SCRC Report – 2000-01

Date: Wed, 16 Feb 2000 15:49:09 CST

From: “Regional Coordinator”

Subject: [SC-Reports] SCR Report – 01/00

Jackson Roberts


1807A Potomac

CS, TX. 77840

409 694 1889

Membership #: 9507-030

Membership Class: 10

Ordeals Passed: Tome, Chapters, ST


January was interesting month for us. It had alot of ups and downs as


The good is that the Region is really coming together to make SCARE 2K an

awesome event. I could not be a prouder RC.

There is alot of travelling going on especially to our newer Chapter’s

games! Go Beaumont and Huntsville. You guys rock!

We are currently getting alot of people motivated again. This is really

wonderful. And it is spreading like an infection.

The bad. We have had alot of minor grievences files or threatened. This is

one of the bad parts of the job.

That is about it for the summary…

New Policies:

1: Begining on March 1, 2000 I will be requiring that the Coordinator of the

event ask to see a person’s Cam Card or Photo ID. This has a two fold


A – To make sure the person is a member

B – To make sure the person isnt a minor

This is not a very difficult policy to follow. The Domain of Austin has been

doing it as part of the player checking for almost 2 months now. It seems to

run very smoothly.

2: Again I ask that all CCs and DCs email their reports to the following

addresses: &

These addresses are the only two that you need to sent to for them to go up

the chain of command.


Because all the CCs , DCs, ARC, RC, AdoCh, and White Wolf are on the list.

So please follow this guide line. I have asked many times for this so please

confirm your reporting to it.

[This is the last time I plan on posting this. From now on all DCs and CCs

will be held responsible to this system.]

3: There seems to be alot of questions dealing with members and what

Chapter/Domain they belong to. This should be very simple. You need to

belong to a Chapter within the Area you live. In you live in an area with a

Cam presence then you are asked to join that Chapter.

There are alot of members that maintain membership in a Chapter then move

200 miles away and do not switch to a new chapter. Doing this makes is very

difficult on the Coordinators to do their job.

As of right now, We have only one independant member [Eric Moore] and I have

allowed three people to move their memberships to Chapters outside of where

they live.

Again this isnt to be a tyrannt or being mean, this is strictly so WE can do

our jobs and better service the general membership.

4: If you go to a game hosted by another Chapter or Domain, REMEMBER the

hosting Coordinator is in charge. This means if you violate the Code of

Conduct you are under their jurisdiction. Being part of a different Chapter

or Domain, is not some type of Defense or Protection. The hosting

Coordinator is responsible for communicating the proble with that members DC

and/or CC but still has the right to act.


– – SCARE 2K It is coming… Are you ready?

If not go to

– – These are all the executive actions I did take during the month:

Candi Canabiss [9704-049] was asked to step down from any and all Officer

positions for a period of 6 months [From 02/12/2000 to 08/01/2000].


1: Regional Events

The SCaRE is planned for the weekend of Feb. 26-28 in Temple, Texas. The

Events Team is moving full speed ahead on this project now with the complete

attention and support of the Region. Only 10 days left… Are you SCAREd


2: Recruiting

Still my biggest project and it seems to be going slow. But we are working

on it.

3: My Promise

12 Months left in goal of making the South Central Region the undisputed

number one region in the Camarilla. And it is starting to show.

Things I need:

1: A copy of what Chapters and Domains the DoCh shows that are active for my


Completed tasks:

Nothing new here.

Issues with or Changes to Chapter/Domain Reports:

*Many Chapters and Domains are rewarding too much prestige for their

Officers and their Assistants. The Tomb and Prestige 2000 state that an A*

position can earn a maximum of 30/month with 20 being the norm for doing

what is expected of them. So please note the changes to your reports.

AR004 – All the Chapter Assistants were rewarded the maximum for their

Office. Please change this to 20 Open

TX009 –

1: Angela Townley 40 – ADC – Change to 20 Open

2: Bert Sanders

35 R – ADoC

25 – blood donation

5 – meeting

monthly total – 65/35 R

The totals should be 30/35 not 65/35. Please correct this.

TX010 –

Billy Martinez, 9612-078

Open: 3850

Position: 30 for acst


Total prestige:

Grand Total: 4000

How does 3850+30=4000?

