SCRC Report – 2013-03

SCRC Report – March 2013 – Parts I – XIV

South Central Regional Coordinators Report
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Table of Contents:

I.              Staff Listing
II.             Summary
III.            Questions & Answers
IV.            Projects
V.             Upcoming Events
VI.            Staff Election Updates
VII.           Finances
VIII.          Prestige Awards
IX.            Chapter/Domain Status
X.             DC Prestige Tracking
XI.            MC List
XII.           Member Class Awards
XIII.          Appeals
XIV.          Problems & Issues

I. Staff Listing


SC Regional Coordinator:


Ricky Kramer, US2002034170

Since: 7/31/2012


ARC Administration

Evan Miller, US2012060038


ARC Charities

Shelley Brian, US2002066211


ARC Prestige

Julia Kramer, US2005096588


ARC Services and Featured Games

Rebecca Morgan, US2006037575


SC Regional Storyteller:


William Sternenberg, US2002021008

Since: 07/2012


ARST Administration

Anastasia Marston, US2008092932


ARST Chief of Staff

Matthew Roberts, US2002021109



Sam Marsten, US2003071808



Evan Odensky US2002021280


ARST Apocalypse

James Broussard US2002021601


ARST Historian

Travis C. Kearns US2005022936

II. Summary



Good evening.  Like last month, this one has seen a great deal of our games

gearing up to wrap up in the next month or two and a huge amount of city

building and planning for our next chronicle underway across the Region.

While the uncertainty that comes with rules set changes and shifts in the

games we play can affect people differently, we just need to remember to

remain civil in our discourse and most importantly to have fun while we do



Switching topics to Featured games, we will be returning to OKC on May 18th for

a Featured Game of the Month including the Lost and Requiem Venues!  More details

can be found at the following location.


If your Domain is interested in hosting the Region in some of the first FGotM’s for

the next chronicle (and some of the first overcap XP opportunities), please let us

know and we will work with you to make that happen.




And this brings us to SCaRE 2014. I want to take a moment to thank every

Domain who considered bidding, contributed to a bid, decided to submit a

bid, or will come to assist in wherever Scare 2014 ends up. Ultimately we

have three bids, and when I can involve more of us in the decision making

process I will, but for now I can reveal that our three bids came from the

following Domains.




(Listed in Alphabetical Order)



Oklahoma City

San Antonio


Let us build up the energy necessary to revitalize our events, and lead into a successful SCaRE 2014!


Exceptional Prestige from the Regional Coordinator


Just some of the things on the horizon:


– Creation of new Odessa, TX Chapter

– April Domain Coordinators Conference Call

– Everything you need to run a Recruitment Game Project

– SCaRE 2014 Bid Discussions


Also to be sure to keep up with everything going on, and for even more

inside information about the activities of our staff and Region please sign

up for with one of the following social media feeds, or if you do not use

any of these programs, one will be streamed to the website soon.


Continue to be awesome to one another, and please remember we are all here

to have fun!  We will see you soon at a Featured game near you.








ARC Report – Julia Kramer – US2005096588
ARC Title: ARC Prestige
Cam #: US2005096588
E-mail Address:

Completed this past month:
Bryan Blalack – MC 11 approved 3883 G / 365 R / 658 N / 4906 TOTAL
Robert Hodges – MC 14 approved 6464 G / 951 R / 800 N / 8215 Total
Ken Emch – MC 5 review, does not meet
David Dickens – Review for transfer
Alexander McKey – Review for MC 9, did not meet
Kathryn Merrell – Review for MC 12, returned for clarifications
David Morgan – MC 10 lock sent to national for approval

Questions & Answers: N/A
Upcoming Events: N/A
Prestige Awards: N/A


ARC Charities

Shelley Brian




My last month as ARC Charities has been bittersweet. I love helping charities but sadly real life has stepped it up and I have to make some changes. Thank you to everyone who donated and made me feel so welcome as part of the RC staff.



None right now



Preparing to hand over the reins to the new ARC Charities.



Preparing to hand over the reins to the new ARC Charities.



Billy Martinez  US2002022121  30+ used comic books  30R

Nicki Boyles US2002021955        30+ used comic books  30R


Charles Riordan US2002021678

Donated $60.00 to National Veteran’s Foundation Inc.    30R

ARC Events and Services
Rebecca Morgan, US2006037575

The review phase for ScaRE by the NCA’s office continues. We should hear about the bid choice soon. We have a bid for FGoTM May from OKC, which I’m excited to be working with them on. I am also looking for featured game bids for June through August at this point and hope that domains will be interested in hosting some of the first featured games after the official start of the new chronicle! Now is the time to get started with new chronicle plans for features, so if I can help, please email me. I am willing to assist in finding locations, planning, even running these events if your domain wants the assistance.

