
Clark, Doug
Cohen, Russ
Cowan, Laura
Cross, Thomas
Czerwonky, Rich
Daiber, Kevin
Danby, Scott
Danna, Russ
Davis, Grant
DeWitt, Nick
Dickens, David
Duvic, William
Ennis, Ray
Fellers, Lacey
Fiveash, Theresa
Ford, Lori
Freeburg, Amy
Gullikson, Rick
Guthrie, Krista
Hall, John
Handel, Josh
Harper, Beckey
Hidalgo, John
Huskey, James
Jones, Kevin
Kans, Chris
Kearns, Travis
Lewis, Heather
Lewis, Jason
Lloyd, Johnathan
Lotzer, John
Lucas, William (Billy)
Marquez, Anthony
Mason, Patrick
McAffee, Melissa
McKey, Alexander
Molsbee, Donna
Montgomery, Leah A.
Morgan, Jennifer Horton
Neff, Patrick
Odensky, Angela
Parker, Frank
Peltier, Brian
Pocai, David
Potter, James
Powell, Tricia
Riley, Brandon
Roberts, Bethany
Rodriguez, Troy
Russell, Tommy
Samp, Jason
Sanders, John
Sanders, Robert
Sandoval, Joel
Singer, Michael
Singleton, Richard
Sloan, Jim
Sternenberg, William
Tan, Daniel
Taylor, Josh
Taylor, Valerie
Tennant, Donald
Tomplait, Adam
Wabler, Melissa
Watson, Dave
Westfall, Lucas
White, Chris
Wilson, Matt
Wilson, Melissa
Woodall, Terrall Jay “TJ”

MC 10

Beck, Chris
Berthelot, Joshua
Broussard, James
Burgess, David
Capps, Aaron
Covington, Jason
Craft, Judy
Crawford, Randall
Davidson, Richard
DeNova, David
Dodson, July
DuBois, Trisha
Edwards, Christopher
Emery, Sarah
Gibeson, Glenn
Gray, Cory
Hamilton, Timothy
Hefner, Scott
Henry, Stephen
Hill, Luke
Hubbard, Charles
Klepper, Richard
Ledbetter, Lee
Lewis, Patrick
Merrel, Justin
Morgan, David
Plunkett, Timbo
Remy, Mitch
Rexwinkle, Josh
Rogers, Michelle
Satterlee, Wes
Stuart, Lee
Warren, Erin
Watson, Haleigh


MC 11

Blalack, Bryan
Boone, William
Brian (Welch), Shelly
Craft-Rendon, Benjamin
Curnutt, Mike
Curnutt, Sarah
Davis, Glen
Elliot, Sandra
Gergeni, Stephen
Harrelson, Heather
Henry, Jamie
Herrin, Howell
Hugo, Steve
Lirette, Aaron “Duckie”
Molsbee, Chris
Montgomery, Monty

Morris, Christopher

Reeves, Tracy
Riordan, Charles
Scott, Mike
Speck, Charles
Thompson, BJ
Wilson, Ryan

MC 12

Baker, Joe
Bearden, Stephen “Smokey”
Calland, Jenn
Cowan, Michael
Cross, Leslea
DuBois, Jerimiah
Elliott, Nick
French, Chloe
Geist, Rachel
Haughton, Patrick
Lanning, David
Marston, Sam
Martinez, Robert
Martire, Chris
Morgan (Simpson), Rebecca
Perkins, Jonathan “Jay”

Pool, John “Decker”

Ragan, Matt
Rexwinkle, Angela
Roberts, Matthew “Pika”
Sample, Silja
Sanzgari, David
Shupee, Stephen
Teegarden, Michael
Tucker, Jon
Wallach, Kim

Wilson, Robin

MC 13

Branton (Merrell), Kathryn
Brian, Kevin
Brown, Jeremy
Craig, Charles
Cross Logan, Jennifer
Duncan, Jeff
Edwards, Damon
Emery, Martin
Geist, Dain
Lauzon, Danielle
Lofton, Dale
Marston, Sam
Martinez, Billy
Martinez, Erica
Reinertson, Ken
Roberts, Jackson


MC 14

Beck, John
Berthelot, Kathy S (Sherman)
Cavitt (Graham), Julie
Collins, Brent
Cox, Harley
Fazio, Jess
Hackett, Paul J.
Harper, Weston
Harvey (Misamore), Liz
Hodges, Debi
Hodges, Robert
Hundley, Cris
Kramer, Julia
Kramer, Ricky
Manzar, Seth
McFarland, David
Meine, K. Kelly
Odensky, Evan
Ramos, Ernesto, III
Rector, Janeka
Remy, Crystal
Sample, Will
Sanders, Bert
Schlitt, Ben
Segall, Corey

Sides, David

Simpson, Laura
Thelen, Jeff
Vaughan, Lindsey
Williams, Cat
Williams, Matthew

XII. Member Class Awards

Robin Wilson – MC 12 approved, 4356 G / 813 R / 337 N / 5506  TOTAL
Dave Sides – MC 14 approved, 5287 G / 508 R / 1121 N / 6916  TOTAL


XIII. Appeals

None Public

XIV. Problems and Issues

None Public


—End of Report