SCRC Report – 1999-11

Date: Thu, 16 Dec 1999 11:45:21 CST

From: “Regional Coordinator”

Subject: SCR Report – 11/99 – Late 🙂

Jackson Roberts


1807A Potomac

CS, TX. 77840

409 694 1889

Membership#: 9507-030

Membership Class: 10

Ordeals Passed: Tome, Chapters, ST


November was a rough month for us here. We have had several problems in

various Chapters and Domains this month. Most of them have been resolved but

a few still plague us. I hope to have the last few issues hammered out by

the end of December.

November was also a good month for us. I believe our reporting is up! Whoop!

And it seems we are even more motivated then normal. I was especially proud

and honored by my region. They reacted to the Bonfire accident with amazing

speed and care. Many from around the Region donated blood to the cause. My

hat is off to them. Thank you.

New Policies:

– – I have asked all the members of the South Central Region to track their

own prestige along with their Chapter Coordinator. My Office will not be

handling the micro management task of tracking people’s prestige for the few

months they hold a position then switch to another. This task rapidly

becomes overly time consuming.

Therefore since individuals SHOULD be tracking their prestige and their

Chapter Coordinators should have it and any updated info, I decided to use

the tool the Organization already has in place to track prestige. Redundence

of systems is good to a degree but not here.


– – Coordinator Reporting Process is up and working ok. I have to fix a few

things with the list but it seems to be emailing out fine. Anyone who is a

CC or DC that is not on this list please email so I can correct that.

– – Charity Stuff: Many people have come up with several different unique and

wonderful charity ideas. I hope to be able to implement some of the great

ideas soon! Keep them acoming!

– – We will be requiring people to bring their membership cards to all

sanctioned events soon. This is because of the fact of a large number of

people with long term pending or non-members participating. I will be

posting on this topic later in the month and the new policy will go official

sometime in early 2000.

– – More wonderful news. It seems we have several expectant mothers recently

announce. Congradulations!!!


1: Regional Events

The SCaRE is planned for the weekend of Feb. 26-28 in Temple, Texas. The

Events Team is moving full speed ahead on this project now with the complete

attention and support of the Region. We have 10 weeks left…

2: Recruiting

I am encounter a small problem in certain areas on recruiting. It seems our

older Domains and independent chapters are not recruiting as rapidly as the

younger ones. I am not sure exactly how to handle the problem. My current

solution is to try to find younger more movitavted members to handle


3: My Promise

14 Months left in goal of making the South Central Region the undisputed

number one region in the Camarilla. We have a great deal of growth in new

areas like Oklahoma and Arkansas, along with places like Huntsville and

Beaumont We will begin to really focus on the areas will have a true

advantage. We have 3 of the Top Ten Cities in the US. we will begin to look

at why our recruiting is slow there and how to fix it. Also begin to target

other large cities within Region like New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Amarillo,

Sante Fe, Tulsa/Oklahoma City (working on it now).

4: Empowering Officers

Recently, I noticed that alot of our Officers wait for higher level Officers

to act then follow their lead. I am terriblely against that. I want any

Officer to feel empowered enough that while within our rules/policies can do

what they need to get done in a fashion that works for their enviroment.

To solve this, I am setting a goal/project that in the Spring we will have

some sort of leadership workshop/retreat. This will include various seminars

for both coordinators and storytellers.

Things I need:

1: Nothing currently besides some sleep.

Completed tasks:

WinterFest – Which KICKED ASS!

Issues with or Changes to Chapter/Domain Reports:

TXD02 – Bert Sanders his position as ADoCh doesnt give him 10 National and

25 Regional. The 25 is Open prestige. Please fix this prestige entry.

AR003 – Chantry Foley is listed as earning 0 prestige for the month but his

total Open prestige increased by 100 points. I request a bit more

information on this matter.

AR004 – Has listed independent members? I am slightly confused on this

matter. Please contact me about it.

TX005 – David Burgess is under Audit. He current MC is 8 til the audit is


TX016 – Only has 2 members listed. Is this all that reported their prestige?

Is that the total Chapter membership?

TX017 – Only has 3 members listed. Is this all that reported their prestige?

Is that the total Chapter membership?

TX025 – Richard Singleton is listed at MC 9. This Office does not have him

listed as such. Please contact me about this matter.

