SCRC Report – 2002-01

South Central Regional Coordinator Report

January 2002

Table of Contents

Part I

Regional Staff Listing


Regional Statistics

Total Chapters

Reported On Time

Reported Late

Failed To Report

Total Domains

Reported On Time

Reported Late

Failed to Report

New Chapters/Domains

Chapters/Domains to Close

Green/Yellow/Red/Black Chapters/Domains

Ordeal Non-Compliance

Part II

Regional Staff Prestige

Regional Prestige Awards

Coordinator Prestige

Part III

Chapter/Domain Listing

Part IV

Solitary Members

Regional MC 9+ Listing

MC Reviews Completed/In Progress

Part V

ARC Report Summary

Regional Projects

Regional Lists/Website

Regional Newsletter

Part VI

Concerns/Problems of Note

Disciplinary Action

Part I

Regional Staff Listing

SC RC: Cristy Barnhill 9703039

3307 B Barrett Circle

Jonesboro, AR 72401

ICQ# 12087534

ARC Administration:


ARC Audits:

Ken Reinertson 9705005

ARC Events:

Rebecca Simpson 9706035

ARC Communications:

David Broussard 9801101

ARC Marketing:

Chris Molsbee 9611107

ARC Solitary Chapters:

Nikki Boyles

ARC Publications:

Roberta P. Broussard 9801100

SC RST: David Sanzgiri 9509105

2908 Royal Oaks Dr

Plano, Tx 75074


ICQ# 72411375

ARST Events:

David Broussard 9801101



ARST Changling:

Brian Ward 9903117

ARST Mage:

Evan Odesky

ARST Sabbat:

Frank Vento 9903035

ARST Shifters:

Brandon Reily 9710036

ARST Solitary Chapters

Ken Oswalt

AARST Spirit Keeper

Jason Covington 9711051

Questions (Some May be Paraphrased)

0201AR008: 4 of our members gave blood for the World Trade Center

drive back in September. As of now we only have 3 of those 4 people

with cam numbers. What do we do right now? Who do we send the “Receipts” to? Do we send them all, or wait for each person to get their numbers? Is this Regional or National prestige? When will we


Response: Send a list to me ( with their name, cam # (put pending for the one who hasn’t received their number yet), and what they donated.

0201LA002: We are still having problems on tracking down lost cam numbers. I have been in touch with U.S. membership services, but I believe her hotmail account died, and she is now waiting on a deablerie account. Several of my members renewed online and have not been updated on the mycam website. What should I do about the 50g prestige? I held off on this month so I could get a ruling on it.

Response: If they can provide you with proof (such as a receipt printed from the website) that they renewed prior to their membership expiring, then I see no reason why they cannot receive the early renewal bonus.

0201OK004: Sam Cluck has 30 prestige Awarded to him before January of 2000, when the Ok-001 chapters first reports were starting to be turned in. How do I verify that prestige for audit purposes?

Response: Contact the Coordinator of the Chapter where the award came from.

0201TX002: Where do I find out how much a member receives for a work published in Requiem?

Response: Normally, I would say contact the requiem staff, and give you an email address… Which Requiems are you needing prestige award from, I’ve got files for Spring and Summer 2001. Otherwise, contact Camstuff through the temporary address of and Michael can point you in the right direction.

0201TX016: Some members of the chapter feel National, BOD, and Regional are not responsive to their needs. They feel they have not been held accountable for their lack of action. Emails go to Cam stuff and never get answered, Membership dues go in but memberships are never given one member of the chapter has paid so many times he would have membership until 2006 and yet no response from national. Where is the accountability? Why has this member constantly had a membership problems dating clear back to 1996?

Response: From the US National Council Address posted to Cam-Announce on 1/18/02: “As the BoD has been transitioning duties from their control to the US, the National Council has been taking control of these areas. A few of changes include:

“a) Membership Services moved to National Council control in the fall of 2001, and many members have experienced the increased rate of response, and issue resolution. A National Member Services Coordinator whose duties are to make sure membership services runs smoothly was appointed to the National Council. The NMSC has also committed to see that it has a presence at every Major Camarilla Event on the Calendar, from 12th Night to NoWhere and SomeWheRE. This means you can renew, update your address, inquire about the status of your ordeals in one stop shopping.

