SCRC Report – 2012-04

SCRC Report – April 2012 – Parts I – VII

South Central Regional Coordinators Report

Distribution: us-reports (full), us-sc-general & us-sc-reports (edited)

Table of Contents:

I.              Staff Listing

II.             Summary

III.            Questions & Answers

IV.            Projects

V.             Upcoming Events

VI.            Staff Election Updates

VII.           Finances

VIII.          Prestige Awards

IX.            Chapter/Domain Status

X.             DC Prestige Tracking

XI.            MC List

XII.           Member Class Awards

XIII.          Appeals – edited

XIV.          Problems & Issues – edited


I. Staff Listing




South Central Regional Coordinator:

Nicki Boyles, US2002021955

Since: 4/4/2010

ARC Chief of Staff

Jeff Duncan, US2002022947


ARC Charities

Shelley Brian, US2002066211


ARC Marketing and Outreach

Matthew Mevis, US2010035541


ARC Prestige

Julia Kramer, US2005096588


ARC Services and Featured Games

Rebecca Morgan, US2006037575


ARC Technology

Trisha Dubois, US2007029550

ARC Publications

Betha Roberts, US2008072589




SC Regional Storyteller:

Jer DuBois, US2007019313

Since: 12/2010

ARST Chief of Staff

Matthew Roberts, US2002021109


ARST Administration

accepting applications


ARST Awakening

Kathryn Merrell, US2002034821


ARST Forsaken

Damon Edwards, US2002055931


ARST Geist

Randall Crawford, US2005075839



Aaron Lirette, US2002106724


ARST Masquerade – Cam/Anarch/Indep

Chloe French, US2002021889


ARST Masquerade – Sabbat

Brent Collins, US2003102466


ARST Requiem

Danielle Lauzon, US2002022173


AARST List Administration

Crystal Remy, US2002034713


PA Masquerade Influences

Jay Perkins, US2002023594


II. Summary


Hello, Region of Love!

We are off to a great start. There is a lot going on in the region to revamp our processes, reporting, and recruitment efforts. A lot of great announcements and all calls have gone out recently. If you are on on, you should be. Visit to do so. Don’t miss out on any of the opportunities to have a direct hand in renewing, rebuilding, and re-establishing the South Central Region as THE region of Love among the Mind’s Eye Society.

If you have any ideas for process improvements, drop me a line. I *will* ensure that the ideas are vetted among my staff and that we give you a role in implementation.

Baton Rouge/New Orleans would like to speak about an event for September. We have news that Grand Masquerade is to be in September, however, there are no dates or location released yet for the annual White Wolf/CCP event. revamp: ongoing for this quarter. Go Live July 10. All Call has been sent out to the Region. We would HIGHLY encourage you volunteer if at all interested in assisting. A big part of being the Region of Love is participation in the Region by the ENTIRE region, not just particular domains/cliques. I have heard that certain domains/areas feel disconnected. We can’t involve you, if you don’t apply. Help us help you to reach your goals and to feel a greater involvement with the Region.

Prestige for List Mods will be granted by their DC for moderating domain lists. If the list mod for a domain list is the DC, the prestige award is considered to be part of their DC duties.


ARC Chief of Staff

Jeff Duncan


Summary: Welcome aboard to all the new ARC staff ! Looking forward to working with all of you.


ARC Charities

Shelley Brian, US2002066211


Summary: New month and new charities! I hope to see LOTS of donations in the next months. I want to see us get back to being the Region of Luv!

Projects: I want to work with the regional newsletter and website to keep everyone informed. I don’t like folks having to look all around for charity opportunities.

Upcoming Events: Dallas FG – I will be offering to help them with charity work if they want it.

Prestige Awards: None so far.

Additional Notes: I am creating several reporting sheets for use at Featured Games to make reporting easier and missing prestige harder!


ARC Marketing and Outreach

Matthew Mevis, US2010035541


Summary: It was a good month settling in and getting up to speed on events in the area. Can’t wait to get rolling full steam!

Questions & Answers: No questions this month, which was kinda bad as I had a barrel full of fresh answers. Maybe I’ll get some questions before any of these answers go bad…

Projects: Working with Houston’s ADC and AST of Recruiting/Retention to develop some “Plug-and-Play” strategies for other Domains to use at conventions, ideally to be hosted publicly for distribution.

No elections in April.

Upcoming Events: May 12 I’ll be in Houston for Requiem and the end of May I’ll be in Lake Charles, but somewhere in there I’d like to get to Beaumont or another Louisiana group just to say hi!


ARC Prestige

Julia Star, US2005096588


Summary: No audits this month, but answered a good deal of questions coming into the e-mail account about prestige awards. Sorted out some issues with getting locked logs for older members.

Held a prestige panel at SCRE and thank you to Matthew Mevis for coming to talk about prestige with me for an hour.

