SCRC Report – 2002-06

South Central Regional Coordinator Report
June 2002

Table of Contents

Part I
Regional Staff Listing
Regional Statistics
New Chapters/Domains
Chapters/Domains to Close
Green/Yellow/Red/Black Chapters/Domains
Ordeal Non-Compliance

Part II
Regional Staff Prestige
Regional Prestige Awards
Coordinator Prestige

Part III
Chapter/Domain Listing

Part IV
Solitary Members
Regional MC 9+ Listing
MC Reviews Completed/In Progress

Part V
ARC Report Summary
Regional Projects
Regional Lists/Website
Regional Newsletter

Part VI
Concerns/Problems of Note/Prestige corrections
Disciplinary Action

Regional staff listing (Need to get all WW# for these
Kelly Devine WW#US2002021209

ARC Administration:
Roberta P. Broussard WW#US2002021123

ARC Independent Chapters/Arbitration
James Potter WW#US2002021161

ARC Prestige/Audits:
Chris Edwards WW#US2002022882

ARC Events (SCARE Lead):
Sandra Elliott WW#US2002021936

ARC Social Events
Heather Harrelson WW#US2002021927

ARC Web/Communications:
Angela Rexwinkle WW#US2002021160

ARC Outreach
John Hall WW#US2002021864

Kristin Faulkner WW#US2002022392

Leslea Cross WW#US2002022044

ARC Publications:

SC RST: David Sanzgiri 9509105
2908 Royal Oaks Dr
Plano, Tx 75074
ICQ# 72411375

ARST Events:
David Broussard WW#US200202093


ARST Changling:
Brian Ward 9903117

ARST Mage:
Evan Odensky

ARST Sabbat:
Frank Vento 9903035

ARST Shifters:
Brandon Reily 9710036

ARST Solitary Chapters
Ken Oswalt 9908022

AARST Spirit Keeper
Jason Covington 9711051

1) TXD03 May report Request-Question–Can the RC
forward to the ARC
Audits/Prestige Chris Edwards the request to audit
Clay Cross or grant
him his MC 7 or 8 (depending on how the audit goes),
he was never
awarded a gen grant for work done prior to the
prestige system.
Answer-Chris can you contact Jim Sloan and get the
paperwork to do Clay
Cross’ audit?

2)TXD03 When will Winterfest prestige be awarded?
Answer-it already
has been.

3)LA003 Dale Lofton, pending MC6, he had been pending
for 6, going on 8
months.  The player and I would like to see him denied
or approved.  I
need to find out the US WW # of the following people:
Joseph Benfield,
Christopher “Dante” Seymore.  And, whom do I need to
put my approval up

Answer-it should be ARC Independent
Chapters/Arbitration James
Potter,  Contact member
services to ask for WW#’s. Please
let us know when
you get a response.  Your approval should go to James
as he acts as DC
for the chapter.

4) TX053 For the purpose of the national award for
reporting on time, does the one month I posted as an
ACC before I was
elected count?  Also, when are such rewards reported?

Answer-I would say that only months as CC count
although National may
rule otherwise.  Make a note after 6 months in your
report and Jim
Blaylock should send you an e-mail regarding the award
of 12 national.
I am not sure if there is a web site on it with
current updates, but
again Jim Blaylock should know. It wouldn’t hurt to
send him a private
e-mail if you haven’t heard 30 days after your report
on your national
award and print out a copy of the letter for your
chapter records.

5) LA001 Chapter officers previously did not receive
prestige for
attending their own chapter meetings and members could
receive prestige for attending other chapter’s
According to the last printing of the Tome both of
these have been
If this was incorrect it should be made known

Answer-the US National Addendum reverses some of the
prestige charts
listed in the current tome to include the ability for
coordinators, cst’s, and assistant coordinators to
receive meeting
prestige for their own chapter (mind you acst’s can
still get prestige
for chapter meetings but not ST meetings).  The
addendum can be found
at the following website: .

6) TX013 2. Mike Calloway should be at 7 CCP do we
need to do an audit?
3. Jessica Qualls is wanting an audit done for her 6
CCP do we need to
do one? Answer–Yes do an audit for both.  Mike’s
audit should be sent
to Chris Edwards (see above for his e-mail info).

7) TX018 Question for CC-Have you sent up the audits
for Michael Cowan
for 12 and Rebecca Simpson for 10?

8) LA002 2.  Is the CC award is delayed one month and
it is stored in
the month that it is finally noted?  Ie.  Laura was CC
for May but it
will be listed as a June award?  Or do I mark for the
month it happens?
Example.  I am the new CC.  This is my first month.
Do I recommend
myself for Prestige for June within the June report?

Answer the DC awards the CC’s prestige although
regional can change
those awards.  When I was a CC I would put my previous
month’s prestige
and put pending for the current month until I could
check the domain
and regional reports for my award.  EX: For June you
would list your May award and put pending for June,
then look up your June award when you see the domain
and regional awards and put it in your July report.

9) LA002 I have noticed a few mis-categorizations
within the Logs.  Not
much and so far it hasn’t come close to putting anyone
over any
category maxes.
Chapter level stuff so do you want the details or not

Answer– You should make a note of item, the category,
the correction, and the month the award was given
(unless it is a math error then list
correction, math error in the report).  You want to do
this so that
when you send up regional or higher audits you have a
record.  Also
encourage your chapter to keep their own prestige logs
as that is their
responsibility ultimately.

