SCRC Report – 2009-06

SCRC Report – June 2009 – Parts I – VII

South Central Regional Coordinators Report

Distribution: us-reports (full), us-sc-region & us-sc-reports (edited)


Table of Contents:


I. Staff Listing

II.    Summary

III.   Questions & Answers

IV.    Projects

V.     Upcoming Events

VI.    Staff Election Updates

VII.   Finances

VIII. Prestige Awards

IX.    Chapter/Domain Status

X.     Member Tracking

XI.    Member Class Awards

XII.   Appeals – edited

XIII.  Problems & Issues – edited



I. Staff Listing






South Central Regional Coordinator:

Jeremy Brown, US2002066290

Since: 2009-06-15


Outgoing ARC Staff

Chief of Staff-

ARC Outreach/Education & OK Admin

Jess Fazio, US2002034251

SC ARC Arbitration

Danielle Lauzon, US2002022173

SC ARC Arkansas Admin

Amy Crawford, US2002056015

ARC Outreach/Education & OK Admin

Jess Fazio, US2002034251

ARC Services & LA Admin

Jessica Earl, US2007039557

ARC Web & E-Texas Admin

Trisha Dubois, US2007029550

ARC Prestige

Caitlin Vaughn, US2004041403

SCR Newsletter Editor

Shelley Brian, , US2002066211

Incoming ARC Staff

ARC Chief of Staff

Jess Fazio, US2002034251

ARC Arbitration

Adam Smith, US2003061679

ARC Services

Melissa D. Johnson, US2002022967

ARC Publications

Shelley Brian, US2002066211

ARC Elections

David Lanning, US2006108797

ARC Web Presence, US2006108797

ARC Marketing and Outreach

April Douglas, US2002034121

ARC Web Presence

Trisha Dubois, US2007029550

AARC Web Presence

Debi Hodges, US2008021874

ARC Prestige

Michael Munene, US2007049853

AARC Prestige – Texas

Esther Dale, US2007060051

AARC Prestige – Arkansas, Oklahoma, Louisiana

Robin Wilson, US2006017091



SC Regional Storyteller:

Weston Harper, US2002021604

Since: 2008-11-26


ARST Staff

ARST Administration

Howell Herrin, US2002034609

ARST Requiem

Robert Hodges, US2008021876

ARST Awakening

Luke Hill, US2004031302

ARST Forsaken

Laura Simpson, US2002022887

ARST Changeling Ernesto Ramos III, US2002023705

AARST List AdministrationCrystal Remy, US2002034713 



II. Summary


“Hell Yeah!”

It seems to be a great way to start off my contribution to this Regional Report. This first month has been fast paced and we are well on our way through the to-do lists from the changeover. In the upcoming month look for further Standard Operating Procedures concerning many of the normal procedures within the Region. While I encourage and welcome incoming email traffic, as long as your Coordinator Chain is aware, please remember that ALL traffic to my staff; from my AARC Prestige to my ARC Web Presence should have a carbon copy set to myself and to my ARC Chief of Staff. This is an aid to the members of the Region as well as my staff. By carbon copying myself and Jess Fazio we are well aware of what issues are going on within the Region and can shed light on them as we gain such insights. If a member has not received a timely response, it becomes a simple matter of contacting me and the Chief of Staff to check on the progress of the issue. Rather than waiting for me to contact the staff member, ARC or DC, I can simply check my inbox for the issue.

As the Region continues to develop and reform it’s Regional Identity, standards will come into effect and these are by no means a method to engender strife or make life more difficult of the membership. While it may seem as if we are suddenly enforcing standards of behavior or trying to make things difficult; look at this as a way to ease the road ahead by enforcing current standards. This will make National Audits easier. I welcome feedback and positive criticisms as changes and policies are released, however, and expect them to be released with the intent of making things better overall. One standard that will be enforced in the upcoming months is the expectation of member responsibility. The member is responsible for reporting their own prestige. The following month I will be reviewing the last of backdated prestige for Regional issues and any incidents over a lack of reporting on the part of my Domain Staff members. Further backdating will be scrutinized, even if done on a local level. Please expect queries and be prepared to answer the questions from my staff. I expect a level of professional responsibility from my staff and I know that the general membership is easily capable of maintaining that same level of professional responsibility.

As members become interested in particular projects, charities, ideas or proposals, please bring them to the attention of my staff. We welcome comments and wonderful ideas. Please contact the ARC whose job duties align best with your idea or simple approach myself and Jess concerning your idea. Again, include your coordinator chain so they can offer local aid and assistance to you.

As changes go into effect, please realize that I have the best interests of the Region at heart. I welcome you to approach me with your opinion and constructive criticisms of those endeavors. Please remember to maintain your dignity and professional demeanor. Finally, I continually hear of issues that have been persisting for some time. If you have not been contacted by me or my staff concerning your issue, please write me with a carbon copy to Jess Fazio so we can look at your issue. I am looking forward to a hugely successful term of office and that is dependent on the membership stepping up and forward and proudly yelling, “Hell Yeah!”. Remember, you are a member of the South Central Region, Best Region in the Camarilla, Second to None! Be loud and proud. As you shout “hell yeah” across the region, remember that we are setting a standard of continued excellence.

Jeremy Brown

SC Regional Coordinator


“Continued Excellence”

************************************************************************************************Chief of Staff

SC ARC Education/Outreach & OK Admin

Jessica Fazio, US2002034251

 ——————— SUMMARY SC ARC Chief of Staff Report – May 2009SUMMARY – new ARCs elected.  Now trying to get them up to speed and moving forward- trying to help wrap up any pending things from old ARC staff and past RC so that the new staff can start fresh- trying to fill in new RC on various things as much as possible- Welcomed new DCs: William Boone to Midland/Odessa, Trisha DuBois to Houston, Anastasia Kraus to Baton Rouge, Carlie Young to Huntsville, Lee Ledbetter to Jonesboro, and me (Jessica Fazio) to OKC QUESTION & ANSWERS none this month  PROJECTS – clean up missing prestige- get lists cleaned up – schedule meetings for RC- help new ARCs with their fabulous ideas- get info ready to send out to region (reminders, changes in operating procedure, etc)  PRESTIGE AWARDS– none this month NOTES– Trying to keep up with Jer.