As recruitment goes, we had a survey to choose the region’s favorite slogans and have those gathered. Prestige for survey takers will be listed below. (5G) If you took the survey and are not listed, please email me privately to remedy that. I am still looking for people to put together one shot recruitment games for venues. I have one for Cam/Anarch and one for Requiem thus far. The more options we have available, the more versatile our recruitment packets can be! Again, if you have experience with media creation or editing and have time to spare, let me know. I could always use more volunteers!


Q: What can you offer in the way of assistance for featured games?
A: As far as support, I can offer advertisement assistance, support from the RC and RST in way of regional meetings and possibly even IC regional plot-hooks and the like. There are also domains that are willing to loan some props, and I would help with coordinating that as well. The only big thing I can’t offer is money, as the region does not currently have a regional fund with the way the organization is working right now. Another perk is that the prestige for features is 50/50 regional and general instead of just general and it’s its own category, so that’s a 50 Prestige cap category that isn’t otherwise included in your awards. I report the prestige for features personally. All you do is supply me a detailed list of who did what and I report it for you. It’s included in the next regional report after you turn in the list. I’m here if you have any questions. My cell # is 210-882-6211. I can answer texts more often than calls, but if you need to call, and I can’t answer, leave a message and I’ll call you back. You can also find me on Facebook at : or email me here at .


Q: What sort of skills do I need to have to help out with the recruitment package effort?
A: If you have skills with design and layout, writing, or are artistically inclined, we can use your help on this project! I will be adding volunteers to a list that we will use for feedback and we will be working together as a team to produce recruitment materials that can be used throughout the region. Mostly, I need people who have time to commit to the project!
Q: When will we find out about SCaRE 2014?
A: The review process is underway. After the bids are fully reviewed and compared, the location will be announced. Please be patient, as the review process does take time and involves multiple parties who will be working full bore to get the results to you as soon as possible.


1. Answer all questions regarding featured games/events in a timely manner. Progress : Complete/Ongoing.
2. Review and approve/deny bids as they come in. Ongoing. OKC – May.
3. Updates to lists in regard to events and deadlines. Progress : Ongoing.
4. Work with recruitment packet effort : Ongoing.
5. Review generated data from survey and compile : Complete.
6. Solicit featured game of the month bids : Ongoing.

7. Design and complete all flyer/poster efforts : Ongoing.
8. Follow Scare review process and assist where needed : Ongoing.


Nicki Boyles-US2002021955
Website creation : Bid Comparison Wiki coding (SCaRE), 20R

Melissa Wabler, US2005086266
Site Visit, Events brainstorming meeting, 10R

Travis Kearns, US2005022936
Site Visit, Events brainstorming meeting, 10R

Slogan Survey Participation (5R each for members listed below)
-Timothy Hamilton-US2002045804
-Geoffrey Fichman-US2008052337
-Lucas Clendenen-US2010066080
-Nicki Boyles-US2002021955
-Melissa Wabler-US2005086266
-Alexander Mckey-US2007049807
-Liz Reiser-US2011037529
-Mitchell Remy-US2002034774
-Edwin Shrell-US2011047574
-Hilary Henderson Ritz-US2006027400
-Ciann Turner-US2005086203
-Samuel Marston-US2003071808
-Troy Fortenberry-US2013010029
-Bubba Horn-US2006070145
-Pete Storms-US2010106926
-Drew Campbell-US2013020067
-Martin Emery-US2012050115
-Anastasia Marston-US2008092932
-Rebecca Bundy-US2009074364
-Peter DeSalvo-US2008042216
-Pat Lewis-US2003051617
-Brent Collins-US2003102466
-Russell Cohen-US2002023734
-Amber Sandoval-US2002034006
-Glen Davis-US2002116854
-Leah Hazeltine-US2007029460
-Jeff Duncan-US2002022947
-Tracy Reeves-US2002045394
-Mark Farias-US2013010027
-Ryan Wilson-US2005106678
-Lauren Balazs-US2004051488
-Melissa Berkebile-US2012030156
-Mary Grabhorn-US2011118210
-Jessica Martire-US2002034251
-Nicholas Reiser-US2011037536
-Janeka Rector-US2002021300
-Mike Wells-US2005043380
-Robin Wilson-US2006017091
-Richard Kemp-US2011037515
-Charles Riordan-US2002021678
-Justin Merrell-US2002022248
-Dakota Weeks-US2010035597
-Billy Martinez-US2002022121
-Brian Caples-US2002034300
-David Barajas-US2005065641
-Lindsey Vaughan-US2002022475
-Travis C Kearns-US2005022936
-Howard Teal-US2002021316
-Tabetha Long-US2010055928
-David Lanning-US2006108797
-Jonathan Fuller-US2011057700
-Paul J Hackett-US2002021986
-Matthew Sinclair-US2012040020
-Bobby Lee-US2009023606
-Seth Manzar-US2002021286
-Adam Gustaitis-US2009084667
-Harley Cox-US2002021715
-Nancy Sprouse-US2007101228
-Rachel Geist-US2005063548
III. Questions & Answers

