SCRC Report – 2003-06

South Central Regional Coordinator Report

June 2003

Table of Contents

Part I

Regional Staff Listing


Regional Statistics

New Chapters/Domains

Chapters/Domains to Close

Green/Yellow/Red/Black Chapters/Domains

Ordeal Non-Compliance

Part II

Regional Staff Prestige

Regional Prestige Awards

Coordinator Prestige

Part III

Chapter/Domain Listing

Part IV

Solitary Members

Regional MC 9+ Listing

MC Reviews Completed/In Progress

Part V

ARC Report Summary

Regional Projects

Regional Lists/Website

Regional Newsletter

Part VI

Concerns/Problems of Note/Prestige corrections

Disciplinary Action


*** Part I ***


Regional Staff Listing


Regional Statistics

New Chapters/Domains

Chapters/Domains to Close

Green/Yellow/Red/Black Chapters/Domains

Ordeal Non-Compliance

Regional Staff Listing

SC RC: Kerry Beckett, US2002023647

ARC Administration:

Ricky Kramer, US2002034170

ARC Arbitration:

Will Sample, US 2002021031

ARC Prestige/Audits:

Janeka Rector, US2002021300

ARC Events (SCARE Lead):

Angelia Rexwinkle, US2002021160


SC RST: Logan Boatfield, US2002021674

ARST Admin



Josh Rexwinkle, US2002021163

ARST Changeling:

Brian Ward

ARST Mage:

David Broussard, US2002021093

ARST Sabbat:

Frank Vento, US2002021521

ARST Shifters:

Cat Williams, US2002023548

ARST Arkansas:


ARST Louisiana:

Patrick Neff,

ARST New Mexico:


ARST Oklahoma:


ARST Texas:

John (BJ) Thompson

AARST Spirit Keeper:




AR-002, Warrior’s Twilight

Questions: Can we get an update on 6.0?

Answer: Our NST Staff is generating the US Addendum, and when it is completed 6.0 shall go into effect.

ARD02, Shadowed Towers

Question: I also do not have a Membership Number for Jessica Martin. She paid her $20 on 10/25/02. I have a copy of the receipt. Can we get her one?

Answer: Send all the information to , they can usual solve these problems.

Questions: Any word on US Addendum for 6.0? What about the new Membership Handbook?

Answer: Both documents are still being created, but a release date has not been made public.

AR-005 Little Rock by Night

Question: When will any of the recommended prestige for Faire Escape, if any, be approved as regional?

Answer: Please send all information to , but please know that Regional is not usually awarded for Large Domain or even State wide events not planned with the Regional Staff.

Question: There are members that are list moderators that have not received prestige from the RC. Granted, I know we just got a new one (congratulations!) but, will there be a flat listing for list moderation?

Answer: You need to contact Kelly Meine and get her added to your non-WW server lists so that she can monitor your activity and award you prestige for your lists.

AR-007, Kings and Pawns

Question: This isn’t really a problem, I just thought I’d mention it…the chapter report format still says that the Organizational Service category is a max of 30 prestige when the ANC Prestige Site states that it is 40.  I was told that the report format was a typo, but it still is there.

Answer: Change your format to reflect that the Org Serv cap is 40 not 30, Chuck has been alerted.

LAD03, Blood, Fire & Fidelity

Question: Where do DC’s send their MC 6+ audits for approval?

Answer: DC’s would send those to, Janeka Rector SC ARC Prestige/Audits, contactable by the following address’; questions: , audits:

LA-004, Vin Rouge

Questions: Our VST remembers having heard Logan B. say that VST’s would be

receiving some allotment of Regional each month, the way CC’s currently

do.  Is this still going to happen?

Answer: No such program has been presented to the RC Staff.

TXD13, Structured Dreams 

Question: Everyone recieved prestige for the regional charity drive except for one member.  Lindsey Vaughan.  Do I need to report his donations again?

Answer: Yes, send a log of exactly what he did to and she will award whatever is necessary.

Question: Can Lindsey Vaughan recieve the 38g and 2r for last

month’s DC award?  I was only DC a short time in that month, and he handled most of the officer duties, including the domain report.

Answer: Yes, but be sure to note the change in you next prestige listing for yourself and for Lindsey

Question: I still have not recieved any prestige for the regional venue sites.  I heard that Cat Williams was recommending me for, but I never recieved any, and I started on this project in October of last year.  Can I please get some back dated prestige for that?

Answer: Please have Cat send me a e-mail at with her recommendations for the creation of this website.

Question: I am not sure what my award should be for updating

and recreating the regional website (, so there are some question marks in my prestige listing.

Answer: You prestige for this will be listed in this report.

Question: There is a site to report Letters from the Cam donations, yes?  If so, where is it?  Also, where can I get the awards from that?

Answer: under National Charity Awards

Question: If a member has back logged prestige, that was never reported, but I actually witnessed him doing these prestige-worthy things, can I report it now?

Answer: Yes

TX-023, Rage Across 6th Street

Question: We’ve had several people donate

time/money/etc. for our fundraiser for Not SCaREd –

I’ve been informed about Jacob Williamson, but not

Kelly Nine and Samantha Smith.

Answer: Send a log of exactly what they did to and we will find out from the event coordinator what they should receive.

Question: I am currently the List Mod for our chapter

email list, and Jeff Montondon is the List Mod for the

domain email list – neither of these are on the

Camarilla server yet (currently on Yahoo groups).  Who

should be awarding us prestige?  Also, how much should

we get?

Answer: You need to contact Kelly Meine and get her added to your non-WW server lists so that she can monitor your activity and award you prestige for your lists.

Question: I’m curious as to whom is supposed to be

awarding prestige to the CCs.  My DC says that it’s

not on her form, and therefore she doesn’t award me

prestige anymore.  Last month I had to guess at my

award – can I get some clarification, please?

Answer: All CC and DC prestige is awarded by the RC, and the Regional report will reflect these amounts in Part 2.

Question: I’ve got a question about our chapter

webpage’s classification, and therefore how much

prestige I ought to be getting?

Answer: Web site maintenance    0-15 per month

Includes making normal updates, handling trouble reports, fielding suggestions for improvements, etc. (this mainly is decided on how much updating you do a month, 5-10 is safe, 15 is for multiple updates a week)

TX025 Rabid Roach

Question: How do I look up when people’s cam #s expire?

Answer: If it was a WW number gotten during the changeover just add 2 years

to the number (EX. US2002-03-4111 would expire in 03/2004, for numbers

gotten after the conversion then just add a year to the number instead of 2)

Question: Am I filling in the section titled “Members over 100 Prestige” correctly?

Should it be a list of members over MC 1? Or is it a list of members claming more than 100 prestige for the report?

Answer: As you have it, a list of members claiming more the 100 prestige for the report.

TX029 Iron Orchid

Questions: Monty still has had no word on the details for his MC9 denial.  All records show appropriate levels for the new MC.  Please advise.  No word on Leah’s MC audit either.