Questions & Answers: N/A

Projects: N/A

Upcoming Events: N/A

Prestige Awards: N/A


ARC Events and Services

Rebecca Morgan, US2006037575


The last couple of weeks has been my chance to get acquainted with what was already in the works when I accepted the position, time to make plans and initiate projects. I’m excited to have gotten the ball rolling and hope to see event bid feedback and bids very soon. I’ve already received contact from three domains in regards to potential future bids.

Questions and Answers

Question : When will you be accepting bids for November. (SA)

Answer : I will open up the bid process for November in a week or two. I have yet to receive any bids for August or September, and would like to give domains just a little more time before I take November bids. BUT, that doesn’t mean that you can’t work up the bid now and have it prepared! I am thrilled to receive inquiries and look forward to your bids!

Question : What is the current status of scheduled Featured Games? (Many)

Answer : June’s featured game of the month will be hosted by Dallas, TX at Dallas/Plano Marriott at Legacy Town Center on June 16-17.

July’s featured game will be hosted by Austin, TX. Details to follow.


1. Direct contact with each domain and independent chapter to inform about the bid and featured game planning process and to solicit bids/offer assistance to all domains/independent chapters. Progress : Collecting updated contact information. Email is written, waiting to send when update is received

2. Create a featured game planning check-list to provide domains who are considering hosting a featured game of the month. Progress : Near complete

3. Answer all questions regarding featured games/events in a timely manner. Progress : Complete/Ongoing

4. Make bi-monthly event updates/announcements to keep the region informed as to the status of our featured game and events schedule. Progress : Up to date

5. Work on Austin Site assistance call list. Progress : In Progress

6. Assist domains as needed. Progress : Ongoing


SC ARC Web Presence

Patricia DuBois, US2007029550


Viewed traffic *

Unique visitors 755

Number of visits 1,036 (1.37 visits/visitor)

Pages 9,388 (9.06 Pages/Visit)

Hits 19,084 (18.42 Hits/Visit)

Bandwidth 357.40 MB (353.25 KB/Visit)


Viewed traffic *

Unique visitors 117

Number of visits 152 (1.29 visits/visitor)

Pages 478 (3.14 Pages/Visit)

Hits 935 (6.15 Hits/Visit)

Bandwidth 26.96 MB (181.62 KB/Visit)

Began discussions with RC for new Projects to be conducted in May.

Questions & Answers: None

Projects: Every Domain has a website

*If your domain currently does not have a website and you would like one, you can get a FREE website sponsored by the region. Contact the ARC TECH at

Upcoming Events: None

Prestige Awards: None

Prestige for List Mods will be granted by their DC for moderating domain lists. If the list mod for a domain list is the DC, the prestige award is considered to be part of their DC duties.

Additional Notes: None


SC ARC Publications

Betha Roberts, US2008072589

Summary: April Publications report

Questions & Answers: If it becomes too much to receive information from the DC’s and ST’s for the regions, can we have the PDF version of the newsletter sent out quarterly?

Answer from the RC: Hardcopy? Would depend upon interest. Softcopy? I would prefer monthly to be at the domain level. Then, our regional publication could be more robust and cover a lot more ground as far as connecting the region’s IC news and rumors, as well as our OOC art, poetry, advertisements.

Projects: Currently working with staff to collect all information for new SCR publications wiki as well as PDF version.

Working with Heather Halstead with new ideas regarding IC publications.

Collecting information through survey regarding needs of the region in the areas of publications.

Upcoming Events: Logo competition

Wiki development and distribution


III. Questions & Answers


None this month.

I’ve had LOTS of inquiries about returning members searching for old reports. Please know that you can obtain these reports by writing directly to the ANC Chapters

In order to regain old MC levels, you must have a copy of DC/RC report that directly shows the MC level/prestige totals you wish to reclaim.


IV. Projects


We have several projects in the works. Emails to the regions have been sent out announcing the following:

-Charities for the quarter

-Events and services active participation in assisting domains with various needs for featured games, co-hosted domain events, and convention presence

-Outreach and Marketing is working on pre-packaged plot kits for such one-shot convention/recruitment events

-Tech/Web is working on a revamp of to include some exciting updates

-Prestige is working with Tech to establish a searchable prestige database, R-level to start. D-level is further down the road.


V. Upcoming Events



JUNE : 16-17

Location : Dallas/Plano Marriott at Legacy Town Center

Coord Contact : Debi Hodges

Venues : Masquerade Cam/Anarch, Requiem and Forsaken

Cam/Anarch ST Contact : Robert Hodges

Requiem ST Contact : Steve Buck

Forsaken ST Contact : Frank Dometrovich

DST Contact : Josh Taylor

Cost : All day gaming : $10.00, One Game $5.00

(** Note, elections are ongoing for multiple positions and info will be updated as elections are completed.)