Questions from TX-065-D


1.) When will the Regional Recruitment flyers per venue be done?


SC RC- Our ARC Events is reaching out to you, to help expedite the Venues you need most, but ultimately we have hit some snags but need to double our efforts and have them ready well in advance for the new chronicle.



2.) I have a member who held several cam positions in the past and earned near the max every month for their service.  Yet a previous coordinator always slashed their monthly prestige in half, regardless of what the member actually earned and was awarded in official reports.   What is your policy in regards to this?  Should members be awarded the prestige they earned in full or should coordinators use their judgment and cut the prestige given to them by other officers. (For example, if the NC awards my member 10, should/can it be halved to 5 by the DC at their discretion?)
SC RC- This is a big question and difficult to nail down without knowing the exact situation, so I will address a few possible issues associated with the topic and hope I hit the right one.  To answer your question briefly, appropriately awarded prestige should never be stripped short of a disciplinary action.  Below let us go into some of the way Administration prestige could be incorrectly awarded which members may run into.



Awarding Max Every Month for Principal Domain Level Offices: Ok, so the handbook says that the maximum prestige for a Principal Domain Officer (DC, DST, VST) is 50 prestige, but then in the Administration heading says, only rarely should an officer be awarded the maximum allowed.  So how often is rarely?  Our “common law” response is up to 4 times a year, and that is what we assess prestige log by.  And here in the SCR we hold a sterling record currently that not a single point of prestige has been stripped from a members log by National after it has been through a SCR MC assessment.



VST Position Caps: Along with the standard Administration cap, there is a cap of on how much prestige you can receive for holding multiple VST positions.  A member holding multiple VST positions is capped at 50 prestige for these contributions to the organization based on the current prestige system.  Please see the link for more information.



Recommendations: ST prestige is awarded by the Coordinator staff at all levels, and usually the Coordinator will award the recommended prestige suggested by a DST for the VST’s and Assistants for example, but it is not required.  If the Coordinator feels that the awards are not representative of the effort, they may decide to award less prestige.  And to a member who is not familiar with that ST/Coordinator interaction may have seen one prestige amount stated in the ST’s report, and then another in the Coordinator report and feel cheated.



So that is a few things we can run into, but to summarize again as long as Administration prestige is properly awarded and under cap it should not be stripped.



3.) Now that Shelley has stepped down of ARC Charities, where should I send receipts and information from my members for the recent drives?


SC RC- Send items to me for the time being, and we will have a new ARC for this role within the week.

IV. Projects

– Creation of New Odessa, TX Chapter
– April Domain Coordinators Conference Call
– Everything you need to run a Recruitment Game Project
– Answer all questions in a timely manner. Progress: Complete/Ongoing.
– Review and approve/deny bids as they come in. Ongoing. No Current bids.
– Updates to lists in regard to events and deadlines. Progress : Ongoing.
– Assist domains on ScaRE bids on request : Complete.
– Work with recruitment packet effort : Ongoing.
– Construct Slogan Survey for recruitment effort : Complete.
– Review generated data from survey and compile : Ongoing.
– Solicit featured game of the month bids : Ongoing.

V. Upcoming Events

May 18th Featured Game of the Month – Oklahoma City!


Hello Region of Luv! I am excited to announce that May’s featured game of the month will be hosted by Oklahoma City! This will be a unique sort of event, as it will be a (recent) history game for the new chronicle. Lost and Requiem games will be featured along with a social/cookout. This will be an excellent opportunity to get those character ties made for your new characters and have a strong connection to the regional game! Please take note of the details below and look for game teasers to follow!


