SCRC Report – 2002-08

South Central Regional Coordinator Report
August 2002

Part II
Regional Staff Prestige
Regional Prestige Awards
Coordinator Prestige

Regional Staff Prestige

July 2002

Roberta Broussard US2002021123, AssocRC Administration
James Potter US2002021161, AssocRC Independent
Chapters/Arbitration 20r
Chris Edwards US2002022882, ARC Prestige/Audits  30r
Sandra Elliott US2002021936, ARC Events (SCARE Lead)
Heather Harrelson US2002021927, ARC Social Events
Angela Rexwinkle US2002021160, ARC Web/Communications
John Hall US2002021864, ARC Outreach Oklahoma  30r
Kristin Faulkner US2002022392, ARC Outreach Arkansas
Leslea Cross US2002022044, ARC Outreach Louisiana  30r

David Sanzgiri 9509105, RST Duties (Half a month) –
(waiting for NST report)
Logan Boatfield US2002021674, RST Duties (Half a
month) – (waiting for NST report)

ARST’s (Half a month)
Brian Ward 9903117, ARST Changeling Duties – (need
word from RST)
Frank Vento 9903035, ARST Sabbat Duties – (need word
from RST)
Ken Oswalt 9908022, ARST Solitary Chapters/Members
Duties –  (need word from RST)
Jason Covington 9711051, AARST Spirit Keeper Duties –
(need word from RST)

Regional Prestige Awards

Information on Current Regional charity Drive

In most cities there are shelters that help people,
whether it is for a night or longer. These places
accept donations of small bottles of shampoo,
conditioner, lotion, little bars of soap, etc. The
ones that hotels and motels often put in the rooms for
their guests to use.
I know that a lot of you don’t ever use them, you
carry your own. But the folks in those shelters could
use them.
So here is the deal…

I want some one in each city to act as a collection
point, that person will be responsible for locating
one of these shelters to take the items to, keeping
records of the donation (who and how many items),
reporting the donations, and getting the donations to
the shelter.
For every item donated you (the member donating) will
receive 1 regional prestige, maxing at 10 per month.
Those acting as the local person running it will
receive an additional amount of prestige for every
report filed. (File through your DC)

Remember folks, these are the little travel/hotel size
bottles and bars.

Start date: Today 8/20/02
End date: undetermined
Prestige: 1 regional per item
Max per month: 10 regional

Solitary Chapters

Reporting: Chapter reports
will be filed on by the 1st of the month. Domain
reports will be filed by the 7th. ARC reports by the
10th. All Chapter and Domain level officers reporting
on time will receive the standard 40 prestige in the
form of 38 open and 2 regional. Coordinators reporting
late will receive a 2 prestige deduction for each day
late up to the 7th day
after the report is due. Coordinators reporting more
then 7 days late forfeit their position awarded
prestige for the month.  Chapter Coordinators failing
to report 3 months in a row will be removed from their
positions and restricted from any position, which
requires reporting for a minimum of 3 months. The
amount of time of this restriction may vary.

NOTE TO NATIONAL:  Due to Server problems all CC
reports submitted by
the 3rd (in some cases after 3rd  see notes) are being
considered on
time; please do not penalize CC’s for this to include
their ability to
be awarded 12 national for on time reporting for 6
months.  Thanks.
Also penalties for lateness (CC’s only) are being
enforced at -2 per
day only for this month starting on the 4th.

AR002 Warrior’s Twilight – Kim Gillow – No report 8/8
0 G
AR008 Ravens Dive – Tony Neisler – 0 G No Report
AR009 Evil Weevils – Candi Cabaniss – On Time 8/31
38G, 2R
AR010 Midnight Mandrake – No information
ARxxx Draconus Nocturnus Jody Hart – On Time 9/1 38 G,
2 R (Recommend #
as they have 10 members now)
LA001 Nox Mortis – David McFarland – On time 8/31 – 38
G, 2R
LA002 Nights of the Red Tables -James Ballay-  Late
9/5 36 G
LA003 Legiuncula Ex Sanginis Amaranth (L.e.S.A.)
Leslea Cross On time
8/28 – 38 G, 2 R
LA004 Vin Rouge – Russ Danna – On time (reposted did
not post first
time due to server problems) 9/4 38 G, 2 R
OK003 The Lost Colony – Angela Rexwinkle US2002021160
– No report 8/3 0
OK005 Twilight’s Dawn
OK Die Lebendig Nachte 8/8 none Name change to
TX014 Dark Sovereigns – Ben Pomerantz – 0 G 7/7 No
TX023 Rage Across Sixth Street  – Julie Craig – 0 G No
report 5/10
TX029 I Tappa Vein – Charles Riordan US2002021678 – No
TX036 Crimson Triangle – Lacey Fellers 35 g Late 8/9
TX044 Desert Moon – Wayne Perego – 0 G No Report
TX050 Hearts of Darkness – John Robinson – 0 G No
TX051 Infinite Improbabilities – Paul Tullis – 8/31 38
G, 2 r (Also
received June and July on 8/16)
TX054 Domus Quietum – Kathy Sherman US2002021115 -On
time 8/25 38G, 2R
TX055 Killeen Fields