Prestige for Officers:

* Please note for some officers this is a confirmation of their prestige

award and for others it is a change. N= National, R= Regional, G = Open*

1: RST and his Staff

Brad Gunnels – RST – 40 R

David Burgess – ARST Admin – 20 R

Michael Cowan – ARST Cam/Anarch – no report – 0 G

Kari Stiller – ARST Changeling – no report – 0 G

Chris Stewart – ARST Influences – 15 R

David Briggs – ARST Projects – no report – 0 G

Mathew Williams – ARST Shifter – – 10 R

David Morgan – ARST Wraith – – 20 R

Kelley Barnes – ARST-SCaRE – 20 R

2: Domain and Independent Chapter Storytellers:

D-Austin – Joe Baker – 38 G 2 R

D-B/CS – Jason J. Covington – 40 G

D-Galveston – Kevin Daiber – 40 G

D-Houston – Scott Danby – 38 G – late

D-Jonesboro – Tommy Russell – 35 G late

D-North Texas – Billy Duvic – 38 G 2 R

D-San Antonio – Howard Teal – 40 G

C-Beaumont – Michael R. Mellema – 38 G 2 R

C-Corpus Christi – no report

C-Fayetteville – Cory Gray – 40 G

C-Huntsville – Brandon Riley – 38 G 2 R

C-Little Rock – Damon Edwards – 38 G 2 R

C-Midland/Odessa – Jason Samp – no report – 0 G

C-Natchitoches – Patrick Neff – 38 G 2 R

C-Rogers – Sean Lockhart – no report 2nd month – 0 G

C-Stillwater – Russell Cohen – 38 O 2 R

C-Waco – Kieber Emmons – Chpater Closing – No position – 0 G

3: Non Regional STs that provided valuable contributions

Steven Byrd – 2 R

July Dodson – 2 R

4: My Assistant and Team Prestige:

ARC – Eric Moore – 20 R

Informations Team

Lead: Julie Graham – 20 R

Jennifer Canales – 10 G

Jason Covington – 10 R

Cat Williams – 10 R 10 G

Events Team

Lead: Rebecca Simpson – 20 R

Assistant Team Lead – Janeka Rector – 10 R

Kelley Barnes – (See ST Section)

Laura Blum – (Will be added in later when we get the Winter Fest report)

PR Team

Lead: Chris Molsbee – 20 R

Nikki Boyles – PR Liaison – 5 R 5 O

Jason Samp – PR Media Coordinator – 5 R 5 O

Kimberly Gail – Sponsorship Coordinator – 5 R 5 O

Christina Knight – PR Charity Coordinator – 5 R 5 O

Donna Molsbee – PR Secretary – 5 R 5 O

Rebecca Arndt – No title yet – 5 R 5 O

5: Domain Coordinators:

AR-D02 Shadowed Towers – Cristy Barnhill – 30 G – Late

TX-D01 Bryan/College Station – Ken Reinertson – 40 G

TX-D02 Eighth Legion – James Potter – 30 G – Late

TX-D03 Civitas de Immortalis – Roberta Broussard – 40 G

TX-D06 Terra Inmortorum – Ed Black – 40 G

TX-D11 Ellis Island – No DC Currently – No Report – 0 G

TX-D12 Buried Hatchets – Laura Blum – No Report – 0 G

6: Chapter Coordinators:

AR001 Shadow Play – Lance Lewsader – No Report 2 Months- 0 G

AR002 Warrior’s Twilight – James Crowder – No Report 2 Months – 0 G

AR003 Crimson Tears Society – Adam Fraize – 30 G – Late

AR004 Sept of the Silver Moon – Kris Lancaster – 30 G – Late

AR005 Little Rock – Jon Hall – 40 G

LA001 Nox Mortis – Johnny Thibodeaux – 0 G – Late

OK001 Onyx Chronicle – Harley Cox – 40 G

TX001 Ruby Chalice – Leslie Wilson – 40 G

TX002 Domus Sangreal – Ginger Gish – No Report – 0 G

TX003 Casa de los Waffles – Jeff Reid – No Report – 0 G

TX004 Midnight Tower – Kevin Norris – No Report – 0 G

TX005 Chapter X – Rich Wermske – 40 G

TX009 Burning Moon Amanda Oestman – Needs to post her reports properly – 30


TX010 QQQQ – Mel Alley – 40 G

TX013 Sable Rose – Jessica Anderson – 40 G

TX014 Dark Sovereigns – Shaun Cavitt – 40 G

TX016 Nocturnal Illuminatis – Jim Sloan – 40 G

TX017 Furia de la Mortis – Tye Fincher – 40 G

TX018 Garden of Thorns – Jenn Tucker – 0 G – No Report

TX021 Teeth of Gaia – Haleigh Watson – 40 G

TX022 Legio Noctem – John Marques – 40 G

TX023 L’ecole des Enfants Damnes – James Loy – 0 G – No Report

TX025 Rabid Roach – Ruth Hogue – 30 G – Late and needs to properly post


TX029 I Tappa Vein – Candi Cabaniss – 40 G

TX030 Rio del Noche – ? – No Report – 0 G

TX031 Gathering Storms – No Coordinator – No Report – 0 G

TX036 Crimson Triangle – Bill Rose – 0 G – No Report

TX038 Dark Disciples – Alan Bush – 40 G

TX039 Circle of the Shattered Moon – Ian Mattews – No Report – 0 G

TX040 Sábados de la Sangre – Jay Knioum – Contacted me about report -30 G

TX041 Amici Noctis – Teya Hahn – 40 G

TX042 Gathering Dust – No Coordinator – No Report – 0 G

*TX043 Bower of the Black Widow – In process of folding this Chapter

TX044 Desert Moon – James Walsh – 40 G

TX0XX House of Mysterium – Melissa Shupak – 40 G

Since this reports goes out on a multitude of lists and will be posted to

our website, please check to see if your Domain and Chapter is listed. If it

is, check to see if the CC is correct and get on them about not reporting! I

need all teh help I can get on this.

7: Regional Bonus for Recruiting:

Nothing mentioned in any reports. Therefore no regional bounty given. I must

see the information in a Coordinator report before I will award the regional


Membership at 9+:

*Please see our website for the Official MC 9+ Lisiting.*


Mike Cowen, MC9

Ken Reinertson , MC 9


Kevin Daiber, MC 9 & 10

He is to be classified MC9 til we are done with his review. This is special

consideration due to the length of time it has taken to get an Offical Audit


Pending MC 9+:

David Burgess, MC9 (Audit started 12/08/99)

Evan Odensky , MC 9 (waiting on follow up information)

William Duvic, MC 9 (waiting on follow up information)

David Morgan, MC 9 (Audit started 12/08/99)

Sandra Elliot, MC 9+ (Wants a Prestige Review to estiblish correct totals)



1: Is there a particular format that needs to be used for 9 CCP audits

because I have two members that need to send up their audits?

Answer: We are currently working on a system for doing the app for the MC 9+

Audit. It will be similiar to the appilication process for character

approval. More will be posted once we have finalized the process.

Til then please email me directly and I will answer with I need for the


2: How can I find out the regional and national prestige for members who

need that prestige recorded?

Answer: Wow, that is a hard one. Usually, all that information is posted in

the various reports. IE If someone does something for the Region it will be

in my report. If it isnt then they do not get the prestige award. If people

are missing awards you need to contact the person (Office) they were working

for to get that information.

3: Not exactly questions, but I’ll put here anyway. The following people

have completed 6 months straight of reporting on time for 6 months: Haleigh

Watson chapter coordinator of Teeth of Gaia and Roberta Broussard domain

coordinator. Also, Cat Williams former domain coordinator held the office

for 18 months; I would like to see to it that the records get checked on her

reporting so that she can benefit from the award; she thinks that she

reported the first year on time and fully.

Answer: The National ‘On Time’ Award is giving out by the DoCh. I am sure

that it will be ported if and when the people hard the bonuses.

4: The results from Matthew Williams 9 CCP audit.

Answer: I do not have the inforamtion at the current time. But I will

research it

5: Need Erin Warren’s national and regional prestige from regional and


Answer: See Question #2


1: Regional Bounty system

Some Chapter and Domain Coordinators have voiced a problem with the current

system. The problem is that it rewards an individual and not a

Chapter/Domain for Recruiting.

I am currently trying to find away to reward the Chapter or Domain that does

recruit. This is difficult do to the fact that not everyone in a

Chapter/Domain might not participate but gets rewarded for the others


However, I am willing to work with any CC or DC if they discuss the issue

with me so we can tailor the system to fit what has happened.

2: OK001 – Needs support (Email for their CC)

I will emailing Harley to see what exactly he needs for this Office.

3: Jeff Blackwell a member of good standing has been waiting on a reply from

whomever as to whether or not his 3rd and 4th ordeals have been received and

or graded. A quick response in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

On any matter like this you should email about it.

Make sure the Subject line details who this needs to go to (Director of

Membership Services) and the subject gives as much info as possible


1: Checking people’s ID at the door of an event to verify age. I have been

told that it could be against the to do so. I have someone talking to

several institutions (DA Office, Justice of the Peace and a Lawyer) to make

sure we are within our rights to see valid proof of age and not in any

violation of civil/criminal codes.

2: Huntville – Having problems dealing with the different social groups

within their Chapter. I will currently working with them in hopes to solve

this matter.

3: Galveston – Currently, as far as this Office knows, has NO Coordinators

on either the Chapter or Domain level. This matter will be solve within by

my next report.

4: Distance – Alot of our outlying Chapters/Domains do not feel part of the

region due to the distance they must travel to be near the larger percentage

of our members. I am not sure how to fix this or if there is anyway to. Any



Jackson ‘Very Tired RC’Roberts