SC ARC Education/OK Admin Report – May 2009SUMMARY Admin: – none Education/Outreach:– Welcomed new members: Dallas (Jason Starnes, David Love, Matthew Maddoux), San Antonio (Helen Clements, Maura Evans, James Kanavy), College Station (Porthos De Pirate – real name not given), Forth Worth (Annalisa Staniszewski), Ruston (Stephen Ledbetter), Natchitoches (Erin Horr), Shreveport (Jason Woodard), Tulsa (Roger Barnes, Michael Anderson, Jonathan Powers), Oklahoma City (Eva Dadlez, Heidi Silcox, Mark Silcox, Tandy Moore)- Welcomed new DCs: James Townsend for Ruston- Completed and released the ST Guide. QUESTION & ANSWERS Admin:– none Education/Outreach:– none at the moment  PROJECTS Admin:– Visit Lawton and Enid  Education/Outreach:– Erica had to step away from the ST Guide.  I picked it up and am finishing it with the team.- ST Guide articles reviewed, edited, okayed by ST Liason.- ST Guide formated.- ST Guide completed and released.  PRESTIGE AWARDS– Lindsey Vaughn, US2002022475 – editing and ST okay – 15 R- Debi Hodges, US2008021874 – formatting – 30 R- Robert Martinez, US2003122686 – editing – 5 R- Matt Williams, US2002023549 – editing – 5 R- Zack Eskins, US2004012690 – editing – 5 R- Shelley Brian, US2002066211 – editing – 5 R- Kevin Brian, US2002021481 – editing – 5 R- Danielle Lauzon, US2002022173 – pictures – 10 R NOTES– Passed on some info to April the new ARC Marketing and Outreach for welcoming new members, since this now falls under Outreach.– Will be holding this e-mail address in the event we do eventually elect an ARC Education.


SC ARC Arbitration

Danielle Lauzon, US2002022173

———————(No Report)


SC ARC Arkansas Admin

Amy Crawford, US2002056015

———————(No Report)

************************************************************************************************ARC Prestige

Caitlin “Cat” Vaughn, US2007060210 – Incoming


(No Report, Prestige Report Sent in by incoming Prestige Team)



AARC: Prestige

Michael Munene, US2007049893 – Incoming ARC Prestige


SC ARC Prestige Report – June 2009 


ARC Prestige

Michael Munene, US2007049853 – Incoming


AARC: Prestige (Texas)

Esther Dale, US2007060051


AARC: Prestige (OK, LA & AR)

Robin Wilson, US2006017091


PA: Prestige Database

Aaron Cox, US2003092257






Hey everyone,


It’s a new day, and a new RC at the helm, but it looks like I’ll be sticking around for a while. All jokes aside, it’s an honor and a pleasure to be able to serve the region as ARC Prestige. I am grateful to the previous ARCs before me and the positive work that they have done to make this region better. So, while I may not be as fun-loving and humorous as Cat or Bekkah before her, my staff and I will do all we can to keep things moving in the Prestige Office and get things back up to speed. So please bear with us as we get situated and dig through the office backlog.


The most important thing to realize with this reporting is that it may not be perfect; and though we are endeavoring to mop up as much as we can – we will likely miss things. Please communicate with us through the appropriate channels regarding any discrepancies / omissions, and we will work towards getting these corrected with the next cycle.


        Members – If you believe you should have been awarded Regional level prestige at some point between March and July, and it is not in this report – compile a list and send it to your DC. Your DC is responsible for reporting these items to Regional. Also, if you have submitted your logs through your DC for an audit, review or rebuild, and have not heard from me or my staff as of yet, please have your DCs send me a reminder and I’ll add it to my list of pending items to be taken care of.

        DCs – Please compile your members’ reports and send in a single document listing the information. This will help us track better instead of wading through an inordinate amount of e-mails. Please also ensure you are sending your info to the correct department. Regional office supplies, donations, audits, etc come to Prestige. Charities, Featured Game prestige, & Regional Meetings go to the ARC Services for processing.

        DCs – if you are missing personal prestige, please ensure that you send in your information to either Esther or Robin (depending on geographic location) and Cc myself, Jeremy and Jess for tracking.  






Questions for National:


Q: Is it possible to get an FAQ that states the definite prestige exchange rate for frequently given items?


Q: Also, is it possible to affix timestamps to FAQs so that we know when they went into effect and if they are obsolete?


Questions for the Region:


None at this time




Assessing the current workload of ARC Prestige office and updating the To-Do List to wrap up and prioritize the pending items waiting in queue.


The Prestige Staff SOP is complete and has been released to the DCs/Indy CCs and Regional Staff. It should be available to view on the Regional website soon. In addition, there are a few other projects lined up, from the Prestige Database, updating the Prestige Guide on the Regional website, and other items we have cooking. Expect to hear an update from me in the months ahead as we get those underway.




Organizational Service – 



Administration –

Caitlin Vaughn – US2007060210 – Outgoing ARC Prestige (June) – as RC recommends





Julia Starr – Awarded MC9 & locked at National

Janeka Rector – Awarded MC14 & locked at National

Mark Collins – Review completed and approved for transfer

Robert Martinez – Awarded MC9 & sent up for National Lock

Kevin Bongiovanni – Review completed and approved for transfer





If you feel that you should be on this list, and aren’t, please have your DC e-mail myself and my AARCs at,, and with a *Forward* of their original e-mail + attachment that was sent to Cat and/or Bekkah. That way I can ensure that your review is put in the appropriate place in line.


Erica Martinez

Trisha DuBois

Jonathan “Jay” Perkins

Tyler Nezat

Kevin Brian

Shelley Brian

Brent Collins

Thomas Cross

Mitch Remy

Dan Tan

Crystal Remy


*I know there are more of these but I do not have all of the logs forwarded to me yet as of reporting time. Remember to have your DC forward your original request to us if you should be on this list.




I have 2 rebuilds that require the final touches before distribution to their members. If you feel that you have had a rebuild in queue, please let us know and we will look up your information and address it accordingly.


If you have not had a rebuild in queue but think you might need one, please contact your DC or CC first. Have them compile as much of your prestige as possible, and then have your DC turn in a request to the Prestige staff for us to rebuild the “holes’ in what they were able to find.




Reported separately to RC by AARC Prestige Team


************************************************************************************************SC ARC Web and E. Texas

Patricia DuBois, US2007029550


(No Report)

************************************************************************************************SC ARC Services and LA

Jessica Earl, US2007039557


(No Report)

************************************************************************************************SCR Newsletter Editor

Shelley Brian, US2002066211


Subject: ARC Newsletter July 2009————————ARC Newsletter

Shelley Brian, US2002066211



July’s newsletter will be published on the 10th. I got great response to the call and the staff likes the idea of bouncing between a “themed” newsletter and one that is a “misc” newsletter.




Gathering submissions for future newsletters and working on whatever I am assigned by the RC staff! : )

I am also going to put out a call for a staff artist so we have more picture type things in the newsletter. Just text gets boring.


August’s issue of Sanctuary

Prestige Awards

All members listed contributed an article and receive 5R.

Lee Ledbetter, US2002021066

Mark Collins, US2008113152

Erica Martinez, US2002021903

Will Broderick, US2007060164

Kelley McMahan, US2007060149

Melissa D. Johnson , US2002022967

Cat Williams, US2002023548

Kevin Brian, US2002021481

Chloe French, US2002021889



******************************************************************************************************III. Questions & Answers ******************************************************************************************************Questions for National:

Q: Is it possible to get an FAQ that states the definite prestige exchange rate for frequently given items?

