SCRC Report – 2012-12

SCRC Report – December 2012 – Parts I – XIV
South Central Regional Coordinators Report
Distribution: us-reports (full), us-sc-general & us-sc-reports (edited)
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Table of Contents:

I.              Staff Listing
II.             Summary
III.            Questions & Answers
IV.            Projects
V.             Upcoming Events
VI.            Staff Election Updates
VII.           Finances
VIII.          Prestige Awards
IX.            Chapter/Domain Status
X.             DC Prestige Tracking
XI.            MC List
XII.           Member Class Awards
XIII.          Appeals
XIV.          Problems & Issues

I. Staff Listing
SC Regional Coordinator:
Ricky Kramer, US2002034170
Since: 7/31/2012

ARC Administration (Outgoing)
Angela Rexwinkle, US2002021160


ARC Administration (Coming in)
Evan Miller, US2012060038

ARC Project Management
Jeremy Brown, US2002066290

ARC Charities
Shelley Brian, US2002066211

ARC Prestige
Julia Kramer, US2005096588

ARC Services and Featured Games
Rebecca Morgan, US2006037575


SC Regional Storyteller:
William Sternenberg, US2002021008
Since: 07/2012

ARST Chief of Staff
Matthew Roberts, US2002021109

Chris Burks, US2010096731

ARST Requiem
Sam Marsten, US2003071808

ARST Masquerade
Evan Odensky US2002021280

ARST Apocalypse
James Broussard US2002021601

ARST Forsaken
Damon Edwards, US2002055931

ARST Geist
Randall Crawford, US2005075839

II. Summary




Good evening.  This month saw the successful hosting of the December 2012 Featured Game of the Month by OKC, and featured some excellent locations (including Requiem in a funeral home), great hospitality from Oklahoma, and an exciting end of the local OKC chronicle Requiem game filled with drama and action.  I would like to thanks our hosts and hope to see our OK crew once again soon.



On the topic of Featured games, we also do not have any bids currently in for future events.  Several conversations regarding potential next chronicle FGotM’s but nothing set in stone.  If your Domain is interested in hosting the Region, please let us know and we will work with you to make that happen.



And this brings us to SCaRE 2014.  We have Domains discussing bidding for this grand event for their city, and if your Domain is interested and has not spoken to Becca and I please do so, and we will get you the bid requirements.  Our Regional event is our Region’s way to showcase all the values we possess, and as an event to make friends, contacts, character ties, and enemies (IC only 🙂 )across our Region.



We are running out of time for bidding, so please reach out to us if you are interested in having this event occur within your city.



Exceptional Prestige from the Regional Coordinator



Angela Rexwinkle, US2002021160: 20R Outgoing Exceptional ARC Award

Mary Grabhorn, US2011118210: 5R Regional Website Assistance

John W. Brese, US2002066253: 5R Nov 2012 Easter Egg Hunt Winner




Just some of the things on the horizon:


– January Domain Coordinators Conference Call

– January Online Regional Meeting

– Everything you need to run a Recruitment Game Project

– SCaRE 2014 Bids



Also to be sure to keep up with everything going on, and for even more inside information about the activities of our staff and Region please sign up for with one of the following social media feeds, or if you do not use any of these programs, one will be streamed to the website soon.


Continue to be awesome to one another, and please remember we are all here to have fun!  We will see you soon at a Featured game near you.












ARC Events and Services
Rebecca Morgan, US2006037575



December’s FGoTM was in OKC. Prestige awards for the OKC FGoTM follow in this section.  Any addenda or additions will be reported in the January report. The regional recruitment effort had a few interested parties who were recruited. I am still looking for some artistically inclined folks to help out, so if you know anyone who fits this description and has time to spare, please send them my way! As mentioned before, the regional recruitment package will eventually be on a flash drive where domains can customize the information sections and print out their documents for recruitment events. Included will be fliers, posters, a brochure and web banners/artwork to be used on websites. I am still accepting volunteers for this project. Also, I need art submissions for these documents. Wanted are photos, drawings, paintings, or anything that would catch your eye if you were the one looking at the poster/brochure. The deadline for ScaRE bids is rapidly approaching. If your domain is interested in placing a bid, please contact me for bid guidelines. Finally, I need bids for future FGoTM! I’ve gotten several inquiries and sent out several bid templates, but I don’t have any confirmed bids for the near future. Expect to see posts from me requesting more bids in the near future!