Event Date : May 18th 2013




Domain Coordinator: Adam Gustaitis (

Domain Storyteller: Josh Jaques (

VST Requiem: Robert Curtis (

VST Lost: Kriss Brummett (




1:00 pm – 2:00 pm Setup and Lost Checkin

2:00 pm – 5:00 (ish) pm Lost game/cookout/social

5:00 pm – 7:00 pm Clean up and dinner with peeps

7:00 pm Regional meeting

7:30 pm – 8:00 pm Requiem Check in

8:00 pm – 12:00 am Requiem Game On

12:00 am – 1:00 am Clean up (We must be out before 1am)

1:00 am (ish) – ?? Afters IHOP on Airport and 15th

Cost : $5 per person for the entire event


Storytelling Particulars:  Players need to have a copy of their character xp log and any approvals numbers clearly listed on their character sheets, as well as, the write up for any specials (e.g. custom woogie, bloodline/entitlement benefits, etc.). If they don’t have it, then they don’t get it to play with at the game.




Lost will be held at Joe B. Barnes Regional Park at the Garden Pavilion located at 8700 E. Reno, Midwest City, OK. Directions coming from I-40 and I-35 head west on I-40 to Exit 155B(SE 15th St.) turn left at S Midwest Blvd and then Right on E. Rose to the park. Coming for the east take Exit 159A (Hruskocy Gate) turn right and then immediately Left off the ramp on to SE 29th and then turn right onto Midwest Blvd and Right on E Rose to the park (map of park location.)


Requiem will be held at The Midwest City Community Center in the Bomber Room. Follow direction for park but do not turn on Rose but continue to the community Center just past Reno Blvd.

Charities: TBA upon appointment of Regional Charities ARC. We will be supporting the regional charity!

Snacks and Beverages: Refreshments during game will be available for a small charge (50 cents)


Lodging: There are numerous hotel lodging options in the area. Please email or for information and contact details on local lodging options.

Look for further details, including the featured game wiki coming up within the next few days!

VI. Staff Election Updates
Domain:          DC Name:                  Cam Number:            Email
Address:                       Taking office:

AR-008-D       Bill Rice                      US2005075866    07/12

AR-012-D       Laura Simpson            US2002022887            03/12

LA-002-D       Tracy Reeves               US2002045394           09/12

LA-003-D       Matt Willson               US2007060219         01/13

LA-005-D       Mary Shepard             US2011087965                   08/12

LA-006-D       Alexander McKey      US2007049807    03/12

LA-008-D       Gregory McIntosh      US2010076363     12/12

LA-009-D       Kristina Vreeland        US2011108149              07/12

OK-008-D       D.A. Boone                 US2010025370                08/12

OK-010-D       Adam Gustaitis           US2009084667  08/12

OK-011-D       Mike Wells                 US2005043380      10/12

TX-057-D       Melissa McAfee          US2002034305    04/12

TX-058-D       Debi Hodges               US2008021874      05/12

TX-059-D       Melissa Wabler            US2005086266                 08/12

TX-061-D       Chris Robertson          US2011108112          07/12

TX-064-D       Shelley Brian               US2002066211                 12/12

TX-065-D       Janeka Rector              US2002021300         12/12

TX-068-D       Kenny Emch       10/12

VII. Finances

VIII. Prestige Awards

Event prestige in Section II

Regional Charity Drive Awards in Section II

Exceptional Prestige Awards in Section II


* *



ARC Administration, Evan Miller, US2012060038, 40R

ARC Charities, Shelley Brian, US2002066211, 40R

ARC Prestige, Julia Kramer, US2005096588,  40R Recommended for National to

ARC Events and Services, Rebecca Morgan, US2006037575, 40R




Matthew Roberts US2002021008    ARST Chief of Staff, 0R

Anastasia Marston US2008092932    ARST Admin, 40R

Evan Odensky US2002021280    ARST OWoD, 40R

Sam Marston US2003071808    ARST nWoD, 40R

Travis C. Kearns US2005022936    ARST Historian, 40R

James Broussard US2002021601    ARST Apocalypse, 0R


David Denova US2002056136    AARST Cam/Anarch, 40R


Mary Grabhorn US2011118210   RVL Accord, 20R

Will Laymance US2002034193    RVL Lost, 20R

Richard Kemp US2011037515    RVL Mage, 20R


Special RST Staff Prestige Recommendations


Matthew Maddoux, US2009023568 – 5R (DST Election Proctor)

Austin Santana, US2011087932 – 5R (DST Election Proctor)

Ryan Crouch, US2012040107 – 5R (DST Election Proctor)

Gregory McIntosh, US2010076363 – 5R (DST Election Proctor)

Patrick Lewis, US2003051617 – 5R (DST Election Proctor)

