• WordPress Updates

    Ran some quick updates to the WordPress engine, so the site should be working better than ever! No content changes, though, so everything should still be where you normally find it.

    -Kevin, aRC Tech

  • Website Maintenance

    Hey, all!

    The latest version of our theme has messed some stuff up, but it should all be up to working again (except for the nifty header at the top, I’m working on that.)

    Let me know if you see any other weird nastiness!

    -Kevin W
    aRC Tech

  • SC Website Maintenance

    Posted on by scrc

    Hey everyone!


    It’s time to renew our regional website. Our ‘lease’ is up on 6 August.


    I spoke with Kevin (ARC Tech) and while he wants to update some stuff on the back end of the site the hosting company we’re currently using is a solid one with good pricing.


    So for another 24 months of SC website goodness it will cost us $191.00.


    To fund this I’m going to take donations from members and domains.


    Per the MHB on pg 29 (#3) I can award 1 Regional Prestige per $2 donated. And I will. 🙂


    Award will be categorized as Social/Non-Game Support – Donations of materials to the club or club social function. Awards will still cap out at 30R per month. Donations from Domain Funds can be given to members according to the DC’s wishes (within reason and pending my ok).


    I will be accepting donations through my paypal (krista.guthrie@gmail.com) until 4 August and I will renew our lease (one way or t’other) on 5 August.


    If you have any questions, comments or complaints please don’t hesitate to voice them.




    Krista Guthrie


    Wicked Witch

    South Central RC


    Total Raised: $200.00