10) LA002  We are looking into forming a Domain with
LA005.  They were
formed by splitting our chapter.  This was done about
4 months ago but
I haven’t been able to find hide or hair about them.
The long and short of it is it looks like they waited
to send in the application and then haven’t sent in a
Report ever.  Are they ok since we need them to be in
the green for a domain?  IF they aren’t is there
anything that can be done?  If the chapter folds how
do I handle reintegrating their records for the time
that nothing was reported to Regional

Answer-you need to have two chapters in the green to
form a domain.
Have them send in the missing reports and once
national confirms they
are green ask national if it is okay to form a domain.
According to
regional records there is no LA005, but national could
have records.
You should definitely contact national to discuss this
I would suggest telling the members of this other
chapter to
reconstruct the missing 4 months of records and put
them on their personal prestige logs that way if you
do have to reintegrate their records you will have
something to go on.

11) LA002 That ACCESS database that used to be
floating around for
Chapter and Domain level stuff is a bit out of date.
I am working on
recreating something that uses also ACCESS.  Any real
need for this or
is there something that is more current floating

Answer-I haven’t seen anything, but if you have a good
utility you
could send it to national, they could give you
prestige for it if they adopt it.

12) LA002 Is there a link floating around to the
regional level
prestige log formats?  We have a few approaching MC5
within the next two months and I plan to have MC6
before my term is done.  Either way it’ll probably
help our MC audits go smoother if we are already in
the proper format.  Especially since we are an indie
chapter which means we don’t have a domain(see
question 4)

Answer-Yes, go to the regional website:

13) LA002 Who is the ARC of Indie Chapters now
anyways?  As you can see
I have a flotilla of small questions are there set IRC
office hours
That I can pop onto when I have some questions.

Answer James Potter-his contact info can be found at
the beginning of
the report.

14) LA002 Several of my members (including me) want to
know about the
Ordeals, Membership Cards, National Newsletter,
etc….  Any specific
person to direct them to?  Who is accountable for this
anyways?  One
has playful threatened to demand a refund for not
receiving these items.  I don’t think they are serious
but that did touch of a round of grumbling and
questions I didn’t have the answers too.

Answer-I believe the new education director Sandra
Elliott (her contact
info is in the beginning of the report as ARC Events)
can answer
questions on ordeals.  Membership cards and other
items that you are
requesting should be directed to member services  You could try posting
on the
cam-coordinator list to ask specific questions for
national to get on
that list go to the White Wolf site and sub to the

15) LA002: A member in my chapter has been editing the
newsletter and submitting articles.  During this past
month I read somewhere’s (cursed memory) that this is
not kosher to get both.  Any truth to this cause the
newsletters have been a VERY nice addition to our
chapter and I don’t want to discourage him.

Answer–unless it is listed in the national addendum
(the website is
listed earlier in the question section of the report)
that you cannot
award people prestige for both, then award both as
long as the category
does not go over cap.

16) LA002  List modding?  How do I go about getting my
list mods some prestige for putting up with that
hassle.  I noted the prestige entry on the chart for
it but it was fairly unclear.  Should I just make them

ACC’s of electronic stuff and keep the award small or
can I get a list of the hoops they need to jump

Answer-There is a website that lists list mod
prestige: go there to
look for their
awards.  Their awards are List modding X list

17) LA002 Retroactive prestige.  There where some
things that were not
recorded prestige wise.  How long is too long ago to
give it to em?  We
are talking about 20-40g and it was 4 months ago.

Answer-there is no length of time on reporting
prestige although you
may set on as a CC within a reasonable amount of time
(I would talk with the whole chapter on that though).
List them as you would regular prestige awards with
the month of the award listed as well.

18) Probably already been covered way before now but,
has White Wolf
fully adopted the Tome as the de facto rules system
for behavior?  Ie.
do we follow the Code of Conduct as well as the no
drinking at socials?
If it wasn’t adopted in full what changes do I need to
be aware of?
Obviously common sense rules apply but I still would
like to hear a
higher up tell me what the word is than assume.  Also
since this is a
for-profit group is there anything that has changed
from the NPO one?
Things like having to have handicapped accessible game
sites and socials as well as how in-depth to go with
the documentation for punishment of members?

Answer-The Code of Conduct is still in effect and
there is still a
no-alcohol policy at official camarilla functions.
Actually the region
has an NPO set up for the charitable side of the club.
I’m not sure of
the legalities of the situation if you are concerned
you should contact
Lisa Charlton and ask her to talk to the WW legal
types for information on providing for handicapped
members.  For suspensions or other disciplinary
action-state the reason a member is being suspended
and the amount of time in your report, post the notice
of suspension and time, stating whether it is
disciplinary (but don’t go into details unless the
public safety is a concern aka the member has
threatened people) or administrative.  Post said
suspension over sc-coord and cam-coord lists, but
don’t list details on why they are being punished-aka
praise in public, punish in private.  The reason for
publishing the suspension at all is to ensure the
member doesn’t post on lists or attend other games
during the suspension.

19) LA002  I don’t know if this needs to go to here or
where ever but
the OOC joining mechanism for the scregion list has
been trashing a few
of my members request to join.  Anyone have the
listmod’s contact info
since the white-wolf site apparently hasn’t routed em

Answer the person to e-mail is Cristy Hundley at

20) LA002 However, was it wrong of me to bribe people
a bit to go above the call of duty?

Answer-Give them prestige for their work and a pat on
the back if you
want to buy them a meal or give them sodas or some
other sort of bribe
that is up to you personally.

21) AR003 The members of this chapter, despite all
attempts, are very uninterested in anything besides
games.  Therefore, they will not respond to emails
about meetings, will not attend meetings, etc.  Advice
on how to increase involvement?  I’m out of ideas.

Answer-you could try having a meeting at a game and
ask them if they
want to have social events, meetings, or charity
events.  If they don’t
want to do anything other than that arrange for games,
have one meeting
a month, remind them if they don’t get their prestige
to you then they
won’t receive any.  You could also try TT gaming as a
chapter, dead
character game, troupe game as ideas that incorporate
interests of the
chapter.  As for charity, perhaps an on-going drive
such as dog food
for animal shelters or necessities for homeless
shelters would work better for a chapter; announce the
charity drive through e-mail for game announcements at
the very top and announce it briefly at the game (take
5 or 10 minutes to announce it or perhaps hand out
flyers).  Keep your chin up!  Good luck!