Answer: Contact Kathy who is doing their audits at the following address with inquiries.

TX051 Infinite Improbabilities

Question: I would like to welcome Michael Adix to the Camarilla and member services for responding. Now that I have got the problem fixed, I now want to know if he is getting any prestige for haveing joined?

Answer: New members are awarded MC 1 with their membership cards and can build from there. Show him some ways to earn prestige and keep him motivated and MC 2 will be just around the corner.

TXD65 No Witnesses

Question: Still trying to figure out how this new format works, exactly.  I’ve

found out I’m still supposed to award CC prestige, though that wasn’t

indicated.  Do I still need to note MC advancement (6-8), and if so,

where in this report should that go?

Answer: All CC and DC prestige is awarded by the RC, and the Regional report will reflect these amounts in Part 2. You do not have to report MC Advancement in a separate section, but if you wish to make a section to inform your own members then that would be fine.


Regional Statistics

Total Chapters: 34

Reported On Time: 22

Reported Late: 6

Failed To Report: 6

Total Chapters: 34

Green Chapters: 28

Yellow Chapters: 1

Red Chapters: 4

Black Chapters: 1

Pending: 0

Folded: AR-003, AR-004

Total Domains: 16

Reported On Time: 14

Reported Late: 1

Failed to Report: 1

Total Domains: 16

Green Domains: 16

Yellow Domains: 0

Red Domains: 0

Black Domains: 0

Pending: 0

Folded: TX-D11 (Ellis Island)

New Chapters/Domains: None

CC’s or DC’s or members if no officer in place, please contact me at with questions on chapter status.


South Central Regional Coordinator ReportJune 2003

*************** Part II ***


Regional Staff Prestige

Regional Prestige Awards

Coordinator Prestige

Regional Staff PrestigeJune 2003


Ricky Kramer US2002034170, ARC Administration: 40R

Will Sample, US 2002021031, ARC Arbitration: 40R

Janeka Rector, US2002021300, ARC Prestige/Audits: 40 R

Angelia Rexwinkle, US2002021160, ARC Events (SCARE Lead): 40R

RST Staff (Waiting on Report)Logan Boatfield US2002021674, RST Duties –

ARST’s Need WW#’s

Brian Ward, ARST Changeling Duties –

Josh Rexwinkle, ARST C/A –

Frank Vento, ARST Sabbat –

David Brousard, ARST Mage –

Cat Williams, ARST Shifters –

Nancy Gray, ARST Arkansas –

John (BJ) Thompson, ARST Texas –

Patrick Neff, ARST Louisiana –


Regional Prestige Awards

Reporting: Chapter reports will be filed on by the 1st of the month. Domain reports will be filed by the 7th. ARC reports by the 10th. All Chapter and Domain level officers reporting on time will receive the standard 40 prestige in the form of 38 general and 2 regional. Coordinators reporting late will lose the 2 regional leaving them with 38 general. Chapter Coordinators failing to report 3 months in a row will be removed from their positions and restricted from any position, which requires reporting for a minimum of 3 months. The amount of time of this restriction may vary.

Coordinators—Report status goes to yellow after two months of non-reporting rather than three—that is a change at the national level.

Solitary Chapters

AR002 Warrior’s Twilight – Kim Gillow, US2002022212 – On Time 07/01, 38g 2r

AR010 Edge of Oblivion – Michael “Oddessy” Hill, US 2002056076 – Late 07/02, 38g

LA001 Nox Mortis – David McFarland, US2002021931 – On Time 06/30, 38g 2r

LA002 Nights of the Red Tables – Daniel Romanowsky, US2002116868 – On Time 07/01, 38g 2r

OK005 Twilight’s Dawn – Michael Dills US2002034336– No Report, 0g

TX044 Desert Moon – Becky Bedwell, US2002022757 – On Time 07/01, 38g 2rTX051 Infinite Improbabilities – Patrick Lene’ US2002023270 – On Time 07/01, 38g 2r

TX055 Killeen Fields – Holli Hensley, US2002034112- Late 07/09, 38g

Domain StructuresARD02 Shadowed Towers – Aaron Coleman US2002023336 – On Time 07/03, 38g 2rAR003 Crimson Tear Society – Folded Into Domain

AR004 Draconus Nocturnus – Folded into Domain

ARD03  Triumvirate of One – Doug Clark, US2002023877 – On Time 07/07, 38g 2rAR005 Little Rock by Night – Howell Herrin, US20020034609 – On Time 07/01, 38g 2r

AR006 Fettered Dreams – Lori Ford – US2002023746 – On Time 07/01, 38g 2r

AR007 Kings and Pawns- Katherine Ray US2002076329 – On Time 6/30, 38g 2 r

ARD08 Ravens Dive – Casey Cummings, US2003011073 – On Time 07/04, 38g 2 r

No Chapters

ARD09 Evilweevils – Alicia Obies US2002127017 – On Time 07/07, 38g 2r

No Chapters

LAD03 Blood, Fire & Fidelity – Leslea Cross, US2002022044 – On Time 06/30, 38g 2r

No Chapters

LAD06 Vinetum Noctis – Russ Danna, US2002022100 – On Time 07/02, 38g 2r

LA004 Vin Rouge – Kathy Amende US2002022637 – On Time 06/30, 38g 2r

LA005 Vin Blanc – Mark Hill, US2002022301 – On Time 07/01, 38g 2r

OKD01 Native Nights – Mitchell Remy, US2002034744 – On Time 07/07, 38g 2r

OK001 Onyx Chronicles – Raymond Donaldson, US2002034004 – No Report, 0gOK002 Death, Deceit, & Diablerie- Shawn Haney US2002023552 -On Time 07/01, 38g 2rOK009 Fair Escape – Adam Mesker, US2002066232 – On Time 07/01, 38g 2r

OKD10 OKC – Angela Rexwinkle US2002021160 – On Time 07/07, 38g 2r

OK006 Forest of Not Bloody Likely- Brad McLaren US2002034942- On Time 07/01, 38g 2r

OK007 Totenheim – Sean Stoneman, US2002056044 – Late 07/03, 38g

OK003 The Lost Colony – David Watson, US2002034261– On Time 07/01, 38g 2r

TXD01  Bryan/College Station – Brian Peltier, US2003017088 – Late 07/10, 38gTX001 Ruby Chalice – Chris Edwards US2002022882 – On Time 07/01, 38g 2rTX005 Chapter X – Steven “Posh” Statham US2002023726 – Late 07/02, 38g

TX038 Expletive Deleted – Jeremy Wood, Pending – No Report, 0g

TXD02  Eighth Legion – David Lundy – On Time 07/06, 38g 2rTX025 Rabid Roach – Keith Tate – US2002023156 – On Time 07/01, 38g 2r