Bobby Lee, US2009023606 – 5R (DST Election Proctor)


March VST Reports (exceptional service):


VST Houston, TX – Nicholas Reiser (US2011037536): 2 Regional

VST Austin, TX – Lucas Clendenen (US2010066080): 2 Regional

VST Ruston, LA – Tracy Reeves (US2002045394): 2 Regional


Bill Rice US2005075866                    AR-008-D       OT     40G

Laura Simpson US2002022887          AR-012-D       NR  0G

Tracey Reeves US2002045394           LA-002-D       OT   40G

Matt Caillouet US2007060219             LA-003-D       OT      40G

Mary Shepard US2011087965           LA-005-D       L     30G

Alexander McKey US2007049807    LA-006-D       OT       40G

Gregory McIntosh US2010076363    LA-008-D       OT       40G

Kristina Vreeland US2011108149      LA-009-D       NR      0G

D. A. Boone US2010025370              OK-008-D       OT    40G

Adam Gustaitis US2009084667         OK-010-D       NR       0G

Mike Wells US2005043380                OK-011-D       NR      0G

Melissa McAfee US2002034305        TX-057-D       NR      0G

Debi Hodges  US2008021874            TX-058-D       OT       40G

Melissa Wabler US2005086266          TX-059-D       OT       40G

Chris Robertson US2011108112         TX-061-D       OT      40G

Shelley Brian US2002066211             TX-064-D       OT       40G

Janeka Rector US2002021300           TX-065-D       OT       40G

Kenneth Emch, US2008062453         TX-068-D       OT       40G

Special RC Staff Prestige Recommendations
March DC Reports (exceptional service):

Bill Rice US2005075866                    AR-008-D 2R

Tracey Reeves US2002045394          LA-002-D 2R

Matt Caillouet US2007060219             LA-003-D 2R

Alexander McKey US2007049807    LA-006-D 2R

Gregory McIntosh US2010076363    LA-008-D 2R

D. A. Boone US2010025370              OK-008-D 2R

Debi Hodges US2008021874            TX-058-D 2R

Melissa Wabler US2005086266          TX-059-D 2R

Chris Robertson US2011108112         TX-061-D 2R

Shelley Brian US2002066211             TX-064-D 2R

Janeka Rector US2002021300           TX-065-D 2R

Kenneth Emch, US2008062453         TX-068-D 2R


40G for DST Position for Travis Kearns: US2005022936


Administration: 40G

DST – 40G

Membership Name: Robertson, Christopher

Membership Number: US2011108112

Expiration Date: 4/10/2013


Current Positions: Domain Coordinator, VST Sabbat

Ordeals Passed: Membership, Masquerade Venue, Coordinator, Prestige, Storyteller

February Prestige

Administration: 70G Houston Domain Coordinator Position, VST Sabbat

Community Service: 30G Congenital Heart Defect Run + donation

Event Service: 20G 4 hours narration at recruitment game

Organizational Service:20G hosted Requiem and hosted Sabbat

Storyteller Support: 5G portrayed NPC for Requiem VST

March Prestige

Administration: 80G Houston Domain Coordinator, VST Sabbat

Organizational Service: 30G hosted Requiem, hosted Sabbat,provided pack of soda and cookies for Requiem, provided pack of soda, ice, and red cups for Sabbat

Storyteller support: 5G portrayed NPC for Requiem VST

IX. Chapter/Domain Status

AR-008-D, Jonesboro/West Memphis, AR –Status: GREEN

Raven’s Dive

DC:  Bill Rice US2005075866 Since: July 2012

DST Richard Davidson, US2006068015, Since: Aug 2012

AR-008-D Funds: $1.25

Jan: 2/1/13           Apr: NR                 Jul 8/6/12              Oct: 11/1/12

Feb: 3/6/13                 May: N/A              Aug: 9/3/12          Nov: 12/3/12