(No new questions.)
Q: What sort of skills do I need to have to help out with the recruitment package effort?
A: If you have skills with design and layout, writing, or are artistically inclined, we can use your help on this project! I will be adding volunteers to a list that we will use for feedback and we will be working together as a team to produce recruitment materials that can be used throughout the region.
Q: How can I put in a bid for ScaRE? Is there a guideline or bid application available?
A: Yes, there is a bid guideline document that includes requirements from game space to costs to deadlines. I have these and will include them upon request.

Q: What can you offer in the way of assistance for featured games?
A: As far as support, I can offer advertisement assistance, support from the RC and RST in way of regional meetings and possibly even IC regional plot-hooks and the like. There are also domains that are willing to loan some props, and I would help with coordinating that as well. The only big thing I can’t offer is money, as the region does not currently have a regional fund with the way the organization is working right now. Another perk is that the prestige for features is 50/50 regional and general instead of just general and it’s its own category, so that’s a 50 Prestige cap category that isn’t otherwise included in your awards. I report the prestige for features personally. All you do is supply me a detailed list of who did what and I report it for you. It’s included in the next regional report after you turn in the list. I’m here if you have any questions. My cell # is  210-882-6211. I can answer texts more often than calls, but if you need to call, and I can’t answer, leave a message and I’ll call you back. You can also find me on Facebook at: or email me here .




1. Answer all questions regarding featured games/events in a timely manner. Progress : Complete/Ongoing.
2. Review and approve/deny bids as they come in. Ongoing. No Current bids. 🙁
3. Updates to lists in regard to events and deadlines. Progress : Ongoing.
4. Maintain contact with OKC regarding December FGoTM prestige. Progress: Ongoing.
5. Solicit input on Regional Art/Photo contest for recruitment materials : Progress : Ongoing.
6. Assist domains on ScaRE bids on request : Ongoing.
7. Solicit featured game of the month bids : Ongoing.

8. Create a guide on how to report after a featured game of the month : Complete. (Attached)





Nicki Boyles US2002021955
Creating and Maintaining Facebook Events Pages – 10R Administration
Event Services OKC Dec 2012 FGotM:

Harley Cox US2002021715
Secured Location for featured game – 8G/7

Mike Wells US2005043380
Narrator for Featured Game, 4hrs – 10G/10R
(Narrating at a sanctioned event game, 5/hr, max 25)

Russel Cohen US2002023734
Narrator for Featured game, 4hrs – 10G/10R
(Narrating at a sanctioned event game, 5/hr, max 25)

Sarah Emery US2005075661
Donated 3 dozen mince meat pies. Game Check in – 10R/10G
(Donated needed materials to an event, 1-10 per item, max 25)

Adam Gustaitis US 2009084667
Donated 4 x 12 packs drinks for Feature game. – 8G/8R
(Donated needed materials to an event, 1-10 per item, max 25)
Regional Meeting Attendance (All eligible to receive meeting prestige are awarded 5R):

Sharon Wells US2006108836
Bryan Weaver US2002066267
James Finch US2007091080
Mitchell Remy US2002034774
David Lanning US2006108797
Jackie Lanning US2006088301
John Breese US2002066253
Robert Sanders US2006088295
Kristin Roudebush US2012110080
Erin McDonald US2012050082

Crystal Remy US2002034713

Martin Emery US2012050115

Shane Ketchum US2006118981

Jeremy Williams US2008044639

Sarah Emery US2005043325

Heather Cox US2005075661

Russel Cohen US2002023734

Kim Windhalm US2009064291




ARC Report – Julia Kramer – US2005096588
ARC Title: ARC Prestige
Cam #: US2005096588
E-mail Address:

I’m very happy to see old members coming back and using the MC reinstatement policy.

Completed this past month:
David Dickens – MC 9 approved
Matt Wilson – MC 9 responded with questions, sent further questions to National
Troy Fortenberry – MC 7 confirmed
Mark Farias – MC 6 confirmed
Ben Carrington – Sent question about MC confirmation to national
Rob Warner – Review of log
Aaron Lirette – Review for MC 10, returned with questions

Questions & Answers: N/A
Upcoming Events: N/A
Prestige Awards: N/A




ARC Charities

Shelley Brian




Still a bit slow but that is to be expected as the holiday season comes to a close.



