SCRC Report – 2011-08

August 2011 SCRC Report

Written by SCRC

Saturday, 10 September 2011 00:00

SCRC Report – August 2011 – Parts I – VII

South Central Regional Coordinators Report

Distribution: us-reports (full), us-sc-region & us-sc-reports (edited)

Table of Contents:

I. Staff Listing

II. Summary

III. Questions & Answers

IV. Projects

V. Upcoming Events

VI. Staff Election Updates

VII. Finances

VIII. Prestige Awards

IX. Chapter/Domain Status

X. DC Prestige Tracking

XI. MC List

XII. Member Class Awards

XIII. Appeals – edited

XIV. Problems & Issues – edited



I. Staff Listing




South Central Regional Coordinator:

Paul Hackett, US2002021986

Since: 3/4/2010

ARC Admin

Jessica Fazio, US2002034251

ARC Charities

Jason Samp, US2002034339

ARC Marketing and Outreach

Nikki Boyles, US2002021955

ARC Prestige

Julia Kramer, US2005096588

ARC Services

Melissa D. Johnson, US2002022967

ARC Technology

Trisha Dubois, US2007029550



SC Regional Storyteller:

Jer DuBois, US2007019313

Since: 12/2010

ARST Chief of Staff

William Sternenberg, US2002021008

ARST Administration

Chris Martire, US2002022104

ARST Awakening

Kathryn Merrell, US2002034821

ARST Forsaken

Damon Edwards, US2002055931

ARST Geist

Randall Crawford, US2005075839


Aaron Lirette, US2002106724

ARST Masquerade – Cam/Anarch/Indep

Chloe French, US2002021889

ARST Masquerade – Sabbat

Brent Collins, US2003102466

ARST Requiem

Lindsey Vaughn, US2002022475

AARST List Administration

Crystal Remy, US2002034713

PA Masquerade Influences

Jay Perkins, US2002023594


II. Summary


Hello South Central,

Sorry the reports late, but I was trying to give everyone a chance to give

me all their reports GM and all.

Our ongoing Recruitment Program is still in effect to help encourage all our

domains in the SCR. To remind you, from June 2011-August 2011, my office

will award Regional Prestige for every new recruit, mentoring a new member

(less than six months in), and for every recruitment game you all run at

your local Conventions. This means 10R for every new recruit each of you get

to become a full member; up to 20R for mentoring a new member per month; and

5R per hour you work at a

Recruitment game (Events category). I am open to awarding exceptional

prestige for those of you who go above and beyond.

To make awarding this easier for you and me, please use the excel file

I sent out in April for tracking everyone’s work for this. Your DC

or CC (if you aren’t a Domain) should forward me this excel log. I will

then award the prestige. As always, feel free to ask any questions you may


in regards to this program.


ARC Admin

Jessica Fazio, US2002034251

No report

On Vacation.


ARC Charities

Jason Samp, US2002034339


Many apologies for the missing report last month and the lateness of this

months report. I did not send this report to the coordinators list due to

the addition of my report on an issue that was taken to the level of

investigation by me on the authority of Paul. That is listed below. The Red

Cross charity information for the coming months is being gathered and will

be released this week.


None at this time.


Red Cross item drive for the fires and other disasters that have been

happening. Details forthcoming.


Name: Tracy Reeves


Membership #: US2002045394

Recommended for 25R for confirmed blood donation in August 2011

Name: Brittany Woodcock

Email: unknown

Membership #: US2010055936

Recommended for 25R for confirmed blood donation in July 2011

Name: James Broussard

Email: unknown

Membership #: US2002021601

Recommended for 25R for confirmed blood donation in July 2011

Name: Rachel Geist



Recommended 30R for donation $90 (confirmed receipt) to the American Red

Cross in July 2011


None at this


ARC Outreach

Nicki Boyles, US2002021955

SC ARC Outreach and Marketing Report – August 2011

Summary: August was a SUPER busy month for me, both personally,

professionally, and as a Cam officer.

I want to take the time to thank all the members of the Region who have

trusted the Regional Coordinator staff during a time of insecurity. You all

brought me excellent questions this month which have truly challenged my

knowledge base.

I further want to thank you all for your patience when my busy life has

caused delays in responses. Please feel free to contact me with any general

questions you all may have.


Questions & Answers: Question from Howard Teal of San Antonio: Will there be

a charity for the fire victims?

Answer: Regional ARC Charities Jason Samp is currently working on getting

this written up and sent to us. Trisha will publish to and I

will send to Us-sc-general once it’s available.

Question from Shelley Brian of Beaumont:

We are wanting to collect boxtops for education in our domain but I don’t

know what is an acceptable amount for the boxtops.

I like the 2 boxtops for 1 prestige but I don’t know if that will fly on an


Can someone let me know what a good number is?

Answer: Under the new NC FAQ, Boxtops are one for one.

Lots of membership renewal issues!

Answer: Send a bug report through here:

If you cannot access, a friend can send through their own login.


Projects: DC Elections for Ft Worth, Little Rock, Ruston, and Beaumont are

under way.

Working on the lack of archives available for the sc coord reports list

since list switchover in May.


Upcoming Events: None!


Prestige Awards: Sent on the July Report. None yet for August.


Additional Notes: No open flames, my fellow Texans! Don’t tempt fate!




Ongoing maintenance of DC Elections.

Ongoing point of contact to answer questions from the region at large.

Collaborate with Julia to maintain RC reporting while Paul and Jess are out

of pocket.




– Removed by ARC Admin and included under “VIII. Prestige Awards,

Proctoring Elections” Section.


I would like to give a hearty thank you to all those who have shown

appreciation to me for the job I do. I would like to pay that appreciation


Thank you, fellow RC Staff for always being quick to respond and cooperative

with each other!

Thank you, all of you amazing DCs out there who really go the extra mile for

your players. Most of them do not understand just how much you do. I do, and

I really appreciate it.