TX013 – Jess Anderson + 50 National – There was no explanation for this.

Could you please explain this.

TX025 –

1: Richard Singleton is listed at MC 9. This Office does not have him listed

as such. Please contact me about this matter. [Second time I have mentioned

this and no change as of yet]

2: David Hemsell is listed at MC 9. This Office does not have him listed as

such. Please contact me about this matter.

TX031 – All Officers and Assistants were awarded the maximum for their

position. Please change this to being the normal. That is 40 Open for a C*

and 20 Open for an AC*.

TX042 – All Officers and Assistants were awarded the maximum for their

position. Please change this to being the normal. That is 40 Open for a C*

and 20 Open for an AC*.



Question: Would like to know the amounts/caps for recruiting prestige also

when this should be awarded and any prestige for reapplying for membership?

Answer: The Caps is as per Tomb with the exception of the Regional Bonus.

The prestige should be applied whenthe CC has prove that the person has

joined the Cam.

Question: I need verification of prestige recommended for ALL positions

(Person in question is a Moderator for multiple lists) prestige. I have

never seen any prestige recommendations for any of these positions from

anyone in a position above her. What can we do to improve the communication

here? In fact, other than CST recommendations for our ACSTs’ prestige and

the RC’s recommendations for the team member prestige, I have never received

recommendations for anyone else’s position prestige.

Answer: First, excellent question. The tracking and reporting of prestige is

a difficult one at best. I know CJ Moody publishes a report that contains

the monthly awards for moderators. I am not sure exactly where that appears.

Remember each member is also responsible in making sure that they get their

prestige and making sure that the person/people involve send their

coordinator the confirmation information.


Problem: One of the members in my chapter had a letter refered to the

regional PR team and still has had no response and is getting upset at this.

Solution: Have that member contact Chris Molsbee at He is

the PR Team Lead.

Problem: Chris Coulter who is away in college shows he has passed first 3

tests, which is 400 prestige? Why is it I y have him listed for 396 I need

to know what tests he wasn’t given credit for if possible because he was a

CST for 3 months.

Solution: The Membership Verification Database tracks which Ordeals a member

is credited. I would check there to see what we show for him.

Problem: Kevin is still waiting for his approval to play a 10 CCP character.

Solution: This Office has taken special consideration on this matter. For 3+

months it has waited for the addition information requested on this matter.

This request was sent to the member in question. I agree this matter needs

to get resolved. Please have Kevin forward the requested information. Thank


Problem: Summer Warren and Rob Andresakis are still awaiting their approval

to play 8 CCP characters. This is taking far too long. As I see it, it

should be no matter for the regional level administration to review prestige

totals, considering they receive copies of all the paperwork we send up.

There can’t be that many prestige audits taking place, and if there are,

then regional need to relinquish control of those responsibilities to a

person or group that is capable of doing an audit in a matter of days, not


Solution: This Office does not do 8 CCP audits. We only do 9 thru 11 after

that the audit is a National one. And the reason for the length of time is

confirming some of the information take time. Also this Office has been at

60 days less for audits. Please notice the time stamps on when the Audit

request was sent in in that Section of this report. And also notice that

some Audits are still pending missing information as yet to be supplied.


1: Prestige for can goods is 2 pts / can with a maximum of 20 Open per

month. Please correct this in your monthly totals.

2: We CANNOT give out prestige for cash. This even includes for helping to

pay for game sites.

3: Currently, the Coordinators have no Regional Ontime Prestige Incentive

Bonus. We have not had one since I took this position. It is the *C’s

responsiblity to report ontime. It is part of what we exspect from them and

is part of the prestige you are rewarded every month.

4: DCs need to be reviewing all of their Chapter Reports. I am finding alot

of mistakes and questions that could be easily handled at that level.

5: Remember for full positions 40 is an average and 50 in the maximum. For

assistants 20 is average and 30 is the maximum. I am seeing alot of people

claim the max and not a whole lot of work for it. Please review the reward

and make sure it is reasonable for the amount of work the individual does.

Doing what their position demends is not enough reason for the extra


Prestige for Officers:

* Please note for some officers this is a confirmation of their prestige

award and for others it is a change.

N= National, R= Regional, G = Open*

1: I had not received any portion of the RST report. There this Office

cannot confirm any prestige awards for the ST Chain this month.