“b) We are exploring the possibility of issuing temporary membership cards electronically which will allow members to print them immediately while waiting for the official one to come in the mail.

“c) As one of the first National Council staff, Michelle Cagney took up the reigns of the mailroom in her role of National Secretary to clear out any problems that might have occurred recently, meet regularly with mailroom staff and sending out more than 700 pieces of mail (such as membership cards, Tomes, etc.) a month since October 2001.

“d) Members can also send e-mail to Camstuff regarding missing cards and the like. Since the Fall of last year, US Membership Services has logged a less than 48 hour response time to inquiries. Often you will receive a response from Stephanie Williams or her staff in LESS than 24 hours! She and her staff have cleared out all known MS issues since October 2001. They are ready and willing to resolve more, just tell them what they are. Email, and your inquiry will reach them.

“Keep in mind that with current US postal mail processing, it can take up to 8 weeks for a mailed membership application and check to be processed and added to the system. Our goal is to decrease this processing by moving some mailing functions into to the cities of those processing memberships. Memberships purchased via the e-store take significantly less processing time.

Also note that some of this information has changed since the US National Council Address was posted, such as the Camstuff address which is temporarily

0201TX016: A few members are considering leaving the Cam for White Wolf they are promising accountability. What assurances do we have that there will be accountability in the future? Currently the only thing I can offer members of the chapter in good faith is that emails will continued to be ignored and no matter what the problems there will be no response. How will this change?

Response: From the US National Council Address posted to Cam-Announce on 1/18/02: “ALL members of The Camarilla are held to the Code of Conduct as outlined in the Tome. Even the President or the National Coordinator, if the Code of Conduct is violated at a Camarilla function, can be suspended or have a disciplinary action enacted by their CC, DC, RC or NC. Higher level officers have been held accountable for their behavior, and it will happen again if needed. In The Camarilla all members, regardless of office, are still considered members, and have the same responsibilities and rights as any other member.

“On the National level, the new constitution and bylaws of the US

Camarilla, subject to member approval, will have more checks and balances for the selection and removal of officers, from the NC, and the National Council on down.”

0201TX016: When will Winter fest prestige be awarded?

Response: I am currently still waiting for the reports to be turned in, but as soon as they are the prestige will be sent out.

0201TX016: It has been stated several times that White-Wolf wants to take everyone’s mailing list and use it. I have also looked into the Cam’s policy of there is no policy. What assurances do we have as members that the Cam will not give out our contact information? There currently is nothing in writing that ’s states they will not give out mailing addresses.

Comment: There was an option added in MyCamarilla as to whether or not you wanted your information given to parties outside the Camarilla.

0201TX016: When can members expect the next Requiem? I’ve gotten 3 since I’ve joined

Response: From the US National Council Address posted to Cam-Announce on 1/18/02: “The publication and distribution of Requiem falls to the duties of the BoD, specifically the Vice President Public Relations. Sandy Duda has just assumed that position this month, and has placed answering Requiem requests and Requiem production as her highest priority. Expect the same level of service and dedication she has been bringing to years of successful ICCs to this position.

“First step, make sure your address and contact information are correct. With the introduction of the membership database at address correction concerns are easily resolved. Not only can members update personal information but, if Internet connections are not available, a member’s coordinator may also make updates to a member’s record in their chapter, domain, or region.

“Any other inquiries regarding Requiem can be directed to the VPPR via” (Note: Again, use the address)

0201TX029: Monty sent in his renewal back in October, and has since not heard back on if his check was even cashed. He says that he had sent off a letter to Cam-Stuff, and was told that it had been recieved. Advised member to cancel previously sent check, and re-send his renewal. If the Camarilla has the check, why hasn’t it been cashed? Does he fall under a “early renewal” grace, eventhough his check has not been cashed?

Response: Charles, I don’t want to lie to you, so I’m going to check with Jen and Stephanie.