Q: Also, is it possible to affix timestamps to FAQs so that we know when they went into effect and if they are obsolete?

Answers from Regional:

OK-010-D, Oklahoma City, OK, Domain Coordinator: Jessica Fazio,

Questions: If a 7-11 is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, why are there locks on the doors?

Answer: Actually, there are locks for situations in which the business must be closed (e.g. single attendant on duty needs to go to the bathroom, evening closeout when cash is visible, rioting and natural disasters.

Suggestions: More Sleep for Everyone!

Response: For information concerning health it is always a good idea to check out the National Institute of Health. By all means check out this website to educate yourself on sleep and its health values:

AR-013-I, Fayetteville, AR, Domain Coordinator: Cory Gray,

Suggestions: The monsoon season seems to have lifted…

Response: Just be thankful that the North American Monsoon season is not a vicious as some others nor as devastating to the infrastructure.

LA-005-D, New Orleans, LA, Domain Coordinator: Katie Glass,

Question: Upon reviewing one of my member’s prestige logs I found that his name was difficult to find on the prestige review site.  His Cam # is US2002106724.  When you search his cam # all of his rewards come up.  However corrections need to be made to his name. His correct name is Aaron Lirette however it is entered as Aaron Lenetle and Maron Lirette.  Can this get corrected?

Answer: As this report is read by the USNC, that issue will be corrected. Please remember that information of that nature can be sent up to me during a non-report time so that it may be addressed quickly. Also be aware that the SCARE Prestige requested in the DC report will be released along with the rest of the SCARE prestige. Concerning the items requested for backdating in the month of February, please examine the Regional Report for April 2009. The other items are within the Prestige Section, Part VIII of this report.

Suggestions: I liked having the DC prestige on the Regional Report keep putting it on there.

Response: We will keep it there and look for further process improvements. If you have further suggestions, please send them up.

TX-065-D, Austin, TX, Domain Coordinator: Robert Martinez,

Comment: Yes, I am Vampire-centric. The Camarilla is Vampire-centric. When I joined the Cam, what game did I play? Garou. Makes sense? No, but that’s just how it is. Vampire is what we call a “Bread and Butter” venue.

Response: I appreciate your comment and look forward to more.

LA-003-D, Shreveport-Bossier, LA, Domain Coordinator: Leslea Cross,

Comment: I need these temp members found and moved into our domain. Jason Woodard US2009033721T, Lilly Tanghe US2009043875T

Response: Jason Woodard is within your domain, however, the other member is not within your domain nor do they have a listing on the CRD. Please forward me pertinent emails so that I can resolve this issue. As stated previously, please be aware that you can address these concerns with me at any time so that the member may receive resolution as soon as possible.

AR-012-D, Little Rock, AR, Domain Coordinator: Amy Crawford,

Comment: *SIGH*

Response: Chin up! Keep up the great work in Little Rock and expect a visit sometime soon!

TX-057-D, Bryan/College Station, TX, Domain Coordinator: Jenni Cross,

Problems: We have a few people who need some help getting their memberships updated.  I’m working on it with them.

Response: Keep up the great work. If I can help in anyway, please don’t hesitate to contact me or a member of my staff.

Comments: Our DST election is being rerun, yay. We’re on summer break, so the city is pretty quiet. Plans are in the works to increase travel to other cities.Mike Munene requested an MC 5 audit.  I returned the log with a request for more documentation and am awaiting a return response.

Response: It is good to see that things are taking off again in BCS. Perhaps you could look at working with the closer domains to set alternating game schedules so that people will be even more encouraged to travel. Maybe seen up a suggestion for a regional program of some kind that would encourage that as well. Look for Game Calendars coming soon! I am sure Mike will return a well-done and detailed log.

AR-008-D, West Memphis, AR, Domain Coordinator: Lee Ledbetter,

Problems: I have 2 different people who need backdated prestige from February 2009 where the DC at the time did not report it.  It has been submitted for Regional Review of this report.  Please notify us if this is fine. Also – I am currently in the works for reviews, rebuilds, and Prestige Audits.  Some numbers listed below may not be completely accurate at the moment.  I have already found discrepancies.

Response: Prestige for member, Sarah Curnett, US2002021206, is approved for the prestige backdating needing Regional Approval as listed in the Report filed by the Raven’s Dive DC on 7 July 2009. Prestige for member, Richard Davidson, US2006068015, is approved for the prestige backdating needing Regional Approval as listed in the Report filed by the Raven’s Dive DC on 7 July 2009. I look forward to you working to get Raven’s Dive well into the standards that will be set forth for the Region.

Comments: We are currently transitioning.  Some of the Prestige numbers may not be current, complete, or correct.  I am working to get everything updates as much as possible.  Please see the Requested Regional Reviews for Backdating prestige.

Response: As I stated, I am looking forward to you getting Raven’s Dive to and above the standard for the Region. The staff and I realize that you are working on a rebuilding process. If you need assistance, please contact me. I look forward to your correspondence.

TX-059-D, San Antonio, TX, Domain Coordinator: Rebecca Morgan,

Problems: We have had two domain meetings to determine the new scopes and memberships for our proposed chapters.  We are taking our time to make sure that we have what we want for themes and that each member has an oportunity to join or not join a chapter as they prefer. Also, we are having a record low on prestige reporting, especially since the folding of the chapters.  Some people have been confused about how to report their prestige so I will be addressing it at the coord meeting, and over the domain list.  I will also request that announcements be made at upcoming games to assure that everyone knows who to submit prestige reports to.

Response: I encourage you to take your time with that process. I am sure through the use of ADCs and the use of those meetings you will be able to overcome any obstacles that come your way. With your chapters closed, please be aware that members should not be members of those chapters within the CRD. Please check into this and correct an discrepancies.

Questions: There have been problems with membership renewals on the White Wolf site.  My own renewal took several days (close to a week even though my CC showed the charge as cleared) and I have had several members tell me that their own renewals have taken quite some time to complete.  I still have one member whose membership renewal has not gone through and I would like to inquire about this for him.  I’d appreciate getting info on who to email about this problem.Are the STs still supposed to be reporting to the DCs?

Response: Give the renewal problem five business days to update. Once it passes that process turn the issue into the Technical Support for the Camarilla. If you still do not receive resolution in a timely fashion, contact me with the members name and Camarilla Number. As I stated in previous response, please be aware you can bring information to me at anytime and you do not have to wait for reports if you do not wish. As for ST’s reporting habits concerning DCs I will leave that in your hand concerning reports, but please be aware that Domain Coordinators are the ones who award STs within their purview prestige; not the ST staff.

Comments: Gina Gomez should have been moved out of our domain roster a long time ago.  As far as I know, she physically relocated many months ago and I know that her previous CC, Howard Teal, had put in a request to transfer her to her new chapter/domain.  Who do I need to contact to get this move done in the CRD?

Response: Forward me all email traffic with the necessary approvals and I will handle that issue.