March: 04/03/14            Jun: 7/10/12         Sept: 10/5/12       Dec: 1/6/13


AR-012-D, Little Rock, AR – GREEN

Axis of Awesome

DC: Laura Simpson, US2002022887,; since 3/12

DST: William Peterson US2007060047,; Since 05/12

AR-012-D Funds: $477.75,,_AR

Jan: NR           Apr: 5/12/12         Jul 8/8/12              Oct: NR

Feb: 3/10/13         June: 6/10/12       Aug: 9/9/12          Nov: 12/10/12

March: 4/11/12   Jun: 7/8/12           Sept: 10/8/12       Dec: NR


LA-002-D, Ruston, LA — GREEN

Nights of the Red Tables

DC: Tracey Reeves, US2002045394,    , Since: 9/2010

DST: Bobby Lee, US2009023606, , Since: 9/2010

LA-002-D Funds: $4.00

Jan: 2/3/13         Apr: 4/30/12         Jul 7/30/12            Oct: 10/31/12

Feb: 3/3/13                 June: 5/29/12       Aug: 8/31/12        Nov: 12/2/12

March: 4/3/13      Jun: 6/29/12         Sept: 10/1/12       Dec: 12/31/12


LA-003-D, Shreveport, Bossier City, LA — GREEN

Blood, Fire, & Fidelity

DC: Matthew “Kert” Caillouet, US2010066265, Since: 1/12

DST: David McFarland, US2002021931, Since: 9/2009

LA-003-D Funds: $0

Jan: 2/5/13           Apr: 5/2/12           Jul 8/6/12              Oct: 11/5/12

Feb: 3/2/13                 June: 6/3/12         Aug: 9/4/12          Nov:12/4/12

March: 4/7/13      Jun: 7/6/12           Sept: 10/5/12       Dec: 1/5/13


LA-005-D, New Orleans, LA – GREEN

No Last Call

DC: Mary Shepard US2011087965, Since: 9/12

DST: Aaron Shepard US2011087966, Since: 4/12

LA-005-C Funds: $155.79

Jan: NR            Apr:NR                  Jul 8/8/12          Oct: NR

Feb: NR           June: NR               Aug NR                  Nov: NR

March: 04/15/13  Jun: NR                 Sep 10/11/12        Dec: 1/10/13


LA-006-D, Baton Rouge, LA — GREEN

Hilarity Ensues

DC: Alexander McKey, US2007049807,, Since: 3/12

DST: Justin Merrel, US2002022248

LA-006-D Funds: $182.91

Jan: 2/6/13           Apr: 5/2/12           Jul 8/4/12              Oct:11/6/12

Feb: 3/5/13           June: 6/1/12         Aug: 9/6/12          Nov: 12/5/12

March: 4/7/13   Jun: 7/5/12           Sept: 10/6/12       Dec: 1/5/13


LA-008-D, Lake Charles, LA – GREEN

Contraband Covenants

DC: Gregory McIntosh, US2010076363, Since: 12/12

DST: Kyle Fontenot, US2010116978, Since: 3/12

LA-008-I Funds:   $190.50

Jan: 2/7/13           Apr: 5/1/12           Jul: 8/5/12           Oct: 01/31/13

Feb: 3/7/13               May: 6/1/12         Aug: 10/9/12        Nov: 01/31/13

March: 4/7/12      Jun: 7/2/12           Sept: 10/9/12       Dec:  01/31/13


LA-009-D, Alexandria, LA, — Red

Blooded Knights

DC: Kristina Vreeland, US2011108149, since 07/12

VST: John Staton, US2002034668, since 03/2011

LA-009-I Funds: $0.00

Jan: NR                Apr: N/A                Jul: 07/30/12        Oct: NR

Feb: NR               May: 6/9/12         Aug: NR                Nov: NR

March: 4/7/12      Jun: N/A                Sept: NR                Dec: NR


OK-008-D, Tulsa, OK – GREEN

Native Nights

DC: D. A. Boone US2010025370 , Since: 08/12

DST: Will Laymance, US2002034193, Since: 04/12

OK-008-D Funds: $175.00

Jan: 2/7/13           Apr: 9/3/12           Jul: 9/3/12             Oct: 11/7/12

Feb: 3/14/13           May: 9/3/12         Aug: 10/9/12        Nov: 12/9/12

March: 4/4/13      Jun: 9/3/12           Sept: 10/15/12     Dec: 1/6/13


OK-010-D, Oklahoma City, OK – GREEN

Eternal Midnight

DC: Adam Gustaitis, US2009084667,, Since: 08/12

DST: Joshua Jacques,US2009084639, Since: 6/11

OK-010-D Funds: $1564.27

Domain Website:

Jan: 1/7/13                 Apr: 5/22/12         Jul: 8/13/12          Oct: 11/7/12

Feb: 3/7/13                 May: NR               Aug: 10/5/12        Nov: 12/8/12

March: NR            Jun: N/A                Sept: 10/5/12       Dec: 1/7/13


OK-011-D, Stillwater, Oklahoma – GREEN

Ivory Tower

DC: Mike Wells (US2005043380),, since: 10/2012

DST: Mike Wells (US2005043380),, since: 03/2012

OK-011-D Funds: $0

Jan: 01/08/13                 Apr: 6/8/12           Jul: NR                   Oct: NR