Thank you, all of you SC members who don’t fall into either of these

categories yet still reach out to lend a helping hand whenever needed.

Our region would not be so wonderful without all of you!


ARC Prestige

Julia Star, US2005096588

SC ARC Prestige Report – July 2011


Summary: Donald Tennant – MC 9 approved

Danielle Lauzon – Audit for MC 13 and sent to national

David Sides – Audit for MC 12 and sent to national

Krista Guthrie – Approved for MC 7

Charles Riordan – Approved MC 10


– none this month




– n/a


– none this month


ARC Services

Melissa D. Johnson, US2002022967

SC ARC Services and Events Report – July 2011


No report


SC ARC Web Presence

Patricia DuBois, US2007029550

SC ARC Web Report – August 2011

Summary: 99% Uptime


Reported period Month Aug 2011

First visit 01 Aug 2011 – 00:01

Last visit 31 Aug 2011 – 21:51

Unique visitors 741

Number of visits 1,674 (2.25 visits/visitor)

Pages 5,006 (2.99 Pages/Visit)

Hits 11,820 (7.06 Hits/Visit)

Bandwidth 332.79 MB (203.57 KB/Visit)



Reported period Month Sep 2011

First visit 01 Sep 2011 – 02:27

Last visit 20 Sep 2011 – 05:18

Unique visitors 124

Number of visits 182 (1.46 visits/visitor)

Pages 932 (5.12 Pages/Visit)

Hits 1,492 (8.19 Hits/Visit)

Bandwidth 34.91 MB (196.44 KB/Visit)

Work on the new website has been going very well. We are looking at new

ideas for easy reporting, and Prestige listing. I am also working on

updating the Wiki and working it into the New site so that all the

information is only needed once and will populate to multiple locations.


Questions & Answers: None


Projects: Website Rebuild – Prestige DB

Every Domain has a Website


Upcoming Events: None


Prestige Awards: No Awards were reported to me. It needs to be communicated

to all DCs that if they have someone who is a list moderator that they need

to contact me ASAP.


Additional Notes: None this month


III. Questions & Answers


Questions for National:


I got thing this month.


IV. Projects



Remember that to “get” a FGotM, you need to submit your bid to Melissa

Johnson (ARC Services). These are a chance to highlight different

domains in the region and to come together as a region for some fun. Be sure

to send it in the proper format and fill out EVERY item. Without every item

filled out, you will have to repeat the application.

Community Service Project:

National drives:

– April/May/June – Japan Relief

Regional drives:

– June/July/August: Red Cross disaster relief drive, money and


– June/July/August: Recruiting drive


V. Upcoming Events


Featured Game of the Month Schedule 2011

– September: none due to GM

– October: ???

– November: ???

– December: ???


VI. Staff Election Updates


Domain Last Election DC

OK-008-D 8/2010 Jackie Lanning (in progress)

LA-005-D 10/2010 Aaron Lirette (in progress)

AR-012-D 9/2010 Krista Guthrie

LA-002-D 9/2010 Tracey Reeves

TX-064-D 9/2010 Shelley Brian

AR-013-I 10/2010 Sherry Owens (no report/contact in 11 months)

OK-011-D 10/2010 Ciann Turner

LA-003-D 1/2011 Matthew Caillouet

TX-044-D 1/2011 Jason Samp

AR-008-D 2/2011 Tommy Russell

LA-006-D 2/2011 Alexander McKey

TX-065-D 2/2011 Lucas Clendenen

TX-057-D 3/2011 Jenni Cross Logan

TX-068-D 3/2011 Terrall Woodall

LA-009-I 5/2011 Elizabeth Strickland

LA-008-D 5/2011 Matthew Mevis

TX-058-D 5/2011 Debi Hodges

AR-014-I 5/2011 Scarlett Tarron

OK-010-D 7/2011 Harley Cox

TX-059-D 7/2011 Melissa Wabler

TX-061-D 7/2011 Rachel Geist


VII. Finances

– N/A.



SCRC Report – May 2011 – Parts VIII

South Central Regional Coordinators Report

Distribution: us-reports (full), us-sc-region & us-sc-reports (edited)

Table of Contents:

I. Staff Listing

II. Summary

III. Questions & Answers

IV. Projects

V. Upcoming Events

VI. Staff Election Updates

VII. Finances

VIII. Prestige Awards

IX. Chapter/Domain Status

X. DC Prestige Tracking

XI. MC List

XII. Member Class Awards

XIII. Appeals – edited

XIV. Problems & Issues – edited


VIII. Prestige Awards



These awards are all in the Administration category.

Name Cam # Prestige Position

Report Status

Paul Hackett US2002021986 Per NC RC

Jessica Fazio US2002034251 10 R ARC Admin no report/on


Jason Samp US2002034339 30 R ARC Charities On time

Nikki Boyles US2002021955 30 R ARC Outreach On time

Julia Kramer US2005096588 30 R ARC Prestige On time

Melissa Johnson US2002022967 10 R ARC Services no report life got

in the way

Trisha DuBois US2007025990 30 R ARC Web On Time


These awards are all in the Administration category.