JULY : Austin, TX

Details TBA


VI. Staff Election Updates


Domain Name Cam# Email Last Elected
AR-008-D Charles Craig US2002022676 02-2012
AR-012-D Laura Simpson US2002022887 02-2012
AR-013-I No reporting or contact in a year
AR-014-I Scarlett Tarron US2011037476 06-2011
LA-002-D Tracy Reeves US2002045394 09-2011
LA-003-D Matthew Caillouet US2010066265 01-2012
LA-005-D Tabetha Long US2010055982 08-2011
LA-006-D Alexander McKey US2007049807 02-2012
LA-007-I Folded
LA-008-D Matthew Mevis US2010035541 05-2011
LA-009-D Coty Verdin US2007111301 10-2011
OK-008-D Jackie Lanning US2006088301 08-2011
OK-010-D Harley Cox US2002021715 07-2011
OK-011-D Gary Hailey US2010015210 10-2011
TX-044-D Jason Samp US2002034339 01-2012
TX-055-D Folded?
TX-057-D Melissa McAfee US2002034305 03-2012
TX-058-D Debi Hodges US2008021874 05-2011
TX-059-D Melissa Wabler US2005086266 07-2011
TX-061-D Rachel Geist US2005063548 07-2011
TX-064-D Shelley Brian US2002066211 09-2011
TX-065-D Bryan Hollingsworth US2002022929 02-2012
TX-068-D Laney Busby US2008113147 09-2011

Domains in bold have elections currently running.


VII. Finances – N/A.


SCRC Report – March 2012 – Parts VIII


VIII. Prestige Awards



These awards are all in the Administration category.


Name    Cam #   Prestige        Position        Report Status

Nikki Boyles    US2002021955    Per NC   RC On time

Jeff Duncan US2002022947 40R ARC CoS On time

Shelley Brian US2002066211    40R    ARC Charities   On time

Julia Kramer    US2005096588     40R ARC Prestige    On time

Rebecca Morgan US2006037575 40R ARC Services   On time

Trisha DuBois   US2007025990     30R    ARC Web Late

Matthew Mevis US2010035541 40R ARC Outreach On time

Betha Robertson US2008072589 40R ARC Publication On time


These awards are all in the Administration category.

Name    Cam #   Prestige        Position

Jerimiah DuBois US2007019313    Per NC  RST

Pending nominations from RST


Matthew Roberts    US2002021008    30R      ARST Chief of Staff On time

Kathryn Merrell US2002034821    30R      ARST Awakening On time

Damon Edwards   US2002055931    30R      ARST Forsaken On time

Randall Crawford        US2005075839    30R      ARST Geist On time

Aaron Lirette   US2002106724    0R      ARST Lost No report

Chloe French    US2002021889    0R   ARST Masquerade – No report

Brent Collins   US2003102466   30R      ARST Sabbat On time

Danielle LauzonUS2002022173 30R      ARST Requiem On time

Crystal Remy    US2002034713    5R      AARST List Admin

Jay Perkins     US2002023594    20R      PA Masquerade Influences


April Report:

Name Cam# Domain Month Status Prestige
Charles Craig US2002022676 AR-008-D
Laura Simpson US2002022887 AR-012-D
Scarlett Tarron US2011037476 AR-013-i
Tracey Reeves US2002045394 LA-002-D APR 2012 OT 40G
Matthew Caillouet US2010066265 LA-003-D APR 2012 OT 40G
Tabetha Long US2010055982 LA-005-D
Alexander McKey US2007049807 LA-006-D APR 2012 OT 40G
Matthew Mevis US2010035541 LA-008-D APR 2012 OT 40G
Coty Verdin US2007111301 LA-009-D
Jackie Lanning US2006088301 OK-008-D
Harley Cox US2002021715 OK-010-D
Gary Hailey US2010015210 OK-011-D
Jason Samp US2002034339 TX-044-D
Melissa McAfee US2002034305 TX-057-D APR 2012 OT 40G
Debi Hodges US2008021874 TX-058-D
Melissa Wabler US2005086266 TX-059-D APR 2012 OT 40G
Rachel Geist US2005063548 TX-061-D APR 2012 OT 40G
Shelley Brian US2002066211 TX-064-D APR 2012 OT 40G
Bryan Hollingsworth US2002022929 TX-065-D
Amanda “Laney” Busby US2008113147 TX-068-D


April Report

Melissa McAfee, US2002034305, 60G

Event Services, 40G

Volunteering at AggieCon – 40G

Community Service, 20G

Donated 100 name badges, 20G

Tracy Reeves, US2002045394 – 40G

Administration, 40G

VST Masquerade, 40G

Alexander McKey, US2007049807, 25G

Org Service, 25G

Transporting member to an event, 5G

Providing lodging for a member, 10G

Site clean up x2, 10G

Rachel Geist, US2005063548, 50G

Misc, 50G

Early Renewal, 50G

Shelley Brian, US2002066211

See SCARE event prestige

Melissa Wabler, US2005086266, 30G

Community Service, 30G

Donated items to women’s shelter, 30G

(9 bars of soap, Baby powder, baby soap, baby lotion, conditioner, 2 toothpaste, 2 tooth brushes, 2 bottles, 2 pacifiers, 2 teething rings, 2 onesies, 2 infant caps)