None right now



New charities will be forthcoming very soon.



Working on new charity guidelines.




Justin Gootee: US2011118187   45R

– Donated Plasma and Platelets for the Regional Drive  25R

– Donated 20 Cans of cat food  to the local animal shelter in Ruston for the Regional Drive  20R


Timbo Plunkett: US2003011113   55R

– Donated Blood for the Regional Drive  25R

– Donated the following to Goodwill for Regional Charity: Pants, shirts, and socks both of men and women’s clothing in the following combinations: 6 pairs of socks, 8 pairs of pants in combination of

medium to large, and 6 shirts medium to large in combination of long-sleeved and sweat shirts.  30R (capped for drive this month)


Tracy Reeves: US2002045394  55R

– Donated Blood for the Regional Drive  25R

– Donated the following to Goodwill for Regional Charity: 3 Coats [1 Medium, 2 Small], 10 Shirts [5 Men’s shirts: 3 small, 2 medium; 5 Women’s: All medium],  & 5 pairs of pants [Men’s: 4 small, 1 medium].  30R (capped for drive this month)


Edwin Alexander Shrell:  25R

-Donated Plasma and Platelets for the Regional Drive


Member Name: Kaminski, Mark   30R

Membership Number: US2011027417

Donated 1 coldweather jackets, 4 sweaters, 2pks of socks, 2pairs of jeans, 3pairs of thermal underwear, 1 pair of boots, 1 blanket, 2 pairs of gloves, 2 knitted caps


Member Name: Breden, Kirc  29R

Membership Number: US2008113148

Donated 22lbs of Purina Surf & Turf Cat Food (dry food), Purina Friskies Classic Liver/Poultry 24-packs,


Member Name: Lawson, Christine  29R

Membership Number: US2002022347

Donated Pedigree Meaty Ground Dinner County Stew 12 cans, Pedigree Meaty Ground Dinner with Chunky Chicken 12 cans, 20lbs of Pedigree Large Breed Adult Dog Food (dry food)


James Broussard US2002021601-30R

Donated Assorted Food to SETX Food Bank

-5 cans of corn, 5 cans of peas, 5 cans of soup, 5 boxes of mac n cheese, 5 cans of tuna, 5 cans of tomatoes


Katie McRee – US2005022941- 20R

Donated Assorted Food to SETX Food Bank

5 cans of corn, 5 cans of peas, 10 cans of soup


Jonathan Perkins US2002023594- 10R

Donated Assorted Food to SETX Food Bank

10 cans of soup


Adam Tomplait – US2005085963 – 20R

Donated Assorted Food to SETX Food Bank

9 Boxes of Mac n Cheese, 5 boxes Rice a Roni, 6 Cans Spam


Brittany Woodcock –US2010055936- 30R

Donated Assorted Food to SETX Food Bank

10 cans of peas, 10 cans of corn, 10 cans of beans


III. Questions & Answers


Question: From the DC of Ivory Tower, OK. Since I am both DST and DC, how do I do prestige for my S/O, family, Close Friends, etc?


Answer form the RC:


By our club policy we do not award prestige to ourselves or to those we have a true conflict of interests with.  Let us first start by defining Conflict of Interest as per the Membership Handbook is:



“A conflict of interest occurs when a reasonable person with knowledge of all the relevant facts would question the officer’s impartiality on the matter. Possible sources of a conflict of interest include but are not limited to:


a) The presiding officer has competing professional or personal obligations

or personal interests that would make it difficult to fulfill his duties


b) An issue in which the presiding officer would receive a
substantially greater benefit from one outcome than another.


c) Direct involvement in the situation. An officer should be willing to step aside
from an issue in order to present the image of impartiality and fairness.”



Our organizations entire purpose for this rule is to avoid abuse, so really I just ask that you serious consider each of those people you labeled as a CoI and ask yourself if you were an outsider with all the information, would you believe that you as DC would have a true conflict of interests with each of those members.  I would agree that you would have a perceived Coi with your SO, and your direct family members, but not with your friends.  If we were to take this rule that far, then any DC who was elected by their Domain, who in most part are all friends, would not be able to act in an official capacity at all.


