Combined: The Accord

The Truth is chewing into our reality and is bent on our destruction. The Accord is here to stop it.


Welcome to the New World of Darkness: The Accord, a game where you are part of a secret alliance of supernaturals that fights the twisted offspring of The Truth and it’s minions within the Church of the Ultimate Truth. High drama and explosive action meet as you balance the fight and the secret while navigating the attitudes of the differing supernatural creatures around you. Your greatest weapon is keeping the world ignorant of what’s coming for it, but how long will that last?


With high local storyteller discretion, impressive characters, and tense roleplay, New World of Darkness: The Accord offers a unique LARP experience in Mind’s Eye Society.


Choose your character. Write your background. Join your friends in The Accord.


The Truth is waiting.

The Accord

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