IV. Projects


Regional Prestige Database:

We have current hired a Project Administrator on staff to handle the implementation of the Regional Prestige Database. This will be a precursor to the member prestige database that we hope will mimic an approvals database style element for the Coordinator side.


We are revamping the bid process and the closing process of each Featured Game of the Month. This is an effort by the RC staff to provide a higher quality game with more community involvement and building events while providing a quick and final close.

Community Service Project:

July and August mark a period of service to aid the Fisher House and Ronald McDonald House. These two were chosen to provide as many opportunities for participation to members as possible. While two separate charities were named, this is a single community service event, thus subject to the prestige cap guidelines for a single event.

Recruitment, Retaining, and Mentoring Member Drive:

Community building is a necessary function of helping to build a strong Region. The stronger our local domains; the stronger our Region will grow. While recruiting a member is a definite positive; we want to include them in our communities and make them feel welcome.


V. Upcoming Events


Featured Game of the Month Schedule


July 25th, 2009 (Austin, Texas)


VI. Staff Election Updates


Domain last electionDC_______________






Anastasia Kraus



Leslea Cross



Katie Glass



Coty Verdin



Amy Crawford



Lee Ledbetter



Cory Gray



David Lanning



Jessica Fazio



Santos Montanez



Ciann Turner



Laura Shreve



Rebecca Morgan



Jenni Cross



Trisha DuBois



Carlie Young



Debi Hodges



William Boone



Robert Martinez



Matthew Rockhold



Narissa Saunders



Shelley Brian


VII. Finances




Past Cumulative Balance: $14,590.45

Total Income: $0

Total Expenses: $0

New Cumulative Balance: $14,590.45

(These funds are held by White-Wolf, access can be requested by the RC)

(We have no word back yet from White-Wolf on how much money SCARE made.)




Past Cumulative Balance: $ 4973.12

New Cumulative Balance: $ 4945.12

(Will base figures on last known funds for each Domain.)




SCRC Report – June 2009 – Parts VIII

South Central Regional Coordinators Report

Distribution: us-reports (full), us-sc-region & us-sc-reports (edited)


Table of Contents:


I.     Staff Listing

II.    Summary

III.   Questions & Answers

IV.    Projects

V.     Upcoming Events

VI.    Staff Election Updates

VII.   Finances

VIII. Prestige Awards

IX.    Chapter/Domain Status

X.     Member Tracking

XI.    Member Class Awards

XII.   Appeals – edited

XIII.  Problems & Issues – edited



VIII. Prestige Awards



These awards are all in the Administration category.

Jeremy Brown, US2002066290Per NCRegional Coordinator

Jessica Fazio, US200203425130 RARC Chief of Staff, Education, OK Admin

Danielle Lauzon, US200202217330 RARC Arbitration

Trisha Dubois, US200702599030 RARC Web & SE-Texas Admin

Jessica Earl, US200703955700 RARC Services & LA Admin

Caitlin Vaughn, US200706021030 RARC Prestige

Shelley Brian, US200206621130 RARC Newsletter

Amy Crawford, US200205601500 RARC Arkansas Admin

Michael Munene, US200704989330 RAARC Prestige/ARC Prestige

Prestige from RST Recommendations

Staff Listing:

Weston Harper, US2002021604Per NCRegional Storyteller

Howell Herrin, US200203460925 RARST Administration

Robert Hodges, US200802187630 RARST Requiem

Luke Hill, US200403130230 RARST Awakening

Laura Simpson, US200202288730 RARST Forsaken

Ernesto Ramos III, US200202370530 RARST Changeling

Crystal  Remy, US200203471320 RAARST List Administration

Mark Brooks, US200504335700 RPA Special Projects




Lee LedbetterUS200202106640 GAR-008-D JUNEON TIME REPORT

Amy CrawfordUS200205601540 GAR-012-D JUNE ON TIME REPORT

Cory GrayUS200202290640 GAR-013-I  JUNE ON TIME REPORT

James TownsendUS200403128240 GLA-002-D JUNE ON TIME REPORT

Leslea CrossUS200202204440 GLA-003-D JUNEON TIME REPORT

Katie AndersonUS200611892040 GLA-005-D JUNEON TIME REPORT

Samuel MarstonUS200307180830 GLA-006-D JUNELATE REPORT

Coty VerdinUS200711130130 GLA-007-IJUNELATE REPORT

Santos MontanezUS200208654340 GOK-005-D JUNEON TIME REPORT

David LanningUS200610879740 GOK-008-D JUNEON TIME REPORT

Jessica FazioUS200203425140 GOK-010-D JUNEON TIME REPORT

Ciann TurnerUS200508620330 GOK-011-D JUNELATE REPORT

Laura ShreveUS200602732530 GOK-015-D JUNELATE REPORT

Maria SanzoneUS200410221900 GTX-044-D JUNENO REPORT

Matt RockholdUS200210675940 GTX-055-D JUNEON TIME REPORT

Jennifer CrossUS200202375040 GTX-057-D JUNEON TIME REPORT

Debi HodgesUS200802187440 GTX-058-D JUNEON TIME REPORT

Rebecca MorganUS200603757530 GTX-059-D JUNELATE REPORT

Patricia DuBoisUS200702955040 GTX-061-D JUNEON TIME REPORT

Shelley BrianUS200206621140 GTX-064-DJUNEON TIME REPORT

Robert MartinezUS200312268640 GTX-065-D JUNEON TIME REPORT

Carlie YoungUS200206621230 GTX-066-DJUNELATE REPORT

Narissa SaundersUS200803197100 GTX-068-D JUNENO REPORT


David LanningUS200610879740 GOK-008-D, VST Mage (Report Submitted)

Sam Marston US200307180840 G LA-006-D, VST Requiem (Report Submitted)

Santos Montanez US200208654340 GOK-005-D, VST Requiem, VST Mage (Report Submitted)

Matt Rockhold US200210675940 GTX-055-D, VST Requiem (Report Submitted)

James TownsendUS200204539440 GLA-002-D, VST Requiem (Report Submitted)

Carlie YoungUS200404136240 GTX-066-D, VST Lost (Report Submitted)

Proctoring elections, Org. Special Project – 5R:

DC Election Assistants

Kelley McMahan US200706014905 RTX-066-D Election

Phoenix MacAiodhUS200712151705 RLA-006-D Election

Alexander McKeyUS200704980705 RLA-006-D Election

Jeff DuncanUS200202294705 RTX-061-D Election

David WillsUS200802189205 RTX-061-D Election

Glen DavisUS200211685405 ROK-010-D Election

Chris MartireUS200202210405 ROK-010-D Election

Frank HowertonUS200203495105 ROK-008-D Election

Jeremy CagleUS200804222905 ROK-008-D Election

DST Election Assistants

James LeavingsUS200510668405 RTX-068-D Election

Tim PeteUS200505348605 RTX-068-D Election

Charity Items

Education Items

Lindsey VaughnUS2002022475 15 REditing and ST Supervision / Advisory Debi HodgesUS200802187430 RFormatting of Educational Materials