22)TX016 Update: report sent to both Corky and

Answer-Go ahead and send Clay’s audit to Chris

23)AR007 Hello, I’m the new CC of Carpe Collum, and
please excuse any
errors in this form, as I’ve held the position less
than a week and
with the WW turnover a lot of things are in confusion.
I’ve already paid for my WW membership but I’ve yet
to recieve an email back allowing me to get my WW cam
number.  Also all the old members of the chapter have
been difficult to contact, but I’ve sent an email off
to every address I could find and am currently
awaiting a responce.  I would appreciate any help or
advice you could give on this report, thank you.

Answer-could someone from national help the CC out
here?  Advice on
report format, look at reports on sc-reports (once you
get subbed) and
pick one that you like to use (aka cut and paste).
Audit each member
of your chapter and make them keep track of their own
prestige through
prestige logs.

24)TX010 Is there a list out there of all the official
ways to get
prestige and where they should be catagorized on the
reports? I used to
be able to just check the Tome but the online one is
gone now. Will it
be coming back? Yes I am aware that it is in the
process of revision,
but I have recieved good questions from a new member
and would like to
be able to back-up what I tell him with something
official from higher

Answer there is the national addendum for the US with
the current
prestige guidelines which is posted on the following

25) ARD03 Prestige Adjustments: hmm.. i forgot what
this was for? like,
me dockin people prestige?

Answer-it is suitably vague, isn’t it?  It is probably
for reduction in
member class.  Corrections to prestige make more sense
to be done in
each individual member’s entry.

26)TX014 Still don’t have Kristen’s number of course
this report was
created on the same day as the last due to backlog.

Answer contact membership services to get the WW#;
their e-mail is

27) The ongoing situation here in Austin is certainly
a problem.
Things are both unorganized and unpleasant and thus we
largely keep to
ourselves. If the RC has questions please email me
privately as I have
no desire to bore the rest of you with unnecessary

Answer-do you want regional help in solving the
problems?  If it is
official help you are requesting, keep in mind that
violations of the
code of conduct will be enforced heavily to all
parties if regional
intervention is required.

28) Subject:  Myself [Kristin Faulkner], Tommy
Russell, and David
Johnson have not received their prestige from ScaRE,
is there a way to
check on it?

Answer-Kelly, can you get the prestige to these people
for SCARE?

29) TX021 Has turned in 3 of the 4 missing reports
only lacking June;
presuming the June report comes in and the reporting
is regular I don’t
see that there is a problem.

Regional Statistics

Administration comment to RC-I saw the word apathy or
the implication
that apathy existed in a number of reports.  We need
to do something
ASAP at the regional level to get people excited about
the region

Total Chapters: 47 (48 with a pending chapter counted)
Reported On Time: 18 (38%) Up 16% good job guys!
Reported Late: 11 (24%)
Failed To Report: 18 (38%) Not all reports are going
over the report

Total Chapters 47 (48 with pending)

Green Chapters:  40
Yellow Chapters:  4
Red Chapters:  1
Black Chapters: 2
Pending 1

Total Domains 9
Reported On Time 4 (45%) Up from 34% good job guys!
Reported Late 3 (33%)
Failed to Report 2 (22%)

Green Domains: 8
Yellow Domains: 0
Red Domains:  0
Black Domains: 1

New Chapters/Domains: 0 new chapters But I need
reports from the
following new chapters as I haven’t seen any of them
and have no
information on them at all.  I also need to know the
status of all of
them aka solitary or in a domain. AR010 Midnight
Mandrake, OK005
Twilight’s Dawn, TX055 Killeen Fields, and SC XXX
Draconus Nocturnus.
What is the status of the new chapter in Louisiana?
Lastly do we have
a chapter in New Mexico yet or do we still have just
one member there?


CC’s or DC’s or member if no officer in place, please
contact ARC Admin
at on chapter status Out of
Danger-AR005 Little
Rock by Night-Green, AR006 Fettered Dreams-Green,
AR007 Carpe
Collum-Green, TX009 Burning Moon-Green.  In Big
Danger, TX031 Gathering
Storms-Red, TX042 Gathering Dust-Red, TX049 Dark
Haven: The Lost
Innocents-Red, TXD11 Ellis Island-Galveston.

Total Chapters: 46

Part II
Regional Staff Prestige
Regional Prestige Awards
Coordinator Prestige

Regional Staff Prestige


Roberta Broussard US2002021123, ARC Administration
James Potter US2002021161, ARC Independent
Chapters/Arbitration    30
Chris Edwards US2002022882, ARC Prestige/Audits                 30
Sandra Elliott US2002021936, ARC Events (SCARE Lead)
Heather Harrelson US2002021927, ARC Social Events                       20
Angela Rexwinkle US2002021160, ARC Web/Communications
John Hall US2002021864, ARC Outreach Oklahoma                           30
Kristin Faulkner US2002022392, ARC Outreach Arkansas
Leslea Cross US2002022044, ARC Outreach Louisiana                       20

David Sanzgiri 9509105, RST Duties – ARST’s
Brian Ward 9903117, ARST Changling Duties –
David Broussard 200202093, ARST Events
Evan Odensky 9609074, ARST Mage Duties –
Frank Vento 9903035, ARST Sabbat Duties –
Brandon Reily 9710036, ARST Shifters Duties –
Ken Oswalt 9908022, ARST Solitary Chapters/Members
Duties –
Jason Covington 9711051, AARST Spirit Keeper Duties –

Regional Prestige Awards

Addendum to Winterfest 2001 Prestige Recommendations
(All prestige should be noted as Event Service
category with the exception of Blood Donations which
are under the Camarilla Sponsored Community Service
category; contact this office for questions regarding
prestige awards)
NOTE: the awards below are in addition to the ones
already posted.