0201TX029: Also, have been meeting with the “new” members of the chapter to see what exactly they want out of the chapter and the Cam in general. Have recieved varying responses to subject. T-beau says that for a while, he was part of the college station crowd, and was in at one time in Steve Balfour’s chapter. Have searched the My Camarilla database and have not been able to find membership number… Help please?

Response: Did he say that he had a membership number that he gave you? If he said he sent his money in, check with the US NMSC Stephanie Williams, via Camstuff (

0201TXD03: How do coords get their 12 national prestige for reporting on time for 6 months? I ask because I have an ex-coord. that feels she deserves 12 national prestige for when she was a CC. (Jess Anderson/Qualls 9811-003) While I’m at it, I just noticed I’ve been DC for over 6 months, reporting and not late. Can I get some too?

Response: This is awarded by the National Chapters Coordinator, and I’ve seen a list of awards lately, but can’t remember where they were.. I’ll see if I can find that again, but in the meantime… Jim??

Regional Statistics

Total Chapters: 48 (Including 1 Pending)

Reported On Time: 26 of 48 (54.16%)

Reported Late: 5 of 48 (10.42%)

Failed To Report: 17 of 48 (35.42%)

Green Chapters: 41

Yellow Chapters: 3

Red Chapters: 1

Black Chapters: 2

Total Domains 9

Reported On Time 3 of 9 (33.3%)

Reported Late 3 of 9 (33.3%)

Failed to Report 3 of 9 (33.3%)

Green Domains: 8

Yellow Domains: 1

Red Domains: 0

Black Domains: 0

New Chapters/Domains: 1 Chapter (Domus Quietum TX054 – 10)

Chapters/Domains to Close: 0

Ordeal Non Compliance

Honestly, I couldn’t tell you at this point. I know there are several though.

Part II

Regional Staff Prestige

Regional Prestige Awards

Coordinator Prestige

Regional Staff Prestige

Ken Reinertson 9705005, ARC Prestige Duties – 25 R

Rebecca Simpson 9706035, ARC Event Duties – 25 R

David Broussard 9801101, ARC Communications Duties – 25 RChris Molsbee 9611107, ARC PR Duties – 25 R

Nikki Boyles 9903-180, ARC Solitary Chapters/Members Duties – 25 R

Roberta Broussard 9801100, ARC Publications Duties – 30 R

David Sanzgiri 9509105, RST Duties – 40 R

Brian Ward 9903117, ARST Changling Duties – 25 R

Evan Odensky 9609074, ARST Mage Duties – 30 R

Frank Vento 9903035, ARST Sabbat Duties – 25 R

Brandon Reily 9710036, ARST Shifters Duties – 25 R

Ken Oswalt 9908022, ARST Solitary Chapters/Members Duties – 25 R

Jason Covington 9711051, AARST Spirit Keeper Duties – 10 R January, 15 R December

Regional Prestige Awards

None this month… Stay tuned to next month.

Coordinator Prestige

Solitary Chapters

AR002 Warrior’s Twilight – Kim Gillow 2000-06-123 – 40 G

AR008 Ravens Dive – Tony Neisler 2001-10-135 – 40 G

AR009 Evil Weevils – Roy Cabaniss – 9704048 – 40 G

LA001 Nox Mortis – David McFarland 200008106 – 40 G

LA002 Nights of the Red Tables – Laura Dolsen 2000-09-143 – 40 G

LA003 Legiuncula Ex Sanginis Amaranth (L.e.S.A.) Charles R. Batchelor

200101104 – 40 G

LA004 Fantasy Nights – Zac Janeka 200110106 – 0 G No Report

OK003 The Lost Colony – Angela Rexwinkle, 200004198 – 40 G

OK005 Incolo Umbra – Jessica Lothrop Pending – 0 No Report

TX014 Dark Sovereigns – Shawn Cavitt 9804-104 – 0 G No Report

TX023 L’Ecole des Enfantes Damnes – Jacob Williamson 9802157 – 0 G No Report

TX029 I Tappa Vein – Charles Riordan 200004174 – 40 G

TX036 Crimson Triangle – Lacey Koons 200002024 – 20 G No Report but did have contact with