Name Cam # Prestige Position

Jerimiah DuBois US2007019313 Per NC RST

Pending nominations from RST

William Sternenberg US2002021008 0R ARST Chief of Staff

Chris Martire US2002022104 0R ARST Admin

Kathryn Merrell US2002034821 0R ARST Awakening

Damon Edwards US2002055931 0R ARST Forsaken

Randall Crawford US2005075839 0R ARST Geist

Aaron Lirette US2002106724 0R ARST Lost

Chloe French US2002021889 0R ARST Masquerade –


Brent Collins US2003102466 0R ARST

Masquerade – Sabbat

Lindsey Vaughan US2002022475 0R ARST Requiem

Crystal Remy US2002034713 0R AARST List Admin

Jay Perkins US2002023594 0R PA Masquerade



Name Cam # Prestige Domain Month Report Status

Tommy Russell US2002022389 40 G AR-008-D AUG EARLY REPORT

Krista Guthrie US2003061667 40 G AR-012-D AUG EARLY REPORT

Sherry Owen US2002023475 00 G AR-013-I AUG NO REPORT

Tracey Reeves US2002045394 40 G LA-002-D AUG EARLY REPORT

Matthew Caillouet US2010066265 40 G LA-003-D AUG EARLY REPORT

Aaron Lirette US2002106724 35 G LA-005-D AUG LATE


Alexander McKey US2007049807 40 G LA-006-D AUG ON TIME REPORT

Matthew Mevis US2010035541 00 G LA-008-I AUG NO REPORT

Elizabeth Strickland US2011037475 40 G LA-009-I AUG EARLY


Jackie Lanning US2006088301 40 G OK-008-D AUG EARLY REPORT

Harley Cox US2002021715 00 G OK-010-D AUG NO REPORT

Ciann Turner US2005086203 30 G June, 30G July 40G August


Jason Samp US2002034339 40 G TX-044-I AUG LATE REPORT(but

I knew about it PJHSCRC)

Jenni Cross Logan US2002023750 40 G TX-057-D AUG ON TIME


Debi Hodges US2008021874 40 G TX-058-D AUG EARLY REPORT

Melissa Wabler US2005086266 00 G TX-059-D AUG NO REPORT

Rachel Geist US2005063548 40 G TX-061-D AUG EARLY


Shelley Brian US2002066211 40 G TX-064-D AUG ON TIME REPORT

Lucas Clendenen US2010066080 00 G TX-065-D AUG NO REPORT

Terall Woodall US2003021275 40 G TX-068-D AUG ON TIME REPORT


– none this month

PROCTORING ELECTIONS, Org. Special Project – 5R:

Each of the following shall receive 5R Miscellaneous for Proctoring in

a D-level election:

– Nicholas Carlson US2005022855

– Esther Dale US2007060051

– Adam Gustaitis US2009084667

– Nicholas Reiser US2011037536

– Eric Rommel US2011017249


These awards are all Regional

First Name Last Name Camarilla Number Category

Description Date

This report is not available to those preparing the report. Please look for

your awards on next month’s report.


– none this month


– none this month


Howard Teal US2002021316

Mar 2011- AVST Duties Administration 10G

Emailed verification from Mary Tonge VST

Apr 2011- AVST Duties Administration 15G

Emailed verification from Mary Tonge VST

May 2011- AVST Duties (Ran plot) Administration 20G

Emailed verification from Mary Tonge VST

Jun 2011 – AVST Duties (ran plot, assisted with bonus game) Administration


Emailed verification from Mary Tonge VST

Jun 2011 Venue Ordeal: Requiem Miscellaneous 50G

Jun 2011 Prestige Ordeal Miscellaneous 50G

Jan 2010 Venue Ordeal: WoD Miscellaneous 50 G

Verify at

Backdate requests FOR NATIONAL TO APPROVE:

Backdates approved by National:

Reports thru June 2011


Howard Teal US2002021316

Jan 2010 Test of the Coordinator Miscellaneous 100G

Jan 2011 15 General AVST Duties Administration 15G

The recommendation for the prestige is available at [Us-sc-st-reports]

Vampire the Requiem Report San Marcos VSS/San Antonio Domain


Feb 2011 NC Satisfaction Survey 2011 Exceptional Service 3N use

Teal as search name

Feb 2011 AVST Duties Administration 20G

The recommendation for the prestige is available at [Us-sc-st-reports]

Vampire the Requiem Report San Marcos VSS/SanAntonio Domain 02/28/2011



SCRC Report – May 2011 – Parts IX – XIII

South Central Regional Coordinators Report

Distribution: us-reports (full), us-sc-region & us-sc-reports (edited)

Table of Contents:

I. Staff Listing

II. Summary

III. Questions & Answers

IV. Projects

V. Upcoming Events

VI. Staff Election Updates

VII. Finances

VIII. Prestige Awards

IX. Chapter/Domain Status

X. DC Prestige Tracking

XI. MC List

XII. Member Class Awards

XIII. Appeals – edited

XIV. Problems & Issues – edited


IX. Chapter/Domain Status


AR-008-D, Jonesboro/West Memphis, AR –Status: GREEN

Raven’s Dive

DC: Tommy Russell, US2002022389,, Since: Feb 2011

DST Cory Pfeifer, US2008052361,, Since: Aug 2010

AR-008-D Funds: $1.25

Jan: NO REPORT Apr: 5/2/11 Jul:


REPORT Oct: 11/07/10

Feb: 03/07/11 May: 6/2/11

Aug: 09/06/11 Nov: NO REPORT

Mar: 4/1/11 Jun: 07/07/10 Sep:

10/7/10 Dec: NO REPORT


AR-012-D, Little Rock, AR & Conway, AR — GREEN

Triumvirate of One

DC: Krista Guthrie, US2003061667, , Since: 9/2010

DST: Chris Morris, US2002066297,, Since: 6/2010

AR-012-D Funds: $745.00,,_AR

Jan: 2/3/11 Apr: 5/8/11

Jul: 08/06/11 Oct: 11/2/10

Feb: 03/7/11 May: 6/2/11

Aug: 09/06/11 Nov: 12/07/10

Mar: 04/06/11 Jun: 07/07/10

Sep: 10/7/010 Dec: 01/07/11


AR-013-I, Fayetteville, AR — RED

Fayetteville by Night

CC: Sherry Owen, US2002023475, , Since: 9/2010

CST: John Hall, US2002021864,, Since: 11/2009

AR-013-I Funds: $0.00

Website under construction.