TXD03  Civitas de Immortalis – Hans Watson – No Report, 0gTX013 Sable Rose – Patrick Chandler US2002022160 – On Time 06/30, 38g, 2rTX016 Nocturnal Illuminatus – Haleigh Watson US2002021188 – On Time 07/01, 38g 2rTX021 Silver Path – Melissa Johnson US2002022967 – No Report, 0g

TXD12 Buried Hatchets – Chris White – On Time 07/07, 38g 2rTX002 Domus Sangreal – July Dodson US2002022311 – Late 07/02, 38g

TX003 Casa de los Waffles – Shaista Mohammed US2002021785 – Late 07/09, 38gTX018 Garden of Thorns – Michael Cowan US2002022457 – Late 38gTX052 Decadent Deviants – Beth Peters US2002034092 – On Time 07/01, 38g 2r

TX053 Chapter V – Christopher S. Karstens, US2002034450 – On Time 07/01, 38g 2r

TXD13 Structured Dreams – Kelly Meine US2002021517 – On Time 07/06, 38g 2rNo Chapters

TXD62 West Texas Improv Society – Lawrence Westfall, US2002034288 – On Time 07/07, 38g 2r (National Received this report but Regional did not)

No Chapters

TXD64 Silent Redemption – Ricky Kramer US2002034170 – On Time 07/01, 38g 2r

No Chapters

TXD65 No Witnesses Julie Graham US2002022036 – 07/07 On Time, 38g 2r

TX014 Dark Sovereigns – Ben Pomerantz US2002023278 – No Report, 0g

TX023 Rage Across Sixth Street – April Porter, US2002045539 – On Time 06/30, 38g 2rTX029 Iron Orchid – Monty Montgomery US2002022348 – On Time 06/30, 38g 2r

Pending chapters


Pending domains



South Central Regional Coordinator ReportJune 2003

**************** Part III ***


Solitary Chapter StatusStatus: GreenLast Report Filed:  7/01/03

Chapter Code#:  AR002 Warrior’s TwilightChapter E-Mail Contact: ravyn538@aol.comChapter Address: 256 Bailey Drive, Fayetteville, AR 72701Chapter Coordinator:  Kim Gillow, US2002022212Date Office Gained:  October 2001Ordeals Passed:  PendingChapter Web Page: None

Status: Green

Last Report Filed: 7/02/03

Chapter Code: AR010 Edge of Oblivion

Chapter Email Contact:

Chapter Address: 1004 1/2 Garrison Ave Fort Smith, Ar 72902

Chapter Coordinator: Michael “Oddessy” Hill, US 2002056076

Date Office Gained: December 2002

Ordeals Passed: None

Chapter Web Page: None

Status: Green  Last Report Filed:  6/30/03

Chapter Code: LA001 Nox MortisChapter E-Mail Contact:  nox_mortis_coord@hotmail.comChapter Address: 121 Evangeline Dr. Natchitoches, La. 71457Chapter Coordinator:  Michael Johnson, 2002006264Date office Gained:  May 2003Ordeals Passed:  NoneChapter Web Page: http://noxmortis.fpol.netStatus: GreenLast Report Filed: 7/01/03

Chapter Code:  LA002 Nights of the Red Tables

Chapter E-Mail Contact:

Chapter Address: 301 East Reynolds Dr. Apt. 11a Ruston La 71270-2834

Chapter Coordinator:  Daniel Romanowsky US2002116868Date Office Gained: June 2003Ordeals Passed: NoneChapter Web Page:

Status: Black

Last Report Filed: 6/7/02

Chapter Code: OK005 Twilight’s Dawn

Chapter Email Contact:

Chapter Address: 2101 SW 38th #154, Lawton, OK 73505

Chapter Coordinator: Michael Dills US2002034336

Date Office Gained: 3/02

Ordeal Passed: None

Chapter Web Page: Under construction.

Status: GreenLast Report Filed:  7/01/03Chapter Code:  TX044 Desert MoonChapter Email Contact: Beckyrhae@cox.netChapter Address:  P.O. Box 13022 Odessa, TX 79760-3022Chapter Coordinator:  Becky Bedwell, US2002022757 Date Office Gained:  August 2002Ordeals Passed:  Tome Chapter Web Page:

Status: GreenLast Report Filed:  7/01/03

Chapter Code:  TX051 Infinite ImprobabilitiesChapter Email Contact: iimpcc@yahoo.comChapter Address:  P.O. Box 2226, Winnie, TX 77665Chapter Coordinator:  Patrick LeneDate Office Gained: March 2003Ordeals Passed: None

Chapter Web Page: Under Construction

Status: Yellow

Last Report Filed: 7/09/03

Chapter Code: TX055 Killeen Fields

Chapter Email Contact:

Chapter Address: ?

Chapter Coordinator: Holli Hensley, US2002034112

Date Office Gained: July 2003

Ordeals Passed: None

Chapter Web Page:

Domain Structures:

Status:  GreenLast Report Filed: 7/05/03Domain Code:  ARD02 Shadowed TowersDomain Email Contact: dc@mail.shadowed-towers.comDomain Mailing Address: 1204 Links Circle Apt #12, Jonesboro, Arkansas, 72404Domain Coordinator:  Aaron Coleman US2002023336Ordeals Passed: NoneDate Office Gained:  June 2003Domain Web Page:  http://www.shadowed-towers.comStatus:  Folded Into Domain

Last Report Filed: 5/08/03

Chapter Code: AR003 Crimson Tear SocietyChapter Email Contact: cris@shadowed-towers.comChapter Address:  717 Valley Drive, Jonesboro, AR 72401

Chapter Coordinator: Cristy Hundley, US2002022255Date Office Gained: December 2002Ordeals Passed:  Tome, ChaptersChapter Web Page: http://www.shadowed-towers.comStatus: Folded Into Domain

Last Report Filed: 3/29/03

Chapter Code: AR004 Draconus Nocturnus

Chapter Email Contact:

Chapter Address: Lisa Ward, 310 CR 317, Bono, AR 72416

Chapter Coordinator: Lisa Ward US (Pending)

Date Office Gained: March 2002

Ordeals Passed: Tome

Chapter Web Page:

Status: Green

Last Report Filed:  7/07/03

Domain Code:  ARD03 Triumvirate of OneDomain Email Contact: marlontheshank@hotmail.comDomain mailing Address: 211 Grant 532, Sheridan, AR 72150DC:  Doug Clark, US2002023877Date Gained: August 2001Ordeals Passed: Tome, ChaptersDomain Web Page: Green Last Report Filed:  7/01/03

Chapter Code:  AR005 Little Rock By NightChapter Email Contact: Ghideon@aol.comChapter Address: 56 AppleYard Road, Conway, Arkansas 72032Chapter Coordinator: Howell Herrin, US 20020034609Date Office Gained: April 2002Ordeals Passed: NoneChapter Web Page:

Status: Green  Last Report Filed: 7/01/03

Chapter Code:  AR006 Fettered Dreams

Chapter Email Contact: minstrilgirl@hotmail.comChapter Address: 2001 reservoir road, tamarack pines, #38Chapter Coordinator: Lori Ford, US2002023746