Once the RST posts he report, I will check thru the awards and confirm or

deny them.

2: My Assistant and Team Prestige:

ARC – Eric Moore – 20 R

Informations Team

Lead: Julie Graham – 20 R

Josh Handel – 15 R

Jason Covington – 10 R 10 G

Cat Williams – 5 R 10 G

Joe Baker- 10 R 10 G

Events Team

Lead: Rebecca Simpson – 20 R

Janeka Rector – 20 R

Kelley Barnes – (See ST Section)

PR Team

Lead: Chris Molsbee – 20 R

Jason Samp – 10 R 10 G

Donna Molsbee – 10 R 10 G

Rebecca Arndt- 10 R 10 G

David Sanzgiri- 10 R 10 G

James Walsh – 5 R 5 G

3: Domain Coordinators:

AR-D02 Cristy Barnhill – 40 G

TX-D01 Ken Reinertson – 40 G

TX-D02 James Potter – 40 G

TX-D03 Haleigh Watson – 40 G

TX-D06 Kelly Barnes- 45 G [Very Nice Report!]

TX-D11 Lana Brandon- 0 G [No Report]

TX-D12 Laura Blum – 0 G [No Report]

4: Chapter Coordinators:

AR001 Lance Lewsader – 0 G [No Report]

AR002 James Crowder – 0 G [No Report]

AR003 Adam Fraize – 40 G

AR004 Kris Lancaster – 40 G

AR005 Jon Hall – 40 G

AR0XX Joey Fischer- 40 G

LA001 Johnny Thibodeaux- 0 G [No Report]

OK001 Harley Cox – 0 G [No Report]

OK0XX- 0 G [No Report]

TX001 Aaron Capps – 0 G [No Report]

TX002 – 0 G [No Report]

TX003 Judy Kraft – 40 G

TX004 Kevin Norris – 40 G

TX005 Rich Wermske – 0 G [No Report]

TX009 Amanda Oestman – 40 G

TX010 Mel Alley – 40 G

TX013 Jessica Anderson – 40 G

TX014 Shaun Cavitt – 35 G [Late]

TX016 Jim Sloan – 40 G

TX017 Tye Fincher – 0 G [No Report]

TX018 Jenn Tucker – 0 G [No Report]

TX021 Jenn Canneles – 0 G [No Report]

TX022 Scott Walters – 40 G

TX023 James Loy – 35 G [Late]

TX025 Ruth Hogue – 30 G

[Needs to work on report – Information not up to standard]

TX029 Candi Cabaniss – 40 G

TX030- 0 G [No Report]

TX031 Lisa Martin – 40 G

TX036 Bill Rose – 40 G

TX038 Alan Bush – 0 G [No Report]

TX039 Chris Steward – 40 G

TX041 Josh Handel – 40 G

TX042 Katrina Crane- 40 G

TX044 Thomas Lynskey – 40 G

TX045 Melissa Shupak – 40 G

Since this reports goes out on a multitude of lists and will be posted to

our website, please check to see if your Domain and Chapter is listed. If it

is, check to see if the CC is correct and get on them about not reporting! I

need all the help I can get on this.

5: Regional Bonus for Recruiting:

John Hall 4 new members – Bonus 15 R

John Hall 10+ new members – Bonus 10 R

Membership at 9+:

*Please see our website for the Official MC 9+ Lisiting.*


Sandra Elliot, MC 9,

Prestige Totals as of 02/01/2000: 3298 G, 60 R, 106 N

David Burgess, MC 9


Kevin Daiber, MC 9 & 10

He is to be classified MC9 til we are done with his review. This is special

consideration due to the length of time it has taken to get an Official

Audit done. Please see that he sends in the requested information. I would

like this matter resolved within the next 60 days.

Pending MC 9+:

William Duvic, MC 9 (waiting on follow up information)

Eric Bramblett, MC 9 (Waiting for prestige records) – 1/17/00

Heather Harrelson, MC 9+ (Wants Audit for exact prestige totals) – 01/00

David Broussard, MC 9 – 01/00

Eric Moore, MC 11 – 01/00

Christy Cleveland, MC 9 – 01/00

Bert Snaders, MC 9 – 01/00


Jackson Roberts