In practice your can recommended prestige as DC for those you have a CoI with, and send it up to the ARC Admin ( and myself ( along with your own prestige, as the DC cannot award their own prestige.  Our staff will go over this prestige, and if it is ready to be awarded, it will be published at the end of section VIII in this monthly report.  Then just like any award from Regional it can be added safety to your prestige logs and in the next DC report.



IV. Projects
– January Domain Coordinators Conference Call

– January Online Regional Meeting

– Everything you need to run a Recruitment Game Project

– Looking for regional charities opportunities

– Answer all questions in a timely manner. Progress: Complete/Ongoing.

– Review and approve/deny bids as they come in.

– Updates to lists in regard to events and deadlines. Progress: Ongoing.

– Maintain contact with OKC regarding December FGoTM Prestige. Progress: Ongoing.

– Solicit input on Regional Art/Photo contest for recruitment materials. Progress: Ongoing.
-Gather bids for SCaRE 2014

V. Upcoming Events

Accepting Bids.

VI. Staff Election Updates
AR-008-D       Bill Rice                      US2005075866     07/12

AR-012-D       Laura Simpson            US2002022887             03/12

LA-002-D       Tracy Reeves               US2002045394            09/12

LA-003-D       Matt Willson               US2007060219          01/13

LA-005-D       Mary Shepard             US2011087965                    08/12

LA-006-D       Alexander McKey      US2007049807     03/12

LA-008-D       Gregory McIntosh      US2010076363      12/12

LA-009-D       Kristina Vreeland        US2011108149               07/12

OK-008-D       D.A. Boone                 US2010025370                 08/12

OK-010-D       Adam Gustaitis           US2009084667   08/12

OK-011-D       Mike Wells                 US2005043380      10/12

TX-057-D       Melissa McAfee          US2002034305     04/12

TX-058-D       Debi Hodges               US2008021874       05/12

TX-059-D       Melissa Wabler            US2005086266                  08/12

TX-061-D       Chris Robertson          US2011108112            07/12

TX-064-D       Shelley Brian               US2002066211                  12/12

TX-065-D       Janeka Rector              US2002021300          12/12

TX-068-D       Cassandra Rutland      US2008082670        10/12

VII. Finances

VIII. Prestige Awards

Event prestige in Section II

Regional Charity Drive Awards in Section II

Exceptional Prestige Awards in Section II



ARC Administration, Angela Rexwinkle, US2002021160, 40R

ARC Project Management, Jeremy Brown, US2002066290, 20R

ARC Charities, Shelley Brian, US2002066211, 40R

ARC Prestige, Julia Kramer, US2005096588 40R

ARC Events and Services, Rebecca Morgan, US2006037575, 40R


Matthew Roberts US2002021008    ARST Chief of Staff, 40R

James Hopson US2002066311    ARST Admin, 40R

Damon Edwards US2002055931    ARST Forsaken, 0R

Randall Crawford US2005075839   ARST Geist, 0R

Sam Marston US2003071808    ARST Requiem, 40R

James Broussard US2002021601    ARST Apocalypse, 40R

Chris Burks US2010096731    ARST Lost, 0R

Evan Odensky US2002021280    ARST Masquerade, 40R

David Denova US2002056136    AARST Cam/Anarch, 30R

Weston Harper US2002021604    AARST Masquerade Outreach, 10R

Geoff Peterson US2002022796    AARST Sabbat, 0R

Storyteller Support


Julia Kramer (US2005096588): 15 Regional (Portraying an NPC at 2 Games and Online)

Hilary Henderson (US2006027400): 10 Regional (Plotline Aid/Submitting a Plotline)


Special RST Staff Prestige Recommendations
December VST Reports (exceptional service):