Date Office Gained: October 2002Ordeals Passed: NoneChapter Web Page: NoneStatus: Green Last Report Filed: 6/30/03

Chapter Code:  AR007 Kings and Pawns Chapter Email Contact: bladededge@yahoo.comChapter Address: 14 Echo Point, Little Rock, Arkansas 72210Chapter Coordinator:  Katherine Ray, US2002021535

Date Office Gained: May 2003Ordeals Passed: NoneChapter Web Page:

Status:  GreenLast Report Filed: 7/04/03

Domain Code: ARD08 Raven’s DiveDomain Email Contact: thequinnhathcome@yahoo.comDomain Address: 620 Baylor, West Memphis, AR 72301Domain Coordinator: Casey Cummings, US2003011073Date Office Gained:  June 2003Ordeals Passed:  NoneDomain Web Page:

Status: Green  Last Report Filed: 7/07/03

Domain Code: ARD09 Evil WeevilsDomain Email Contact:

Domain Address: 647 W Trotter #2; Monticello, AR 71655

Domain Coordinator: Alicia Obies US2002127017

Date Office Gained: May 2003Ordeals Passed: NoneDomain Web Page:

Status: GreenLast Report Filed: 6/30/03

Domain Code: LAD03 Blood Fire and Fidelity Domain Email Contact: BF_FDC@hotmail.comDomain Address: 389 Bodcau Station RD. Haughton, LA 71037Domain Coordinator: Leslea Cross US2002022044Date Office Gained: 5/25/2003Ordeals Passed: Tome & ChaptersDomain Web Page:

Status: Green Last Report Filed: 07/02/03

Domain Code: LAD06 Vinetum NoctisDomain Email Contact:

Domain Address: 105 Westwood Dr. Apt. 268 Lafayette, LA 70506

Domain Coordinator: Russ Danna, US2002022100

Date Office Gained: May 2003

Ordeals Passed: Tome

Domain Web Page:

Status:  GreenLast Report Filed: 6/30/03

Chapter Code: LA004 Vin RougeChapter Email Contact: opal@datasync.comChapter Address: 1309 Carrollton Apt 206, Metairie, LA 70005

Chapter Coordinator: Kathy Amende, US2002022637Date Office Gained: 2/03Ordeals Passed: Tome, Chapters, Narration, CreationChapter Web Page:

Status: GreenLast Report Filed: 7/01/03

Chapter Code: LA005 Vin BlancChapter Email Contact: geredan@yahoo.comChapter Address: 1309 Carrollton Apt 206, Metairie, LA 70005

Chapter Coordinator: Mark Hill, US2002022301Date Office Gained: March 2003

Ordeals Passed: Tome, Chapters, Narration, Creation

Chapter Web Page:

Status: Green 

Last Report Filed: 7/07/03

Domain Code:  OKD01 Native NightsDomain Email Contact: Domain Mailing Address: 1703 N. Norwood Ave, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74115 DC: Mitchell Remy, US2002034744Date Office Gained:  September 2001Ordeals Passed: NoneDomain Web Page: GreenLast Report Filed:  5/28/03

Chapter Code: OK001 Onyx ChroniclesChapter Email Contact: triptanous@yahoo.comChapter Address:  833 S. Hall, Stillwater, OK 74074

Chapter Coordinator:  Raymond Donaldson, US2002034004Date Office Gained: March 2003Ordeals Passed: NoneChapter Web Page: GreenLast Report Filed:  7/01/03

Chapter Code: OK002 Death, Deceit, and DiablerieChapter Email Contact: Fats3287@hotmail.comChapter Address: 7450 S. 58th W. Ave, Tulsa, OK, 74131

Chapter Coordinator:  Shawn Haney US2002023552Date Office Gained:  Oct 2002Ordeals Passed: NoneChapter Web Page:

Status: GreenLast Report Filed: 7/01/03

Chapter Code: OK009 Fair EscapeChapter Email Contact: fairescapecc@yahoo.comChapter Address: ?

Chapter Coordinator: Adam Mesker, US2002066232

Date Office Gained: December 2002Ordeals Passed: NoneChapter Web Page:

Status: GreenLast Report Filed: 7/07/03Domain Code: OKD10 OKCDomain Email Contact:

Domain Address: 1153 East Brooks Street; Norman, OK 73071

Domain Coordinator: Angela Rexwinkle, US202021160

Date Office Gained: June 2003

Ordeals Passed: Tome, Chapters, Narration

Domain Web Page

Status: GreenLast Report Filed:  7/01/03Chapter Code:  OK003 The Lost ColonyChapter Email Contact: maximfpwr1@cox.netChapter Address: 8137 NW 26th Bethany OK 73008Chapter Coordinator:  David Watson, US2002034261Date Office Gained: January 2003Ordeals Passed: NoneChapter Web Page:

Status: Green

Last Report Filed: 7/01/03

Chapter Code: OK006 The Forest of Not Bloody Likely

Chapter Email Contact:

Chapter Address: 1601 High Circle, Norman, OK 73071

Chapter Coordinator: Brad McClaren, US2002034942

Date Office Gained: 10/01/02

Ordeals Passed: None

Chapter Web Page:

Status: Green

Last Report Filed: 7/03/03

Chapter Code: OK007 Totenheim

Chapter Email Contact:

Chapter Address: 612 Bent Tree Rd, Noble, OK 73068

Chapter Coordinator: Sean Stoneman, US2002056044

Date Office Gained: July 2002

Ordeals Passed: None

Chapter Web Page: None

Status: Green Last Report Filed: 7/10/03Domain Code: TXD01 Bryan/College StationDomain Email Contact:

Domain Address: College Station, TX 77840 (Need a physical Address)

Domain Coordinator:  Brian Peltier, US2003017088

Date Office Gained: November 2002Ordeals Passed:  NoneDomain Web Page:

Status: GreenLast Report Filed:  7/01/03

Chapter Code:  TX001 Ruby ChaliceChapter Email Address:  pirate@neo.tamu.eduChapter Address:  1108 Southwest Pkwy #1711, College Station, TX 77840Chapter Coordinator:  Chris Edwards US2002022882Date Office Gained:  Nov 2000Ordeals Passed: Tome, Chapters, Narration, StageChapter Web Page: NoneStatus: Green

Last Report Filed: 7/02/03Chapter Code:  TX005 Chapter XChapter Email Address:

Chapter Address:  1813 C Potomac Place, College Station, Tx 77845Chapter Coordinator: Steven “Posh” Statham US2002023726

Date Office Gained:  May 2002Ordeals Passed: NoneChapter Web Page: NoneStatus: RedLast Report Filed:  3/03/03Chapter Code: TX038 Expletive Deleted Chapter Email Address: Chapter Address:

Chapter Coordinator:  Jeremy WoodDate Office Gained: January 2003Ordeals Passed: NoneChapter Web Page:  <>