Matthew “Kert” Caillouet, US2010066265, 45GG

Org Service, 10G

Providing game site, 10G

Community Service, 35G

Providing drinks x2, 20G

Setup and clean up, 5G



SCaRE Prestige:


As always, if there are corrections that need to be made, mistakes,

anything like that please submit them using the following form:

Amanda “Laney” Busby, US2008113147, 5G

Administration : 5G

Sounding board and Events/Services Input – April 2012

Regional Meeting Awards:

San Antonio 4/21/2012, announced 2 weeks in advance:

Organizational Service:

Attended organizational meetings: 5 R (for each)

Kyle Broekers, US2011067798

David Barajas, US2005065641

Christina Barajas, US2005065642

Luke Bonecutter, US2011067734

Michael Pastrano, US2006047751

Andrea Pastrano, US2012030042

Nick Carlson, US2005022855

Kevin Meier, US2002056133

Austin Bonecutter, US2011057707

Caleb Bonecutter, US2011067801

Matthew Sinclair, US2012040020

Brianna Hennessy, US2012040084

Terry Stamets, US2010076351

Cynthia Rouse, US2011027373

Alex Erwin, US2011097996

Rebecca Morgan, US2006037575

Troll Sandoval, US2002034819

Bryan Hollingsworth, US2002022929

Billy Martinez, US2002022121

Mike Rauen, US2011057680

Angela Rexwinkle, US2002021160

Heather Halstead, US2011051654

Melissa Wabler, US2005086266

Travis Kearns, US2005022936

SCaRE 2012 Feedback Survey Participation:

Exceptional Service: 5R (for each)

Ally FoxworthyUS2005116954

AUStin BonecutterUS2011057707

Becky BlackburnUS2007060155

Benjamin L. SchlittUS2002021022

Billy MartinezUS2002022121

Brandon DanielsUS2002021119

Brian C. ClarkUS2002022634

Cathy WallinUS2006098665

Dakota WeeksUS2010035597

Debi HodgesUS2008021874

Devon WeirUS2007039567

Diana HauerUS2007019242

Geoff PetersonUS 2002022796

Heath HerpinUS2011067736

Heath HerpinUS2011067736

Heather HarrelsonUS2002021927

James LeavingsUS2005106684

Jeremy CastleberryUS2011067746

Jessica MartiesUS2002034251

Jonathan PerkinsUS 2002023594

Josh TaylorUS2008011607

JUStin MerrellUS2002022248

Laura SimpsonUS2002022887

Lauren balazsUS2004051488

Lindsey VaughanUS2002022475

Maegan MaurerUS2012030138

Matthew CaillouetUS2010066265

Matthew MaddouxUS2009023568

Matthew MevisUS2010035541

Matthew SandersonUK0307-1730

Melissa WablerUS2005086266

Michael PercivalUS2009064263

Michael RauenUS2011057680

Nicholas CarlsonUS2005022855

Nicole MilesUS2011037473

Paul CorcoranUS2011047629

Pete KostUS2002021976

Pete StormsUS2010106926

Peter DeSalvoUS2008042216

Raheel MerchantUS2010096681

Ricky KramerUS2002034170

Robert MartinezUS2003122686

Ryan WilsonUS2005106678

Seth ManzarUS2002021286

Stephen “Smokey” BeardenUS2002023054

Steve MUSalUS2002126981

Taylor LindbergUS2008052323

Ted MinetteUS2006067944

Tracy ReevesUS2002045394

Travis KearnsUS2005022936

Travis SouthardUS2012040122

Troy PottsUS2011037513

Troy SantanaUS2011087932

Backdated Awards:

March Report

Melissa McAfee, US2002034305, 60G

Administration 20G

TX-057-D DSR Late

Regional Charities Awards:


Michael Rauen, US2011057680

Community Service: 30R

Donated 8 dolls & 3 plush toys for Toys for Tots

Luke Bonecutter, US2011067734

Community Service: 12R

Donated 6 plush dolls for Toys for Tots

Kyle Broekers, US2011067798

Community Service: 9R

Donated 3 action figures for Toys for Tots

Casey Johnson, US2011087967

Community Service: 9R

Donated 3 action figures

Cynthia Rouse, US2011027373

Community Service: 13R

Donated bicycle and 1 action figure for Toys for Tots

Heather Halstead, US2011057654

Community Service: 9R

Donated 3 action figures

Kristina Vreeland, US2011108149

Community Service: 10R

Donated bicycle to Toys for Tots

Colin McIntyre, US2011108147

Community Service: 10R

Donated bicycle for Toys for Tots

Jon Fuller, US2011057700

Community Service: 15 R

Donated 5 action figures for Toys for Tots

Raul Fuentes, US2007080452

Community Service: 23R

Donated 1 plush toy and 7 arts & crafts to Toys for Tots

Nancy Sprouse, US2007101228

Community Service: 30R

Donated 7 dolls & 3 arts & crafts stuff for Toys for Tots

Category: Storyteller AssistanceRyan Wilson – Assisting with pre-SCRE planning and character sheets. – 10RJeff Duncan – Assisting with pre-SCRE planning and character sheets. – 10RJosh Taylor – Proposed plot-line and character creations. – 20R