Robert MartinezUS2003122686 05 REditing of Educational MaterialsMatt WilliamsUS200202354905 REditing of Educational Materials

Zack EskinsUS200401269005 REditing of Educational Materials

Shelley BrianUS200206621105 R Editing of Educational Materials

Kevin BrianUS200202148105 R Editing of Educational Materials

Danielle LauzonUS200202217310 RMultiple Photo Submission for Educational Materials

ARC Prestige items

Regional Newsletter Prestige

Lee LedbetterUS200202106605 RNewsletter Submission – Single Article

Mark CollinsUS200811315205 RNewsletter Submission – Single Article

Erica MartinezUS200202190305 RNewsletter Submission – Single Article

Will BroderickUS200706016405 RNewsletter Submission – Single Article

Kelley McMahanUS200706014905 RNewsletter Submission – Single Article

Melissa JohnsonUS200202296705 RNewsletter Submission – Single Article

Cat WilliamsUS200202354805 RNewsletter Submission – Single Article

Kevin BrianUS200202148105 RNewsletter Submission – Single Article

Chloe FrenchUS200202188905 RNewsletter Submission – Single Article

Individual Prestige Backdating



Katie AndersonUS200611892001 RDonation of Candy to FGotM

Katie AndersonUS200611892005 RAttended Regional Meeting, Baton Rouge FGotM

David MapesUS200811326005 RAttended Regional Meeting, Baton Rouge FGotM

Donald TennantUS200204570205 RAttended Regional Meeting, Baton Rouge FGotM

Lauren BalazsUS200405148805 RAttended Regional Meeting, Baton Rouge FGotM

Michael Anderson US200607821705 RAttended Regional Meeting, Baton Rouge FGotM

Charyl SchlayerUS200901347405 RAttended Regional Meeting, Baton Rouge FGotM

David LanningUS200610879740 GVST Awakening OK-008-D (Report Submitted)


Sarah CurnuttUS200202120610 GProviding a Game Site

Richard DavidsonUS200606801520 GAVST Requiem

David LanningUS200610879740 GVST Awakening OK-008-D (Report Submitted)

Susan Rockhold US2008011745 30 RDonated 30 Items of Clothing (Regional Charity)

Mark Collins US2008113152 30 RDonated 30 Items of Clothing (Regional Charity)

Matt Rockhold US2002106759 30 RDonated 30 Items of Clothing (Regional Charity)

Deanna Brown US2004122586 30 RDonated 30 Items of Clothing (Regional Charity)

Glen Davis US2002116854 30 RDonated 30 Items of Clothing (Regional Charity)


David LanningUS200610879740 GVST Awakening OK-008-D (Report Submitted)

Susan Rockhold US2008011745 30 RSpent 6 hours volunteering at the animal shelter (Regional Charity)

Mark Collins US2008113152 30 RSpent 6 hours volunteering at the animal shelter (Regional Charity)

Matt Rockhold US2002106759 30 RSpent 6 hours volunteering at the animal shelter (Regional Charity)

Deanna Brown US2004122586 30 RSpent 6 hours volunteering at the animal shelter (Regional Charity)

Glen Davis US2002116854 30 RSpent 6 hours volunteering at the animal shelter (Regional Charity)

Virginia SmithUS200411231330 RDonation of 6 sets of grooming equipment (Regional Charity)

Brad Heichelbech US200202195330 RDonation of 6 sets of grooming equipment (Regional Charity)


Leslea CrossUS200202204405 GSite Setup and Cleanup (DC)

Leslea CrossUS200202204450 GEarly Renewal (DC)

David LanningUS200610879740 GVST Awakening OK-008-D (Report Submitted)

Susan Rockhold US2008011745 30 RSpent 6 hours volunteering at the animal shelter (Regional Charity)

Mark Collins US2008113152 30 RSpent 6 hours volunteering at the animal shelter (Regional Charity)

Matt Rockhold US2002106759 30 RSpent 6 hours volunteering at the animal shelter (Regional Charity)

Virginia SmithUS200411231330 RDonation of 6 sets of grooming equipment (Regional Charity)

Brad Heichelbech US200202195330 RDonation of 6 sets of grooming equipment (Regional Charity)


Leslea CrossUS200202204405 GProviding Game Site (DC)

Leslea CrossUS200202204405 GProviding Game Site (DC)

Leslea CrossUS200202204405 GProviding Game Site (DC)

Leslea CrossUS200202204413 Gmustard, mayo, ketchup, pickles, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, chips, hotdogs,

hotdog buns, ice for cooler (DC)

David LanningUS200610879740 GVST Awakening OK-008-D (Report Submitted)

Weston HarperUS200202160420 RRegional Storyteller

Howell HerrinUS200203460925 RARST Administration

Robert HodgesUS200802187630 RARST Requiem

Luke HillUS200403130230 RARST Awakening

Laura SimpsonUS200202288730 RARST Forsaken

Ernesto Ramos IIIUS200202370530 RARST Changeling

Crystal  RemyUS200203471320 RAARST List Administration

Exceptional Service

Jessica FazioUS200203425150 RSee Explanation

Jess has been extremely valuable in providing help during this changeover, as well as keeping me informed of past issues that have been developing and educating me on the going ons during SCARE and the prestige situation. While I cannot stress how valuable she has been to my team; I know she will continue to remain a valuable asset. I realize that the pace I set is sometimes not slow, so I appreciate her willingness to run along with me.

Michael MuneneUS200704985350 RSee Explanation

Michael came onto staff running; well typing quickly. I have asked for quite a few tight suspense dates and he has been more than accommodating. This willingness to work and keep very long hours with me to work through issues brought forward this reward. His work on a staff SOP and finding talent to get the database project revitalized has been valuable and will continue to bear fruit well into my term.

Esther DaleUS200706005140 RSee Explanation

Esther did not originally apply for the Prestige position, but her other applications as well as other efforts that she helped me this month with lead me to ask her to join the prestige team. Between Mike, Robin and Esther I feel I have a fabulous prestige team. They are motivated, willing to champion the membership and understanding of standards. Esther also is solely responsible for the remarkable effort that is the Regional Charity for the months of July and August. Her willingness to go that extra mile is what I liked as well as her attention to detail. Expect to see more emails from her concerning prestige and look to her for help in that category as she has shown a willingness to educate.

Robin WilsonUS200601709120 RSee Explanation

Robin, along with the rest of the prestige team hit the ground running with the To Do list that was given to them. They have been chewing through logs even while reading Domain Coordinator Reports for accuracy. This has been valuable in helping get this region back on track and caught up on prestige standards. Look for emails from Robin as well in the upcoming months. She has been a voice of reason and member championship during the prestige staff team meetings. I value that balance and willingness to speak her mind.

