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  • Dallas Featured Game of the Month – January 4th

    Have you made plans to attend the SC’s January Featured Game of the Month –
    hosted by Dallas, Texas? These folks know how to put on a great game and
    this is the perfect time to look for plot hooks and make IC plans for the
    upcoming national event hosted by the SC in April! It’s a vampire weekend,
    with both new and old world of darkness vamp games being hosted, so, come
    on out and support your neighboring domains. Plot and scheme, make ties
    and have a good time!


    Domain Coordinator: Debi Hodges US2008021874

    Email Address: dc@mesdallas.com

    Acting Coordinator(s): Cortney Mills

    Email Address: rainbowd219@gmail.com

    Domain Storyteller: Robert Hodges US2008021876

    Email Address: dst@mesdallas.com

    Primary Venue Storyteller: Cam/Anarch – Chris Kans

    Email Address: Camanarch@mesdallas.com

    Secondary Venue/Storyteller: Jonathan Loyd

    Email Address: requiem@mesdallas.com
    Event Schedule:

    Saturday, January 4, 2013

    • 11:30am : Requiem Check in

    • 12pm – 5pm : Requiem Game

    • 5:00pm-6:30pm : Dinner Break

    • 6:30 pm : Regional Meeting (There will be pizza)

    • 7pm : Cam/Anarch check-in

    • 8pm – 12 midnight : Cam/Anarch Game


    Dallas Games Marathon

    930 West Parker Road, Suite 530

    Plano, TX 75075


    More details will be posted on website/Facebook invitation. Plan
    pre-registration similar to Austin. (Great idea!)

    All Day Gaming Charge is $5.00


    North Texas Food Bank


    No classes planned; Regional Meeting between games. Pizza will be made
    available during and after the meeting for your convenience.

    Game Afters/Socials:

    Afters possible at IHop, which is about 2 miles from site.

    Snacks and Beverages:

    Snacks will be available for $.50, Water will be available free all night,
    and sodas and ice will be made available in the building. MANY restaurants
    are available in the area for dinner breaks. Also, a 7-11 within the same
    parking lot.

    Several MES members offer crash space, and there are 5 reasonable hotels
    within a few miles of the site.


    Smoking Ordinances:

    Smoking allowed outside the shop in the parking lot.

    Nearby Shopping:

    This is in a strip mall, with a few restaurants and shops,near many
    different types of shopping, including 3 malls within 10 miles. (Collin
    Creek, Stonebriar, and Willowbend)


    Several Fast Food and Sit down restaurants nearby. There is a home-style
    dining restaurant called “Chubby’s” in the same parking lot.

    Please keep an eye open for updates! Our Facebook event will be up and
    announced tomorrow. Invites will be sent at that time. You can also join
    by following the link that my lovely web guru, Nicki will post later on

  • San Antonio Featured Game of the Month – November 2, 2013

    Hello Region of Love!

    We are keeping the ball rolling with our Featured Game of the Month
    program. San Antonio is hosting Accord and Requiem on Saturday, November 2
    at the same hotel wherein we are hosting the National Event in April.

    Come out and preview the site! Bring your Accord drama! Bring your Requiem

    We happily welcome your RSVP at the Facebook Event:

    Domain Coordinator: Melissa Wabler
    Email Address: godise@gmail.com

    Domain Storyteller: Travis Kearns
    Email Address: mr.none.of.the.above@gmail.com
    Primary Venue/Storyteller: Travis Kearns
    Email Address: mr.none.of.the.above@gmail.com
    Secondary Venue/Storyteller: David Barajas
    Email Address: davidinharlingen@gmail.com

    Saturday, Nov 2, 2013
    12:00pm Check-In
    12:30 – 5:30pm – Accord
    5:30 – 6:30pm – Break
    6:30 – 11:30pm – Requiem

    Storytelling Particulars:
    Approvals: I would like players to either e-mail me a copy or bring an
    additional physical copy of their character sheets and approvals with
    mechanics or particularly strange approvals, with all pertinent data, prior
    to game.

    Proxies: I allow proxies when there is a body willing to play the
    character. I don’t care how this is achieved. If you want to hire a hooker
    or something to stand and move around as your character, that is ok. I do
    not want to run your character. The hooker idea would probably be
    expensive. Teaser will come later, closer to the date of the event.