Status: GreenLast Report Filed: 07/06/03Domain Code: TXD02 Eighth LegionDomain Email Contact: david_lundy31@hotmail.comDomain Address: 2918 Kings Rd #204, Dallas TX 75219Domain Coordinator:  David LundyDate Office Gained: Feb 2003Ordeals Passed:  NoneDomain Web Page:  http://www.8thlegion.orgStatus: GreenLast Report Filed:  7/01/03Chapter Code:  TX025 Rabid RoachChapter Email Address:  keithy1@ix.netcom.comChapter Address:  P.O. Box 688 Cedar Hill, TX 75104Chapter Coordinator:  Keith Tate, US2002023156Date Office Gained:  04/01/03Ordeals Passed:  NoneChapter Web Page:  None

Status: GreenLast Report Filed:  05/05/03

Domain Code: TXD03 Civitas de ImmortalisDomain Email Contact: Domain Address: 6101 Whitby Apt 1201, San Antonio, TX 78240 Domain Coordinator: Hans Watson

Office Gained: July 2002Ordeals Passed:  Tome, PraxisDomain Web Page: Status: Green

Last Report Filed:  6/02/03

Chapter Code: TX013 Sable RoseChapter Email Address: seanmckay@satx.rr.comChapter Address:  12470 Starcrest #1013, San Antonio, TX 78216Chapter Coordinator: Patrick Chandler, US2002022160Date Office Gained: June 2002Ordeals Passed:  Tome, PraxisChapter Web Page: NoneStatus: RedLast Report Filed: 6/02/03

Chapter Code:  TX021 Silver PathChapter Email Address: Chapter Address:  715 Stadium Drive #874, San Antonio, TX 78212

Chapter Coordinator:  Melissa D. Johnson, US2002022967 Date Office Gained: October 2002Ordeals Passed:  None Chapter Web Page:Status: GreenLast Report Filed:  7/01/03

Chapter Code:  TX016  Nocturnal IlluminatisChapter Email Address:

Chapter Address:  13343 A Water Oak Lane, Austin TX 78729

Chapter Coordinator:  Haleigh Watson, US2002021188Date Office Gained:  July 2002Ordeals Passed:  Tome, Chapters Chapter Web Page:

Status: GreenLast Report Filed:  7/07/03Domain Code: TXD12 Buried HatchetsDomain Email Contact: damian_falkner@hotmail.comDomain Address: 5900 Ranchester #508 Houston, TX 77036Domain Coordinator:  Chris White, US2002021430Date Office Gained:  June 2003Ordeals Passed: NoneDomain Web Page:  http://www.houstoncam.orgStatus: GreenLast Report Filed:  7/02/03

Chapter Code:  TX002 Domus SangrealChapter Email Address: merrikk@juno.comChapter Address: 12801 Royden #410, Houston, Texas 77034Chapter Coordinator:  July Dodson, US2002022311Date Office Gained:  January 2003Ordeals Passed: Tome, Praxis, Thespis, StageChapter Web Page: Green Last Report Filed:  7/09/03Chapter Code:  TX003 Casa de los WafflesChapter Email Address: perkyshai@yahoo.comChapter Address: 2370 triway Houston, TX 77043Chapter Coordinator:  Shaista Mohammed US2002021785 Date Office Gained: September 2001Ordeals Passed: NoneChapter Web Page: NoneStatus: Red (Will be Yellow after the Report is forwarded to National)Last Report Filed: 07/14/03 Chapter Code:  TX018 Garden of ThornsChapter Email Address: mdcowan@houston.rr.comChapter Address: 10626 Sagetrail Dr, Houston, TX 77089

Chapter Coordinator:  Michael Cowan US2002022457Date Office Gained: May 2003Ordeals Passed: Tomb, ChaptersChapter Web Page: GreenLast Report Filed: 7/01/03Chapter Code: TX-052 Decadent DeviantsChapter Email Contact:  peters@rice.eduChapter Address:  1511 Waverly, Houston, TX 77008Chapter Coordinator: Beth Peters US2002034092Date Office Gained: 11/01/01Ordeals Passed:Tome/Chapters/Thespis/WisdomChapter Web Page: Green Last Report Filed: 7/01/03

Chapter Code: TX-053 Chapter VChapter Email Contact:

Chapter Address: 2601 Lazy Hollow Dr. #515; Houston, Texas 77063Chapter Coordinator: Chris Karstens, US2002034450Date Office Gained: June 2003Ordeals Passed: Tome, PraxisChapter Web Page:

Status: Green

Last Report Filed: 7/06/03

Domain Code: TXD13  Structured DreamsDomain Email Contact:  kelly.meine@houstoncam.orgDomain Address:Domain Coordinator: K. Kelly Meine, US2002021517Date Office Gained: May 2003Ordeals Passed: NoneDomain Web Page:

Status: Green

Last Report Filed: No Report to the Regional level

Domain Code: TXD62 West Texas Improv SocietyDomain Email Contact:  Domain Address: Domain Coordinator:  Date Office Gained: Ordeals Passed: Domain Web Page:

Status: Green

Last Report Filed: 7/01/03

Domain Code: TXD64 Silent RedemptionDomain Email Contact:  angelicenvy@hotmail.comDomain Address: 7587 Circle One, Orange, Texas 77632Domain Coordinator:  Ricky Kramer, US2002034170Date Office Gained: December 2002Ordeals Passed: Tome, Chapters, Thespis, StageDomain Web Page:

Status:  Green

Last Report Filed: 7/07/03

Domain Code: TXD65 No WitnessesDomain Email Contact:  annelise13@yahoo.comDomain Address: 2712 Settlement Dr., Round Rock, TX 78664

Domain Coordinator:  Julie Graham, US2002022036Date Office Gained: January 2003Ordeals Passed: ?Domain Web Page: None

Status: RedLast Report Filed:  6/01/03

Chapter Code: TX014 Dark SovereignsChapter Email Address: Chapter Address:  2712 Settlement, Round Rock, TX 78664Chapter Coordinator:  Ben Pomerantz Need WW#Date Office Gained:Ordeals Passed:Chapter Web Page:

Status:  Green Last Report Filed: 6/30/03

Chapter Code:  TX023  Rage Across Sixth StreetChapter Email Address: cc_rass@yahoo.comChapter Address: 3101 Wells Branch Pkwy. #829, Austin TX 78728Chapter Coordinator: April Porter, US2002045539Date Office Gained: Dec 2002Ordeals Passed: NoneChapter Web Page:

Status: Green

Last Report Filed:  6/30/03

Chapter Code:  TX029 Iron Orchid

Chapter Email Address: skin_dancer@hotmail.comChapter Address: 2800 Lafrontera #2045; Round Rock, TX 78681

Chapter Coordinator:  Monty Montgomery US2002022348Date Office Gained:  2/1/03Ordeals Passed: Amaranth, Praxis, and ThespisChapter Web Page:


*** Part IV ***


Solitary Members

Regional MC 9+ Listing

MC Reviews Completed/In Progress

Solitary Members


Regional MC 9+ Listing Note to Coordinators: All Independent Chapter Audits (including the CC’s from MC 1-14) go to Leslea Cross (Independent Chapters). If an Indy member is being audited they go to Leslea Cross and then myself. All DC audits go to Leslea Cross as well. MC 9-14 audits that are not from Independent Chapters go straight to me, Janeka Rector; also any requests for MC grant go to me as well. June 2003 Current MC 9+ list for the SC Region as follows: <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> MC9 Joe Baker Stephan BeardanTodd Branch Shawn Cavitt Christy Cleveland Laura Cowan Kevin Daiber Scott Danby Grant Davis Brandi Dunn William Duvic Ray Ennis Amy Freeburg Cory Gray Rick Gullikson Josh Handel Beckye Harper John Hidalgo Cristy Hundley James Huskey William (Billy) Lucas Billy Martinez Donna Molsbee Jennifer Horton Morgan Frank Parker James Potter Janeka RectorBrandon Riley Tommy Russell Bert Sanders John Sanders Wes Satterlee Kat Sherman Richard Singleton Jim Sloan David Lee Smith Cat Williams Matthew Williams Melissa Wilson MC 10 David Burgess Aaron Capps Jason Covington Brandi Dunn Christopher Edwards John HallScott Hefner Ricky Kramer David Morgan Rebecca Simpson Ben Schlitt Jon Tucker Erin Warren Haleigh Watson MC 11 David Broussard Michael Cowan Sandra Elliot Stephen Gergeni Heather Harrelson Patrick Haughton Wesley Lunsford Chris Molsbee Evan Odensky Shane Wells MC 12 Roberta Broussard Roy Cabaniss Nick Elliott Julie Graham Eric Moore Matt Ragan Ken Reinertson David Sanzgari Michael Teegarden MC 13 Logan Boatfield John Delozier Brad Gunnels Jackson Roberts Corey Segall MC 14 Jennifer Kellam Seth Manzar Dan Schmitt —————————————————– MC Reviews Completed/In Progress Total Audits in Queue Currently: 6 (ANC Prestige has 2)Total Audits Completed: 2Audits Approved: 2 Stephan Beardan (MC9), John Hall (MC10)Audits Denied: 0Audits Pending at this time: 6Kat Sherman (MC 10) B/c of MC9 Grant previous prestige hasn’t been audited, am auditing and correcting totals before starting MC 10 review.  This way things will be smoother for future audits. Doug Clark (MC 9)Audit given to assistant, should be completed by Aug 1st.Corey Segall (MC 14) Audit given to assistant, should be completed by Aug 1st.Leslea Cross (MC 7) Audit almost completed, should be done by July 21st. Shane Wells (MC 12) Should be completed by Aug 1st. Jonathon Lozier (MC 9) Should be completed by Aug 15th.

Sandra Elliot and Leah Montgomery’s audits are both with Kathy Emerson and I was told by her that I should be receiving that information shortly. Leah is able to resubmit to Neka if she desires, but Sandra’s will have to stay at nationals. Sandra’s audit is pending a few verifications that I am getting the details of at the moment.Target turn around time for audits: 30-45 days at the longest. Why? Some will take less time if they’re easy to research without outstanding difficulties. Others require extensive research and adjustment.  Notes: I understand there are Audits that are still pending that I do not have. If a member of your Domain is not on my pending list though you know they are awaiting audit, please contact me ASAP. It’s possible they are being audited by the ANC office as I’m still tracking those audits down.When sending audits, if you or your members would be so kind as to send emails or the URLs that verify said prestige, the audit will run much more quickly.


South Central Regional Coordinator ReportJune 2003


*** Part V ***


ARC Report Summary

Regional Projects

Regional Lists/Website

Regional Newsletter

ARC Report Summary


ARC Administration Summary – Ricky Kramer


Nothing that couldn’t be handled.


Updating Regional Report with current information

– Completed (for everybody who responded to my inquiries or reported)

Getting our Region up to date on Current Prestige Guidelines/Reporting


– Ongoing

Looking into finishing the massive project of alphabetizing and databasing

all the Regional prestige ever awarded in the SC Region

– Ongoing (Hired temporary help to complete this task)

Tracking down Chapters about to go Red/Black to get them back to reporting

– Ongoing


Those about to go Red (please report next month!)

TX038 Expletive Deleted – Jeremy Wood, Pending

TX021 Silver Path – Melissa Johnson US2002022967

TX014 Dark Sovereigns – Ben Pomerantz US2002023278

Those about to go Black (please report ASAP before your Chapter is closed!)

TX018 Garden of Thorns – Jennifer Tucker US2002021902 (Update- Reported on the 14th)

Those that are Black (report to save your chapter ASAP!)

OK005 Twilight’s Dawn – Michael Dills US2002034336

Prestige Recommendations:

Kelly Meine – SC-Region Web/Technology

10R in Admin (For General Help Questions & OOC list tracking)

15R in Web Design (Web site maintenance

– Please send us an update of the ooc tracked lists soon

– When you get a chance we still need those contacts I sent to you added to

the web page

Charles Riordan – SC-Region Publications

10R in Admin (Sanctuary Preparations, more to be awarded in months Sanctuary

will be published)

– Keep on as you have been, one more reminder before the 18th as usual.


ARC Events Summary – Angela Rexwinkle


I have tried to contact the Sales representative at La

Quinta 3 times since Kelley BH informed me that the

contract has been signed and sent in.  The sales

office has not returned my messages.  I believe the

contract has been received, but I would like to

confirm this and the comp room rates. 

I’d like a rough estimate of how many we expect to be

at scare. I’ve been told 220. I just wonder if that is

too few. I’ll make enough badges for 250-300. Is that

enough? What about program booklets?

Some of my team leads aren’t really as active as I

would like. Hopefully I will see improvement soon.

We only have enough space for four venues. I would

like to put up a poll to see which venue (mage or

changeling) people would rather play. I’m working on

getting that on the scare website.




-Working on pre-reg for the white wolf site. I’ve sent

info to Kelley, Conrad, and the Cam-tech guy.

-We’ve raised $586 from fund raising in OKC.

-Spent $250 on a deposit for the hotel. This is part

of the $750 that we need for the meeting rooms. This

means we have $336 remaining in the account. We need

to raise $164 more to pay off the meeting rooms.

-Arranging a weekly meeting for scare. Anyone who is

interested in helping can join in the chat channel.

I’d like to have this on Sunday nights on IRC. The

channel’s name will be #scare2k4

-I’m speaking with a few Domain Coordinators about

collecting donations for scare. I’m hoping that

several domains will pitch in and donate either cash

or preferrably items to scare. We will need soda,

water, batteries, walkies, boxes for filing papers in,

digital cameras for the photo team, and lots of

decorations. The list will grow as we get closer to


-I’ve gotten a little info from the RVST’s about their

plot ideas. Frank has a pretty good idea of what he

wants. I think Cat does as well. Still waiting on Josh

for c/a ideas..