Mar: NO REPORT Jun: NO REPORT Sep: 10/1/10



AR-014-I, Hot Springs, AR – GREEN

Wild Expanse

CC: Scarlett Tarron, US2011037476, .. Since:


VST Forsaken: Brent Wagner, US2003061685 ,, Since:


AR-014-I Funds: $0.00

Jan: n/a Apr: n/a Jul: 08/1/11 Oct:


Feb: n/a May: n/a Aug:


Nov: n/a

Mar: n/a June: 07/1/11 Sept: n/a

Dec: n/a


LA-002-D, Ruston, LA — GREEN

Nights of the Red Table

DC: Tracey Reeves, US2002045394, , Since: 9/2010

DST: Bobby Lee, US2009023606,, Since: 9/2010

LA-002-D Funds: $14.51

Jan: 1/28/11 Apr: 4/30/11

Jul: 7/31/11 Oct: 10/29/10

Feb: 3/7/11 May: 5/30/11

Aug: 8/30/11 Nov: 11/30/10

Mar: 3/31/11 Jun: 07/07/10

Sep: 10/6/10 Dec: 12/28/10


LA-003-D, Shreveport, Bossier City, LA — GREEN

Blood, Fire, & Fidelity

DC: Matthew “Kert” Caillouet, US2010066265,,

Since: 6/2010

DST: David McFarland, US2002021931,, Since: 8/2010

LA-003-D Funds: $0

Jan: 2/1/11 Apr: 5/6/11

Jul: 08/06/10 Oct: 10/20/10

Feb: NO REPORT May: 6/6/11 Aug:

09/06/10 Nov: 12/5/10

Mar: 04/13/11 Jun: NO REPORT Sep:



LA-005-D, New Orleans, LA – GREEN

Vin Blanc

DC: Aaron Liorette, US2002106724,,

Since: 12/2010

DST: Jeff Robert, US2005043366,, Since: 4/2011

LA-005-C Funds: $260.29

Jan: NO REPORT Apr: 05/07/11

Jul: 08/15/10 Oct: 11/06/10

Feb: NO REPORT May: 06/7/11

Aug: 09/21/11 Nov: NO REPORT

Mar: 04/11/11 Jun: NO REPORT

Sep: NO REPORT Dec: 1/7/11


LA-006-D, Baton Rouge, LA — GREEN

Hilarity Ensues

DC: Alexander McKey, US2007049807,, Since: Feb 2011

DST: Donald Bell, US2004092073,, Since: 12/2009

LA-006-D Funds: $182.91

Jan: NO REPORT Apr: 5/2/11

Jul: 08/05/10 Oct: 11/07/10

Feb: NO REPORT May: 06/1/11

Aug: 09/07/10 Nov: 12/9/10

Mar: 04/13/11 Jun: 07/8/10

Sep: 10/06/10 Dec: NO REPORT


LA-007-I, Natchitoches, LA – GREEN

Southern Gothic

CC: Empty, no response from anyone in this domain. Neighboring domains

report they folded.

CST: Joshua Shaeffer, US2007060971,,Since: 3/2010

LA-007-I Funds: 28.70

Jan: 2/8/11 Apr: NO REPORT Jul: NO REPORT Oct: 10/31/10

Feb: 3/11/11 May: 5/30/11 Aug: NO REPORT Nov: 11/9/10

Mar: 4/14/11 Jun: NO REPORT Sep: 10/2/10 Dec: 1/6/11


LA-008-D, Lake Charles, LA – GREEN

Contraband Covenants

DC: Matthew Mevis, US2010035541, Since: 5/2011

DST: Joseph Doucet, US2010086414, mathmage3.1415 at, Since: 5/2011

LA-008-I Funds: $116.23

Jan: 2/1/11 Apr: 5/1/11 Jul: NO REPORT Oct:


Feb: 3/2/11 May: 6/1/11 Aug: 9/7/10

Nov: 11/30/10

Mar: 4/12/11 Jun: NO REPORT Sep: 9/29/10 Dec:



LA-009-I, Alexandria, LA, — GREEN

Blooded Knights

CC: Elizabeth Strickland, US2011037475, .. Interim

VST: John Staton, US2002034668, since 05/2011

LA-009-I Funds: $0.00

Jan: n/a Apr: n/a Jul: 08/1/11 Oct:


Feb: n/a May: 06/1/11 Aug: 09/02/11 Nov:


Mar: n/a June: 07/1/11 Sept: n/a

Dec: n/a


OK-008-D, Tulsa, OK – GREEN

Native Nights

DC: Jackie Lanning, US2006088301, , Since: 16 July 2008

DST: Michael Keel, US2006078202,, Since: 10/2010

OK-008-D Funds: $337.61

Jan: 02/07/11 Apr: 05/07/11

Jul: 08/07/11 Oct: 11/7/10

Feb: 03/07/11 May: 06/08/11

Aug: 09/08/11 Nov: 12/07/10

Mar: 04/07/11 Jun: 07/07/10

Sep: 10/07/10 Dec: 01/07/11


OK-010-D, Oklahoma City, OK – GREEN

Eternal Midnight

DC: Harley Cox, US2002021715,, Since: July 2011

DST: David Fuller, US2003092225,, Since: 6/8/10

OK-010-D Funds: $899.87

Domain Website:

Jan: 02/06/11 Apr: 05/01/11

Jul: No Report Oct: 11/2/10

Feb: 03/04/11 May: 06/06/11

Aug: NO REPORT Nov: 12/05/10

Mar: NO REPORT Jun: 07/09/10

Sep: 10/2/10 Dec: 01/03/11


OK-011-D, Stillwater, Oklahoma – GREEN

Ivory Tower

DC: Ciann Turner, US2005086203,, Since 13 November


DST: Phil Decker, US2002034491,, Since: 06/2010

OK-011-D Funds: $65

Jan: 2/15/11 Apr: 5/7/11 Jul: 9/13/11

Oct: 11/7/10

Feb: 3/12/11 May: 6/7/11 Aug: 09/13/11

Nov: 1/7/11

Mar: 04/07/11 Jun: 9/13/10 Sep: 11/7/10

Dec: 1/7/11


TX-044-D, Midland/Odessa, TX

Desert Moon

DC: Jason Samp, US2002034339,, Since: 12/2010

DST: Bill Boone, US2002022754,, Since June 2010

TX-044-I Funds: $190.00

Domain web page:

Jan: NO REPORT Apr: 5/4/11 Jul: NO REPORT

Oct: 10/31/10

Feb: 3/7/11 May: 6/6/11 Aug: 09/21/2011

Nov: 11/27/10

Mar: 4/4/11 Jun: 06/30/10 Sep: 10/2/10

Dec: 12/27/10


TX-057-D, College Station, TX — GREEN

Midnight Yell

DC: Jennifer Cross Logan, US2002023750,, Since: 6

February 2009

DST: Miranda Farmer, US2006098526,, Since: Aug 2010

TX-057-D Funds: $52.50

Jan: 02/07/11 Apr: 05/07/11

Jul: 08/6/10 Oct: 11/7/10

Feb: 03/07/11 May: 06/07/11

Aug: 09/8/11 Nov: 12/07/10

Mar: 04/07/11 Jun: 07/07/10

Sep: 10/7/10 Dec: 01/07/11


TX-058-D, Dallas, TX — GREEN

Collateral Damage

DC: Debi Hodges, US2008021874,, Since: 13 May 2009

DST: Joshua Taylor, US2008011607,, Since: 2009-01-07

TX-058-D Funds: $264.00

Jan: 02/07/11 Apr: 05/10/11

Jul: 08/07/10 Oct: 11/05/10

Feb: 03/08/11 May: 06/07/11

Aug: 09/05/11 Nov: 12/06/10

Mar: 04/05/11 Jun: 07/07/10

Sep: 10/11/10 Dec: 01/07/11


TX-059-D, San Antonio, Texas – GREEN

Civitas de Immortalis

DC: Melissa Wabler, US2005086266,, Since 7/2011

DST: Ryan Knight, US2006017092, Since 7/2011

TX-059-D Funds: $255.00 ,

Jan: NO REPORT Apr: NO REPORT Jul: 08/7/11

Oct: 11/7/10

Feb: NO REPORT May: 6/8/11 Aug: NO



Mar: NO REPORT Jun: 07/08/10 Sep:




TX-061-D, Houston, TX — GREEN

Midnight Magnolias

DC: Julia Kramer, US2005096588,,Since: 4/2011

DST: Chloe Vaughn, US2002021889, Since: 12/2010

TX-061-D Funds: $820.00

Jan: 02/07/11 Apr: 05/07/11

Jul: 8/7/11 Oct: NO REPORT

Feb: 03/10/11 May: 06/07/11

Aug: 9/6/11 Nov: 12/6/10

Mar: 04/19/11 Jun: 07/07/10

Sep: 10/7/10 Dec: 01/07/11


TX-064-D, Greater Beaumont, Texas — GREEN

Silent Redemption

DC: Shelley Brian, US2004066211,, Since: 16 May 2008

DST: Stephen Bearden, US2002023054,, Since: 11/2010

TX-064-D Funds: $454.00

Jan: 02/07/11 Apr: 05/07/11

Jul: 08/07/11 Oct: 11/07/10

Feb: 03/06/11 May: 06/07/11

Aug: 09/08/11 Nov: 12/07/10

Mar: 04/13/11 Jun: 07/07/10

Sep: 10/10/10 Dec: 01/07/11


TX-065-D, Austin, TX — GREEN

No Witnesses

DC: Lucas Clendenen, US2010066080,, Since: 4/2011

DST: William Sternenberg, US2002021048,, Since: Feb 2008

TX-065-D Funds: $730.00

Jan: 02/07/11 Apr: 05/07/11

Jul: 08/04/11 Oct: 11/07/10

Feb: 03/07/11 May: 06/06/11

Aug: 09/06/10 Nov: 12/07/10

Mar: NO REPORT Jun: 07/07/10

Sep: 10/07/10 Dec: 01/07/11


TX-068-D, Ft. Worth, TX — GREEN

Westward Haven

DC: Terrall Woodall, US2003021275,, Since: 4/2011

DST: Matthew Maddoux, US2009023568,, Since: 10/2010

TX-068-D Funds: $307.00

Jan: 02/7/11 Apr: 05/06/11

Jul: 08/06/10 Oct: 11/07/10

Feb: NO REPORT May: 6/1/11

Aug: 9/8/11 Nov: 12/7/10

Mar: 4/7/11 Jun: NO REPORT Sep: 10/7/10

Dec: 1/7/11




– AR-013-I, Fayetteville, AR


X. DC Prestige Tracking


July 2011 DC Prestige Report

AR-008-D Raven’s Dive (West Memphis)- Tommy Russell

DSR Sent: August 7, 2011

DC Prestige sent: July 30, 2011

Name: Russell, Tommy

Email: cvteacher6@...nE>

Membership #:US2002022389

Expiration: May 11, 2012

Member Class: 9

Present Office: DC

Date Gained: 03/2011

Ordeals Passed: Lore of Thespis, Laws of the Tome, Praxis/Chapters

Past Cumulative: 5170

General: 4827

Regional: 243

National: 160

New Cumulative: 5230

Justification by Category

[Administration] DC Duties 40G on time report


AR-012-D Triumverate of One (Little Rock) – Krista M Guthrie

DSR Sent: August 6, 2011

DC Prestige sent: none received. Not found on DSR.

If this is in error, please forward to be included on next month’s report.


AR-013-I The Devil’s Den (Fayettville) – Sherry Owen

CSR Sent: No Report

CC Prestige sent: No report.