Jennifer Cross – Volunteering for Decorations, Setup
for Cam/Anarch and
Sabbat 20 regional, 15 general
Ralph LaLone – Pre
event/decorations/props/Volunteering for ST Work Force
an additional 10 regional, 10 general (total for event
25 regional/ 25 general)
Mandy Shick – Volunteering for Charity Team and
Playing an NPC 20 regional, 15 general
Jennifer Tucker – Decorations/Walking Prop 15
regional/ 10 general
(Totals for event 25 regional, 20 general)
Lindsey Vaughn – Volunteering for IC Check-in 15
regional, 10 general
(Totals for event 25 regional, 20 general)

Rest of Scare2k2 (E-mail for any
missed prestige or

Sabbat Game ST          Prestige Recommendations:
Name              Number        Open    Regional
Keithy Tate                     10
Jonathan Lotzer                 10
Haleigh Watson                  15
Stephen Shupee  US2002022115    10      20
Kevin Kissire   US2002021522    10      20
Karl Kettlehut                  10
Mark Avila                      12
Adam Phelps     US2002021040           10
Josh DeMott                     10
Jeff Montondon                  5
Angela Rexwinkle                        5

Kelly Nine      Entertainment Prestige Recommendations:
Name            Number        Hours   Open   Regional
Peyton Harmon   US2002021280    12      25      25
Alexis Harmon   US200202        4       10      10
Brett Hargis    US200202        4       10      10
John Lotzer     US2002021620    11      25      25
Joel Morris     US2002021381    6       15      15
LJ Spire        US200202        3       12      13
Lee Rushing     US2002023941    3       7       8
Albert Lopez    US200234318     5       12      13
Kelly Nine      US2002021233    Lead


IC Check In/ Misc.              Prestige Recommendations
Name           Number   Hours   Open    Regional
John McFarland US200202 3       7       8
Lindsey VaughanUS200202 2       5       5
Bert Sanders   US200202 8       20      20Playing NPC


Howl at the Moon 2002

Under new policy of multi-domain events becoming
mini-regionals use the following policy for Howl and
future unofficial

For Howl: Award Categories as follows Camarilla
Special Event Max 25
(for at actual event), Organizing/Pre-event 10 per
month with Max of 30
(Playing an NPC, Narration, Volunteering for Work
Force all under the
25 Special Event Cap) essentially a 55 cap split
halfway between regional and general.  RC’s discretion
to Award for Lead Coord and ST Lead.
Donations are awarded separately under 25 cap for

Event Service
Person          Cam Number      Work                            Prestige
Alan Cabaniss                   Cleanup-Cam Spec Event          5R/5G
Sandi Calhoun   2002022227      Cleanup-Cam Spec Event  5R/5G
Julie Craig     2002022002      Team Lead/Cleanup-Cam
Spec Event and
Organizing/Pre event            30R/25G
Chris Gillow    2002021665      Clean up-Cam Spec Event         5R/5G
Billy Martinez  2002022121      Second ST-Cam Spec.
Event and NPC/Narrating         30R/25G
Michael McCullough2002022203    Cleanup-Cam Spec Event
John McFarland  2002022148      Security and First Aid
Cam Spec Event and
Organizing/Pre event            10R/20G
Jeff Montondon  2002023692      Shop/Set-up-Cam spec
event and organizing/
Pre event                       30R/25G
Kelly Nine      2002021233      Cleanup-Cam spec event  10R/10G
Wil Pierce                      Cleanup-Cam spec event  5R/5G
April Porter    2002045539      Painted Banners/Clean
up-Cam spec event and
NPC/Narrating                   20R/20G
Michael Pugh    2002022120      Clean up-Cam spec even  5R/5G
Samantha Smith  2002021881      Shop/Cook/Set-up/
Clean-up-Cam spec event
and Organizing/Pre event        30R/25G Elizabeth Strick
2002022198      Cleanup-Cam Spec Event  5R / 5G
Cat Williams    2002023548      Lead Coord-Cam Spec.
Event and Volunteering
for Work Force                  30R/25G
John-Andrew Williams 2002034662 Second
Banners/ Clean up/Deliver
Drinks-Cam Spec Event and
Organizing/Pre event            30R/25G
Matthew Williams 2002023549     Lead ST-Cam Spec. Event
and Volunteering for
Work Force                      30R/25G
Jacob Williamson                Food and Clean up
Crew-Cam Spec. Event            15R/10G

Kelly Devine    2002021209      Food Donation-Donating Items
Katie Faulkner  2002021288      Food Donation-Donating Items
Kim Gillow      2002022212      Charcoal and Fluid –
Donating Items                  5R/5G
Michael McCullough 2002022203   Drink Donation- Donating
Items   10R/10G
John McFarland  2002022148      Food/Work- Donating Items
K. Kelly Meine  2002021517      Food Donation- Donating
Items   10R/10G
Shai Mohammed                   Food Donation Donating Items    10R/10G
David Morgan    200202445       Donation at Event-
Donating Items                  5R
Jeff Montondon  2002023692      Donation Prize For Cheeze
Off-Donating items And Food Donations(Event Service)
David Pugh      2002022116      First Aid Supplies-
Donating Item                   10R/10G
Michael Pugh    2002022120      Lighter Fluid- Donating Item
Jonathan Schultz Pending        Food Donation- Donating Item
John Andrew Williams 2002034662 Bought Drinks-Donating
Item    15R/10G

Howl2K1 Based on 50 point cap for events split half
regional/half open all under Event Services category.
Donations separately Cam Sponsored Community
Service-Donations (30 max).