Melissa Johnson US200202296720 RSee Explanation

Melissa came onto staff motivated and with tons of ideas. While many of my staff has this quality, she got a chance to go through a deluge of emails and help sort them. She has a huge task handling Community Service and Featured Games. I suspect that the job will get a little bit easier, but I know she has an infectious motivation that is definitely catching. She, along with many of my staff, has put up with my rapid fire emails and tight suspense dates. I value this kind of turn around because it shows me that she cares about the members of this Organization and that care and concern mean she will work even harder to bring fantastic service projects and featured games.

April DouglasUS200203412120 RSee Explanation

April has the honor of being in a truly amorphous position as her position will continue to evolve as we grow. She has taken to this challenge and is seeking to give it form. If you will notice she has posted a Membership and Recruitment Drive. She is taking to the idea of Community Building and I know she has tolerated my email speed and fast paced leadership style. Her work this past month has been invaluable in getting things going in full swing. Her ideas have been valuable and I look forward to seeing what else will come from her part of the Region.

Backdate requests for National to approve



David LanningUS200610879740 GVST Awakening OK-008-D (Report Submitted)

Virginia SmithUS200411231330 RDonation of money to America’s Harvest to purchase 30 * 20 lbs of food

(Regional Charity)

Brad Heichelbech US200202195330 RDonation of money to America’s Harvest to purchase 30 * 20 lbs of food

(Regional Charity)


Virginia SmithUS200411231330 RDonation of money to America’s Harvest to purchase 30 * 20 lbs of food

(Regional Charity)

Brad Heichelbech US200202195330 RDonation of money to America’s Harvest to purchase 30 * 20 lbs of food

(Regional Charity)


David LanningUS200610879740 GVST Awakening OK-008-D (Report Submitted)

Virginia SmithUS200411231315 RDonation of Soda Pop Tabs sufficient for 15 R (Regional Charity)

Brad Heichelbech US200202195315 RDonation of Soda Pop Tabs sufficient for 15 R (Regional Charity)



Jeremy Brown US200206629030 RDonated 30 Items of Clothing (Regional Charity)


Jeremy Brown US200206629030 RSpent 6 hours volunteering for animal shelter (Regional Charity)


Jeremy Brown US200206629030 RSpent 6 hours volunteering for animal shelter (Regional Charity)

Backdates approved by National

None listed at this time



SCRC Report – June 2009 – Parts IX – XIII

South Central Regional Coordinators Report

Distribution: us-reports (full), us-sc-region & us-sc-reports (edited)


Table of Contents:


I.     Staff Listing

II.    Summary

III.   Questions & Answers

IV.    Projects

V.     Upcoming Events

VI.    Staff Election Updates

VII.   Finances

VIII. Prestige Awards

IX.    Chapter/Domain Status

X.     Member Tracking

XI.    Member Class Awards

XII.   Appeals – edited

XIII.  Problems & Issues – edited


**********************************************************************IX. Chapter/Domain Status**********************************************************************AR-008-D, West Memphis, AR –Status: GREEN

Raven’s Dive

DC:  Lee Ledbetter, US2002021066,, Since: 13 June 2009

DST Richard Davidson, US2006068015,, Since: June 2009

AR-008-D Funds: $205.00

Jan: 02/17/09Apr: No ReportJul: 08/05/08Oct: 11/11/08

Feb: 03/18/09May: No ReportAug: 09/08/08Nov: No Report

Mar: No ReportJun: 07/07/09Sep: 10/10/08Dec: No Report




AR-012-D, Little Rock, AR & Conway, AR — GREEN

Triumvirate of One

DC: Amy Crawford, US2002056015,, Since: 10 October 2008

DST: Dave Sides, US2002022193,, Since Apr 2007

AR-012-D Funds: $378.00

Jan: 02/07/09Apr: 05/06/09Jul: 08/11/08Oct: 11/05/08

Feb: 03/07/09May: 06/07/09Aug: 09/08/08Nov: 12/07/08

Mar: 04/07/09Jun: 07/07/09Sep: No ReportDec: 01/07/09




AR-013-I, Fayetteville, AR — GREEN

Fayetteville by Night

CC: Cory Gray, US2002022906,, Since 12 May 2009

AR-013-I Funds: $0.00

Website under construction.

