SCRC Report – 2008-04

South Central Regional Coordinators Report

April 2008

Distribution: us-reports (full), us-sc-region & us-sc-reports (edited)


Table of Contents:


I.     Staff Listing

II.    Summary

III.   Questions & Answers

IV.    Projects

V.     Upcoming Events

VI.    Staff Election Updates

VII.   Finances

VIII. Prestige Awards

IX.    Chapter/Domain Status

X.     Member Tracking

XI.    Member Class Awards

XII.   Appeals – edited

XIII.  Problems & Issues – edited



I. Staff Listing






South Central Regional Coordinator:

Harley Cox, US2002021715

Since: April 2008


Outgoing Staff:

ARC: Archives & DC Prestige

Bekkah Anderson, US2004041403

ARC: Prestige

 Danielle Lauzon, US2002022173

ARC: Special Projects

Bert Sanders, US2002021972


ARC: Events

Jennifer Cross, US2002023750


ARC: Charities

Adam Tomplait, US2005085963


AARC: Charities

Ally Foxworthy, US2005116954


Sanctuary Editor

Shelly Welch, US2002066211


ARC Recruitment/Communication

Teresa Fiveash, US2003061745

ARC: Arbitration – Appeals

Tim Terrell, US2005033195


ARC: Arbitration – Investigation

Daniel Blackburn, US2003051641

Incoming Staff

ARC Pubs & AR Admin

Lee Ledbetter, US2002021066

ARC Outreach/Education & OK Admin

Jess Fazio, US2002034251

ARC Services & LA Admin

Jessica Earl, US2007039557

ARC Web & E-Texas Admin

Trisha Dubois, US2007025990

ARC Prestige & W-Texas Admin (Pending completion of transfer)

Bekkah Anderson, US2004041403





SC Regional Storyteller:

Will Laymance, US2002034193

Since: December 2006



Mark Brooks, US2005043357, ARST Mortals,

Weston Harper, US2002021604, ARST OperationsJohn Curl, US2002021615, ARST RequiemRobert Martinez, US2003122686, ARST Admin July Dodson, US2002022311, ARST AwakeningMichael Jackson, US2002022011, ARST ForsakenErnesto Ramos III, US2002023705, ARST ChangelingAdam Tomplait, US2005085963, ARST Outreach AARSTsCrystal  Remy, US2002034713, AARST Admin, Lists Jon Moody, US2005065544, AARST Forsaken: IRCCody Beitel, US2005085913, AARST Forsaken: PlotlinesJamie Henry, US2002034527, AARST Forsaken: Events

Darrell Wells, US2005043380, AARST Mortals (Web Support)




II. Summary


Wow, okay, so it’s been a busy month! To kick things off we’ve started 6 DC elections that had been put on hold pending the resolution of RC election. Four of those elections have now concluded. We’ve gotten the ball rolling on SCARE bids (Due May 22nd!). I’ve selected a new ARC staff from a pool of top-notch applications. Through all of that, I’ve had 163 email conversations as RC in the past month. It’s been a whirlwind.

To help keep tabs on current events, I ask that anyone contacting the Regional Coordinator Staff, CC me on the email.   This helps to ensure that action items are being handled by the appropriate staff member, and helps me know what’s going on across the Region.

If you have any Questions, Problems, or Concerns that have not been addressed by Regional, please contact the Regional Staff. If an issue should arise, please contact us right away, and make sure it’s included in your local report later, if we haven’t resolved it by then.

You’ll also notice that I’ve done away with the “Early” reporting category for DCs. We’re going to try just going with “On Time”, “Late”, or “No Report”

On a side note, there will be many times when I will need to select someone to serve as an interim DC until a new DC is chosen by an election. Most often this is when the current DC steps down from the position, or worse, is removed from the position. Placing a member as an Interim DC is NOT a Regional endorsement, and doesn’t mean you have to support that person as DC. It is YOUR Domain, cast YOUR vote, how YOU choose. No one knows what their Domain needs better than its own members.

-Harley Cox

SC Regional Coordinator


Danielle LauzonUS2002022173SC-ARC Prestige (Outgoing)

Woot! I have nothing in my inbox and no one waiting on anything that I know of. I have enjoyed my term as ARC Prestige, and I wish luck to whomever gets the position.


ARC Archives, DC Prestige, Prestige and W. Texas Admin (Incoming Pending Transfer)

Bekkah Anderson, US2004041403


This month was trying to wrap up the old projects and diving in with the new ones.  Trying to assist a handful of members with putting together old prestige logs…  I am also trying to catch up with all of the DC’s in W. Texas.  If you haven’t heard from me, please feel free to drop me an email at

********************************Jessica Earl

ARC ServicesMay SC FGotM Event LeadUS2007039557

The previous ARC Charities team concluded their charities so as not to leave any loose ends.  No SC Regional Charities were announced for April.  SW Region has been running the Second Harvest Food drive that has had widespread participation through the SC Region.  There were a couple of participants to the National drive of ‘Child’s Play’. 

**********************************************************************III. Questions & Answers **********************************************************************ARC PRESTIGE QUESTION & ANSWERS

Q: My member, XXXX, has returned to the cam after a long hiatus.  He is claiming MC5.  How do I verify this?

A: If the member has an old MC letter or MC card, this will act as a temporary verification of membership class.  Please put together his MC log and send it through the chain for “full” verification.  If the member was locked by national, this is able to act as a full MC verification.  If the member has neither, please send a request through the MC chain and I will look to see what prestige we have for said member.  This will allow him to rebuild his log.  REMEMBER!  IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY AS A MEMBER TO TRACK AND KEEP TRACK OF YOUR PRESTIGE!

ARC SERVICES QUESTIONS & ANSWERSQ.  ** From TX-059-D San  Antonio**  How far in advance does a Domain need to submit a FGotM bid?A. Before the last day of the month 3 months prior to the month requested for FG bid.  This allows time to review the bid and any other submissions for to be reviewed and time for the host Domain to plan, execute and advertise.  Sometimes this will not be feasible.  IN which case under mitigating circumstances, 2 months will be allowed for submission.

From BCS:Q: How do you obtain more hours in the week to take care of the ones you love and still fulfill all of your duties?

A: Sleep is for the weak! Sleep when you’re dead!

(Or follow the advice at:


IV. Projects


 The staff is just now finding it’s footing. Expect word on multiple projects this month.

(SCARE Bids due May 22nd


-Rebuilds for Lacey Cannon (was Fellers) and William Broderick

-Pending Logs as of 5/15/08 – Stephen Henry and Scott McGrath

-Finish archiving all RC reports

-Finish Outlook Database for ease on rebuilds

-Upcoming: Reminder all members with “Lockable” Cam #’s to send in prestige logs…  Want to increase the percentage of locked logs in the SCR.