Feb: NR                 May: 6/8/12         Aug: NR                Nov: NR

Mar: 6/8/12          Jun: 7/12/12         Sept: NR                Dec: 01/08/13


TX-057-D, College Station, TX — GREEN

Midnight Yell

DC: Melissa McAfee, US2002034305,, since 4/12

DST: Miranda Farmer, US2006098526, , Since: 9/10

TX-057-D Funds: $52.50

Jan: 2/05/13         Apr: 5/4/12           Jul: 8/4/12             Oct: 11/7/12

Feb: NR         May:6/3/12          Aug: 9/7/12          Nov: 12/9/12

Mar: 4/10/12        Jun: 7/7/12           Sept: 10/6/12       Dec: 1/5/13


TX-058-D, Dallas, TX — GREEN

Collateral Damage

DC:   Debi Hodges, US2008021874, , Since 05/12

DST: Robert Hodges US2008021876, Since 10/12

TX-058-D Funds: $154

Jan: 2/7/13           Apr:NR                  Jul: 8/6/12             Oct:11/5/12

Feb: 3/6/13           May:NR               Aug: 9/7/12          Nov:12/05/12

Mar: 4/7/13          Jun: 7/6/12           Sept: 10/01/12     Dec: 1/7/13


TX-059-D, San Antonio, Texas – GREEN

Civitas de Immortalis

DC: Melissa Wabler, US2005086266,  Since 8/12

DST: Travis Kerns, US2005022936, Since 8/12

TX-059-D Funds: $1811.25 ,

Jan: 2/7/13           Apr: 5/7/12           Jul: 8/8/12             Oct: 11/7/12

Feb: 3/7/13                 May: 6/7/12         Aug: 9/7/12          Nov: 12/7/12

Mar: 04/07/13                Jun: 7/7/12           Sept: 10/7/12       Dec: 1/6/13


TX-061-D, Houston, TX — GREEN

Midnight Magnolias

DC:  Chris RobertsonUS2011108112, Since 8/12

DST: James Hopson US2002066311, Since 11/12

TX-061-D Funds: $   834.00

Jan: 2/7/13           Apr: 5/6/12           Jul: 8/5/12             Oct: 11/7/12

Feb: 3/7/13           May: 6/7/12         Aug: 9/7/12          Nov: 12/8/12

Mar: 4/7/13          Jun: 7/7/12           Sept: 10/6/12       Dec: 1/7/13


TX-064-D, Greater Beaumont, Texas — GREEN

Silent Redemption

DC: Shelley Brian, US2004066211, Since: 09/12

DST: Kevin Brian, US2002021481, Since: 09/12

TX-064-D Funds: $454.00

Jan: 2/7/12           Apr: 5/7/12           Jul: 8/8/12             Oct:11/7/12

Feb: 3/5/12           May: NR               Aug: 9/7/12          Nov: NR

Mar: 4/5/13          Jun: 7/5/12           Sept: 10/7/12       Dec: 1/7/13


TX-065-D, Austin, TX — GREEN

No Witnesses

DC: Janeka Rector US2002021300, Since 12/12

DST: Pete DeSalvo, US2008042216, since 12/12

TX-065-D Funds: $ 500.82

Jan: 2/4/12           Apr:6/16/12          Jul: 8/7/12             Oct:

Feb: 3/7/13           May: 6/16/12       Aug: 9/7/12          Nov: 12/7/12

Mar: 4/7/13          Jun: 7/6712          Sept: 10/7/12       Dec: 1/6/13


TX-068-D, Ft. Worth, TX – GREEN

Westward Haven

DC: Kenny Emch, since 10/12

DST: Matt Maddoux US2009023568, since 3/12

TX-068-D Funds: $28.00

Jan: NR         Apr: NR                 Jul: NR                   Oct:

Feb: 3/4/13   May: 6/5/12         Aug: NR                Nov: 12/7/12

Mar: 4/5/12  Jun: N/A                Sept: NR                Dec: 1/7/13


LA-009-D, Alexandria, LA, — RED

XI. MC List

(Note: If there are errors, duplications, or concerns, please contact
** and **)