SCRC Report – March 2012 – Parts IX – XIII


IX. Chapter/Domain Status


AR-008-D, Jonesboro/West Memphis, AR –Status: GREEN

Raven’s Dive

DC: Tommy Russell, US2002022389,, Since: Feb 2011

DST Cory Pfeifer, US2008052361,, Since: Aug 2010

AR-008-D Funds: $1.25


Jan: 1/7/12 Apr: 5/2/11 Jul 8/7/11 Oct: 11/7/11
Feb: NO REPORT May: 6/2/11 Aug: 9/6/11 Nov: 12/7/11
March: NO REPORT Jun: 7/6/11 Sept: 10/6/11 Dec: 1/6/12


AR-012-D, Little Rock, AR – GREEN

Axis of Awesome

DC: Laura Simpson, US2002022887,; since 3/2012

DST: James Kiddie US2003071818,; Since 10/2011

AR-012-D Funds: $745.00,,_AR


Jan: 2/8/12 Apr: Jul 8/6/11 Oct: 11/8/11
Feb: 4/11/12 May: 6/2/11 Aug: 9/6/11 Nov: 12/6/11
March: 4/11/12 Jun: 7/7/11 Sept: 10/7/11 Dec: 1/5/12


Fayetteville, AR — FOLDED

Fayetteville by Night


AR-014-I, Hot Springs, AR – GREEN

Wild Expanse

CC: Scarlett Tarron, US2011037476, .. Since: 06/2011

VST Forsaken: Brent Wagner, US2003061685 ,, Since: July/2011

AR-014-I Funds: $0.00

Jan: NO REPORT Apr: N/A Jul 8/1/11 Oct: N/A
Feb: NO REPORT May: N/A Aug: N/A Nov: 11/15/11
March: NO REPORT Jun: 7/1/11 Sept: N/A Dec: NO REPORT


LA-002-D, Ruston, LA — GREEN

Nights of the Red Table

DC: Tracey Reeves, US2002045394, , Since: 9/2010

DST: Bobby Lee, US2009023606,, Since: 9/2010

LA-002-D Funds: $14.51


Jan: 1/31/12 Apr: 4/30/12 Jul 7/31/11 Oct: 11/1/11
Feb: NO REPORT May: 5/30/11 Aug: 8/30/11 Nov: 11/30/11
March: 4/1/12 Jun: 6/27/11 Sept: 9/30/11 Dec: 12/26/11


LA-003-D, Shreveport, Bossier City, LA — GREEN

Blood, Fire, & Fidelity

DC: Matthew “Kert” Caillouet, US2010066265,,

Since: 6/2010

DST: David McFarland, US2002021931,, Since: 8/2010

LA-003-D Funds: $0


Jan: 2/6/12 Apr: 5/2/12 Jul 8/6/11 Oct: 11/6/11
Feb: NO REPORT May: 6/6/11 Aug: 9/6/11 Nov: 12/6/11
March: 4/5/12 Jun: 7/6/11 Sept: 10/7/11 Dec: 1/6/12


LA-005-D, New Orleans, LA – GREEN

Vin Blanc

DC: Tabetha Long, US2010055892,

Since: 1/2012

DST: Jeff Robert, US2005043366,, Since: 4/2011

LA-005-C Funds: $260.29


Jan: 2/9/12 Apr: Jul 8/15/11 Oct: NO REPORT
Feb: 3/5/12 May: 6/7/11 Aug: 9/21/11 Nov: 2/9/12
March: NO REPORT Jun: 8/16/11 Sept: 10/9/11 Dec: 2/9/12


LA-006-D, Baton Rouge, LA — GREEN

Hilarity Ensues

DC: Alexander McKey, US2007049807,, Since: 3/11

DST: Justin Merrel, US2002022248

LA-006-D Funds: $182.91


Jan: 2/7/12 Apr: 5/2/12 Jul 8/5/11 Oct: 11/5/11
Feb: 3/6/12 May: 6/1/11 Aug: 9/7/11 Nov: 12/8/11
March: 4/11/12 Jun: 7/7/11 Sept: 10/8/11 Dec: 1/6/12