ARC SERVICES PROJECTSRestructuring the SC Charities is a priority.  In trying to work out a comprehensive theme, I am proposing “Home is Where the Heart Is”.  This will not be one specific event, but more of a thread through the Charities selected for SC Regional participation.  The idea is that when people are touched by something, it means more to them to give of their time, to give contributions and to give of their Heart.  With this in mind, Regional charity drives will offer multiple ways to make a difference.   It is important to me that the charities reflect the need of the Region.  Also, I am working on a list of charities and opportunities that each Domain can look through for ideas of how they can make a difference in their Home Domain.

I intend to establish a Region wide Events Calendar to encourage cross-pollination and travel between Domains.  Also, in following the goals of this office, steady attention will be paid to the number and types of Socials being held within the Region.  Several domains are considering putting in bids for various FGotM’s.  I will contact each of these separately to see if they need any assistance with that bid.  SCaRE bids are to be turned in no later than 05.22.08.



V. Upcoming Events


Featured Game of the Month Schedule

May 23rd- 25th, Shreveport, LA

July 12th, Houston, TXAugust 8-10, Odessa, TX



VI. Staff Election Updates




In Office




Postponed upon request




Waiting on new email list


Baton Rouge


In progress





Little Rock



W. Memphis

















In Progress


New Orleans












San Antonio






Fort Worth















VII. Finances




Past Cumulative Balance: $8,490.45

Total Income: $0

Total Expenses: $0

New Cumulative Balance: $8,490.45

(Funds are held by WW)




Past Cumulative Balance: $ 2,686.62


Expenses:New Cumulative Balance: $ 2,686.62

(Inconsistencies in totals are due to some Chapters or Domains not reporting month to month.)

(Trying to figure out a better way to track this information)




South Central Regional Coordinators Report

April 2008

Distribution: us-reports (full), us-sc-region & us-sc-reports (edited)


Table of Contents:


I.     Staff Listing

II.    Summary

III.   Questions & Answers

IV.    Projects

V.     Upcoming Events

VI.    Staff Election Updates

VII.   Finances

VIII. Prestige Awards

IX.    Chapter/Domain Status

X.     Member Tracking

XI.    Member Class Awards

XII.   Appeals – edited

XIII.  Problems & Issues – edited



VIII. Prestige Awards



These awards are all in the Administration category.

,                                          ()


Harley Cox, US2002021715Per NC(RC – APR 2008)

Danielle Lauzon, US200202217330R(ARC Prestige – APR 2008)

Adam Tomplait, US200508596315R(ARC Charities – APR 2008)

Ally Foxworthy, US200511695415R(AARC Charities – APR 2008)

Teresa Fiveash, US200306174510R(ARC Recruitment/Comm – APR 2008)

 Bert Sanders, US200202197210R(ARC Spec. Projects & Elections – APR 2008)

Shelley Welch, US200206621110R(Sanctuary Editor – APR 2008)

Jennifer Cross, US200202375015R(ARC Events – APR 2008)

Tim Terrell, US20050331950R(ARC: Arbitration Appeals – APR 2008)

Daniel Blackburn, US20030516410R(ARC: Arbitration Investigation – APR 2008)

Lee Ledbetter, US200202106615R(ARC Pubs & AR Admin – APR 2008)

Jess Fazio, US200203425115R(ARC Outreach/Education & OK Admin – APR 2008)

Jessica Earl, US200703955715R(ARC Services & LA Admin – APR 2008)

Trisha Dubois, US200702599015R(ARC Web & E-Texas Admin – APR 2008)



    < Cam#>             ( – ) Status

J. Ingram         US200202257638G 2R            AR-008-D – APR – On Time

Doug ClarkUS200202387738G 2R            AR-012-D – APR – On Time

Tony Neisler      US2002035067 40 G   AR-013-I – APR – Late

Jessica EarlUS200703955738G 2R            LA-001-C – APR – On Time

Pat Lewis         US2003051617 40 G               LA-002-D – APR – Late

Rachel Lofton US2005106749 40 G   LA-003-D – APR – Late

Stacey Mell US20040716080 GLA-005-D – APR – No Report

K BongiovanniUS2002127004 40 G            LA-006-D – APR – Late

David Brown   US2004041366 38 G 2R   OK-005-D – APR – On Time

Sarah Beeson   US2005023009 30 G               OK-008-D – APR – Late

Robert Sanders US2006088295 0 G  OK-010-D – APR – No Report

Ciann TurnerUS2005086203 40 G               OK-011-D – APR – Late

Laura Shreve    US2006027325 40 G               OK-015-D – APR – Late

Scott McGrath Us2003061733 40 G               TX-013-C – APR – Late

W. BroderickUS20070601640 G     TX-016-C – APR – No Report

Cody Beitel      US2005085913 0 GTX-021-C – APR – No Report

Maria Sanzone US2004102219 38G 2R            TX-044-D – APR – On Time

Maria Sanzone US2004102219 38G 2R             TX-044-D – MAR – On Time (Correction)

Matt Rockhold   US200210675938G 2R            TX-055-D – APR – On Time

Whitney Morlatt US2006098705 38G 2RTX-057-D – APR – On Time

Whitney Morlatt US2006098705 38G 2RTX-057-D – MAR – On Time (Correction)

Michael Scott    US200202174738G 2R            TX-058-D – APR – On Time

Michael Scott    US200202174720 G     TX-058-D – MAR – Late

Michael Scott    US200202174720 G     TX-058-D – FEB – Late

R. Morgan US200603757540 GTX-059-D – APR – Late

Jeff Duncan     US2002022947 38G 2RTX-061-D – APR – On Time

Shelley Welch   US2002066211 38G 2RTX-064-D – APR – On Time

R Martinez        US2003122686 38G 2R            TX-065-D – APR – On Time

J Montgomery US2006129119 38G 2R            TX-066-D – APR – On Time

Kim Wallach    US2002022169 18G 2R            TX-068-D – APR – On Time

Robin FisherUS200601709118G 2R            TX-068-D – APR – On Time


Proctoring elections:

Chelle Rogers – 5RKristina Brummett – 5RLindsey Vaughan – 5R

John ‘Bj’ Thompson – 5RJoseph Lavergne – 5RJay Perkins – 5RJason Samp – 5RKayla Blake – 5RBrian Nickolaus – 5R

Awards from ARC Prestige:

Bekkah Anderson – Administration: Auditing logs – 10R

Kim Wallach – Administration: Auditing logs – 30R

Kim Wallach – Exceptional Service: Helping above and beyond duty – 10R

Caitlin Vaughn – March 2008 – Prestige Archive Team – 15R; Exceptional 25RCaitlin Vaughn – April 2008 – Prestige Archive Team – 15R; Exceptional 25R

