• Oct 16th Updates



        Good morning.  Just a few brief updates.



    *US NC Election*



         This election has begun and we are in the Q & A section of the process.  Below is a link that you can visit as much as you like to become as involved as you want to be with the election as it unfolds.  It has the applications of the candidates and a link to the running Q & A.





         Our RC staff will be meeting with your Domain Coordinators this Sunday and this will certainly be one of the topics at that meeting.  After a survey and the conclusion of the Q & A process, we will meet again to take into consideration the SC Region survey results, the pulse of their Domains the DC’s have personally experienced, and from that I will have all the information necessary to make an informed representative decision on how our Region will vote.



         If you have questions you want asked of the candidates, please send them to Angela, sc.arc.adm@gmail.com , and we will combine like questions and send them in groups to the candidates.  Any obvious attack, or unconstructive questions will be filtered out.



    *SC Coordinator List*






    *San Antonio Featured Game*



         Its is going to be awesome.  Mexican food, games, decorations, San Antonians, and even an opportunity to attend a Regional meeting which will will involve both the RC and the rst.  See Regional report or Becca’s posts for more details.



    *Quoting the RC*



        I get several questions everyday which almost never have context to them, but I try to answer them regardless.  Please be thoughtful when using a decision I made, a policy I have set, or a quoted pulled from the middle of a paragraph to apply to a situation it may not fit.  If you feel that I have been misquoted, and wish to clarify please do so.



    For example



        I have often said I feel there is no reason for an officer to ever have to yell at a member.  This does not mean that those members with positions can never raise their voice in or out of character, therefore the RC office has limited the artistic license of our games and stripped personal liberties from the membership.



    *Conflict Resolution*



         I am swimming in sensitive organizational issues I cannot openly discuss, even with my own staff.  With that said, please strongly consider the lasting benefits of working a problem out through mediation, over the very fleeting victory accompanied with a tiny disciplinary action.  There certainly are situations where a DA is warranted, but for inner personal conflicts, true resolution often includes being willing to sit down and come to an agreement where your two parties can coexist within the organization. 



         Every issue pushed up to Regional that could have been handled by open discussion between members or a Domain level mediation, is less time I can spend developing new membership benefits for our Region.  I am happy to assist where it is truly required and beneficial, but where not needed, I ask everyone to please trust their elected Domain Coordinators to do the right thing.



       That is all for now, thanks!



    Ricky Kramer

    South Central Regional Coordinator


  • Introducing the Initial Regional Coordinator Staff


    Good evening.  Below is a list of our initial Regional Coordinator staff and some of the basic duties each have.  Please understand they may need a few days to get fully situated, but please feel free to reach out to them as needed.  Thank you.

    ARC Chief of Staff – Jeff Duncan, sc.arc.cos@gmail.com

    • Runs needed DC elections for the Region
    • Helps organize our RC Staff polls, conference calls, meetings
    • Keep the machine running if I get bogged in duties
    • Assists the RC Staff as needed in their duties

    ARC Administration – Angela Rexwinkle, sc.arc.adm@gmail.com

    • Collects and develops all the material necessary for a complete and accurate Regional report
    • Reaches out to Domains that are not reporting to discover how our staff can assist
    • Runs a preliminary check on DC monthly prestige, which the RC will approve at report time
    • Assists new DC’s in getting information and templates for proper reporting

    ARC Charity- Shelley Brian, sc.arc.charities@gmail.com

    • Collects charity ideas from the Region and poll to determine which is most desired to run at a Regional level
    • Run three to four Regional Charity opportunities a year, each with easy to understand ways to contribute, clearly defines starting and stopping times, a method for our organization to gain recognition for our donation, and defined ways for our members to report their efforts
    • Assist Domains in setting up Domain level charity opportunities

    ARC Events and Services- Becca Morgan, sc.arc.services@gmail.com

    • Encourages, assists in the development, and collect bids for Featured Games
    • Leads the Feature selection process with the RC/RST
    • Assists the Domains in advertising for upcoming Features
    • Assists in any upcoming projects that involve the FGotM program or recruitment

    ARC Project Management- Jeremy Brown, sc.arc.projects@gmail.com

    • Helps the RC staff develop a portfolio of projects submitted by the Regional Staff & Region aimed at increasing the value of membership for members of the SCR
    • Works directly with selected project managers of these Regional projects to ensure they have the resources they need to succeed in our Regional efforts
    • Works with the RC to create a stand alone report that will be shared with the Region at meetings, and graphically represents progress in our various projects
    • Provides members the opportunity to get involved with these efforts, often regardless of their level of experience

    ARC Prestige- Julia Kramer, sc.arc.prestige@gmail.com

    • Completes initial reviews of prestige logs that require Regional oversight
    • Establish communication with the ANC Prestige and develop proper processes for National reviews
    • Work with or lead the project team that will tackle the upcoming On-line Regional Prestige Database project

    ARC Outreach (outgoing) Matthew Mevis, sc.arc.outreach@gmail.com

    • Finishing up three elections currently being run and transitioning duties to focus on his home Domain for a while
    • Remaining duties split between staff
    • Thanks for all the great work Matthew


    Ricky Kramer

    South Central Regional Coordinator