No report since October. Sherry was re-elected in November.

**10 months no reporting**


AR-014-I Wild Expanse (Hot Springs) – Scarlett Tarron

CSR: August 2, 2011

CC Prestige: No Report. Taken from CSR.

Member Name: Tarron, Scarlett

Membership Number: US2011037476


Camarilla Positions Held: (Interim Chapter Coordinator)

Ordeals Passed: (none)

Member Class: 1

Past Cumulative:0

General: 0 + 0 = 0

Regional: 0 + 0 = 0

National: 0 + 0 = 0

New Cumulative Total: 0

Justification of Prestige via Category:

Administration: (max80/month)

July: (CC report on time) 40G


LA-002-D Nights of the Red Tables (Ruston) – Tracy Reeves

DSR Sent: July 31, 2011

DC Prestige sent: July 31, 2011

Member Name: Tracy Reeves

Membership Number: US2002045394

Expiration Date: 04/01/2012

Ordeals passed: Membership, nWoD, Awakening, Prestige, Storyteller,

Coordinator, Requiem, Forsaken & Lost.

Member Class: 10 (9+1 Loaned)

Past Cumulative Total: 3877

General: 3812 +130 = 3942

Regional: 124 + 0 = 124

National: 77 + 0 = 77

New Cumulative Total: 4143

Administration (80 max): 80g

DC: 40g

VST Masquerade: 40g.


Ordeal of Masquerade: 50g.


LA-003-D Blood Fire and Fidelity (Shreveport) – Matthew “Kert” Callouet

DSR Sent: August 6, 2011

DC Prestige sent: August 6, 2011

Member Name: Matthew Caillouet

Membership Number: US2010066265

Expiration Date: 12/28/2012

Member of: LA-003-D

Camarilla positions currently held: Domain Coordinator

Ordeals Passed: Membership, Domain Coordinator, WoD

Member Class: 4 (audit 7/30/11)

Past Cumulative Total: 983

General: 1030 + 75 = 1105

Regional: 0 + 0 = 0

National: 33+ 0 = 33

New Cumulative Total: 1143


40 G for DC

5G VST Requiem Proctor

Organizational Services:

10 for Setup (2 games)

Community Service:

20 for Food and Drinks to 2 games


LA-005-D Vin Blanc (New Orleans) – Aaron Lirette

DSR Sent: August 15, 2011

DC Prestige sent: August 15, 2011

Member Name: Aaron Lirette (Duckie)

Member #: US2002106724

Expiration Date: April 02, 2011


Member Class: 8

Ordeals Passed: Test of Membership; Test of Storyteller; Test of Prestige;

Test of Coordinator; Test of WoD, Test of Requiem, Test of Lost

Old Cumulative: 2509

General: 2083 = 2083Regional: 395

National: 31


35G August DC


LA-006-D (Baton Rouge) – Alexander McKey

DSR Sent: August 5, 2011

DC Prestige sent: No Report. Took from DSR.

Member Name: Alexander McKey

Membership Number: US2007049807

Expiration Date: 11/02/2011

Ordeals passed: Membership, WOD, Awakening, Requiem, Forsaken,

Storyteller, Coordinator, Lost

Member Class: 7

Past Reported Cumulative Total: 2446

General: 2365 + 40 = 2405

Regional: 76

National: 46

New Cumulative Total: 2527


DC report – aug – 40G


LA-007-I Southern Gothic – No DC. No response to All Call for DC. Members in

neighboring cities report they are folded.

DSR Sent: no report

DC Prestige sent: no report


LA-008-D Contraband Covenants – Matthew Mevis

DSR Sent: No report

DC Prestige sent: No report


LA-009-I Blooded Knights – Elizabeth Strickland

DSR Sent: August 10, 2011

DC Prestige sent: August 10. 2011

Name: Elizabeth Strickland


Date: June 31, 2011

Membership Number: US2011037475

Expiration: March 7th, 2012

Member Class: 3

Present Office: Chapter Coordinator

Date gained: 03/2011

Ordeals Passed: Membership

Past Cumulative Totals: 395 General, 0 Regional, 0 National

General: 460 + 40 = 500

Regional: 0 + 0 = 0

National: 0 + 0 = 0

Present Cumulative Totals: 500 General, 0 Regional, 0 National

Justification by Category:

Administration (80 max/month): 40 g

August: Independent Chapter Level Principal Officer


OK-008-D Native Nights (Tulsa) – Jackie Lanning

DSR Sent: August 7, 2011

DC Prestige sent: August 8, 2011

Name: Jackie Lanning

Membership Number: US2006088301

Expiration Date: February 29, 2012


Address: 1512 N. Maplewood Ave Tulsa, Ok 74115

Phone: (918) 835-1807

Ordeals passed: Membership, WoD, Requiem, Coordinator, Storyteller

Member Class: 6 (Loaned 8 )

Past Cumulative Total: 1726

General: 1725+ 80 = 1805

Regional: 10 + 0 = 10

National: 31 + 0 = 31

New Cumulative Total: 1846

Administration (max of 80/month): 40G

DC OK-008-D: 40G

Organizational Service (Max of 40/month):

Providing Mage Game sitex1 – 0 part of DC duties

Game site setup/clean up for mage x2-10

Requiem site setup/clean upx2-10

Exceptional Service 10G


OK-010-D Eternal Midnight (OK City) – Exiting Joshua Jaques/Entering Harley


DSR Sent: No Report

DC Prestige sent: No Report


OK-011-D Ivory Tower (Stillwater) – Ciann Turner

DSR Sent: No Report

DC Prestige sent: 13 September 2011

Name: Ciann Turner


Date: 08/2005

Membership number: US2005086203

Expiration: November 30, 2010 (broken CRD)

Member Class: 6 (loaned 6)

Present Office(s): DC

Date gained:

Ordeals Passed: Test of Membership, Storyteller, Test Of Coordinator

Past Cumulative Totals: 1570 general, 0 regional, 25 national

General: 1570 + 100 = 1670

Regional: 0 + 0 = 0

National: 25 + 0 = 0

New Cumulative Totals: 1670 general, 0 regional, 25 national = 1635 Total

Justification by Category:


DC June 30G

DC July 30G

DC August 40G


TX-044-D Desert Moon (Midland/Odessa) – Jason Samp

DSR Sent: No Report

DC Prestige Sent: No Report


Cumulative: 4169

General: 3505 + 60 = 3565

Regional: 584 + 30 = 614

National: 80 + 0 = 80

New Cumulative: 4259

Justification by Category:

Admin: 30G30R

DC (June 2011) 30G

aRC – Charity (June 2011) 30R

Organizational Service: 30G

Masquerade game set up/clean up 7/11 & 8/11: 10GMasquerade game Site

Provided 7/11 & 8/11: 20G


TX-055-D Killeen Fields (Killeen): Folded?

DSR sent: No Report.

DC Prestige Report sent: No report.


TX-057-D Midnight Yell (Bryan/College Station): Jenni Logan (Cross)

DSR sent: August 6, 2011

DC Prestige Report sent: August 6, 2011

Name: Jennifer Cross Logan


Membership number: US2002023750

Expiration: March 31, 2012

Member Class: 11

Present Office(s): Grand Masquerade Vendors Lead, DC TX-057-D, Midnight


Date gained: June 2005, February 2009

Ordeals: Membership, Coordinator, Storyteller, Prestige

Past Cumulative Total: 6259

General: 3058 + 80 = 3148

Regional: 1663 + 0 = 1663

National: 1538 + 0 = 1538

New Cumulative Totals: 6349

Justification by Category:

Administration (80 max/month):

DC Duties for August: 40G

Back Dated Prestige:



DC Duties: 40 G


TX-058-D Collateral Damage (Dallas): Debi Hodges

DSR sent: August 7, 2011

DC Prestige Report sent: August 7, 2011

Member Name: Hodges, Debi

Membership Number: US2008021874

Expiration Date: 08/2010

Membership Class: 12 – Luminary


Ordeals passed: Membership, WOD, Requiem, Storyteller, and Coordinator

Camarilla positions currently held:

• DC Dallas, TX Domain TX-058-D

• ANC Technology (US National Assistant Coordinator)

Logs Locked by National and awarded MC 12 on 8/06/11. Totals Updated Below:

Past Cumulative Total: 5813

General: 4414 + 130 = 4544

Regional: 739 + 0 = 739

National: 760 + 40 = 800

New Cumulative Total: 5983

Categorical breakdown of backdated award(s): 40G, 40N

7/2011 – DC – Administration – 40G

6/2011 – ANC Tech – Web and Communications – 40N

Categorical breakdown of monthly award(s): 90G

8/2011 – Donated 8-12pks of soda, 1 large bag of candy – Comm Svc – 50G

8/2011 – Site Setup/Cleanup (Requiem x2, Masq x2) – 20G

8/2011 – AVST Checkin Masquerade – 20G


TX-059-D Civitas de Immortalis (San Antonio): Melissa Wabler – Melissa

reported missing backdated items that Lee missed.

DSR sent: August 7, 2010

DC Prestige Report sent: No Report. Taken from DSR

Name: Melissa Wabler


Membership #: US2005086266

Membership Expires: 11/08/2011

Membership Class: 7

Ordeals passed: Membership, Coordinator, Storyteller, WoD, Forsaken, Mage,

Vampire, Prestige

Past Cumulative Total: 2255

General: 2147 + 0 = 2147

Regional: 66 + 0 = 66

National: 42 + 0 = 42

New Cumulative Total: 2255

Administration: On Time DC Report: 40G


TX-061-D Midnight Magnolias (Houston):

DSR sent: August 7, 2011

DC Prestige Report sent: August 7, 2011

Member Name: Rachel Geist US2005063548

Expiration Date: 06/03/2012

Membership Number: US2005063548


Camarilla positions held: DC Houston, ANCA

Ordeals passed: Test Of Membership, Test of the Storyteller, Test of the

Coordinator, Venue Ordeal: OWD, Venue Ordeal: Requiem, Venue Ordeal:


Member Class: 10

Locked: Yes

Past Cumulative Total: 4606

General: 3285 + 55 =


Regional: 880 + 0 =


National: 441 + 0 =


New Cumulative Total: 4661


DC Houston – 40 G

ANCA – Pending award by National


Donating Needed Items (drink mixes 2 boxes) – 5 G

Donating Needed items (salads x2) – 10 G


TX-064-D Silent Redemption (Beaumont): Shelley Brian

DSR sent: August 7, 2011

DC Prestige August 9, 2011

Name: Brian, Shelley


Membership #: US2002066211

Expiration: Renewed June 6, 2011 – not showing up in CRD

Member Class: 13

Offices Held: Domain Coordinator, PM Newsletter

Ordeals Passed: Tome, Chapter, Thespis, Stage, Membership, Coordinator

Past Cumulative: 8370

National: 625+ 0 = 625

Regional: 2085 + 0 = 2085

General: 5660 + 40 = 5700

New Cumulative: 8410


On time report 40G – RC Report


TX-065-D No Witnesses (Austin): Lucas Clendenen

DSR sent: August 4, 2011

DC Prestige Report sent: No Report. Took from DSR.