MC 9

Bentancourt, Tito
Boyles, Nicki
Bradeen, Stephen
Brooks, Mark
Brula, Stephen
Buck, Steve
Cavitt, Shawn
Clark, Doug
Cowan, Laura
Cross, Thomas
Czerwonky, Rich
Daiber, Kevin
Danby, Scott
Danna, Russ
Davis, Grant
DeNova, David
DeWitt, Nick
Dickens, David
Duvic, William
Ennis, Ray
Fellers, Lacey
Fiveash, Theresa
Ford, Lori
Freeburg, Amy
Gullikson, Rick
Hall, John
Handel, Josh
Harper, Beckey
Hidalgo, John
Huskey, James
Jones, Kevin
Lewis, Heather
Lewis, Jason
Lirette, Aaron “Duckie”
Lotzer, John
Lucas, William (Billy)
Marquez, Anthony
Mason, Patrick
McAffee, Melissa
Molsbee, Donna
Montgomery, Leah A.
Neff, Patrick
Odensky, Angela
Parker, Frank
Peltier, Brian
Pocai, David
Potter, James
Powell, Tricia
Riley, Brandon
Roberts, Bethany
Rodriguez, Troy
Russell, Tommy
Samp, Jason
Sanders, John
Sanders, Robert
Singer, Michael
Singleton, Richard
Sloan, Jim
Sternenberg, William
Taylor, Josh
Taylor, Valerie
Tennant, Donald
Tomplait, Adam
Watson, Dave
Westfall, Lucas
White, Chris
Wilson, Matt
Wilson, Melissa
Wilson, Ryan
Woodall, Terrall Jay “TJ”

MC 10

Beck, Chris
Broussard, James
Burgess, David
Capps, Aaron
Covington, Jason
Craft, Judy
Crawford, Randall
Davidson, Richard
Dodson, July
DuBois, Trisha
Edwards, Christopher
Gibeson, Glenn
Gray, Cory
Hefner, Scott
Henry, Stephen
Hill, Luke
Hubbard, Charles
Klepper, Richard
Ledbetter, Lee
Lewis, Patrick
Marston, Sam
Merrel, Justin
Morgan (Simpson), Rebecca
Morgan, David
Plunkett, Timbo
Remy, Mitch
Rexwinkle, Josh
Riordan, Charles
Rogers, Michelle
Satterlee, Wes
Stuart, Lee
Warren, Erin
Watson, Haleigh
Wilson, Robin

MC 11

Blalack, Bryan
Boone, William
Branton (Merrell), Kathryn
Brian (Welch), Shelly
Craft-Rendon, Benjamin
Curnutt, Mike
Davis, Glen
Elliot, Sandra
Gergeni, Stephen
Harrelson, Heather
Henry, Jamie
Herrin, Howell
Hugo, Steve
Molsbee, Chris
Montgomery, Monty
Reeves, Tracy
Scott, Mike
Speck, Charles
Thompson, BJ

MC 12

Baker, Joe
Bearden, Stephen “Smokey”
Calland, Jenn
Collins, Brent
Cowan, Michael
Cross, Leslea
DuBois, Jerimiah
Elliott, Nick
French, Chloe
Geist, Rachel
Haughton, Patrick
Lanning, David
Marston, Sam
Martinez, Billy
Martinez, Robert
Martire, Chris
Perkins, Jonathan “Jay”
Ragan, Matt
Rexwinkle, Angela
Roberts, Matthew “Pika”
Sanzgari, David
Shupee, Stephen
Sides, David
Teegarden, Michael
Tucker, Jon
Wallach, Kim

MC 13

Brown, Jeremy
Craig, Charles
Cross Logan, Jennifer
Duncan, Jeff
Edwards, Damon
Emery, Martin
Geist, Dain
Lauzon, Danielle
Lofton, Dale
Martinez, Erica
Reinertson, Ken
Roberts, Jackson
Brian, Kevin

MC 14
Beck, John
Cavitt (Graham), Julie
Cox, Harley
Fazio, Jess
Hackett, Paul J.
Harper, Weston
Harvey (Misamore), Liz
Hodges, Debi
Hodges, Robert
Kramer, Julia
Kramer, Ricky
Manzar, Seth
McFarland, David
Meine, K. Kelly
Odensky, Evan
Ramos, Ernesto, III
Rector, Janeka
Remy, Crystal
Sanders, Bert
Schlitt, Ben
Segall, Corey
Simpson, Laura
Thelen, Jeff
Vaughan, Lindsey
Williams, Cat
Williams, Matthew

XII. Member Class Awards

Bryan Blalack – MC 11 approved 3883 G / 365 R / 658 N / 4906 TOTAL
Robert Hodges – MC 14 approved 6464 G / 951 R / 800 N / 8215 Total

XIII. Appeals

None Public

XIV. Problems and Issues

None Public


—End of Report