Name                    Work                            Prestige
Andy Baldwin –  Secured Site/Set up/Checkin/Cleanup
Phil Decker –   Kitchen Help                            3r
Kelly Devine – Artwork-Glyphs/Tent Lead-Secure Tents
/Tent Setup/Clean Up/NPC/ST             25r/25g
Julie Freeman – Ice Run/ST                              22r/20g
Scott Geib –    Setup/Food/Clean up/Ice and Store run
Sam Howard –    Poster art/food hauling/
Checkin Cleanup                         20r/17g
Stephanie Howard – Poster art/Food Aid/Cleanup  15r/10g
David T. Klein – Food                                   5r/5g
Lacey Koons –   Food aid/Cleanup                        10r/5g
Shai Mohammed – Food aid/Cleanup/ST/NPC         25r/25g
Jeff Montodon – Food/ST                         25r/25g
David Morgan –  ST                                      5r/5g
Matt Pascua –   Poster art                              5r
Jaimey Powell – Food/kitchen help                       8r/5g
Brandon Riley – ST                                      5r/5g
Ben Schlitt –   Cleanup/NPC/ST/Plot Creation            25r/25g
Samantha Smith – Cooking/Cleanup                        25r/25g
Luciann Wasson – Kitchen Help                           5r
Chad Welch –    ST                                      20r/20g
Cat Williams –  Lead Coord/Check in/Plots/ST/NPC
Matthew Williams – Lead ST/Drink Setup/Ferry Service
Jacob Williamson – Lead Cook/Cleanup                    25r/25g

Andy Baldwin – Costuming/Firewood                       9r/9g
Harley Cox –    food/kitchen                            9r/9g
Kelly Devine –  Tents/ice chests/first aid/glyph
paints/office/kitchen                   15r/15g
Katie Faulkner – 12 power aids, kool aid mix            8r/7g
Scott Geib –    ice/ice chests/coord supplies/
office/first aid/food drinks/clothes
for charity/utensils/kitchen/charcoal   15r/15g
Stephanie Howard – food for charity                     5r
David T. Klein – veggie food stuff                      6r/6g
Shai Mohammed – pots/utensils/spices                    12r/11g
Jeff Montondon – meat food stuff/spices         8r/7g
Lee Nuckols –   food/kitchen                            6r/6g
Pat O’Malley – food/kitchen                             4r/3g
Jaimey Powell – food/kitchen                            6r/6g
Ernie Rauos –   food/kitchen                            8r/7g
David Sanzgiri – WW books/snack foods-lots              15r/15g
Ben Schlitt –   charcoal, BBQ stuff, ground beef        9r/9g
Samantha Smith – Food-lots/kitchen supplies             15r/15g
James Warren –  food/kitchen                            8r/7g
Edmund Wilfong – potatoes/veggies                       5r/5g
Cat Williams –  Prize/Radios/Other                      15r/10g
Jacob Williamson – Food-lots/kitchen supplies           15r/15g

Exceptional Service Category-Howl at the Moon

Cat Williams            –       Coord Lead              15 r
Matt Williams           –       ST Lead                 15 r
Kelly Devine            –       Tent Lead               10 r
Andy Baldwin            –       Site Lead               10 r
Jacob Williamson        –       Food/Kitchen Lead       10 r

Coordinator Prestige (Only compiled from reports over
list so could be
others received but not available to me.  If you sent
a report, but are
reported as not sent, it didn’t go over sc-reports,
send all April, May
and June reports to ARC Administration at until
you can get on sc-reports.  In addition, those whose
reports were
received on time by national but did not go over the
list please note
the regular prestige award of 38 G, 2 R for those
reports as well as
placing a notation stating that you sent the report on
time to
national.) One point of prestige is removed per day
late up to 5 max, 0
prestige for no reports

Solitary Chapters

AR002 Warrior’s Twilight – Kim Gillow – 0 G No Report
AR008 Ravens Dive – Tony Neisler – 0 G No Report(May
correction 38 G,2R
AR009 Evil Weevils – 0 G No Report
LA001 Nox Mortis – David McFarland – On time 6/30 – 38
G, 2R
LA002 Nights of the Red Tables – Laura Dolsen –  On
time 7/1 38 G, 2 R
LA003 Legiuncula Ex Sanginis Amaranth (L.e.S.A.)
Leslea Cross On time
6/26 – 38 G, 2 R
LA004 Vin Rouge (note name change from Fantasy Nights)
– Russ Danna –
On time 7/1 38 G, 2 R
OK003 The Lost Colony – Angela Rexwinkle US2002021160
– Late 7/5 35 G
TX014 Dark Sovereigns – Ben Pomerantz – 35 G Late 7/7
Report (35 G Late
Report for May), reported for March, April, May, June
again recommend
ACC Shawn Cavitt for 30 for June.
TX023 Rage Across Sixth Street  – Julie Craig – 0 G No
report 5/10
TX029 I Tappa Vein – Charles Riordan US2002021678 – No
TX036 Crimson Triangle – Lacey Koons – No report
TX044 Desert Moon – Wayne Perego – 0 G No Report
TX050 Hearts of Darkness – John Robinson – 0 G No
TX051 Infinite Improbabilities – Paul Tullis – No
report 0 G
TX054 Domus Quietum – Kathy Sherman US2002021115 -On
time 6/25 38 G, 2R

Domain Structures

ARD02   Shadowed Towers – Kristin Faulkner US2002022392
– Late 7/9 38 G
AR003 Crimson Tear Society – Sarah Densmore
US2002022577 – On time 7/1
38 G 2 R (Should also be 38g 2 r for last month)
AR004 Sept of the Silver Moon – Charles Craig
US2002022676 – 0 G No

