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  • Introducing the Initial Regional Coordinator Staff


    Good evening.  Below is a list of our initial Regional Coordinator staff and some of the basic duties each have.  Please understand they may need a few days to get fully situated, but please feel free to reach out to them as needed.  Thank you.

    ARC Chief of Staff – Jeff Duncan, sc.arc.cos@gmail.com

    • Runs needed DC elections for the Region
    • Helps organize our RC Staff polls, conference calls, meetings
    • Keep the machine running if I get bogged in duties
    • Assists the RC Staff as needed in their duties

    ARC Administration – Angela Rexwinkle, sc.arc.adm@gmail.com

    • Collects and develops all the material necessary for a complete and accurate Regional report
    • Reaches out to Domains that are not reporting to discover how our staff can assist
    • Runs a preliminary check on DC monthly prestige, which the RC will approve at report time
    • Assists new DC’s in getting information and templates for proper reporting

    ARC Charity- Shelley Brian, sc.arc.charities@gmail.com

    • Collects charity ideas from the Region and poll to determine which is most desired to run at a Regional level
    • Run three to four Regional Charity opportunities a year, each with easy to understand ways to contribute, clearly defines starting and stopping times, a method for our organization to gain recognition for our donation, and defined ways for our members to report their efforts
    • Assist Domains in setting up Domain level charity opportunities

    ARC Events and Services- Becca Morgan, sc.arc.services@gmail.com

    • Encourages, assists in the development, and collect bids for Featured Games
    • Leads the Feature selection process with the RC/RST
    • Assists the Domains in advertising for upcoming Features
    • Assists in any upcoming projects that involve the FGotM program or recruitment

    ARC Project Management- Jeremy Brown, sc.arc.projects@gmail.com

    • Helps the RC staff develop a portfolio of projects submitted by the Regional Staff & Region aimed at increasing the value of membership for members of the SCR
    • Works directly with selected project managers of these Regional projects to ensure they have the resources they need to succeed in our Regional efforts
    • Works with the RC to create a stand alone report that will be shared with the Region at meetings, and graphically represents progress in our various projects
    • Provides members the opportunity to get involved with these efforts, often regardless of their level of experience

    ARC Prestige- Julia Kramer, sc.arc.prestige@gmail.com

    • Completes initial reviews of prestige logs that require Regional oversight
    • Establish communication with the ANC Prestige and develop proper processes for National reviews
    • Work with or lead the project team that will tackle the upcoming On-line Regional Prestige Database project

    ARC Outreach (outgoing) Matthew Mevis, sc.arc.outreach@gmail.com

    • Finishing up three elections currently being run and transitioning duties to focus on his home Domain for a while
    • Remaining duties split between staff
    • Thanks for all the great work Matthew


    Ricky Kramer

    South Central Regional Coordinator