SCRC Report – 2000-04

Date: Tue, 23 May 2000 12:50:03 CDT

From: “Regional Coordinator”

Subject: [SC-Reports] SCR April Report

Report for April 2000

Jackson Roberts


1807A Potomac

CS, TX. 77840

979 694 1889

Membership#: 9507-030

Membership Class: 1

Ordeals Passed: Tome, Chapters, ST




April was a terrible month for me. I am way behind in about every facet of

my position. As far as the SCR goes, all was quiet of the Southern Front.

We have a very successful Garou Campout/Game Weekend.

And really think that is all that I have to summarize…




1: Please remember that we need to start checking people’s cam members. This

needs to be done in two ways.

One is that all CC’s should be verifing their chapter members to make sure

their memberships are current. If they are not, they got 30 days… I am


Two, all coordinators at events needs to make sure they are checking in

people. And when they do this they should be checking for a Cam membership

card and/or an ID card with DOB [Date Of Birth] on it. I expect to see this

at any and all games. I will be spot checking this to see if it is



During the last several months, I have had a real battle on my hand over

Chapters and their functions. How they should be handled? Who should be

allowed to join? Which Chapter you can be apart of?

I view the Chapter to have two roles: 1 – Social [A group of friends], 2 –

Administrative [Tracking information]

I and the Camarilla Organization cannot and will not attempt to dictate to

anyone who their friends shold or should not be. So it is very hard for me

to set policy on this aspect of what a Chapter does. This, of course, causes

many issues.

The second function is eay for me to set policy or guidelines for. That is

why I stated I wanted everyone to be in a Chapter in the area they live in.

So it would be easy for them and the Organization to handle this function.

And DAMNED if I am wrong. I had membership quit the organization over this,

threaten all sorts of things, and willing ignore this… Wow… Pretty harsh

considering all I was trying to do is make the system make sense and be a

little better.

So here we are… Several months later and nothing is fixed and the

membership is still unhappy. Well there is no fix folks. I cannot work

miracles. So here it the new policy. This OFFICE official will does not care

what Chapter you are in or even if you are in one. I will not fight this

battle so I will change the battle to reflect it.

Now lets talk about how this effects you:

A: I suggest you remain a member of a Chapter. Why? This Office will not be

accepting the tracking of any independent members except Eric Moore.

Therefore if you wish to be an independent member so be BUT you will not

gain prestige during that time since the function of tracking your

information will not be handled by ANYONE.

B: I do not care which Chapter you belong to, where it is located, or


C: You will support any rulings/policies/statements/etc of any area you play

in [Again that are within the Camarilla Rules]. So the hosting Coordinator

and Storyteller are all powerful. It is their game and you play in under

their authority. So no arguing if they will not let you have your 17 agg

death sword or play at MC 43 without proof. It is their game or event. They

are responsible so they get to make the rules [As long as they stay within

the Camarilla guidelines;) ]

3: I notice that alot of CCs and DCs have questions about how to do things

or the way a process works… We, the Coordinators, have to lists to use for

this. We have SC-Coord for the South Central Coordinators and Coordinators

for *Cs in general. I highly encourage all *Cs to get on these lists.

Use them… Please… That is what we have them for. It is a quick and easy

way to have you questions answered instead of waiting for someone to do them

when they read your report.

Also, you would be surprized by the sheer number of people out there with a

similiar question or idea. So this is a great way to share this information.

So please use it.

4: I would like every DC and CC to email me privately the following


Their name, their membership#, their phone number, preferred email contact,

times that are good to contact them [IE M-W 7-9pm], their Chapter or Domain

[both the ones they belong to and the ones they coordinate, include the

Chapter and Domain code].

This info is for me so I have a way to contact you directly. Thanks


Jackson Roberts



Mon – Thru 7pm to Midnite

Chapter: X

Domain: BCS

Coordinator of SCR




1: Recruiting

I have begged, I have whined, I have spokenth from on high, and I have taken

my words to the street… But still my greatest wish… My deepest desire

goes unfilled… And we are not recruiting 😉

There are some of you out there that are breaking their backs recruiting,

like all of Oklahoma! And my boy John Hall in AR… And many many others…

But still we are not all doing our part. All I am really asking for is each

member tired to recruit one new person or maybe two or three… 🙂

For now, lets stick with one. Recruit one new member. If each one of us

could do that we would double in size! Yes I passed Math in my day… More

importantly then the numbers we increase the base of our friends. We get teh

chance to encounter new ideas, fresh prespectives, and meet really cool


So again I challenge all of you. Each and everyone one of you [including

myself] to recruit a new person in hte next 3 months. Thank you.

2: My Promise

9 Months left to go… And we aint there yet folks… Please… this is a

pride thing. We can and should be the greatest region in the Camarilla. So

do what you can. Go out and help. Hold events, recruit, do something nice…

Whatever it takes… I know that we should be NUMBER ONE. Now lets realize

that… Lets show everyone how it is done SCR style!

3: SCARE Prestige…

It WILL be out by the end of the Month.


Review of Domain and Chapter Reports:

As I found myself working on my very later report, I got to this section. I

went to an email address I set up especially for tracking reports and audits

because it had an unlimited storage.

I was think this is going to be great because I can keep an archive of all

this and be able to get to it easy for anywhere.

Well all is good til today when I went in and the email account had a severe

problem with this month’s reports. After I was moving them from the main

folder into the April folder… It ate them. Serious, I lost all the


Now I am getting a copy from majordomo but this is going to take sometime…

And my report is already over a week late…


All CCs and DCs are assume to have gotten in their reports on time. You earn

40 Open. All assistansts get 20 Open.

If you have an issue… Please email me and I will answer ASAP.



Prestige for the Regional Staffs:


* Please note for some officers this is a confirmation of their prestige

award and for others it is a change.

N= National, R= Regional, G = Open*

1: Regional ST Staff and Award Confirmations to All SCR STs

I have not received any recommendation yet.

2: Regional C Staff and Award Confirmations to All SCR Cs

RC – Jackson Roberts – 30 R [Late report]

ARC – Eric Moore – 20 R

Informations Team

Lead: Julie Graham – 20 R

Josh Handel – 10 R

Events Team

Lead: Rebecca Simpson – 20 R

PR Team

Lead: Chris Molsbee – 20 R

Donna Molsbee – 10 R 10 G

Rebecca Arndt – 5 R


For Audits please check the website


Jackson Roberts