ARD03   Twin Cities – Doug Clark -6/20 0 G No report
(35 g for May)
AR005 Little Rock by Night – Wendy Eldridge – 7/26 35
G Late (35 G for
AR006 Fettered Dreams – Chris Bullock – 7/1 On time 38
G 2 R (35 G for
AR007 Carpe Collum – unknown – 0 G No Report

OKD01   Native Nights – Erik Brummal US2002034441 – No
report 6/5 0 G
(Did you file it and it didn’t make the list, Erik?
You never miss.
OK001 Onyx Chronicles – Chuck Murphy US2002034369 –
7/4 37 G Late
OK002 Twilight Theater – Jennifer Miller US2002023406
– 7/1 38 G 2 R On
OK004 Gaia’s Dream – Raymond Donaldson – 0 G No report
(38 G, 2 R for

TXD01   Bryan/College Station – Jess Fazio
US2002034251- On Time  7/3 38
G, 2 R
TX001 Ruby Chalice – Chris Edwards US2002022882 – On
Time 6/30 38 G,2 R
TX005 Chapter X – Steven “Posh” Statham – On Time 7/3
38 G, 2 R (Note
posted late to list but received on time by DC)
TX038 Expletive Deleted – Jennifer Cross US2002023750
– On Time 6/29 38
G 2 R

TXD02 Eighth Legion – Patrick Haughton – Late 7/9 40
(38+2 point
correction from last month) G
TX009 Burning Moon – May 0 G No Report (40 G for May)
TX025 Rabid Roach – Rebecca Weston – On Time 6/28 38
G, 2 R

TXD03  Civitas de Immortalis – Mike Calloway
US2002022491 – On Time
7/7 38 g , 2 r (May On Time please correct 38 g 2 r)
TX010 En Vitae Veritas – Miles Everett US2002022722-
Late 7/2 39 G
TX013 Sable Rose – Tracy Calloway – 6/30 On Time 38 g,
2 r
TX016 Nocturnal Illuminatus – Jim Sloan US2002021528-
On Time 38 G, 2 R
TX021 Silver Path – Howard Teal US2002021316 – 7/11 35
G Late (35 g for
Mar, Apr, May)

TXD11     Ellis Island – James Huskey – 0 G No Report
TX031 Gathering Storms – Wayne Houle – 0 G No Report
TX042 Gathering Dust – Missy Green – 0 G No Report

TXD12 Buried Hatchets – Judy Craft US2002021353 – Late
6/8 39 G
TX002 Domus Sangreal – Jennifer Horton-Morgan – Late
7/8 35 G
TX003 Casa de los Waffles – Shaista Mohammed – Late
7/12 35 G
TX018 Garden of Thorns – Robyn Palmer – On Time 7/1 38
G, 2 R
TX052 Decadent Deviants – Elizabeth Peters – No report
6/5 0 G
TX053 Chapter V – K. Kelly Meine US2002021517 – On
time 6/29 38 G, 2 R
TX056 Vitae Aeternus – Jerrod Johnson – On time 7/1 38
G, 2 R

TXD13   Structured Dreams – Lindsey Vaughan
US2002022475 –  On Time 7/5
38 G, 2 r
TX045 House Mysterium – Holli Hensley US2002034112 –
Late 7/3 38 G
TX049 Dark Haven:  The Lost Innocence – Chris King – 0
G No Report

Pending chapters
SC XXX Draconus Nocturnus ? (Saw in Jim Blaylock’s

Part IV
All Independent Chapter Audits (including the CC’s
from MC 1-14) 6-14
go to James Potter ARC Independent
Chapters/Arbitration.  If an Indy
member is being audited for MC 9-14, they go to James
and then Chris Edwards. All DC audits and MC 9-14
audits that are not from Independent Chapters go
straight to Chris Edwards; also any requests for MC
grant go to Chris Edwards (Unless from Indy chapter in
which case they go to James and then Chris).

Part V
ARC Administration summary-Updated information more,
still have more
detail to work on.  Had difficult time doing report
this time.  My baby
has been sick for over a week, so I’ve been doing the
report by pieces.
Had a member bring up to me a question about a former
member who had
been expelled being allowed to rejoin.  I plan on
going to San Antonio
to talk to the DC and the former member to see if this
person has
changed in attitude enough to be allowed to rejoin.  I
would like to
get a team of people from each locality working on
ideas (aka
brainstorming) to send to the development team.  I’d
also like to work with our new ARC
Website/Communications Angela Rexwinkle to get some
sort of regional database to plug reports into. I’m
going to bring up the idea of a more consistent report
format for CC’s and DC’s, but that is also a future
project.  Would also like to have a face to face
meeting with Regional staff if given enough notice
(like two weeks) I can travel to Dallas for a said
meeting although obviously Houston would be my
preference <grin>.

ARC Arbitration:
(no report)

ARC Solitary/Indy Chapters:
(no report)
RC note: I know what he has been doing, report will be
filed soon and added to next month’s report.

ARC Outreach:
Problems: The only problem I have is getting the
coordinators to respond to e-mails.

Projects: I am currently trying to get the domains
involved with each other.   Little Rock and Jonesboro
are beginning to come around, and so are Little Rock
and Fort Smith.  I hope to see the domains get
involved and be able to help each other with the ooc
part of the game, and to help make the game more fun.
As soon as I can get the coordinators to respond to
e-mails, I will begin working with the perspective
coordiantors to recruit, and help them with anything
else they may need.  My overall goal is to see the
domains and/or chapters put together a large Arkansas

Comments: From the members I have spoken with, they
are generally happy with the things that are happening
right now in the Region.  Right off hand I cannot
think of any major complaints.