Domain Structures

ARD02 Shadowed Towers – Kristin Faulkner US2002022392
– On Time 9/7 38
G 2R
AR003 Crimson Tear Society – Tommy Russell,
US2002022389 – On Time 8/25
38G 2r
AR004 Sept of the Silver Moon – Charles Craig
US2002022676 – None 8/3 0
ARxxx Draconus Nocturnus Jody Hart On Time 9/1 38 g, 2

ARD03 Twin Cities – Doug Clark -9/10 Late 34 g
AR005 Little Rock by Night – Wendy Eldridge – 9/1 On
Time 38 G 2r
AR006 Fettered Dreams – Chris Bullock – 8/2 No report
(39 G for July)
AR007 Kings and Pawns- Jamison Huebsch – 8/31 On Time
38 G 2 r

OKD01 Native Nights – Erik Brummal US2002034441 -9/5
On Time 38 G, 2 r

OK001 Onyx Chronicles – Chuck Murphy US2002034369 –
8/31 On Time 38 G
OK002 Twilight Theater (new name) – Jennifer Miller
US2002023406 – 9/4
Late 38 G (Note name change from Twilight Alliance)
OK004 Gaia’s Dream – Raymond Donaldson – 8/13

TXD01 Bryan/College Station – Jess Fazio
US2002034251- On Time  9/4 38
G, 2 R
TX001 Ruby Chalice – Chris Edwards US2002022882 – On
Time 9/1 38 G,2 R
TX005 Chapter X – Steven “Posh” Statham – On Time 9/1
38 G, 2 R (Please
forward his reports to list)
TX038 Expletive Deleted – Jennifer Cross US2002023750
– On Time 9/1 38
2 R

TXD02 Eighth Legion – Patrick Haughton – No report
8/7 0 g
TX009 Burning Moon – No report 8/1 0 g (Please forward
to list)
TX025 Rabid Roach – Rebecca Weston – On Time 9/1 38 G,
2 r

TXD03      Civitas de Immortalis – Jim Sloan
US2002021528 – On Time 9/7
38 G, 2 r
TX010 En Vitae Veritas – Miles Everett US2002022722-
On Time 9/1 38 G,
TX013 Sable Rose – Patrick Chandler – 9/1 On Time 38
g, 2 r
TX016 Nocturnal Illuminatus – Haleigh Watson-9/1 On
Time 38 G, 2 R
TX021 Silver Path – Chris Zaben – 9/1 On Time 38 G, 2

TXD11      Ellis Island – James Huskey – 0 G No Report
TX031 Gathering Storms – Brandon Jarvis -9/7 Late  32
TX042 Gathering Dust – Missy Green – 0 G No Report

TXD12 Buried Hatchets – Judy Craft US2002021353 – On
time 9/7 38G 2r
TX002 Domus Sangreal – Jennifer Horton-Morgan – Late
8/8 32 G
TX003 Casa de los Waffles – Shaista Mohammed – On Time
8/31 38 G 2 r
TX018 Garden of Thorns – Jennifer Tucker – Late 9/8 32
TX052 Decadent Deviants – Elizabeth Peters – On Time
9/1 38 G 2 r
TX053 Chapter V – K. Kelly Meine US2002021517 – On
time 9/1 38 G, 2 R
TX056 Vitae Aeternus -Vacant- No report 8/18 40 G to
Amanda Wilkinson
(Note to National, DC recommends the chapter be

TXD13 Structured Dreams – Lindsey Vaughan
US2002022475 –  On Time 9/5
38 G, 2 r
TX045 House Mysterium – Holli Hensley US2002034112 –
On Time (Server)
6/4 38 G, 2 r
TX049 Dark Haven:  The Lost Innocence – Liz Harvey –
38 G, 2 r  On Time

Pending chapters
AR XXX Draconus Nocturnus See above.
OK Die Lebendig Nachte 8/8 See above.

Kelly Devine    US2002021209
SouthCentral Regional Coordinator
Realize that if you have time to whine and complain about something then you have the time to do something about it. Anthony J. D’Angelo
An empowered organization is one in which individuals have the knowledge, skill, desire, and opportunity to personally succeed in a way that leads to collective organizational success. Stephen R. Covey