    Site Fee: $7 per person

    Location/Directions: Courtyard San Antonio SeaWorld®/Westover Hills – 11605
    Texas 151 San Antonio, TX 78251

    Charities: TBA

    Game Afters/Socials:
    Jim’s Restaurant #42
    6107 W Loop 1604 North
    San Antonio, TX 78254

    Auctions/Raffles: Cat’s Eye Lounge – Fundraiser (See Snacks and Beverages)

    Snacks and Beverages: Complementary Water station. No food or drink allowed
    in the meeting space.

    Fairfield Inn & Suites San Antonio SeaWorld/Westover Hills
    4026 Wiseman Boulevard
    San Antonio, TX 78251
    (210) 682-6800

    Staybridge Suites San Antonio Sea World
    10919 Town Center Drive
    San Antonio, TX 78251
    (210) 767-1100

    Hilton San Antonio Hill Country Hotel & Spa
    9800 Westover Hills Boulevard
    San Antonio, TX 78251
    (210) 509-9800

    Holiday Inn San Antonio Nw – Seaworld Area
    10135 Texas 151
    San Antonio, TX 78251
    (210) 520-2508

    ****Local Cammies with crash space****
    Melissa Wabler & Travis Kearns
    Has room for 6 people (2 twin beds and lots of floor space! Please bring
    pillows and blankets.)
    7828 Pecan Heights, San Antonio, TX 78244
    (956) 459-6325

    Kyle Broekers & Terry Stamets
    Has room for 7 people (1 full-size bed, 1 sleeper sofa, 1 full-size air
    mattress, 1 couch, and floor space) Recommend bringing pillows, as we don’t
    have enough if we hit max capacity.
    (979) 676-2780

    Smoking Ordinances: Smoking is limited to the hotel’s designated smoking
    areas. Please do not litter. We would like to keep our good reputation with
    the hotel.

    Nearby Shopping:
    Within 2 miles from site:
    5355 W Loop 1604 North
    San Antonio, TX 78253
    (210) 424-1910

    Walgreens Store San Antonio
    10673 Culebra Road
    San Antonio, TX 78251
    (210) 647-9842

    Dollar Tree
    6511 W Loop 1604 North #111
    San Antonio, TX 78254
    (210) 688-6429

    Walmart Supercenter
    6703 Leslie Road
    San Antonio, TX 78254
    (210) 688-3626

    Within a mile from site:
    10950 Texas 151
    San Antonio, TX 78251
    (210) 522-9494

    10623 Westover Hills Boulevard
    San Antonio, TX 78251
    (210) 653-7839

    Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers
    5415 North W Loop 1604
    San Antonio, TX 78253
    (210) 521-5400

    Olive Garden
    5439 W Loop 1604 North
    San Antonio, TX 78253
    (210) 681-2583

    Freebirds World Burrito
    5519 North W Loop 1604
    San Antonio, TX 78253
    (210) 684-1300

    10650 Culebra Road
    San Antonio, TX 78251
    (210) 767-1113

  • October 19th Featured Game of the Month: Little Rock Arkansas

    And without further ado, here are the details for the October Featured Game
    of the Month, hosted by the stronghold that is the Little Rock domain!

    Please visit the event information page for the October Featured Game of
    the Month by visiting:


    RSVP’s are a welcome method for the staff to plot ways to better destr…I
    mean, serve your character’s needs!

    Domain Coordinator: Krista Guthrie
    Email Address: dc.ar012d@gmail.com
    Acting Coordinator(s): Assistants: Tim Hamilton & Vanessa Parsons
    Email Address: Assistants: tim.hamilton.th@gmail.com & rosedevie@gmail.com

    Domain Storyteller: Bill Peterson
    Email Address: dst.ar012d@gmail.com
    Apocalypse Venue/Storyteller: Brent Collins
    Email Address: soundwave73080@gmail.com
    Requiem Venue/Storyteller: Becky Blackburn
    Email Address: lrvstrequiem@gmail.com

    Site fee: $5 per person

    10:00am – 12:00pm: Set-Up/Check-In
    12:00 – 5:00pm: Apocalypse
    5:00 – 6:00pm: Dinner
    6:00 – 7:00pm: Class/Regional Meeting
    7:00pm – 12:00am: Requiem
    12:00 – 1:00am: Auction/Raffle

    Storytelling Particulars:
    Apocalypse: IC Teaser to be released.
    – Only requesting one copy of sheet at check-in.
    – No proxies will be accepted for this event.
    – Totem mechanics beyond basic benefits will require the pack to have a
    write up at check-in; otherwise the mechanics cannot be used.
    – Any mechanics not found in the Addenda or Laws of the Wild need to be
    carried on your person.

