Changeling: The Lost

The following documents are the second drafts of settings, history, and mechanics for the MES Changeling the Lost chronicle starting in 2013. Many have received a few modifications over the past couple months since they were first released. There is also a wholly new settings document as of today about a semi-secret Changeling order. Take a look!

Changeling the Lost

What Do the PCs Know?

In the 2013 chronicle, the Lost understand

certain truths about the True Fae. Each court
has its own opinions and perspectives, but there
are three key “truths” about the Fae that any
character who has been a part of changeling
society will know. The truths are listed here,
followed by the prevailing opinions and thoughts
among the four seasonal courts.

The Gentry Assume Many Disguises

It’s generally understood among the Lost
that the number of actual Gentry is finite and
they can take any form they choose. While
reports conflict, it appears as though these
different incarnations can be in more than one
place at a time.

The Gentry are Betrayed by The Tell

The actual number of True Fae is finite. This
is understood because each of the Gentry has a
Fae Tell. The Tell is a fundamental,
unchangeable part of their being that shines
through any of their disguises.

While the Monster may present itself as a
horrific mass of mouths and tentacles or as a
refined, gentlemanly serial killer, it bears the
same red stain in both forms. Lost who might
not otherwise know they shared a Keeper can
look to this stain as evidence of their shared

The Gentry are Diverse, but Unchanging

The disguises a particular True Fae takes
will usually have different names and titles. The
Patriarch might appear as “The Shining King of
the North Wind” or as “The Cold Emperor of
Bitter Lies.”

These disguises might have completely
different appearances and may behave in
completely different fashions. This said, the
Patriarch’s golden crown and authoritative
nature will always betray him. These deceptions
make the Gentry dangerous to unaware
changelings, but an informed fae learns to
recognize the behaviors and tells of at very least
their own Keeper.

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