LA-007-I, Natchitoches, LA – GREEN

Southern Gothic – FOLDED


LA-008-D, Lake Charles, LA – GREEN

Contraband Covenants

DC: Matthew Mevis, US2010035541, Since: 3/12

DST: Kyle Fontenot, US2010116978, Since: 3/12

LA-008-I Funds: $116.23

Jan: NO REPORT Apr: 5/1/12 Jul: NO REPORT Oct: NO REPORT
Feb: NO REPORT May: 6/1/11 Aug: 9/7/11 Nov: NO REPORT
March: 4/3/12 Jun: NO REPORT Sept: 9/29/11 Dec: NO REPORT


LA-009-D, Alexandria, LA, — GREEN

Blooded Knights

DC: Cody Verdin, US2007111301,, since 11/1/11

VST: John Staton, US2002034668, since 05/2011

LA-009-I Funds: $0.00

Jan: 2/10/12 Apr: N/A Jul: 8/11/11 Oct: 11/15/11
Feb: 3/15/12 May: 6/1/11 Aug: 9/2/11 Nov: 12/15/11
March: 4/7/12 Jun: 7/6/11 Sept: NO REPORT Dec: 1/7/12

OK-008-D, Tulsa, OK – GREEN

Native Nights

DC: Jackie Lanning, US2006088301, , Since: 16 July 2008

DST: Michael Keel, US2006078202,, Since: 10/2010

OK-008-D Funds: $337.61


Jan: 2/7/12 Apr: Jul: 8/7/11 Oct: 11/8/11
Feb: 3/7/12 May: 6/8/11 Aug: 9/8/11 Nov: NO REPORT
March: NO REPORT Jun: 7/9/11 Sept: 10/8/11 Dec: NO REPORT

OK-010-D, Oklahoma City, OK – GREEN

Eternal Midnight

DC: Harley Cox, US2002021715,, Since: July 2011

DST: David Fuller, US2003092225, craydon1, Since: 6/8/10

OK-010-D Funds: $899.87

Domain Website:


Jan: NO REPORT Apr: Jul: NO REPORT Oct: 11/18/11
Feb: NO REPORT May: 6/7/11 Aug: 10/14/11 Nov: 12/17/11
March: NO REPORT Jun: 7/9/11 Sept: 10/14/11 Dec: 1/15/12


OK-011-D, Stillwater, Oklahoma – GREEN

Ivory Tower

DC: Gary Hailey, US2010015210,, since: 01/2012

DST: Phil Decker, US2002034491,, Since: 06/2010

OK-011-D Funds: $65


Jan: 2/8/12 Apr: Jul: 9/13/11 Oct: NO REPORT
Feb: NO REPORT May: 6/7/11 Aug: 9/13/1111 Nov: 12/7/11
Mar: NO REPORT Jun: 7/7/11 Sept: 10/7/11 Dec: NO REPORT


TX-044-D, Midland/Odessa, TX-GREEN

Desert Moon

DC: Jason Samp, US2002034339,, Since: 12/2010

DST: Bill Boone, US2002022754,, Since June 2010

TX-044-D Funds: $190.00

Domain web page:

Jan: NO REPORT Apr: Jul: 9/21/11 Oct: 11/17/11
Feb: NO REPORT May: 6/6/11 Aug: 9/21/1111 Nov: 12/15/11
Mar: NO REPORT Jun: 7/5/11 Sept: 10/7/11 Dec: 1/10/12


TX-057-D, College Station, TX — GREEN

Midnight Yell

DC: Melissa McAfee, US2002034305,, since 4/12

February 2009

DST: Miranda Farmer, US2006098526,, Since: 9/10

TX-057-D Funds: $52.50

Jan: 2/10/12 Apr: 5/4/12 Jul: 8/6/11 Oct: 11/8/11
Feb: 3/11/12 May: 6/7/11 Aug: 9/8/11 Nov: 12/8/11
Mar: 4/10/12 Jun: 7/7/11 Sept: 10/8/11 Dec: 1/8/12


TX-058-D, Dallas, TX — GREEN

Collateral Damage

DC: Debi Hodges, US2008021874,, Since: 13 May 2009

DST: Joshua Taylor, US2008011607,, Since: 2009-01-07

TX-058-D Funds: $264.00


Jan: 2/6/12 Apr: Jul: 8/7/11 Oct: 11/10/11
Feb: 3/5/12 May: 6/7/11 Aug: 9/5/11 Nov: 12/14/11
Mar: 4/4/12 Jun: 7/7/11 Sept: 10/11/11 Dec: 1/10/12


TX-059-D, San Antonio, Texas – GREEN

Civitas de Immortalis

DC: Melissa Wabler, US2005086266,, Since 7/2011

DST: Ryan Knight, US2006017092, Since 7/2011

TX-059-D Funds: $1213.75 ,


Jan: 2/4/12 Apr: 5/7/12 Jul: 8/7/11 Oct: 11/6/11
Feb: NO REPORT May: 6/8/11 Aug: 9/7/11 Nov: 12/14/11
Mar: NO REPORT Jun: 7/8/11 Sept: 10/7/11 Dec: 1/9/12