VST Dallas, TX – Weston Harper (US2002021604): 2 Regional

VST Houston, TX – Nicholas Reiser (US2011037536): 2 Regional





Bill Rice US2005075866                    AR-008-D       OT       40G

Laura Simpson US2002022887          AR-012-D       NR      0G

Tracey Reeves US2002045394           LA-002-D       OT       40G

Matthew Caillouet US2010066265   LA-003-D        OT       40G

Mary Shepard US2011087965           LA-005-D       Late     30G

Alexander McKey US2007049807    LA-006-D       OT       40G

Gregory McIntoshUS2010076363     LA-008-D       NR      0G

Kristina Vreeland US2011108149      LA-009-D       NR      0G

D. A. Boone US2010025370              OK-008-D       OT       40G

Adam Gustaitis US2009084667         OK-010-D       OT       40G

Mike Wells US2005043380                OK-011-D       Late     30G

Melissa McAfee US2002034305        TX-057-D       OT       40G

Debi Hodges  US2008021874            TX-058-D       OT       40G

Melissa Wabler US2005086266          TX-059-D       OT       40G

Chris Robertson US2011108112         TX-061-D       OT       40G

Shelley Brian US2002066211             TX-064-D       OT       40G

Janeka Rector US2002021300           TX-065-D       OT       40G

Cassandra Rutland US2008082670   TX-068-D      OT       40G


Special RC Staff Prestige Recommendations
December DC Reports (exceptional service):


Bill Rice US2005075866                    AR-008-D 2R

Tracey Reeves US2002045394           LA-002-D 2R

Matthew Caillouet US2010066265   LA-003-D 2R

Alexander McKey US2007049807    LA-006-D 2R

D. A. Boone US2010025370              OK-008-D 2R

Adam Gustaitis US2009084667         OK-010-D 2R

Melissa McAfee US2002034305        TX-057-D 2R

Debi Hodges  US2008021874            TX-058-D 2R

Melissa Wabler US2005086266          TX-059-D 2R

Chris Robertson US2011108112         TX-061-D 2R

Shelley Brian US2002066211             TX-064-D 2R

Janeka Rector US2002021300           TX-065-D 2R

Cassandra Rutland US2008082670   TX-068-D 2R

Tracy Reeves
MC: 11 (10 + 1 loaned)

Administration (80 max): 40g
VST Masquerade: 40g.




Christopher Robertson
MC 5

Organizational Services 20g
Hosted Requiem at my apartment – 10g
Hosted Sabbat at my apartment – 10g




Melissa Wabler

Donations for Cold Weather Resources for Humans (Regional Charity):

5 Long sleeve shirts (2R each) – 10R

5 sweaters (2R each) – 10R

4 Jackets (2R each) – 8R


Total: 28R


Donations for Stand up for Kids (National Charity): (Wasn’t sure what the amount per item was for this charity, so I just claimed 1 point per item)

90 Shirts – 90N

18 Pajama bottoms – 18N

13 Bras – 13N

2 Shorts – 2N

1 Skirt – 1N


Total: 124N (Capped at 30N)


Travis Kearns US2005022936
DST (Nov) – 40G Administration



Miranda Farmer US2006098526

320G March 2011 to July 2012

DST of TX-057-D




David Dickens US2002021091

120G March 2009 to August 2009

DST of TX-057-D

IX. Chapter/Domain Status
AR-008-D, Jonesboro/West Memphis, AR –Status: GREEN

Raven’s Dive

DC:  Bill Rice US2005075866 Since: July 2012

DST Richard Davidson, US2006068015, Since: Aug 2012

AR-008-D Funds: $1.25

Jan: 1/7/12           Apr: NR                 Jul 8/6/12              Oct: 11/1/12