Member Name: Clendenen, Lucas

Membership Number: US2010066080

Expiration Date: 11 2011


Camarilla positions currently held: DC Austin

Ordeals passed: Membership, Coordinator, Storyteller, Prestige, Venues: WoD,

Requiem, Forsaken, Awakening

Member Class: 4

Past Cumulative Total: 841

General: 838 + 40 = 878

Regional: 0 + 0 = 0

National: 3 + 0 = 3

New Cumulative Total: 881


DC for June- 40G


TX-068-D Westward Haven (Ft. Worth): Terrall Woodall

DSR sent: August 6, 2011

DC Prestige Report sent: August 6, 2011

Name: Terrall Woodall


Membership #: US2003021275

Expiration: 1/15/2012

Member Class: 8

Present Office(s): Domain Coordinator

Date Gained: 4/2/11

Ordeals Passed: Membership, Coordinator, Storyteller, WoD, Requiem,

Forsaken, Awakening, Prestige

Past Total: 3290

General: 3180+40=3220

Regional: 50

National: 60

New Total: 3430

Justification by Category:

Administration (80 max/month):

40G On Time Coord Report August 2011


XI. MC List


(Note: If there are errors, duplications, or concerns, please contact and

MC 9

Bentancourt, Tito

Blalack, Bryan

Bradeen, Stephen

Branton, Kathryn

Brooks, Mark

Brula, Stephen

Cavitt, Shawn

Clark, Doug

Cleveland, Christy

Cowan, Laura

Cox, Aaron

Cross, Thomas

Curnutt, Sarah

Daiber, Kevin

Danby, Scott

Davis, Glen

Davis, Grant

Delmar, William, III

DeWitt, Nick

DuBois, Trisha

Duvic, William

Ennis, Ray

Fiveash, Theresa

Ford, Lori

Freeburg, Amy

Gullikson, Rick

Hall, John

Handel, Josh

Harper, Beckey

Hidalgo, John

Huskey, James

Ingram, Johnathan

Johnson, David

Jones, Kevin

Lewis, Heather

Lewis, Jason

Lotzer, John

Lucas, William (Billy)

Marquez, Anthony

Mason, Patrick

McAffee, Melissa

Molsbee, Donna

Montgomery, Leah A.

Morgan, Jennifer Horton

Neff, Patrick

Parker, Frank

Peltier, Brian

Plunkett, Timbo

Pocai, David

Potter, James

Powell, Tricia

Riley, Brandon

Riordan, Charles

Roberts, Matthew “Pika”

Rodriguez, Tory

Russell, Tommy

Samp, Jason

Sanders, John

Sanders, Robert

Singer, Michael

Singleton, Richard

Sloan, Jim

Smith, David Lee

Smith, William “Woody”

Sternenberg, William

Taylor, Josh

Taylor, Valerie

Tomplait, Adam

Townsend, James

Watson, Dave

Westfall, Lucas

White, Chris

Wilson, Melissa

Wilson, Robin

Wilson, Ryan

MC 10

Beck, Chris

Brokl, Diana

Burgess, David

Capps, Aaron

Covington, Jason

Craft, Judy

Curnutt, Sarah

Davidson, Richard

Denton, Jason

DeWitt, Kerry

Dodson, July

Dunn, Brandi

Edwards, Christopher

Gibeson, Glenn

Gray, Cory

Hefner, Scott

Henry, Stephen

Hill, Luke

Hodges, Debi

Hodges, Robert

Klepper, Richard

Ledbetter, Lee

Malvasi, Bill

Marston, Sam

Martinez, Robert

Merrel, Justin

Morgan, David

Perkins, Jonathan “Jay”

Remy, Mitch

Rexwinkle, Josh

Rockhold, Matt

Rogers, Michelle

Satterlee, Wes

Scott, Mike

Simpson, Rebecca

Stuart, Lee

Warren, Erin

Watson, Haleigh

MC 11

Boone, William

Brian, Shelly (Welch)

Coleman, Bryan

Craft-Rendon, Benjamin

Cross, Jennifer

Curnutt, Mike

DuBois, Jerimiah

Elliot, Sandra

Gergeni, Stephen

Harrelson, Heather

Henry, Jamie

Herrin, Howell

Hugo, Steve

Jackson, Michael “MJ”

Lunsford, Wesley

Martinez, Billy

Mike Scott,

Molsbee, Chris

Montgomery, Monty

Rexwinkle, Angela

Speck, Charles

Thompson, BJ

Tucker, Jon

Well, Mike

MC 12

Baker, Joe

Bearden, Stephen “Smokey”

Brian, Kevin

Broussard, David

Broussard, Roberta

Cabaniss, Roy

Collins, Brent

Cowan, Michael

Cross, Leslea

Duncan, Jeff

Edwards, Damon

Elliott, Nick

French, Chloe

Haughton, Patrick

Hodges, Debi

Kramer, Julia

Lauzon, Danielle

Lofton, Dale

Marinez, Billy

Martinez, Erica

Martire, Chris

Moore, Eric

Ragan, Matt

Sanzgari, David

Sherman-Berthelot, Kat

Shupee, Stephen

Sides, David

Teegarden, Michael

Wallach, Kim

MC 13

Brown, Jeremy

Bruells, Ray, III

Cox, Harley

Craig, Charles

Delozier, John

Fazio, Jess

Gunnels, Brad

Hundley, Cristy

McFarland, David

Ramos, Ernesto, III

Reinertson, Ken

Roberts, Jackson

Rushing, Lee

Schlitt, Ben

Simpson, Laura

Wells, Shane

MC 14

Boatfield, Logan

Graham, Julie

Hackett, Paul J.

Harper, Weston

Kellam, Jennifer

Kramer, Ricky

Manzar, Seth

Meine, K. Kelly

Odensky, Evan

Rector, Janeka

Remy, Crystal

Sanders, Bert

Schmitt, Dan

Segall, Corey

Thelen, Jeff

Vaughan, Lindsey

Williams, Cat

Williams, Matthew

Wright, Dan


XII. Member Class Awards


Approved and locked at National:


XIII. Appeals


No appeals were sent in to the SC RC staff.


XIV. Problems and Issues


None this month.

—End of Report

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