TX-061-D, Houston, TX — GREEN

Midnight Magnolias

DC: Rachel Geist, US2005063548, Since 8/11

DST: Matthew “Pika” Roberts, US2002021109, Since 12/2011

TX-061-D Funds: $1108.00


Jan: 2/7/12 Apr: 5/6/12 Jul: 8/7/11 Oct: 11/8/11
Feb: 3/6/12 May: 6/7/11 Aug: 9/6/11 Nov: 12/8/11
Mar: 4/4/12 Jun: 7/8/11 Sept: 10/7/11 Dec: 1/6/12


TX-064-D, Greater Beaumont, Texas — GREEN

Silent Redemption

DC: Shelley Brian, US2004066211,, Since: 16 May 2008

DST: Stephen Bearden, US2002023054, sbearden01, Since: 11/2010

TX-064-D Funds: $454.00


Jan: 2/7/12 Apr: 5/7/12 Jul: 8/7/11 Oct: 11/8/11
Feb: 3/5/12 May: 6/7/11 Aug: 9/8/11 Nov: 12/15/11
Mar: 4/4/12 Jun: 7/8/11 Sept: 10/8/11 Dec: 1/7/12


TX-065-D, Austin, TX — GREEN

No Witnesses

DC: Bryan Hollingsworth, US2002022929, Since: 3/2012

DST: Pete DeSalvo, US2008042216, since 9/2011

TX-065-D Funds: $626.00


Jan: 2/4/12 Apr:NO REPORT Jul: 8/4/11 Oct: 11/4/11
Feb: 3/5/12 May: 6/6/11 Aug: 9/5/11 Nov: 12/10/11
Mar: 4/5/12 Jun: 7/6/11 Sept: 10/4/11 Dec: 1/6/12


TX-068-D, Ft. Worth, TX — GREEN

Westward Haven

DC: Amanda “Laney” Busby. US2008113147

DST: Matthew Maddoux, US2009023568, TDoughter23, Since: 10/2010

TX-068-D Funds: $307.00


Jan: 2/10/12 Apr: NO REPORT Jul: 8/6/11 Oct: NO REPORT
Feb: NO REPORT May: 6/1/11 Aug: 9/8/11 Nov: 12/4/11
Mar: 4/5/12 Jun: 7/7/11 Sept: 10/4/11 Dec: 1/10/12




LA-008-D, Lake Charles, LA


XI. MC List


(Note: If there are errors, duplications, or concerns, please contact and

MC 9

Bentancourt, Tito

Blalack, Bryan

Bradeen, Stephen

Brooks, Mark

Brula, Stephen

Buck, Steve

Cavitt, Shawn

Clark, Doug

Cleveland, Christy

Cowan, Laura

Cox, Aaron

Cross, Thomas

Curnutt, Sarah

Daiber, Kevin

Danby, Scott

Danna, Russ

Davis, Grant

Delmar, William, III

DeWitt, Nick

Duvic, William

Ennis, Ray

Fellers, Lacey

Fiveash, Theresa

Ford, Lori

Freeburg, Amy

Gullikson, Rick

Hall, John

Handel, Josh

Harper, Beckey

Hidalgo, John

Huskey, James

Ingram, Johnathan

Johnson, David

Jones, Kevin

Lewis, Heather

Lewis, Jason

Lotzer, John

Lucas, William (Billy)

Marquez, Anthony

Mason, Patrick

McAffee, Melissa

Molsbee, Donna

Montgomery, Leah A.

Morgan, Jennifer Horton

Neff, Patrick

Parker, Frank

Peltier, Brian

Plunkett, Timbo

Pocai, David

Potter, James

Powell, Tricia

Riley, Brandon

Rodriguez, Tory

Russell, Tommy

Samp, Jason

Sanders, John

Sanders, Robert

Singer, Michael

Singleton, Richard

Sloan, Jim

Smith, David Lee

Smith, William “Woody”

Sternenberg, William

Taylor, Josh

Taylor, Valerie

Tennant, Donald

Tomplait, Adam

Townsend, James

Watson, Dave

Westfall, Lucas

White, Chris

Wilson, Melissa

Wilson, Robin

Wilson, Ryan

MC 10

Beck, Chris

Brokl, Diana

Broussard, James

Burgess, David

Capps, Aaron

Covington, Jason

Craft, Judy

Curnutt, Sarah

Davidson, Richard

Davis, Glen

Denton, Jason

DeWitt, Kerry

Dodson, July

DuBois, Trisha

Dunn, Brandi

Edwards, Christopher

Gibeson, Glenn

Gray, Cory

Hefner, Scott

Henry, Stephen

Hill, Luke

Hubbard, Charles

Klepper, Richard

Ledbetter, Lee

Malvasi, Bill

Marston, Sam

Merrel, Justin

Morgan (Simpson), Rebecca

Morgan, David

Perkins, Jonathan “Jay”

Remy, Mitch

Rexwinkle, Josh

Riordan, Charles

Roberts, Matthew “Pika”