Feb: NR                 May: N/A              Aug: 9/3/12          Nov: 12/3/12

March: NR            Jun: 7/10/12         Sept: 10/5/12       Dec: 1/6/13




AR-012-D, Little Rock, AR – GREEN

Axis of Awesome

DC: Laura Simpson, US2002022887,; since 3/12

DST: William Peterson US2007060047,; Since 05/12

AR-012-D Funds: $477.75,,_AR

Jan: 2/8/12           Apr: 5/12/12         Jul 8/8/12              Oct: NR

Feb: 4/11/12         June: 6/10/12       Aug: 9/9/12          Nov: 12/10/12

March: 4/11/12   Jun: 7/8/12           Sept: 10/8/12       Dec: NR



LA-002-D, Ruston, LA — GREEN

Nights of the Red Tables

DC: Tracey Reeves, US2002045394,    , Since: 9/2010

DST: Bobby Lee, US2009023606, , Since: 9/2010

LA-002-D Funds: $4.00

Jan: 1/31/12         Apr: 4/30/12         Jul 7/30/12            Oct: 10/31/12

Feb: NR                 June: 5/29/12       Aug: 8/31/12        Nov: 12/2/12

March: 4/1/12      Jun: 6/29/12         Sept: 10/1/12       Dec: 12/31/12




LA-003-D, Shreveport, Bossier City, LA — GREEN

Blood, Fire, & Fidelity

DC: Matthew “Kert” Caillouet, US2010066265, Since: 1/12

DST: David McFarland, US2002021931, Since: 9/2009

LA-003-D Funds: $0

Jan: 2/6/12           Apr: 5/2/12           Jul 8/6/12              Oct: 11/5/12

Feb: NR                 June: 6/3/12         Aug: 9/4/12          Nov: 12/4/12

March: 4/5/12      Jun: 7/6/12           Sept: 10/5/12       Dec: 1/5/13




LA-005-D, New Orleans, LA – GREEN

No Last Call

DC: Mary Shepard US2011087965, Since: 9/12

DST: Aaron Shepard US2011087966, Since: 4/12

LA-005-C Funds: $155.79

Jan: 2/9/12           Apr:NR                  Jul 8/8/12              Oct: NR

Feb: 3/5/12           June: NR               Aug NR                  Nov: NR

March: NR            Jun: NR                 Sep 10/11/12        Dec: 1/10/13




LA-006-D, Baton Rouge, LA — GREEN

Hilarity Ensues

DC: Alexander McKey, US2007049807,, Since: 3/12

DST: Justin Merrel, US2002022248

LA-006-D Funds: $182.91

Jan: 2/7/12           Apr: 5/2/12           Jul 8/4/12              Oct: 11/6/12

Feb: 3/6/12           June: 6/1/12         Aug: 9/6/12          Nov: 12/5/12

March: 4/11/12   Jun: 7/5/12           Sept: 10/6/12       Dec: 1/5/13




LA-008-D, Lake Charles, LA – YELLOW

Contraband Covenants

DC: Gregory McIntosh, US2010076363, Since: 12/12

DST: Kyle Fontenot, US2010116978, Since: 3/12


LA-008-I Funds:   $124.66

Jan: NR                 Apr: 5/1/12           Jul: 8/5/12             Oct: NR

Feb: NR                 May: 6/1/12         Aug: 10/9/12        Nov: NR

March: 4/3/12      Jun: 7/2/12           Sept: 10/9/12       Dec: NR




LA-009-D, Alexandria, LA, — Yellow

Blooded Knights

DC: Kristina Vreeland, US2011108149, since 07/12

VST: John Staton, US2002034668, since 03/2011

LA-009-I Funds: $0.00

Jan: 2/10/12         Apr: N/A                Jul: 07/30/12        Oct: NR

Feb: 3/15/12         May: 6/9/12         Aug: NR                Nov: NR

March: 4/7/12      Jun: N/A                Sept: NR                Dec: NR



OK-008-D, Tulsa, OK – GREEN

Native Nights

DC: D. A. Boone US2010025370 , Since: 08/12

DST: Will Laymance, US2002034193, Since: 04/12

OK-008-D Funds: $115.00

Jan: 2/7/12           Apr: 9/3/12           Jul: 9/3/12             Oct: 11/7/12

Feb: 3/7/12           May: 9/3/12         Aug: 10/9/12        Nov: 12/9/12

March: 9/3/12      Jun: 9/3/12           Sept: 10/15/12     Dec: 1/6/13



OK-010-D, Oklahoma City, OK – GREEN

Eternal Midnight

DC: Adam Gustaitis, US2009084667,, Since: 08/12

DST: Joshua Jacques,US2009084639, Since: 6/11

OK-010-D Funds: $1564.27

Domain Website:

Jan: NR                 Apr: 5/22/12         Jul: 8/13/12          Oct: 11/7/12

Feb: NR                 May: NR               Aug: 10/5/12        Nov: 12/8/12

March: NR            Jun: N/A                Sept: 10/5/12       Dec: 1/7/13




OK-011-D, Stillwater, Oklahoma – GREEN

Ivory Tower

DC: Mike Wells (US2005043380),, since: 10/2012

DST: Mike Wells (US2005043380),, since: 03/2012

OK-011-D Funds: $0

Jan: 2/8/12           Apr: 6/8/12           Jul: NR                   Oct: NR

Feb: NR                 May: 6/8/12         Aug: NR                Nov: NR

Mar: 6/8/12          Jun: 7/12/12         Sept: NR                Dec: 01/08/13




TX-057-D, College Station, TX — GREEN

Midnight Yell

DC: Melissa McAfee, US2002034305,, since 4/12

February 2009

DST: Miranda Farmer, US2006098526, , Since: 9/10

TX-057-D Funds: $52.50

Jan: 2/10/12         Apr: 5/4/12           Jul: 8/4/12             Oct: 11/7/12

Feb: 3/11/12         May:6/3/12          Aug: 9/7/12          Nov: 12/9/12

Mar: 4/10/12        Jun: 7/7/12           Sept: 10/6/12       Dec: 1/5/13




TX-058-D, Dallas, TX — GREEN

Collateral Damage

DC:   Debi Hodges, US2008021874, , Since 05/12

DST: Robert Hodges US2008021876, Since 10/12

TX-058-D Funds: $133

Jan: 2/6/12           Apr:NR                  Jul: 8/6/12             Oct: 11/5/12

Feb: 3/5/12           May:NR               Aug: 9/7/12          Nov: 12/05/12

Mar: 4/4/12          Jun: 7/6/12           Sept: 10/01/12     Dec: 1/7/13




TX-059-D, San Antonio, Texas – GREEN

Civitas de Immortalis

DC: Melissa Wabler, US2005086266,  Since 8/12

DST: Travis Kerns, US2005022936, Since 8/12

TX-059-D Funds: $1811.25 ,

Jan: 2/4/12           Apr: 5/7/12           Jul: 8/8/12             Oct: 11/7/12

Feb: NR                 May: 6/7/12         Aug: 9/7/12          Nov: 12/7/12

Mar: NR                Jun: 7/7/12           Sept: 10/7/12       Dec: 1/6/13



TX-061-D, Houston, TX — GREEN

Midnight Magnolias

DC:  Chris RobertsonUS2011108112, Since 8/12

DST: James Hopson US2002066311, Since 11/12

TX-061-D Funds: $   1040.00

Jan: 2/7/12           Apr: 5/6/12           Jul: 8/5/12             Oct: 11/7/12

Feb: 3/6/12           May: 6/7/12         Aug: 9/7/12          Nov: 12/8/12

Mar: 4/4/12          Jun: 7/7/12           Sept: 10/6/12       Dec: 1/7/13




TX-064-D, Greater Beaumont, Texas — GREEN

Silent Redemption

DC: Shelley Brian, US2004066211, Since: 09/12

DST: Kevin Brian, US2002021481, Since: 09/12

TX-064-D Funds: $454.00

Jan: 2/7/12           Apr: 5/7/12           Jul: 8/8/12             Oct: 11/7/12

Feb: 3/5/12           May: NR               Aug: 9/7/12          Nov: NR

Mar: 4/4/12          Jun: 7/5/12           Sept: 10/7/12       Dec: 1/7/13




TX-065-D, Austin, TX — GREEN

No Witnesses

DC: Janeka Rector US2002021300, Since 12/12

DST: Pete DeSalvo, US2008042216, since 12/12

TX-065-D Funds: $ 482.81

Jan: 2/4/12           Apr:6/16/12          Jul: 8/7/12             Oct: 11/11/12

Feb: 3/5/12           May: 6/16/12       Aug: 9/7/12          Nov: 12/7/12

Mar: 4/5/12          Jun: 7/6712          Sept: 10/7/12       Dec: 1/6/13




TX-068-D, Ft. Worth, TX – GREEN

Westward Haven

DC: Cassandra Rutland US2008082670, since 10/12

DST: Matt Maddoux US2009023568, since 3/12

TX-068-D Funds: $28.00

Jan: 2/10/12         Apr: NR                 Jul: NR                   Oct:  11/14/12

Feb: NR                 May: 6/5/12         Aug: NR                Nov: 12/7/12

Mar: 4/5/12          Jun: N/A                Sept: NR                Dec: 1/7/13


XI. MC List
(Note: If there are errors, duplications, or concerns, please contact
** and **)


MC 9

Bentancourt, Tito
Blalack, Bryan
Boyles, Nicki
Bradeen, Stephen
Brooks, Mark
Brula, Stephen
Buck, Steve
Cavitt, Shawn
Clark, Doug
Cowan, Laura
Cross, Thomas
Czerwonky, Rich