Jan: 02/08/09Apr: 05/06/09Jul: No ReportOct: No Report

Feb: 03/02/09May: 06/07/09Aug: 09/02/08Nov: No Report

Mar: 04/08/09Jun: 07/01/09Sep: No ReportDec: 01/06/09



LA-002-D, Ruston, La — GREEN

Nights of the Red Table


DST: Timbo Plunkett US2003011113,, Since: May 2009

LA-002-D Funds: $14.51

Jan: 02/09/09Apr: 05/07/09Jul: No ReportOct: 11/07/08

Feb: 03/11/09May: No ReportAug: 09/07/08Nov: 12/07/08

Mar: No ReportJun: 07/05/09Sep: 10/07/08Dec: 01/09/09




LA-003-D, Shreveport, Bossier City, LA — GREEN

Blood, Fire, & Fidelity

DC: Leslea Cross, US2002022044,, Since: 27 September 2008

DST: David McFarland, US2002021931,, Since: 2009-03-04

LA-003-D Funds: $0

Jan: 02/06/09Apr: 05/05/09Jul: 08/12/08Oct: 11/03/08

Feb: 03/06/09May: 06/07/09Aug: 09/11/08Nov: 12/03/08

Mar: 04/05/09Jun: 07/06/09Sep: 10/05/08Dec: 01/03/09



LA-005-D, New Orleans, LA – GREEN

Vin Blanc

DC: Katie Anderson, US2006118920,, Since: 21 October 2008

DST: Michael Anderson, US2006078217,, Since: 2008-09-24

LA-005-C Funds: $100

Jan: 02/07/09Apr: 05/06/09Jul: 08/20/08Oct: 11/01/08

Feb: 03/07/09May: 06/08/09Aug: No ReportNov: 12/05/08

Mar: 04/06/09Jun: 07/05/09Sep: 10/04/08Dec: 01/03/09



LA-006-D, Baton Rouge, LA — GREEN

Hilarity Ensues

DC: Samuel Marston, US2003071808,, Since: 27 May 2008

DST: Michael Greensfelder, US2006037533,, Since: 2008-10-22

LA-006-D Funds: $210.25

Jan: 02/07/09Apr: No ReportJul: 08/10/08Oct: 11/10/08

Feb: 03/14/09May: 06/15/09Aug: No ReportNov: No Report

Mar: 04/11/09Jun: 07/14/09Sep: 10/11/08Dec: 01/07/09




OK-005-D, Lawton, OK , — GREEN

Immortalis Saltatio

DC: Santos Montanez, US2002086543,, Since 23 December 2008

DST: Joe MacLane, US2003092234, , Since: July 06

OK-005-D Funds: $163.25

Jan: 02/02/09Apr: 05/05/09Jul: 08/10/08Oct: 11/01/08

Feb: 03/07/09May: 06/02/09Aug: 09/06/08Nov: 11/29/08

Mar: 04/06/09Jun: 07/01/09Sep: 09/29/08Dec: 12/28/08




OK-008-D, Tulsa, OK – GREEN

Native Nights

DC: David Lanning, US2006108797, tulsadc at , Since: 16 July 2008

DST: Mitchell (Mitch) Remy, US2002034744,, Since: May 2006

OK-008-D Funds: $396.00

Jan: 02/07/09Apr: 05/10/09Jul: 07/29/08Oct: 11/07/08

Feb: 03/07/09May: 06/07/09Aug: 09/07/08Nov: 12/07/08

Mar: 04/07/09Jun: 07/06/09Sep: 10/07/08Dec: 01/07/09




OK-010-D, Oklahoma City, OK – GREEN

Eternal Midnight

DC: Jessica Fazio, US2002034251,, Since: 16 May 2008

DST: Russell Cohen, US2002023734,, Since: 2009-01-28

OK-010-D Funds: $32.50

Domain Website:

Jan: 02/02/09Apr: 05/01/09Jul: 07/31/08Oct: 10/31/08

Feb: 03/02/09May: 06/01/09Aug: 09/03/08Nov: 12/01/08

Mar: 04/01/09Jun: 07/01/09Sep: 10/01/08Dec: 01/05/09



OK-011-D, Stillwater, Oklahoma – GREEN

Ivory Tower

DC: Ciann Turner, US2005086203,, Since 13 November 2008

DST: Mark Brooks, US2005043357,, Since: 03/2007

OK-011-D Funds: $406

Jan: 02/15/09Apr: 05/06/09Jul: 08/07/08Oct: 11/09/08

Feb: 03/15/09May: 06/09/09Aug: 09/10/08Nov: 12/07/08

Mar: 04/16/09Jun: 07/08/09Sep: 10/09/08Dec: 01/11/09



OK-015-D, Enid, Oklahoma — GREEN

Cathedral of the Plains

DC: Laura Shreve, US2006027325,, Since 8 September 2008

DST: Kyle Haines, US2002034211,, Since: 2008-07-11

OK-015-D Funds: $0.00

Jan: 02/07/09Apr: 05/07/09Jul: 08/08/08Oct: 11/07/08

Feb: 03/07/09May: 06/09/09Aug: 09/07/08Nov: 12/04/08

Mar: 04/07/09Jun: 07/07/09Sep: 10/07/08Dec: 01/07/09



TX-044-D, Odessa, TX – YELLOW

Desert Moon

DC: Maria Sanzone US2004102219, mariamaria003 at , Since: 16 May 2008

DST: Scott Pearce US2007039664,, Since: 05/2008

TX-044-D Funds: $277.00

Jan: 02/16/09Apr: 05/04/09Jul: 08/12/08Oct: 10/29/08

Feb: 04/28/09May: No ReportAug: 10/29/08Nov: 12/09/08

Mar: 04/28/09Jun: No ReportSep: 10/29/08Dec: 01/20/09




TX-055-D, Killeen Fields – GREEN

DC: Matt Rockhold, US2002106759,, Since: 26 February 2008

DST: Susan Rockhold, US2008011745,, Since: 2008-08-14

TX-055-D Funds: $0

Domain web page:

Jan: 02/02/09Apr: 04/30/09Jul: 07/30/08Oct: 10/29/08

Feb: 02/28/09May: 06/02/09Aug: 09/01/08Nov: 11/30/08

Mar: 03/31/09Jun: 07/01/09Sep: 09/28/08Dec: 12/29/08




TX-057-D, College Station, TX — GREEN

Midnight Yell

DC: Jennifer Cross, US2002023750,, Since: 6 February 2009

DST: Dave Dickens, US2002021091,, Since: 2009-05

TX-057-D Funds: $52.50

Jan: 02/01/09Apr: 05/08/09Jul: 08/01/08Oct: No Report

Feb: 03/10/09May: 06/07/09Aug: 09/15/08Nov: 12/04/08

Mar: 04/07/09Jun: 07/07/09Sep: No ReportDec: 01/06/09




TX-058-D, Dallas, TX — GREEN

Collateral Damage

DC:  Debi Hodges, US2008021874,, Since: 13 May 2009

DST: Joshua Taylor, US2008011607,, Since: 2009-01-07

TX-058-D Funds: $125.00

Jan: 02/07/09Apr: 05/06/09Jul: 08/08/08Oct: 11/07/08

Feb: 03/07/09May: 06/04/09Aug: 09/07/08Nov: 12/07/08

Mar: 04/07/09Jun: 07/05/09Sep: 10/07/08Dec: 01/07/09



TX-059-D, San Antonio, Texas – GREEN

Civitas de Immortalis

DC: Rebecca Morgan, US2006037575,, Since: 2 March 2009

DST: Cody Beitel, US2005085913,, Since 2008-10-19

TX-059-D Funds: $350.50

Jan: 02/07/09Apr: 05/07/09Jul: 08/09/08Oct: 11/14/08

Feb: No ReportMay: No ReportAug: 09/07/08Nov: 12/08/08

Mar: 05/17/09Jun: 07/13/09Sep: 10/11/08Dec: No Report



TX-061-D, Houston, TX — GREEN

Midnight Magnolias

DC: Patricia DuBois, US2007029550, ,Since: 11 August 2008

DST: Jeremiah DuBois, US2007019313,, Since: 2009-04

TX-061-D Funds: $476

Jan: 02/06/09Apr: No ReportJul: 08/05/08Oct: 11/05/08

Feb: No ReportMay: 06/07/09Aug: No ReportNov: 12/08/08

Mar: 04/07/09Jun: 07/07/09Sep: 10/088/08Dec: 01/06/09




TX-064-D, Greater Beaumont, Texas — GREEN

Silent Redemption

DC: Shelley Brian, US2004066211,, Since: 16 May 2008

DST: Kevin Brian, US2002021481,, Since: 11/28/2007

TX-064-D Funds: $938.00

Jan: 02/07/09Apr: 05/10/09Jul: 08/06/08Oct: 11/07/08

Feb: 03/07/09May: 06/07/09Aug: 09/07/08Nov: 12/07/08

Mar: 04/05/09Jun: 07/05/09Sep: 10/07/08Dec: 01/07/09




TX-065-D, Austin, TX — GREEN

No Witnesses

DC: Robert Martinez, US2003122686,, Since: 24 October 2008

DST: William Sternenberg, US2002021048,, Since: Feb 2008

TX-065-D Funds: $506.61

Jan: 02/07/09Apr: 05/06/09Jul: 08/07/08Oct: 11/07/08

Feb: 03/07/09May: 06/07/09Aug: 09/06/08Nov: 12/07/08

Mar: 04/06/09Jun: 07/05/09Sep: 10/05/08Dec: 01/07/09




TX-066-D, Huntsville, TX – GREEN

Structured Dreams

DC: Carlie Young, US2004041362,, Since: 17 June 2009

DST: Josh Davis, US2007091044,, Since: 2008-04-28

TX-066-D Funds: $7.00

Jan: No ReportApr: No ReportJul: No ReportOct: No Report

Feb: No ReportMay: No ReportAug: No ReportNov: 12/10/08

Mar: No ReportJun: 07/08/09Sep: No ReportDec: No Report




TX-068-D, Ft. Worth, TX — YELLOW

Westward Haven

DC: Narissa Saunders, US2008031971,, Since 5 March 2009

DST: Matthew Smithwick, US2004051446, , Since: 04/2008

TX-068-D Funds: $307.00

Jan: 02/07/09Apr: 05/07/09Jul: 08/07/08Oct: 11/07/08

Feb: 03/05/09May: No ReportAug: 09/07/08Nov: 12/04/08

Mar: 04/06/09Jun: No ReportSep: 10/05/08Dec: 01/02/09








X. Member Tracking




Prestige Records for Each Domain Coordinator and Independent Chapter Coordinator will be released in Addenda to this Report




(Note: If there are errors, duplications, or concerns, please contact


MC 9

Tito Bentancourt

Stephen Bradeen

Kathryn Branton

Mark Brooks

Stephen Brula

Valerie Taylor

Shawn Cavitt

Doug Clark

Christy Cleveland

Laura Cowan

Jennifer Cross

Thomas Cross

Sarah Curnutt

Kevin Daiber

Scott Danby

Glen Davis

Grant Davis

William Delmar III

Nick DeWitt

Jeff Duncan

Brandi Dunn

William Duvic

Ray Ennis

Theresa Fiveash

Lori Ford

Amy Freeburg

Rick Gullikson

Josh Handel

John Hall

Beckey Harper

John Hidalgo

Jennifer Horton Morgan

James Huskey

Johnathan Ingram

David Johnson

Lee Ledbetter

Heather Lewis

Jason Lewis

John Lotzer

William (Billy) Lucas

Anthony Marquez

Chris Martire

Erica Martinez

Patrick Mason

Melissa McAffee

Donna Molsbee

Leah A. Montgomery

Patrick Neff

Frank Parker

Brian Peltier

David Pocai

James Potter

Tricia Powell

Brandon Riley

Tory Rodriguez

Michelle Rogers

Tommy Russell

Jason Samp

John Sanders

Robert Sanders

Richard Singleton

Jim Sloan

David Lee Smith

William “Woody” Smith

Julia Starr

Lee Stuart

Adam Tomplait

James Townsend

Dave Watson

Lucas Westfall

Chris White

Melissa Wilson


MC 10

Joe Baker

Chris Beck

Kevin Brian

Diana Brokl

David Burgess

Aaron Capps

Jason Covington

Judy Craft

Sarah Curnutt

Jason Denton

Kerry DeWitt

July Dodson

Brandi Dunn

Christopher Edwards

Glenn Gibeson

Cory Gray

Scott Hefner

Brad Heichelbech

Stephen Henry

Richard Klepper

Bill Malvasi

Sam Marston

Billy Martinez

Monty Montgomery

David Morgan

Jonathan “Jay” Perkins

Mitch Remy

Josh Rexwinkle

Michelle Rogers

Wes Satterlee

Mike Scott

Rebecca Simpson

David Sides

Erin Warren

Haleigh Watson


MC 11

Stephen “Smokey” Bearden

William Boone

Shelly (Welch) Brian

Bryan Coleman

Brent Collins

Mike Curnutt

Sandra Elliot

Stephen Gergeni

Heather Harrelson

Jamie Henry

Howell Herrin

Steve Hugo

Michael “MJ” Jackson

Danielle Lauzon

Wesley Lunsford

Chris Molsbee

Benjamin Craft-Rendon

Angela Rexwinkle

BJ Thompson

Jon Tucker


MC 12

David Broussard

Roberta Broussard

Raymond Bruels III

Roy Cabaniss

Michael Cowan

Charles Craig

Leslea Cross

Nick Elliott

Patrick Haughton

Dale Lofton

David McFarland

Eric Moore

Matt Ragan

Ernesto Ramos III

Crystal Remy

David Sanzgari

Kat Sherman-Berthelot

Stephen Shupee

Michael Teegarden

Kim Wallach


MC 13

Jeremy Brown

Ray Bruells III

Harley Cox

John Delozier

Jess Fazio

Brad Gunnels

Cristy Hundley

Evan Odensky

Janeka Rector

Ken Reinertson

Jackson Roberts

Lee Rushing

Ben Schlitt

Laura Simpson

Shane Wells


MC 14

Logan Boatfield

Julie Graham

Bekkah (Anderson) Hackett

Weston Harper

Jennifer Kellam

Ricky Kramer

K. Kelly Meine

Janeka Rector

Bert Sanders

Dan Schmitt

Corey Segall

Lindsey Vaughan

Dan Wright

Cat Williams

Matthew Williams



XI. Member Class Awards


Open Prestige Reviews:


Erica Martinez, US2002021903

Received: May 08, 2009

(Pending clarification from member)

Trisha DuBois, US2007029550

Received: May 26, 2009

(Pending clarification from member)

Jonathan “Jay” Perkins, US2002023594

Received: June 14, 2009

(On list to complete)

Tyler Nezat, US2005033128

Received: July 10, 2009

(On list to complete)

Brent Collins, US2003102466

Received: June 16, 2009

(On list to complete)

Shelley Brian, US2002066211

Received: June 17, 2009

(Awaiting clarification questions from member)

Kevin Brian, US2002021481

Received: June 17, 2009

(Awaiting clarification questions from member)

Mitch Remy, US2002034744

Received: June 18, 2009

(On list to complete)

Thomas Cross, US2002022040

Received: May 21, 2009

(Awaiting clarification questions from member)

Dan Tan, US2005012793

Received: June 28, 2009

(On list to complete)

Crystal Remy, US2002034713

Received: July 11, 2009

(On list to complete)



Julia Starr, US2005096588

G: 2362, R: 409, N: 714 

TOTAL: 3485 

Confirmed at MC 9, National Lock

Robert Martinez, US2003122686

G: 2433, R: 1007, N: 127

TOTAL: 3567

Confirmed at MC 9, Pending National Lock

Janeka Rector, US2002021300

G: 3848, R: 845, N: 2381

TOTAL: 7074

Confirmed at MC 14, National Lock

Kevin Bongiovanni, US2002127004

G: 2692, R: 220, N: 70

TOTAL: 2982

Confirmed for Transfer, Pending National Lock


XII. Appeals


No appeals were ruled on by Regional this month


XIII. Problems and Issues


All questions, suggestions and comments notated on Domain Coordinator Reports have been answers in Section III: Questions and Answers.

—End of Report