Rockhold, Matt

Rogers, Michelle

Satterlee, Wes

Scott, Mike

Stuart, Lee

Warren, Erin

Watson, Haleigh

MC 11

Boone, William

Branton (Merrell), Kathryn

Brian, Shelly (Welch)

Coleman, Bryan

Craft-Rendon, Benjamin

Curnutt, Mike

DuBois, Jerimiah

Elliot, Sandra

Geist, Rachel

Gergeni, Stephen

Harrelson, Heather

Henry, Jamie

Herrin, Howell

Hugo, Steve

Jackson, Michael “MJ”

Lunsford, Wesley

Martinez, Robert

Mike Scott,

Molsbee, Chris

Montgomery, Monty

Rexwinkle, Angela

Speck, Charles

Thompson, BJ

Tucker, Jon

Well, Mike

MC 12

Baker, Joe

Bearden, Stephen “Smokey”

Brian, Kevin

Broussard, David

Broussard, Roberta

Cabaniss, Roy

Calland, Jenn

Collins, Brent

Cowan, Michael

Cross, Leslea

Edwards, Damon

Elliott, Nick

French, Chloe

Haughton, Patrick

Lofton, Dale

Martinez, Billy

Martinez, Erica

Martire, Chris

Moore, Eric

Ragan, Matt

Sanzgari, David

Sherman-Berthelot, Kat

Shupee, Stephen

Sides, David

Teegarden, Michael

Wallach, Kim

MC 13

Brown, Jeremy

Bruells, Ray, III

Craig, Charles

Cross Logan, Jennifer

Delozier, John

Duncan, Jeff

Geist, Dain

Gunnels, Brad

Hodges, Robert

Hundley, Cristy

Kramer, Julia

Lauzon, Danielle

Ramos, Ernesto, III

Reinertson, Ken

Roberts, Jackson

Rushing, Lee

Schlitt, Ben

Simpson, Laura

Wells, Shane

MC 14

Boatfield, Logan

Cox, Harley

Fazio, Jess

Graham, Julie

Hackett, Paul J.

Harper, Weston

Hodges, Debi

Kellam, Jennifer

Kramer, Ricky

Manzar, Seth

McFarland, David

Meine, K. Kelly

Odensky, Evan

Rector, Janeka

Remy, Crystal

Sanders, Bert

Schmitt, Dan

Segall, Corey

Thelen, Jeff

Vaughan, Lindsey

Williams, Cat

Williams, Matthew

Wright, Dan


XII. Member Class Awards


Approved and locked at National:


XIII. Appeals


No appeals were sent in to the SC RC staff.


XIV. Problems and Issues


1. D/A action on David Musgrove almost resolved.

2. Investigation of Wes Contreras, Howell Herrin, and Krista Guthrie for allegations of misconduct at SCaRE 2012 is ongoing.

3. D/A action against John Schmidt for being in con space when not having paid admission, attempted theft from the con space from a general member, breech of open container law at a Mind’s Eye Society event…pending further information from his DC.

4. Inquiry by Seth Manzar into the handling of an unofficial investigation of his conduct. Possible misconduct on the part of the MST as a scene he was running was frozen without notifying Seth of any probems with his coduct, a conflict of interest should have involved Seth’s VST and coordinator chain. Ten days passed without any contact on what the problem was. Responses from the MST to our questions gave 3 (possibly 4) differing reasons for the scene freeze. At no point was any conversation offered to Seth (mediated or otherwise) from the still unknown accusing party. NC response states that direct conversation between Seth and the accusing party are not required because this was an unofficial investigation. NC also states that direct conversation with the accused only applies to Disciplinary actions. As Seth has requested to drop this issue, I have closed this issue.

—End of Report

Prepared by: Jeff Duncan and Nicki Boyles

Approved by:

Nicki Boyles

South Central RC



ARST Staff Listing:

ARST COS — Matthew Roberts, US2002021109, 30 R Report On Time

ARST Awakening — Kathryn Merrell, US2002034821 30 R Report on Time

ARST Lost – Aaron Lirette, US2002106724, 0 R No Report

ARST Fosaken — Damon Edwards, US2002055931 30 R Report on time

ARST Requiem – Danielle Lauzon, US2002022173, 30 R Report On Time

ARST Masquerade—Chloe French, US2002021889, 0 R No Report

ARST Sabbat — Brent Collins, US2003102466, 30 R Report on Time

ARST Geist — Randall Crawford, US2005075839, 30 R Report on Time

AARST List Admin- Crystal Remy, US2002034713, 5 R

AARST Masquerade Influences – Jay Perkins, US2002023594, 20 R

Category: Storyteller Assistance

Ryan Wilson – Assisting with pre-SCRE planning and character sheets. – 10R

Jeff Duncan – Assisting with pre-SCRE planning and character sheets. – 10R

Josh Taylor – Proposed plot-line and character creations. – 20R