Daiber, Kevin
Danby, Scott
Danna, Russ
Davis, Grant
DeNova, David
DeWitt, Nick
Dickens, David
Duvic, William
Ennis, Ray
Fellers, Lacey
Fiveash, Theresa
Ford, Lori
Freeburg, Amy
Gullikson, Rick
Hall, John
Handel, Josh
Harper, Beckey
Hidalgo, John
Huskey, James
Jones, Kevin
Lewis, Heather
Lewis, Jason
Lirette, Aaron “Duckie”
Lotzer, John
Lucas, William (Billy)
Marquez, Anthony
Mason, Patrick
McAffee, Melissa
Molsbee, Donna
Montgomery, Leah A.
Neff, Patrick
Odensky, Angela
Parker, Frank
Peltier, Brian
Pocai, David
Potter, James
Powell, Tricia
Riley, Brandon
Roberts, Bethany
Rodriguez, Troy
Russell, Tommy
Samp, Jason
Sanders, John
Sanders, Robert
Singer, Michael
Singleton, Richard
Sloan, Jim
Sternenberg, William
Taylor, Josh
Taylor, Valerie
Tennant, Donald
Tomplait, Adam
Watson, Dave
Westfall, Lucas
White, Chris
Wilson, Melissa
Wilson, Ryan
Woodall, Terrall Jay “TJ”
MC 10


Beck, Chris
Broussard, James
Burgess, David
Capps, Aaron
Covington, Jason
Craft, Judy
Crawford, Randall
Davidson, Richard
Davis, Glen
Dodson, July
DuBois, Trisha
Edwards, Christopher
Gibeson, Glenn
Gray, Cory
Hefner, Scott
Henry, Stephen
Hill, Luke
Hubbard, Charles
Klepper, Richard
Ledbetter, Lee
Lewis, Patrick
Marston, Sam
Merrel, Justin
Morgan (Simpson), Rebecca
Morgan, David
Plunkett, Timbo
Reeves, Tracy
Remy, Mitch
Rexwinkle, Josh
Riordan, Charles
Rogers, Michelle
Satterlee, Wes
Stuart, Lee
Warren, Erin
Watson, Haleigh
Wilson, Robin
MC 11


Boone, William
Branton (Merrell), Kathryn
Brian, Shelly (Welch)
Craft-Rendon, Benjamin
Curnutt, Mike
Elliot, Sandra
Gergeni, Stephen
Harrelson, Heather
Henry, Jamie
Herrin, Howell
Hugo, Steve
Scott, Mike
Molsbee, Chris
Montgomery, Monty
Speck, Charles
Thompson, BJ
MC 12


Baker, Joe
Bearden, Stephen “Smokey”
Brian, Kevin
Calland, Jenn
Collins, Brent
Cowan, Michael
Cross, Leslea
DuBois, Jerimiah
Elliott, Nick
French, Chloe
Geist, Rachel
Haughton, Patrick
Lanning, David
Martinez, Billy
Martinez, Robert
Martire, Chris
Perkins, Jonathan “Jay”
Ragan, Matt
Rexwinkle, Angela
Roberts, Matthew “Pika”
Sanzgari, David
Shupee, Stephen
Sides, David
Teegarden, Michael
Tucker, Jon
Wallach, Kim
MC 13


Brown, Jeremy
Craig, Charles
Cross Logan, Jennifer
Duncan, Jeff
Edwards, Damon
Geist, Dain
Hodges, Robert
Lauzon, Danielle
Lofton, Dale
Martinez, Erica
Reinertson, Ken
Roberts, Jackson
MC 14


Cox, Harley
Fazio, Jess
Cavitt (Graham), Julie
Hackett, Paul J.
Harper, Weston
Hodges, Debi
Kramer, Julia
Kramer, Ricky
Manzar, Seth
McFarland, David
Meine, K. Kelly
Misamore, Liz

Odensky, Evan
Ramos, Ernesto, III
Rector, Janeka
Remy, Crystal
Sanders, Bert
Schlitt, Ben
Segall, Corey
Simpson, Laura
Thelen, Jeff
Vaughan, Lindsey
Williams, Cat
Williams, Matthew



XII. Member Class Awards
David Dickens – MC 9 approved
Matt Wilson – MC 9 responded with questions, sent further questions to National
Troy Fortenberry – MC 7 confirmed
Mark Farias – MC 6 confirmed
Ben Carrington – Sent question about MC confirmation to national
Rob Warner – Review of log
Aaron Lirette – Review for MC 10, returned with questions


XIII. Appeals


XIV. Problems and Issues



—End of Report