-I’ve hired all but the security team lead positions.

Team leads are as follows:

Kenny Barrios- Fund Raising

Brett Washam- Hospitality

Kerry Beckett- Floor Coord

Jennifer Cross- Vendors

Kim Gallows- Charities

Crystal Remy- OOC Registration

Cody Dobbs- Photography

Kelly Phillips- Info/Web

Storytelling/IC Check In- RST Staff

Will Sample- Security

Everything else- Angela Rexwinkle

-Our rough estimate at a budget (after pricing

eveything) is as follows:

  750 meeting space

  175 booklets (200)

   60 badges (250)

  200 hospitality food

   50 batteries, pens, paper

  100 walkies (20)

  259 t-shirts (48)

  Total: 1794

-These are the ideas for the vendor’s table prices

from Jenni Cross

  Half Table, 1 badge $15

  1 Table, 1 badge $20

  1 Table, 2 badges $30

  2 Tables, 2 badges $40

  2 Tables, 3 badges $50

  3 Tables, 3 badges $60

  Extra badges – $10

  Con Entrance = $10

  Cost per 1/2 Table = $5

  1/2 Table ($5) + 1 Badge ($10) = $15

  flat rate, no discount

  1 Table ($10) + 1 Badges ($10) = $20

  flat rate, no discount

  1 Table ($10) + 2 Badges ($20) = $30

  2 Tables ($20) + 2 Badges ($20)  = $40

  2 Tables ($20) + 3 Badges ($30) = $50

  3 Tables ($30) + 3 Badges ($30)  = $60


Though it is not a regional event, I would like to

mention news about Winterfest and other multi-domain

events here. As far as this year’s winterfest, the

staff is looking for a hotel that fits their needs and

budget. No other multi-domain events have been brought

forward yet.

Prestige Recommendations:

Chazz Mahan US2002021975 – 5r (Administration,

SC-Region charities)

Jennifer Cross US2002023750- 5r (Pre-Event, Team Lead

vendors work)

David Watson US2002034261- 6r (Pre-Event, donations to

scare fund raising twice)

Cody Dobbs US2002023901- 5r (Pre-Event, photographs of

the site for pre-scare work)

Kenneth Barrios US2002023081- 6r (Pre-Event, donations

to scare fund raising twice)

Josh Rexwinkle US2002021163- 8r (Pre-Event, donations

to scare fund raising twice, ran a dark ages game fund

raiser for scare)


ARC Arbitration- Will Sample


There are currently no unresolved difficulties pertaining to my office.  With

some minor clarifications, everything seems to be running smoothly.


Creation of a Questionaire format to allow for informed decision making on

appeals and or complaints is ongoing. 


Getting things going  has been a little slow. Thanks to a little bit of

dillegence and some good luck, at least one problem has been averted before

escalation to the regional level.  Availability seems to be helping people feel

more open and supported by the region. I’ve gotten a lot of good feedback from

folks who are hopeful that the region is back on the upswing.

The less busy I am, the happier everyone should be. Eventually, it would be nice

if Kerry could just say  ‘We don’t need you any more, everyone is happy.’  –

maybe not plausible, but I do try to keep hope alive.

Prestige Recommendations:

None at this time. 


Audits/PrestigeJaneka Rector SC ARC- US2002021300Summary:  Getting off to a good start as I learn more about the process of auditing.  I’m hoping to have things run smoothly soon. I just found an assistant Ben Gibbs, so that will be a great help.  Problems: There are a few audits that are being done by the ANC Prestige office, I am not currently up to date as to their status. Trying to get track of other audits previously sent up that haven’t reached my desk yet.  There’s a member who’s transferred from the EC region whose prestige hasn’t been verified by the RC there. Am working to get verification to assist the CC/DCs in this.Projects: Updating the MC 9+ list. If anyone finds names missing, have your DC contact me ASAP at .Prestige Recommendations:None


SC Region Independent Members and Chapters Coordinating Officer – Leslea


Report: July 12, 2003


None so far, everything looking good


Teach CC’s how to audit so they don’t put audits up that are needless for

their chapters.  I’ve found some CC’s that didn’t even have copies of the

2001 Addendums.  We are working on fixing that and educating the newer CC’s

that are out there on the rules that weren’t listed in the addendums that

Kelly set down in 2002.  Everything is going great so far.

Trying to get everyone to where they won’t have a problem getting reports in

on time, working well with all of them, seeing some great comments from CC’



Is there a list of Indy members, I only have one that has reported to me,

and I know there must be one or two more.

Indy Chapters:

Bob Browning; US200202249: Denied MC 7 (6 still)

Michael “Oddessy” Hill; US2002056076: Approved, MC 5

Chris Gillow; US2002021665: Approved, MC 8

Kim Gillow; US2002022212: Denied MC 7 (6 still)

Mike McCullough; US2002022103: Denied MC 8 (7 still)



Mitchell Remy US2002034744: Denied; MC 6 Loaned

Prestige Recommendations:

Christina Currington: US2003031344; Organizations Service: Special Jobs: 10

G  Printing off with personal paper 21 audit sheets (because my printer

died) so I could do my audits efficiently and professionally.


SC-Technologies – K. Kelly MeineProblems:Well, just this second, my ftp client won’t connect to the server.  ButI’m going to try with Internet Explorer instead.  Other than that, I’mmostly good.Projects:Currently working on content for the page.  Just finished redesigningfrom the old design and archiving the info from the old page, as well asthe geocities site.  That way, if there is any old information thatsomeone needs to access, they can just go to the archived sites until Ican put all of that info into the new format.Also, working on putting together a database for all of the trackedlists, and the list mods, and all of that combined information.  Once Ihave that completed, I will put that on the e-mail list section of theweb page.Also will be eventually proposing to the list mods that they move theirlists over to the WW servers.  Miscellaneous:Ummm… things are working better now that I got extra ram and hookedthe computer up to the DSL? =)  Woot!Prestige Recommendations:Am working on this.  Can I recommend back dated prestige for DavidBroussard and Robert Harrold for hosting respectively?Will be posting an addendum for list mod prestige once I have everyone’sinformation.  How far can I backdate on this?