Awards: None at this time.

I hope to be able to fully contact all the
coordiantors by next month,
so I will be able to give a more detailed report then.

1.      Trouble Spots: The only problem I can possibly see
is a bit of member unrest with the staff in Oklahoma
City; however they are fixing it themselves and is
looking good.  They are currently in the process of
forming more chapters. One I believe has already been
submitted called “Forrest of not bloody likely”
Proposed CC is Ben Schlit. They have enough members
for 3 chapters and that is what they are going for,
their other goals are to form a domain between OKC,
Norman, and Lawton. Lawton is not one of the three
before mentioned chapters. There will be one in Norman
I believe and 2 in OKC. I believe this will settle
what unrest I see.
2.      Waning Memberships: I have seen a decrease in
memberships in Stillwater; however Eric Brummel, the
DC, is on top of it and has set up a fairly large
Social in Stillwater for the propose of fun and
possible recruitment.
3.      Conflicts between Domains/Chapters: Due to past
occurrences and disagreements there is a bit of
uneasiness between some of the Stillwater and OCK
chapters. This is not a real problem in my eyes. It
was a reason used by OKC not to join the domain. There
is however a fair size group that travels from both
OKC and Stillwater to the opposite towns. So relations
are in good spirit, it was just something I thought
you might want to be aware of. If you require more
info I will dig it up for you.
4.      Misconducts: None that I have seen or have been
5.      Etc: I talked with the CC and CST of the Lawton
chapter and though they are new they are having
trouble finding a game site other than member’s homes.
They said it was due to living in the Bible belt and
the lack of enthusiasm of having a vampire type game.
My advice was look into public parks and not to use
the terms “Vampire” or “Game” I suggested to call it
an improve acting troupe. I told them that it has
eased tensions for me in the past and that it may help
a great deal in solving their problems.
6.      Etc cont.: The Lawton chapter told me that their
chapter still doesn’t show up anywhere on any regional
webpage/site, though it is listed nationally. They
would like to see something happen with that. Also
some of the members are not clear on what they can do
for prestige; I talked with 3 people from Norman for
quite some time on the subject. I have decided that I
will print out lists for them and bring them to each
game so if wanted I will pass them out.

1.      What events are going on: As described in the
Waning membership section, the domain is trying to
increase membership in Stillwater. I have yet to get
an exact member count for each chapter, but Stillwater
seems to be the lowest in members, sitting right at 20
members if I am not mistaken. Other than that there
was a rather large social held in Tulsa where non
members met the members and had a good ole time eating
2.      What you are doing to get the Domains/Chapters
active: I have talked extensively with the proposed
chapters of OKC and Norman, however they are
experienced in what needs to be done to for a chapter.
I offered my assistance if they needed anything. The
biggest reason for the extra chapters is to lessen CC
and CST workload. Also Enid, OK is trying to form a
new chapter. They are working closely with Eric
Brummel one getting it going. They also want to join
the Native Nights Domain. The only concern the DC has
with that is the travel distance if the DST or DC
lives in the Tulsa Area or such/ Time will tell on
this, but Eric is working hard on helping them out. I
hope to meet with the CC early next month.
3.      Membership drives: As above with Stillwater. In
Tulsa it is word of mouth and I am putting up the
poster boards that we got at SCaRE 2001(I have to
change the info but they still look nice). Lawton had
6 paid members but is working on increasing those
numbers, they have players that are still unpaid
4.      Charity: I know Eric is working with, Civitan this
is another charity organization in which they need
warm bodies to help out. There is a location in
Stillwater and Broken Arrow. He will keep me posted.
Tulsa has not been much on the charity wagon, they are
more interested in the game, but I am also working
with Eric on donating supplies to the John 3:16
missions. I want it to be a state wide donation and I
will pick up donations when I come for the games. This
will also aid in the popularity of the camarilla and
get out name out. John 3:16 is a very big charity
group in Tulsa.
5.      Etc: Natha


1.      Your personal views:  I think the State is shaping
up rather nicely. I would like to see the OKC, Norman
and Enid chapters approved, this will help out with
morale and membership numbers.
2.      Members’ views: None have replied to my inquiries.
3.      What your state wants to see from the regional
level and see happen with the region: None have
replied to my inquiries.

Awards: I haven given this a LOT of thought, and after
speaking with other members and the DC we agree that
Crystal Remy US2002034713 of the Tulsa chapter has
been Kicking A$$ and Taking names. While the CC
Jennifer Knapp was out of the loop because of personal
reasons, Crystal took up her mantel and turned the
chapter around (Heck I thought I had my stuff
together, but she showed me up) I believe she is
worthy of extra prestige for the wonderful and
detailed work she has done.

(no report)

ARC Prestige:
Audits Completed:
Jason Covington
Seth Manzar
Kat Sherman
Mike Cowan
Charles Craig

Audits in Progress:
Aaron Capps

Estimated Completion for in progress Audits:
One week

New MC awards recommended by myself:
Jason Covington approved for MC 10
Seth Manzar approved for MC 14 (sent to national)
Kat Sherman (already had 9, simply reconfirming

Audits Denied at this Time:
Mike Cowan for MC 12
Charles Craig for MC 9

ARC Web/Communications:
(no report)
RC Note: Angela has actively been getting information
together and working on getting her self as the Mod.

ARC Events:
(no report)
RC Note: Contract for SCaRE 2K3 has been signed, team
is being brought together, theme chosen.

ARC Social Events:
(no report)
RC Note: Heather is currently working on an outing to
Texas Renn Fest for the region.