B/CS, TX-057-D  FGotM 3/29/2008 — SC Regional Meeting 5R (for those eligible)Farmer, Miranda US2006098526Cross, Jennifer US2002023750Dickens, David  US2002021091Farmer, Heather US2007039583Fazio, Jessica  US2002034251Ferguson, Lance US2006098633Kollman, Rob    US2006088354Morlatt, Whitney        US2006098705Munene, Michael US2007049853Ramos, Ernie    US2002023705Robinson, Kerry US2007019340Tressler, Jedediah      US2005086234David McFarland US2002021931Charles Batchelor       US2002021236Robin Cannon    UK2002102071Lacey Cannon    US2002034764Narissa Saunders        US2008Leland Saunders US2005075836Tom Trinkle     US2004031269David Weiss     US2002022599Janna Weiss     US2003041532Brian Peltier   US2003017088Aaron Capps     US2002021940Julia Starr     US2005096588Joshua Montgomery       US2006129119Josh Davis      US2007091044Lindsey Vaughan US2002022475Scott McGrath   US2003061733Sean Bigge      US2007019355Chris Martire   US2002022104David Musgrove  US2005106739Joseph Narvaez  US2004102214Jessica Troy    US2006047627Nancy Sprouse   US2007101228Tim Pohl        US2002022493J.W. Baker      US2002023282W.I. Sternenberg        US2002021048Robert Martinez US2003122686Erica Martinez  US2002021903Adam Logan      US200Raymond Donaldsod       US2002034004Shawn Kneupper  US2002022147Lauren Wyatt    US200Kyle Means      US2005096597William Broderick       US2006060164Nicholas Carlson        US2005020899John Thompson   US2002022519

Prestige from RST Recommendations

Staff Listing:Will Laymance, US2002034193, SC RST, Per NSTARST PositionsMark Brooks, US2005043357, ARST Mortals, 10RWeston Harper, US2002021604, ARST Operations, 30RDale Lofton, US2002022249, ARST Requiem, 30RRobert Martinez, US2003122686, ARST Admin, 30RJuly Dodson, US2002022311, ARST Awakening, 10RMichael Jackson, US2002022011, ARST Forsaken, 10RErnesto Ramos III, US2002023705, ARST Changeling, 30RAdam Tomplait, US2005085963, ARST Outreach, 20RJeremy Brown, US2002066290, ARST Promethean, 10RAARST Positions:Crystal  Remy, US2002034713, AARST Admin, Lists 20REric Chronister, US2006068076, AARST Admin: Investigations, 20 RCharles Craig, US2002022676, AARST Admin: Scheduling, 20RKyle Haines, US2002034211, PA – IC News, 25RDavid McFarland, US2002021931, PA Entropy Engine: 20RAR-008DST – Charles Craig, US2002022676: 38G 2RVST Requiem – Richard Davidson, US2006068015: 38G 2RVST Created – Daniel Blackburn, US2003051641: 38G 2RAR-012DST – Dave Sides, US2002022193: 38G 2RVST Created – Randall Crawford: US2005075839: 35GVST Lost – Damon Edwards, US2002055931: 38G 2RAR-013VST Requiem – Ryan Moore, US2006098710: 38G 2RLA-001VST Requiem – John Staton, US2002034668: 38G 2RLA-002VST Requiem – Tracy Reeves, US2002045394: 35GVST Forsaken – David Willet, US2004021147: 38G 2RVST Awakening – Celeste Kilbourn, US2006098704: 38G 2RLA-003DST – Thomas Cross, US2002022040: 38G 2RVST Requiem – Chris Martin, US2006098524: 35GVST Forsaken – Heather Knight, US2002066193: 38G 2RVST Lost – Jessica Earl, US2007039557: 35GLA-006DST – Justin Merrell, US2002022248: 38G 2RVST Requiem – Zack Eskins, US2004012690: 38G 2RVST Forsaken – William Delmar III, US2002022241: 35GVST Awakening – Kathryn Branton, US2002034821: 38G 2ROK-005VST Forsaken – David Brown, US2004041366: 38G 2RVST Lost – David Brown, US2004041366: 10ROK-008DST – Mitch Remy, US2002034744: 38G 2RVST Requiem – Jill Brison, US2005053419: 38G 2RVST Awakening – David Lanning, US2006108797: 38G 2RVST Lost – Ramon Carrasco, US2005022990: 38G 2ROK-011DST – Mark Brooks, US2005043357: 38G 2RVST Requiem – Mike Wells, US2005043380: 38G 2RVST Awakening – Sarah Munn, US2005043325: 35GVST Mortals – Chris Teff, US2005085977: 38G 2RTX-044VST Forsaken – Jae Henry, US2002034527: 38G 2RTX-057VST Awakening – Justin Morrow, US2006098631: 35GVST Lost – Ernie Ramos, US2002023705: 38G 2RTX-058DST – Michael Jackson, US2002022011: 38G 2RVST Requiem – Monica Magyar, US2002035035: 35GVST Created – Matthew Williams, US2002023549: 35GTX-059VST Awakening – David Barajas, US2005065641: 35GVST Requiem (IRC) – Howard Teal, US2002021316: 38G 2RTX-061DST – Billy Catherall, US2006027368: 38G 2RVST Requiem – Chris Beck, US2002022410: 38G 2RTX-064DST – Kevin Brian, US2002021481: 38G 2RTX-065DST – Billy Sternenberg, US2002021008: 35GVST Requiem – Chris “Artemis” Russell, US2007019260: 38G 2RVST Lost – Tiffany Crosby, US2002021360: 38G 2RTX-066DST – Josh Davis, US2007091044: 35GVST Lost – Carlie Young, US2004041362: 38G 2RTX-068DST – Matthew Smithwick, US2002022115: 38G 2RVST Requiem – Devon Weir, US2007039567: 35G

Prestige Backdating

Charles Hubbard US2007121458:

12/2007 – Donation needed items: Snacks and Soda – Community Services – 5 G

12/2007 – Provided transportation to members to Camarilla Event: John Hargon US2007121459& Mica Mitchell US2007121520 – Organizational Services –10 G

12/2008 – Provided lodging for visiting member John Hargon US2007121459 x2 – Organizational Services – 10 G

12/2008 – Provided lodging for Mica Mitchell US2007121520 x2 – Organizational Services – 10G

12/2008 – Mentoring John Hargon US2007121459 for 2 sessions – ST Support – 10 G

12/2008 – Mentoring Mica Mitchell   US2007121520 for 1 session – ST Support – 5 G

12/2008 – Mentoring Jonathan Lloyd    US2007121581 for 1 session – ST Support – 5 G


Tim Pete US2005053486

12/2008 – Played an NPC at Forsaken game – Storyteller Support – 5 G


C. Mica Mitchell US2007121520

12/01/07 – Donated needed items: Snacks and Soda x3 – Community Services – 15 G

12/01/07 – Transportation for John & Charles x2US2007121459 & US2007121458  – Organizational Service – 10 G

12/01/07 – Site Clean Up x3 – Organizational Service – 15 G

Exceptional Service

Bekkah Anderson, US2004041403, Above and Beyond on Prestige work: 35R


South Central Regional Coordinators Report

April 2008

Distribution: us-reports (full), us-sc-region & us-sc-reports (edited)