SC Charities- Charles Mahan US2002021975Summary:Just started, nothing to reportProblems:None yet.Projects:Clothing drive.  Waiting for the green light on that one.Miscellaneous:Can I call myself the SC Charities Director?  *shrug*  Just sounds cool.  ;)Prestige Recommendations:None


SC-Region Publications – Charles Riordan (US2002021678)Problems:I can’t say that there are any at current time. Its just a matter ofpicking and choosing which articles to include in this month’s issue.Projects:Waiting on word back from Kelly Meine on integration of informationprovided into the website. I’m mildly curious if I should just email herwith the posts and information.Currently awaiting last minute submissions (deadline for this month’sissue is the 18th) to arrive; I did flub up a little bit, and neglect tomention the preferred email address in my last post (Working on a standardemail for it, so as not to be ab-libbed all the time).Miscellaneous:I don’t have a degree in creative writing, and as such, I’m not qualifiedto “critique” in a professional manner… I wish people would realize this=PPrestige Recommendations:Prestige recommendations are forthcoming, as not all submissions have beenreceived for this month’s issue; if it is possible, I can hold off onrecommending prestige until the 20th, at latest? This way, all prestigegranted goes out at once, to be distributed at the same time.


Regional Newsletter – Kerry Beckett, South Central Regional Coordinator Howdy Region! As you have noticed, I have elected my entire regional staff. We have been hard at work trying to turn things around for the region. I hope you have all had the opportunity to visit the SCARE 2k4 website! Online registration will be added as soon as possible! Several SCARE event leads have been announced, so its up to our wonderful region to volunteer and make this happen! The website is: Sanctuary is also coming out this month!  Submission deadline is the 18th, be watching the South Central Regional List for further updates! James Nester announced a new National Blood drive this month in conjunction with other blood drives being run this week.  Please participate in this drive, many people in our region have benefited from blood donations and many will benefit from them in the future.  I have contacted him to see if there are alternative means of donation for those who cannot donate blood. [Edit: James has posted alternate means of donating for this event if you are unable to give blood.]The regional prestige is currently being compiled into one comprehensive file.  Look forward to easy audits in the very near future! I still have office hours every evening on mIRC after 3pm CST.  Please take advantage of that time to ask me questions. Listed below are the following persons that have assisted me greatly over the past month. Prestige Awarded by SC RC: Stephen Bearden, US2002023054 – Administration, 20 R End of SC RC Regional Newsletter. Regards, Kerry Beckett South Central Regional Coordinator US2002023647


*** Part VI ***


Regional Event Prestige

Concerns/Problems of Note/Prestige corrections

Disciplinary Action


AR002, Warrior’s Twilight


James Crowder II: VST’s can not get prestige for Indy Chapter meetings

Cory Grey: VST’s can not get prestige for Indy Chapter meetings

ARD02, Shadowed Towers


Several People: Prestige cannot awarded for attending Socials, only putting them on. Please remove this prestige from those it was awarded to.

AR006, Fettered Dreams


Lorita Ford: Attended Social Events x2 (10) Prestige for going to parties? Unless they were also official meetings a member cannot be rewarded prestige for attending socials.

Timothy Hinshaw: Attended Social Events x2 (10) Prestige for going to parties? Unless they were also official meetings a member cannot be rewarded prestige for attending socials.

AR010 Edge of Oblivion


Terrence Mobley: Meeting prestige is capped at 10/month

LAD03, Blood, Fire & Fidelity


Leslea Cross: DC of LA-003-D, BF&F 50g, please change this to 38g 2 r

Dale Lofton: DST, BF&F 45g, please change this to 40g (38g 2r if he reports on time)

LA-004, Vin Rouge


Justin Merrell: VST’s do not get prestige for Domain Meetings

TX002 Domus Sangreal

Regional Awards

Joel Morris: Security at Not SCared: 30 30

Joel Morris: ST work at not scared: 5 5

Ben Schlitt: Not-Scared Prestige: 40g 40r

Lee Wilson: NotSCare Security Lead: 30 30

TXD02 Eighth Legion


Stephen Brown: 18g 2r for VST? Who awarded the 2 regional?

TX-013, Sable Rose

Regional Awards

Flanagan Charles: 10 pts — Regional — — Hospitality — Not Scared

Robledo, Xavier: 10 pts — Regional — — Hospitality — Not Scared

TXD13, Structured Dreams 

Regional Awards

Brian, Kevin: Not SCaREd Prestige, 30 R 30 G

Castrianni, Valerie: Not SCaREd, 10 R, 10 G

Lamber, James “Andy”: Not SCaREd, 5 R, 5 G

Meine,K. Kelly: Not SCaREd, 25 R, 25 G

Vaughan, Lindsey: Not-SCARED, 20r 20g

TX-016, Nocturnal Illuminatus


Many: Meeting prestige is capped at 10, please lower those who were given more.

Regional Awards

Christopher Martin Coulter: 20 R, 20 G – Not Scared

Timothy Pohl: Not Scared- 15 R, 15 G

Haleigh Watson: 35 R, 35 G -Not Scared

Hans Watson: Not Scared- 20 R, 20 G

TX-023, Rage Across 6th Street

Regional Awards

Brian Ward: Regional for ARST Changeling (Amount not yet announced)

    Brian Ward: ST Cam/Anarch – Not SCaREd – 10 Open, 10 Regional

    Brian Ward: ST Garou – Not SCaREd – 10 Open, 10 Regional

    Brian Ward: ST Changeling – Not SCaREd – 10 Open, 10 Regional

April D. Porter: Pre-Event for Not SCaREd (Nov. 2002) – 10 Regional

   April D. Porter: Donation – Auction for Not SCaREd – 10 Regional

   April D. Porter: Volunteer – Dealer’s Room at Not SCaREd – 5 Regional

April D. Porter: Web Development Team Lead for Not SCaREd (Nov.

2002) – 25 Open, 25 Regional

Jacob Williamson: Photo Team for Not SCaREd – 15 Regional

    Jacob Williamson: Clean-up After Game for Not SCaREd –5 Regional

    Jacob Williamson: Donate Materials for Not SCaREd –5 Regional


Jeff Montondon: ACC’s cannot receive prestige for Chapter Meetings

April: Can you move to the National template the Chuck posts every month for reporting?

TX025, Rabid Roach


Keith Tate: Please change CC Prestige to 38g 2 r for months you reported on time and 38g for those you didn’t.

TX029, Iron Orchid


Leah Montgomery: 50 GoodWill Donations, Only 30/charity can be gained in a single month.

Monty Montgomery: 50 GoodWill Donations, Only 30/charity can be gained in a single month.

TX053, Chapter V

Regional Awards

Chris White: Not SCARED Photo team, 25G 25R

Chris White: Not SCARED NPC for Cam/Anarch, 5G 5R

Chris White: Not SCARED IC Check in, 5G 5R

TXD64, Silent Redemption

Regional Awards

Lacey Fellers: Not Scared 25 G 25 RBrian Fellers: Not-Scared 25g 25rRicky Kramer: Not-Scared 30g 30r Stephen Bearden: Not Scared prestige = 30 open and 30 regionalRob Espindola: Not Scared Volunteer – OOC check-in 5g 5rAndrea Fontenot: Not Scared IC check-in 10g 10rJames Huskey: Not Scared IC check-in 10g 10rJonathan Perkins: Not Scared Volunteer – IC check-in 5g 5r

*** End of Report ***

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