Regional Charity ASPCA/Humane Society

Salutations South Central,

Today we announce our newest charity that we will be running from the month of June through the end of August. This charity is rather close to my heart, as I have lived with animals nearly all of my life, and one of my dogs has even been harmed by others. This, to me, is unacceptable so I want to make sure that we are supporting charities that touch people’s hearts and have a connection to them.

This is why I have decided on the ASPCA/Humane Society. Often this organization is over worked, under-paid, and underfunded. So, let’s all try to chip in and work together to help make this a better place for our furry (or not so furry as the case maybe) friends. We may not all LOVE animals, but each of the animals that we see touches our lives in different ways. I think this is a good way for us as the South Central to give back to them in a small way, be it through adoption, rescue, or just a much needed walk around the yard and some time out of the cage.

May the barks of your praise be heard throughout the region,

Alinore R. Brady
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