TX039 Circle of the Shattered Moon – Kelly Nine 9605061 – 20 G No Report but did have contact with

TX041 Amici Noctis – No Report

TX044 Desert Moon- Wayne Perego 9712190 – 0 G Report Submitted by Donna Molsbee 30 G

TX047Terra Inculta – No Report

TX049 Dark Haven: The Lost Innocence – Chris Edwards – No Report

TX050Hearts of Darkness – Angela Townley 9711073 – 40 G

TX051 Infinite Improbabilities – Paul Tullis 200004170 – 40 G

TX054 Domus Quietum – Kathy Sherman 200002113 – 40 G

Pending Chapters

ARPend Obsidian Dreams – Melody Newton 9709-012 – 40 G


ARD02 Shadowed Towers – Chuck Speck 9812104 – 38 G

ARD03Twin Cities – Doug Clark 9910119 – 20 G No Report but did have contact with

OKD01 Native Nights – Erik Brummal 9912029 – 40 G

TXD01Bryan/College Station – Jess Fazio 200012011 – 40 G

TXD02Eighth Legion – Patrick Haughton 9601020 – 0 G No Report

TXD03Civitas de Immortalis – Mike Calloway 9708024 – 40 G

TXD11Ellis Island – James Huskey 9612039 – 0 G No Report

TXD12 Buried Hatchets – Judy Craft 9908012 – 40 G

TXD13 Structured Dreams- Scott Geib 200009037 – 40 G

Part IV

Solitary Members

Regional MC 9+ Listing

MC Reviews Completed/In Progress

Solitary Members

Anyone not listed here, needs to contact me at if they are claiming to be a solitary member.

Nikki Boyles 9903-180

Ken Oswalt 9908-022

Christopher Shin 9710-056

Regional MC 9+ Listing

Membership Numbers will be added next month hopefully.

MC9 AdvisorJoe BakerTodd BranchRoberta BroussardAaron CappsChristy ClevelanJason CovingtonKevin DaiberScott DanbyGrant DavisWilliam DuvicRay EnnisAmy FreeburgStephen GergeniRick GulliksonJohn HallJosh HandelBeckye HarperJohn HidalgoRicky KramerWilliam (Billy) LucasBilly MartinezDonna MolsbeeDavid MorganFrank ParkerJames PotterBert SandersJohn SandersRichard SingletonDavid Lee SmithCat WilliamsMatthew WilliamsMelissa Wilson

MC10 PatronDavid BroussardDavid BurgessSandra ElliottJulie GrahamHeather HarrelsonEvan OdenskyDavid SanzgiriBen SchlittJon Tucker

MC11 MentorMichael CowanPatrick HaughtonWesley LunsfordChris MolsbeeKen ReinertsonShane Wells

MC12 LuminaryJohn DelozierNick ElliottEric MooreMatt RaganMichael Teegarden

MC13 ExecutiveBrad GunnelsSeth ManzarJackson RobertsCorey Segall

MC14 FellowJennifer KellamDan Schmitt

MC15 TrusteeSteve Balfour

MC 9+ Reviews Completed/In Progress

David Morgan (10)Wes Satterlee (9)Roberta Broussard (10)Haleigh Watson (9)Scott Hefner (10)Brandon Riley (9)Heather Harrelson (10)Evan Odensky (11)Jennifer Horton Morgan (9)Sandra Elliot (11)Cory Gray (9)John Delozier (13)

Part V

ARC Report Summaries

Regional Projects

Regional Lists/Website

Regional Newsletter

ARC Report Summaries

Unavailable this month due to timing difficulties

Regional Projects

ScaRE 2k2 – Dallas, TX

February 28 – March 3, 2002

Hyatt Regency DFW

Regional Lists/Website

Regional Lists













Regional Website

Regional Newsletter


Editor: Roberta Broussard 9801-100 AsstRC Publications

Sanctuary can be found at