Part VI

A) Concerns/Problems of Note Apathy.  I saw the word
Apathy a lot in
reports this month.  We need to have some sort of
social event to get
people talking OOC.  We need to talk to the people and
see what they
want from us at a regional level.  I consider this of
importance before we suffer even more attrition. Also,
we must get some
water from Louisiana and Oklahoma <grin> because those
guys aren’t
suffering from apathy from what I could see and are
doing an awesome
job in recruiting.  Seriously, if you guys have
recruiting ideas put them in your reports!

B) Prestige Corrections

Prestige corrections from chapter/domain reports (In
Order received by
date to sc-reports or

Note to all Coordinators-Please save my eyeballs!  To
make these
reports simpler for me to read because I’m going
through about 40 reports (It should be nearly 60
<hint, hint>) please do the following things to make
it easier on my bad eyesight.
1) Only include the categories that a given individual
has gained prestige in for the month.
2) If no prestige was awarded for an individual simple
list their general, regional, national, and total
prestige numbers with monthly listed as 0 prestige.
3) Please list the individual items that a person is
awarded prestige
for example-Domain Newsletter article-10 general
Also, I will be polling you all to come up with
faster, more efficient
means of reporting, so be thinking about your ideas to
make reports
cleaner and smoother.


Are your members sending you their prestige?

What did Steven Hugo do for that 70 prestige?

RE David Trousdale, check with Beth Peters CC of
Decadent Deviants as I
believe he was in that chapter prior to yours.

Charles Batchelor-Where is his other 5 prestige for
the month; he is
listed as 30 for the month but only 25 is itemized.

Thomas Cross-Monthly listed as 65 but items total 70.

Dale Lofton-make sure James Potter gets his audit.

Chris White’s open totals add to 60 but only 30 is
listed in open total for month.  Which would
incidentally put him to MC 7 at 2115 cumulative.


Brandi Dunn listed as 180 general, 10 regional for
month-did she
receive regional or general for AARC Prestige position

Chris Edwards Should have 140 general for month but
listed as 105 for

Ken Reinertson what do you need to get his totals up
to date (aka what’s the last monthly total, so we can
get his prestige straightened out.

Jessica Qualls has list mod prestige; check the list
mod site to
get the figures.

Also give Patrick Chandler 30 Admin for April for
doing the report for
that month.

Is Sandy Calhoun still a member of Garden?  I thought
she lived in

Rebecca Simpson is no longer ARC Events-please change
her prestige to
open for her other positions held.  Also, has her
audit been sent to
regional level yet?

Jon Tucker total is 30 but only listed as 10

Lee Ledbetter-all SCARE prestige is out.  Check the
lists for the
prestige if his name isn’t on either listing, please
note in next
month’s report

Tommy Russell is now MC 9

Susan Chaisson overcap for Organizational Support by
15; are you
recommending her for Exceptional service for the
month?  If so note in
report, but it should only be awarded for service that
is not normally

Billy Neely-what did he get 30 prestige for?  Please

For Jennifer Fagala’s WW# contact membership services

John Halls’s Winterfest prestige that is listed as
Exceptional Service
is that the overcap stuff?  Just verifying as that is
all good.

Shawn Haney-go ahead and just award him 13 prestige
not 12.5.

Terry Knapp-Put his prestige under ST
support-narration (award is still
the same).  Narrator is not an official position but
is covered under
ST support.

Joseph Kralieck-go ahead and give him 13 rather than

Adam Mesker (see comment on Terry for narration);
total adds to 150.
Exceptional Service Award for donation of Printer is
approved by
regional level.

Derek Overturf-(see comment on Terry for narration).

Crystal Remy-Exceptional Service Award confirmed by

Billy Walker-Monthly total should be 45 not 15.

Jim go ahead and send Clay’s audit to Chris Edwards if
you haven’t
already done so.

Carlos de la Fuentes-give him prestige for donating
food/drink for
chapter meetings or something else; he can’t get
prestige for attending
chapter meetings as he is an ACC.

Stephen Gibby should be 142 not 143 general for the

AR007 (Carpe Collum)
Please note your chapter’s administrative number for
your records.

Amy Mullins-where’s the other 5 prestige for the 20 a
month coming

Ray Owens For his prestige contact
Jim Sloan, DC of
San Antonio; he should be able to track Ray’s prestige
while in SA.

Matt Pasqua-Early Renewal not Organizational Service
category for

Elizabeth Strick-her total should read 487 not 497.

Note that all CC’s and DC’s reporting on time or early
are having their
awards amended by regional from 40 general to 38 g and
2 r as part of
regional incentive plan.

Question for CC-Is the Chris King in your chapter a
different Chris
King from the one in Conroe?  Just checking on that.

Jason “Precious” Clements  Where is the other 20
general coming from on
his prestige?

Erik Brummal-his award as DC last month was 38 g and 2
r for being
Early with his report.

Jason Lewis should read 116 not 114 for general
monthly total.

ACST’s can get prestige from attending chapter
meetings no other
chapter officer can but they can (Go figure!).  Please
note for records.

Eric Moore’s totals.  Please send a private e-mail to
ARC Admin at regarding Eric’s totals.  Send
me what you have
on him and I will look into the rest.

TXD12 and ARD02
Note the 2 r bonus that all early or on time reports
are getting.  You
can award them additional prestige for superior work
up to 50 but make
sure they get their regional bonus of 2 (not to exceed
50 admin cap).

Howard make sure you look in the regional report for
your updated
prestige as CC.

Scott Taggart’s prestige level is 651.  I will be
getting the exact
breakdown from his former CC sometime in the future.

Contact membership services for WW# at the following

Roberta Broussard’s prestige total not quite up to
date.  Not a big
worry as she has a prestige log.

Judy Craft was awarded 38 g, 2 r for DC prestige.

Prepared by:
Roberta P. Broussard
ARC Admin.


Kelly Devine
SouthCentral Regional Coordinator
ICQ # 54763506

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