Table of Contents:


I.     Staff Listing

II.    Summary

III.   Questions & Answers

IV.    Projects

V.     Upcoming Events

VI.    Staff Election Updates

VII.   Finances

VIII. Prestige Awards

IX.    Chapter/Domain Status

X.     Member Tracking

XI.    Member Class Awards

XII.   Appeals – edited

XIII.  Problems & Issues – edited


**********************************************************************IX. Chapter/Domain Status**********************************************************************AR-008-D, West Memphis, AR –Status: Green

Raven’s Dive

DC:  Jonathan Ingram, US2002022576 , Since: September 2007

DST: Charles Craig, US2002022676, Since:  Sept 06

AR-008-D Funds: $20

Jan: 02/06/08Apr: 05/07/08Jul: 08/04/07Oct: 11/06/07

Feb: 03/03/08May: Aug: 09/03/07Nov: 12/06/07

Mar: 04/02/08Jun: 07/04/07Sep: 10/07/07Dec: 01/06/08

No Chapters




AR-012-D, Little Rock, AR & Conway, AR — Green

Triumvirate of One

DC: Doug Clark, US2002023877, chiramnex8 at , Since: Aug 2007

DST: Dave Sides, US2002022193,, Since Apr 2007

AR-012-D Funds: $154.56

Jan: 02/06/08Apr: 05/08/08Jul: 08/05/07Oct: 11/06/07

Feb: 03/07/08May: Aug: 09/06/07Nov: 12/08/07

Mar: 04/07/08Jun: 07/06/07Sep: 10/06/07Dec: 01/06/08

No Chapters




AR-013-I, Fayetteville, AR — Yellow

Fayetteville by Night

CC: Tony Neisler, US2002035067, since Mar 2007

AR-013-I Funds: $0.00

Website under construction.

Jan: 02/07/08Apr: 05/04/08Jul: 08/06/07Oct: 11/06/07

Feb: 03/07/08May: Aug: 09/06/07Nov: 12/06/07

Mar: No ReportJun: 07/05/07Sep: 09/30/07Dec: 01/07/08



LA-002-D, Ruston, La — Green

Nights of the Red Table

DC: Pat Lewis, US2003051617, ruston_cc at , Since: Feb 2008

DST: Timothy Plunkett, US2003011113, rustondst at , Since: Jan 07

LA-002-D Funds: $14.51

Jan: 02/08/08Apr: 05/08/08Jul: 08/07/07Oct: 11/07/07

Feb: 03/08/08May: Aug: 09/07/07Nov: 12/06/07

Mar: 04/09/08Jun: 07/07/07Sep: 10/07/07Dec: 01/07/08




LA-003-D, Shreveport, Bossier City, LA — Green

Blood, Fire, & Fidelity

DC: Rachel Lofton, US2005106749,, Since: September 2007

DST: Thomas Cross, US2002022040, Date position attained: 10-2007

LA-003-D Funds: $0

Jan: 02/07/08Apr: 05/12/08Jul: 08/07/07Oct: 11/04/07

Feb: 03/07/08May: Aug: 09/07/07Nov: 12/06/07

Mar: 04/07/08Jun: 07/07/07Sep: 10/06/07Dec: 01/07/08

LA-001-C, Natchitoches, LA — Green

Nox Mortis

Interim CC: Jessica Earl, US2007039557,, Since: Feb 2008

LA-001-C Funds: $0

Jan: No ReportApr: 05/04/08Jul: Oct:

Feb: 03/02/08May: Aug: Nov:

Mar: 04/01/08Jun: Sep:Dec: 01/07/08



LA-005-D, New Orleans, LA – Red

Vin Blanc

DC: Stacey Mell, US2004071608,, Date position attained: 10/2007

DST: Brent Collins, US2003102466, <>, Date position attained: 10/2007

LA-005-C Funds: $0

Jan: No ReportApr: No ReportJul: 08/06/07Oct: No Report

Feb: 03/11/08May: Aug: No ReportNov: 12/06/07

Mar: No ReportJun: 07/06/07Sep: No ReportDec: 01/14/08



LA-006-D, Baton Rouge, LA — Green

Vinetum Noctis

DC: Kevin Bongiovanni , US2002127004, Since: 2004-08-01

DST: Justin Merrell, Since Feb 07

LA-006-D Funds: $306.00

Jan: 02/12/08Apr: 05/08/08Jul: 08/14/07Oct: No Report

Feb: 03/05/08May: Aug: 09/11/07Nov: No Report

Mar: No ReportJun: 07/09/07Sep: No ReportDec: 01/11/08


No Chapters




OK-005-D, Lawton, OK , — Green

Immortalis Saltatio

DC: David Brown, US2004041366, hobbitslutt at , Since: Sept 06

DST: Joe MacLane, US2003092234, slake1 at , Since: July 06

OK-005-D Funds: $112.35

Jan: 01/30/08Apr: 04/28/08Jul: 07/29/07Oct: 10/28/07

Feb: 02/27/08May: Aug: 08/28/07Nov: 11/27/07

Mar: 03/30/08Jun: 06/29/07Sep: 09/27/07Dec: 12/29/07


No Chapters




OK-008-D, Tulsa, OK – Green

Native Nights

DC: Sarah Beeson, US2005023009, tulsadc at , Since: Jul 07

DST: Mitchell (Mitch) Remy, US2002034744, hunterswind at, Since: Mar 2006

OK-008-D Funds: $25

Jan: 02/08/08Apr: 05/14/08Jul: No ReportOct: No Report

Feb: 03/08/08May: Aug: 09/11/07Nov: No Report

Mar: 04/09/08Jun: No ReportSep: 10/08/07Dec: No Report


No Chapters




OK-010-D, Oklahoma City, OK – Yellow

Eternal Midnight

DC: Robert Sanders, US2006088295,, Date position attained: 02/1/2007

DST: Dan Wright, US2002021042,, Date position attained: 2/1/2007

OK-010-D Funds: None

Domain Website:

Jan: 02/12/08Apr: No ReportJul: 07/31/07Oct: 11/03/07

Feb: 03/13/08May: Aug: 09/05/07Nov: 12/07/07

Mar: 04/06/08Jun: No ReportSep: No ReportDec: 01/07/08

No Chapters




OK-011-D, Stillwater, Oklahoma – Green

Ivory Tower

DC: Ciann Turner, US2005086203,, Since 10/2007

DST: Mark Brooks, US2005043357,, Date Position Obtained: 03/2007

OK-011-D Funds: $149.36

Jan: 02/08/08Apr: 05/08/08Jul: No ReportOct: 11/07/07

Feb: 03/08/08May: Aug: 10/05/07Nov: 12/07/07

Mar: 04/08/08Jun: 07/07/07Sep: No ReportDec: 01/07/08


No Chapters



OK-015-D, Enid, Oklahoma — Green

Cathedral of the Plains

DC: Laura Shreve, US2006027325, Since 2/2007

OK-015-D Funds: $0.00

Jan: 02/07/08Apr: 05/08/08Jul: 07/31/07Oct: 11/03/07

Feb: 03/07/08May: Aug: 08/31/07Nov: 11/30/07

Mar: 04/07/08Jun: 07/01/07Sep: 10/04/07Dec: 12/31/07




TX-044-D, Odessa, TX – Green

Desert Moon

DC: Maria Sanzone US2004102219, mariamaria003 at , Since: 03/2007

DST: Stephen Henry US2002034528,, Date position attained: 03/2007

TX-044-D Funds: $145

Jan: 02/07/08Apr: 05/02/08Jul: 08/06/07Oct: 11/07/07

Feb: 03/05/08May: Aug: No ReportNov: 12/04/07

Mar: 04/09/08Jun: No ReportSep: 10/09/07Dec: No Report


No Chapters




TX-055-D, Killeen Fields – Green

DC: Matt Rockhold, US2002106759, DCTX055D at, Since: 01/2008

DST: Jeremy Brown, US2002066290, DSTTX055D at, Since: Aug 3, 2004

TX-055-D Funds: $0

Domain web page:

Jan: 02/07/08Apr: 04/29/08Jul: 08/06/07Oct: 11/07/07

Feb: 02/29/08May: Aug: 09/06/07Nov: 12/06/07

Mar: 04/03/08Jun: 07/06/07Sep: 10/08/07Dec: No Report


No Chapters




TX-057-D, College Station, TX — Green

Nexus of Texas

DC: Whitney Morlatt US2006098705, , Since 02/2008

DST: Rob Kollman, US2006088354, lanedreast at, 2007-01-03

TX-057-D Funds: $52.50

Jan: 02/01/08Apr: 05/07/08Jul: 08/06/07Oct: 11/02/07

Feb: 03/03/08May: Aug: 09/03/07Nov: 12/04/07

Mar: 04/03/08Jun: 07/05/07Sep: 10/02/07Dec: 01/04/08


No Chapters




TX-058-D, Dallas, TX — Green

Collateral Damage

DC:  Michael Scott, US2002021747,, Date position attained: 11/2007

DST: Jackson, Mike, US2002022011, psycic at , Since: 10/2005

TX-058-D Funds: $57

Jan: 02/08/08Apr: 05/06/08Jul: 08/07/07Oct: 11/06/07

Feb: 04/24/08May: Aug: 09/15/07Nov: 12/07/07

Mar: 04/24/08Jun: 07/06/07Sep: 10/06/07Dec: 01/07/08

No Chapters




TX-059-D, San Antonio, Texas – Green

Civitas de Immortalis

DC: Rebecca Morgan, US2006037575 Since: Feb 2008

DST: Travis Kearns, US2005022936, Since Jan 2008

TX-059-D Funds: $642.50

Jan: 02/07/08Apr: 05/09/08Jul: 08/06/07Oct: 11/06/07

Feb: 03/08/08May: Aug: 09/06/07Nov: 12/06/07

Mar: No ReportJun: 07/06/07Sep: 10/06/07Dec: 01/06/08



TX-013-C, San Antonio, TX – Green

Sable Rose

CC: Scott McGrath      US2003061733,   Since: 12/2006

Domain: TX-059-D, Civitas de Immortalis

TX-013-C Funds: $0

Jan: 01/30/08Apr: 05/02/08Jul: 07/30/07Oct: 10/24/07

Feb: 02/29/08May: Aug: 08/29/07Nov: 11/27/07

Mar: 04/01/08Jun: 07/01/07Sep: 09/25/07Dec: 12/29/07




TX-016-C, San Antonio, TX – Black x2

Nocturnal Illuminatis

CC:  William BroderickUS2007060164, ;  Since: 2008-02-06

Domain: X-059-D, Civitas de Immortalis

TX-016-C Funds: $16

Jan: No ReportApr: No ReportJul: 08/02/07Oct: 11/04/07

Feb: No ReportMay: Aug: 09/02/07Nov: 12/03/07

Mar: No ReportJun: 07/02/07Sep: 10/01/07Dec: 01/01/08



TX-021-C, San Antonio, TX — Green

Silver Path

CC: Cody Beitel, US2005085913, cbeitel at Since: 11/06

Domain: TX-059-D, Civitas de Immortalis

TX-021-C Funds: $0

Jan: 01/30/08Apr: 05/02/08Jul: 08/01/07Oct: 11/04/07

Feb: 03/02/08May: Aug: 08/31/07Nov: 12/03/07

Mar: 04/02/08Jun: No ReportSep: 10/02/07Dec: 01/03/08



TX-061-D, Houston, TX — Green

Buried Hatchets

DC: K. Jeff Duncan, US2002022947, duncanius at Since: 09/2007

DST: July Dodson, US2002022311 , wark at Since: Apr 2007

TX-061-D Funds: $0

Jan: 02/05/08Apr: 05/05/08Jul: 08/06/07Oct: 11/06/07

Feb: 03/08/08May: Aug: 09/07/07Nov: 12/03/07

Mar: 04/06/08Jun: 07/03/07Sep: 10/06/07Dec: 01/12/08




TX-064-D, Greater Beaumont, Texas — Green

Silent Redemption

DC: Shelley Welch, US2004066211, Date Position Attained: 3/28/07

DST: Kevin Brian, US2002021481, , Date Position Attained: 11/28/2007

TX-064-D Funds: $899.00

Jan: 02/06/08Apr: 05/07/08Jul: 08/06/07Oct: 11/05/07

Feb: 03/05/08May: Aug: 09/07/07Nov: 12/05/07

Mar: 04/03/08Jun: 07/06/07Sep: 10/02/07Dec: 01/05/08


No Chapters




TX-065-D, Austin, TX — Green

No Witnesses

Robert Martinez, US2003122686, Since: 09/07

DST: William Sternenberg, US2002021048, tang867@hotmail.comSince Feb 2008

TX-065-D Funds: $83.20 

Jan: 02/07/08Apr: 05/07/08Jul: 08/09/07Oct: 11/07/07

Feb: 03/07/08May: Aug: 09/08/07Nov: 12/05/07

Mar: 04/08/08Jun: No ReportSep: 10/07/07Dec: 01/07/08




TX-066-D, Huntsville, TX – Green

Structured Dreams

DC: Joshua Montgomery, US2006129119, structureddreams_dc at , Since: 04/2007

DST: Lindsey Vaughn, US2002022475, lcvrko at, Since: 10/2007

TX-066-D Funds: $7.00

Jan: 02/05/08Apr: 05/07/08Jul: No ReportOct: No Report

Feb: 03/07/08May: Aug: 09/08/07Nov: 12/05/07

Mar: No ReportJun: 07/06/07Sep: 10/01/07Dec: 01/05/08


No Chapters




TX-068-D, Ft. Worth, Tx — Green

Westward Haven

DC: Kimberly Wallach, US2002022169, evilgamerchick at , Since: 05/13/2006

DST: Stephen Shupee, US2002022115, , Since: Feb 2007

TX-068-D Funds: $257

Jan: 01/28/08Apr: 05/02/08Jul: 08/05/07Oct: 11/06/07

Feb: 03/05/08May: Aug: 08/30/07Nov: No Report

Mar: 04/03/08Jun: 07/01/07Sep: 09/29/07Dec: 01/20/08

No Chapters






TX-016-C, San Antonio, TX – Black x2

Nocturnal Illuminatis

CC:  William BroderickUS2007060164, ;  Since: 2008-02-06

Domain: X-059-D, Civitas de Immortalis

TX-016-C Funds: $16

Jan: No ReportApr: No ReportJul: 08/02/07Oct: 11/04/07

Feb: No ReportMay: Aug: 09/02/07Nov: 12/03/07

Mar: No ReportJun: 07/02/07Sep: 10/01/07Dec: 01/01/08

LA-005-D, New Orleans, LA – Red

Vin Blanc

DC: Stacey Mell, US2004071608,, Date position attained: 10/2007

DST: Brent Collins, US2003102466, <>, Date position attained: 10/2007

LA-005-C Funds: $0

Jan: No ReportApr: No ReportJul: 08/06/07Oct: No Report

Feb: 03/11/08May: Aug: No ReportNov: 12/06/07

Mar: No ReportJun: 07/06/07Sep: No ReportDec: 01/14/08




X. Member Tracking


DC Prestige:


Member Name: Sarah Beeson

Email Address:

Membership Number: US2005023009

Expiration Date: 26 September 2008

Ordeals passed:  Membership, Storyteller, Coordinator, WoD, Requiem, Awakening, Prestige

Member Class:  5 (Available for MC6 at 1500)

Past Cumulative Total: 1472


General: 1080 + 85 = 1165

Regional:  235

National:   157

New Cumulative Total:  1557


Administration – 40G

March 2008 – Domain Coordinator – 40 G


Community Service: 45G

April 2008 – Independent Blood Donation – 15G

April 2008 – Donated Needed Materials (6-12 packs of Soda) – 30G



Name: Cody Beitel

Membership Number: US2005085913

Email Address:

Expiration Date: May 3, 2008

Ordeals Passed: Membership, Coordinator, Storyteller, WoD, Requiem

Member Class: Unknown


Past Cumulative: unknown

General: unknown + 78 + 20

Regional: unknown + 7

National: unknown

New Cumulative: Unknown + 85


Administration – 20G

March 2008 – Domain Coordinator – 20 G




Member Name: Kevin Bongiovanni

Email Address:

Membership Number: US2002127004

Expiration Date: March 31, 2009

Ordeals passed: Membership, Coordinator, Storyteller, WoD

Member Class: MC 7 (Loaned to 9) (Available at MC8 @ 2700)


Past Cumulative Total:  2940  

General:  2705 + 5

Regional: 165

National:  70

New Cumulative Total:  2945


Community Service

March 2008 – Donated Needed Items – Cookies – 5G




Member Name: Diana Brokl

Email Address:

Membership Number: US2002021371

Expiration Date: April 25, 2008

Ordeals passed: Membership, Coordinator, Storyteller, Prestige

Member Class: MC 9 (MC9 available @ 3400G/100R)


Past Cumulative Total: 3935

General:  3606

Regional:  144

National:  185

New Cumulative Total:  3935


Administration: 70G

January 2008 – ADC General/COS – 20G

February 2008 – ADC General/COS – 20G

March 2008 – ADC General/COS – 20G

April 2008 – ADC General/COS – 10G (partial Month)

April 2008 – Interim DC – Pending RC report


Community Service: 20G

April 2008 – Donated Needed Items – 2 Cases of Soda, 1 Large Case of Water; Package of Document protectors – 20G


Event Services- 20G

January 2008 – Manned FGOTM Table – 20G


Exceptional Service: 10N

January 2008 – 19th Global Survey – Charity – 5N

February 2008 – 20th Global Survey – Global Officers – 5N


Misc: 50G

April 2008 – Early Renewal – 50G

NOTE: Interim DC



Member Name: David Brown

Email Address:

Membership Number: US2004041366

Expiration Date: 8 July 2008 

Ordeals passed: Membership, Coordinator, Storyteller, Prestige

Member Class: MC 6 (Loaned 7) (MC7 @ 2100)


Past Cumulative Total:  2847

General:  2664 + 76 = 2740

Regional:  131 + 4 = 135

National:  52

New Cumulative Total:  2927


Administration –  76G; 4R

March 2008 – Domain Coordinator  – 38 G 2 R

March 2008 – VST Lost – 38G; 2R




Member Name: Doug Clark

Membership Number: US2002023877

Expiration Date: June 5, 2009

E-mail: chiramnex8 at gmail . com

Ordeals passed: Membership, Coordinator.

Member Class: MC9 (MC10 @ 4100G/300R)


Past Cumulative Total: 5044

General: 4746 + 40 = 4786

Regional: 246

National: 52

New Cumulative Total: 5084


Administration: 40G

March 2008 –  Domain Coordinator – 40 G




Member Name: Jeff Duncan

Membership Number: US2002022947

Expiration Date: April 15, 2009


Camarilla positions currently held: Domain Coordinator, AVST Requiem

Ordeals passed: Membership, Coordinators, WoD, Requiem, Storyteller


Member Class: 8 (loaned 10) (MC9 @ 3400G/100R)

Past Cumulative Total: 3720

    General: 3400 + 38 =3438

    Regional: 200 + 2 = 202

    National: 120

New Cumulative Total: 3760


Administration – 38G 2R

March 2008 – Domain Coordinator – 38G; 2R




Name: Jessica FazioE-mail: fozzie7829@yahoo.comMembership #: US2002034251Expiration: 3/31/09Member Class: MC 11Present Office(s): Acting Domain CoordinatorDate gained:Ordeals: Membership, Coordinator, Storyteller, PrestigePast Cumulative: 5773General: 4667 + 20 = 4687Regional: 670 + 0 = 670National: 436 + 0 = 436New Cumulative Total: 5793Administration (80 max/month): 20 G- April: ADC of BCS duties, 20 G (or Whatever is awarded by SCRC)



Name: Robin FisherE-mail:

Membership Number: US2006017091Expiration Date: 01/2008Ordeals passed: Membership, Storyteller, Coordinator, Venue: WoD, Venue: Requiem, PrestigeMember Class: 6 – Steward (+2 to MC 8, DC Loan)

Past Cumulative: 1521General: 1325 + 35 = 1360Regional: 101+ 0 = 101National: 95 + 0 = 95New Cumulative Total: 1556


April 2008 – Domain Coordinator – Partial Month – Awarded by Regional


Community Service:

April 2008 – Donating Needed Supplies (Drinks) – 5G

April 2008 – SW Regional Drive – Pending SW RC Report  

Transported 2+ people to San Antonio game: 10gProvided Lodging for 4 people: 20g



Member Name:  Johnathan Ingram

Email Address:

Membership Number: US2002022576

Expiration Date:  31 March 2009

Ordeals passed: Membership, Storyteller,  WoD, Requiem

Member Class: MC 8, Advocate (MC9 @ 3400G/100R)


Past Cumulative Total: 3192

General: 2994 + 188 = 3182

Regional: 143 + 2 = 145

National: 55

New Cumulative Total:   3382


Administration – 38G; 2R

March 2008 – Domain Coordinator – 38G; 2R


Ordeals – 100G

January 2008 – World Of Darkness – 50G

April 2008 – Requiem Ordeal – 50G  Miscellaneous – 50G

February 2008 – Early Renewal – 50G




Member Name: Will Laymance

Email Address:

Membership Number: US2002034193

Expiration Date: February 10, 2009

Ordeals passed: Membership, Storyteller


Member Class: MC 6 (Loaned MC 9)


Past Cumulative Total:  1637

General:  1438 + 15 = 1453

Regional:  289 + 180 = 469

National:  125

New Cumulative Total:  1832


Administration: 180R

October 2008 – Regional ST – 30R

November 2008 – Regional ST – 30R

December 2008 – Regional ST – 30R

January 2008 – Regional ST – 30R

February 2008 – Regional ST – 30R

March 2008 – Regional ST – 30R


Organizational Service: 5G

April 2008 – Attending Chapter Meeting – 5G


Web And Communications: 10G

April 2008 – Updating Enid Website – 10G


**Note: Totals are not up to Date… We are waiting for a rebuild from his DC for up to date totals; Hoping to get that for the May report…**



Member Name: Pat Lewis

Email Address:

Membership Number: US2003051617

Expiration Date: August 17, 2009 

Ordeals passed: Membership, Coordinator, Storyteller, World Of Darkness, Requiem

Member Class: MC 6 (MC 8 with DC Loan) (MC7 @ 2100)


Past Cumulative Total:  2635

General:  2408 + 40 = 2448

Regional:  95

National:  132

New Cumulative Total:  2675


Administration: 40G

March 2008 – Domain Coordinator – 40 G



Member Name: Rachel Lofton

Membership Number: US2005106749

Expiration Date: 03/21/2008

Camarilla positions currently held: DC, LA-003-D

Ordeals Passed: Membership

Member Class: 3 Loaned 5 (MC5 @1000G)


 Past Cumulative Total: 932

General: 888 + 40 = 928

Regional: 11

National: 35

New Cumulative Total: 972


Administration: 40G

March  2008 – DC LA-003-D – 40G




Name: Robert Martinez

Cam Number: US2003122686

Expiration Date: May 5, 2008


Offices Currently Held: Domain Coordinator

Ordeals Passed: Membership, Coordinator, Storyteller, Prestige, Venues: WoD , Requiem

Member Class: 6 (MC7 @ 2100)

Past Cumulative:  2301

General: 1629 + 40 = 1669

Regional: 535 + 30 = 565

National: 107

New Cumulative: 2371


Administration (80 max): 40G; 30R

March 2008 – Domain Coordinator, 40G

March 2008 – ARST Admin, 30R



Name: Scott McGrath

Cam Number: US2003061733

Expiration Date: June 23, 2009


Ordeals Passed: Membership, Coordinator, Storyteller, WoD, Requiem, Prestige

Member Class: Unknown


Past Cumulative: 2635

General: 2525 + 40 = 2565

Regional: 130

National: 20

New Cumulative: 2675


Administration: 40G

March 2008 – Domain Coordinator – 40G




Name: Stacey Mell

Cam Number: US2004071608

Expiration Date: November 8, 2008


Ordeals Passed: Membership, Coordinator, Storyteller, WoD

Member Class: MC 7 (Available at MC8 @ 2700)


Past Cumulative: 2716

General: 2130

Regional: 483

National: 103

New Cumulative: 2716


No Prestige Reported



Member Name:  Joshua Montgomery

Membership Number: US2006129119

Expiration Date: 12/2008


Camarilla positions currently held: Domain Coordinator

Old Ordeals passed: None

New Ordeals passed:  Membership, Coordinator, Requiem, WoD, Storyteller

Member Class: 4 (loaned 6) (MC5 @ 1000)

Past Cumulative Total: 1613

General:  1550 + 20 = 1570

Regional: 55

National: 10

New Cumulative Total: 1633


Org. Service – 20G

March 2008 – Game Site Cleanup x4 – 20G 




Member Name: Neisler, Tony

Membership Number: US2002035067

Expiration Date: March 31, 2009


Past Cumulative Total 2708

  General: 2534

  Regional: 92

  National: 82

New Cumulative Total: 2708


No Prestige Reported




Name: Matthew Rockhold

E-mail:  matt_rockhold2@y …

Membership #: US2002106759

Expiration Date:  March 28, 2009

Member Class: MC8

Offices Held: DC vst requiem

Ordeals Passed: Membership, Storyteller

Past Cumulative: 4545

General: 4383 + 38 = 4421

Regional: 42 + 2 = 44

National: 20

New Cumulative: 4595


Administration: 38G; 2R

March 2008 – Domain Coordinator – 38G; 2R




Member Name: Robert Sanders

Email Address:

Membership Number: US2006088295

Expiration Date: August 16, 2008

Ordeals passed: Membership, Storyteller

Member Class: MC 8 (MC9 @ 3400 w/ 100R)

Past Cumulative Total:  4451 (Total Changed due to Math Error from ARC)

General:  4333 + 38 = 4371

Regional:  49 + 2 = 51

National:  59

New Cumulative Total:  4491


Administration: 38G; 2R

March 2008 – DC, 38G; 2R




Member Name: Maria Sanzone

Membership Number: US2004102219

Expiration Date: July 10, 2008

E-mail: mariamaria003@

Address: 1801 E. 21st, Odessa TX 79761

Phone: 432-272-5440

Ordeals passed: Membership, Storyteller, and Coordinator

Member Class: 6 (Loaned MC8) (MC7@ 2100)



Past Cumulative Total:  2537

General:  2338 + 253 = 2591

Regional:  129 + 2 = 131

National:  70

New Cumulative Total: 2792


Administration: 38G; 2R

March 2008: Domain Coordinator – 38G; 2R


Community Service: 30G

April 2008 – Donated Needed Items (Spaghetti, Sodas, Water, Bread, Cake, Misc Snacks) – 30G


Organizational Service: 35G

April 2008 – Setup/Cleanup x4 – 20G

April 2008 – Provided Game Site x2 – 15G


Ordeals: 150G

WoD – 50gRequiem – 50gPrestige – 50g



Name: Michael Scott

Email Address:

Membership Number: US2002021747

Expiration Date: November 10, 2008

Ordeals Passed: Membership, Coordinator, Storyteller, WoD

Member Class:


Past Cumulative: unknown

General: unknown + 80

Regional: unknown

National: unknown

New Cumulative: 80


No Prestige Reported




Name: Laura Shreve

Email Address:

Membership Number: US2006027325

Expiration Date: 19 February 2009

Ordeals passed: Membership, Storyteller, Coordinator and WoD


Member Class: 5 (Loaned 6) (MC7 @ 2100)

Past Cumulative Total:  2301

General:  1685 + 90 = 1775

Regional:  466

National:   230

New Cumulative Total:  2391


Administration: 80G

January 2008 – Domain Coordinator – +20G (for a total of 40G)

February 2008 – Domain Coordinator – +20G (for a total of 40G)

March 2008 – Domain Coordinator – 40G


Web and Com: 10G

April 2008 – Providing Web Space for Enid – 10G




Member Name: Ciann Turner

Email Address:

Membership Number: US2005086203

Expiration Date: November 16, 2008

Ordeals passed: Membership, Storyteller, Coordinator

Member Class:


Past Cumulative: unknown

General: unknown + 80 + 40

Regional: unknown

National: unknown

New Cumalative: 120


Administration: 40G

March 2008 – Domain Coordinator – 40 G




Member Name:  Kimberly Wallach

Email Address:

Membership Number: US2002022169

Expiration Date: March 31, 2009

Ordeals passed: Membership, Coordinator, Storyteller, WoD, Requiem, and Prestige

Member Class: MC 12


Past Cumulative Total: 5336

General:  4276 + 138 = 4414

Regional:  324 + 37 = 361

National:  636

New Cumulative Total:  5336


Administration: 68G; 32R

April 2008 – ADST – 30G

March 2008 – Domain Coordinator – 38G; 2R

February 2008 – Archiving Logs – 30R


Ordeal – 50G

April 2008 – Forsaken Ordeal – 50G


Organizational Service – 20G; 5R

April 2008 – Site Clean Up x5; 25G Awarded only 20G Usable

April 2008 – Proctor DST election, 5 R (awarded by regional)



Member Name:  Shelley Welch

Email Address:

Membership Number: US2002066211

Expiration Date: April 17, 2009

Ordeals passed: Tome, Thespis, Stage, Chapter, Membership, Coordinator

Member Class: MC 10 (MC11 @ 4800/600R)


Past Cumulative Total: 5271

General:  4132 + 38 = 4170

Regional:  1044 + 2 = 1046

National:  80

New Cumulative Total:  5311


Administration (80 max):  38G; 2R

March 2008 – Domain Coordinator – 38G; 2R









G: , R: , N:


Confirmed at MC [this may or may not be higher than their old mc]


David McFarland: MC 11 – Approved

Richard Klepper: MC 10 – Approved

Laura Simpson, MC 13 – Sent to National

Kevin Jones, MC 9 – Denied

Charles Craig, MC 11 – Approved

Adam Tomplait, MC 9 – Approved

Bekkah Anderson, MC 12 – Approved at National

Dale Lofton, MC 11 – Approved

Rachael Lofton, MC 4 – Approved

David Sides, MC 10 – Approved

Kim Wallach, MC 12 – Approved at National

Weston Harper, MC 14 – Sent to National

James Townsend: MC 9 – Approved

Brandi Dunn, MC 9 verification – Approved Sent to National for Lock



MC 9

Joe Baker

Tito Bentancourt

Stephen Bradeen

Diana Brokl

Stephen Brula

Valerie Taylor

Shawn Cavitt

Doug Clark

Christy Cleveland

Brent Collins

Laura Cowan

Thomas Cross

Sarah Curnutt

Kevin Daiber

Scott Danby

Glen Davis

Grant Davis

Nick DeWitt

Jeff Duncan

Brandi Dunn

William Duvic

Ray Ennis

Lori Ford

Amy Freeburg

Cory Gray

Rick Gullikson

Josh Handel

John Hall

Beckye Harper

Stephen Henry

John Hidalgo

Jennifer Horton Morgan

James Huskey

David Johnson

Lee Ledbetter

Heather Lewis

Jason Lewis

John Lotzer

William (Billy) Lucas

Anthony Marquez

Chris Martire

Patrick Mason

Melissa McAffee

Donna Molsbee

Leah A. Montgomery

Patrick Neff

Frank Parker

Brian Peltier

David Pocai

James Potter

Tricia Powell

Janeka Rector

Brandon Riley

Michelle Rogers

Tommy Russell

Jason Samp

John Sanders

Richard Singleton

Jim Sloan

David Lee Smith

William “Woody” Smith

Lee Stuart

Adam Tomplait

James Townsend

Dave Watson

Lucas Westfall

Chris White

Melissa Wilson


MC 10

Chris Beck

Kevin Brian

David Burgess

Aaron Capps

Jason Covington

Ben Craft-Rendon

Judy Craft

Sarah Curnutt

Jason Denton

Kerry DeWitt

July Dodson

Brandi Dunn

Christopher Edwards

Glenn Gibeson

Scott Hefner

Richard Klepper

Danielle Lauzon

Bill Malvasi

Sam Marston

Billy Martinez

Monty Montgomery

David Morgan

Jonathon Perkins

Mitch Remy

Josh Rexwinkle

Wes Satterlee

Mike Scott

Rebecca Simpson

David Sides

Erin Warren

Haleigh Watson

Shelly Welch


MC 11

Stephen “Smokey” Bearden

William Boone

Bryan Coleman

Charles Craig

Leslea Cross

Mike Curnutt

Sandra Elliot

Jess Fazio

Stephen Gergeni

Heather Harrelson

Jamie Henry

Howell Herrin

Steve Hugo

Wesley Lunsford

Dale Lofton

David McFarland

Chris Molsbee

Stephen Shupee

Benjamin Craft-Rendon

Angela Rexwinkle

BJ Thompson

Jon Tucker



MC 12

David Broussard

Roberta Broussard

Roy Cabaniss

Michael Cowan

Nick Elliott

Patrick Haughton

Katherine King

Eric Moore

Matt Ragan

Ernesto Ramos III

Crystal Remy

Lee Rushing

David Sanzgari

Ben Schlitt

Kat Sherman-Berthelot

Michael Teegarden

Kim Wallach


MC 13

Logan Boatfield

Jeremy Brown

Ray Bruells III

Harley Cox

John Delozier

Brad Gunnels

Weston Harper

Cristy Hundley

K. Kelly Meine

Evan Odensky

Ricky Kramer

Ken Reinertson

Jackson Roberts

Lee Rushing

Lindsey Vaughan

Shane Wells


MC 14

Julie Graham

Jennifer Kellam

Seth Manzar

Bert Sanders

Dan Schmitt

Corey Segall

Dan Wright

Cat Williams

Matthew Williams

—End of Public Report