    Requiem: IC Teaser to be released.
    – All powers need to be printed out and attached to the character sheet or
    they may not be used. (For ease of the ST Staff, this includes base book
    – No proxies will be accepted for this event.
    – Everyone who pre-registers will enter at full blood with access to plot
    hooks. Pre-registration details to be released.

    Country Inn & Suites
    Google Maps Link:
    750 Amity Road
    Conway, AR 72032
    (501) 932-0500
    Directions: http://tinyurl.com/peky7ab




    OWoD and NWoD Combat Mechanics

    Game Afters/Socials:
    – Afters will be at IHOP (1161 Old Morrilton Hwy, Conway, AR 72032).
    – Other events may be added later, but the default is IHOP.

    Snacks and Beverages:
    There will be an assortment of small bags of chips, a few types of candy,
    and even some healthier options. This will be updated when donations are
    confirmed from members. http://tinyurl.com/q7qat7f

    Google Doc with Information, some crash-space available upon request:

    Smoking Ordinances:
    There are smoking areas with butt-cans outside almost every door of the
    hotel. Please use those, and please smoke a small distance from the
    doorways – as some members have asthmatic type reactions to secondhand
    smoke. There is NO smoking inside the Hotel. Violators will be charged a
    $300 fee, and our Domain will not be held accountable for any violations.

    Nearby Shopping:
    Google Doc with Information: http://tinyurl.com/o9ch8ms

    Google Doc with Information: http://tinyurl.com/nphqpqa

    Come out and enjoy the intense experience that is a Little Rock Featured
    Game of the Month! They are epic.

    Best Regards,


  • 2014 MES National Event – Coordinator Leads All Call

    *Hello, MES!


    *We are looking for a few good men or women to step up and help make the
    first annual MES National Convention a success! I’m looking for coordinator
    staff leads who have the time and desire to volunteer for some demanding
    leadership positions. Below, you will find general expectations for
    convention staff leads as well as more specific job outlines for the
    coordinator lead positions. Applications will be accepted until August
    10that 11:59 PM and should be emailed to the National Event Lead at
    national.event.lead@mindseyesociety.org and cc’d to the MES NCA at
    nca@mindseyesociety.org. Please include your MES resume and a statement
    about what you would bring to the table in such a position. Also, include
    any unique ideas that you have to improve the function of the position in
    question. Then, include any relevant real life experience and note any DA’s
    from the past two years. Please include at least two references. Title your
    email [2014 National Event Lead Application] so that none of the
    applications get lost in the shuffle. Thank you for your time and


    *Expectations for all Coordinator Staff Leads*


    Coordinator Staff Leads will work closely with the Event Lead to put on a
    successful show. Lead positions will be time consuming, requiring attention
    to detail, organization, high amounts of energy and the ability to interact
    with not only organization members, but with the hotel staff in a manner
    that is consistent with our highest standards of behavior. Several lead
    positions must also be able to handle large sums of money in a responsible
    fashion. Consistent reporting leading up to the convention, as well as the
    submission of a final report directly after the completion of the event
    will be expected of each Staff Lead. Reports will be submitted to the Event
    Lead and CC’d to the Event Second. These positions are selected by the
    Event Lead with approval from the NCA.


    *Event Second*

    An Event Second basically functions as the right-hand of the event lead.

    This is the person to whom decisions default if the event lead is unable to
    perform his or her duties for any reason. This should be someone who can be
    relied upon to complete delegated leadership tasks and complete projects in
    a timely manner. Event Second is likely to be a very demanding position and
    should only be accepted with commitment and understanding of this fact. He
    or she must posses the ability to handle money responsibly.


    *Media Manager*

    This position is designed to manage announcements for a con (streamlining
    general announcements), act as a point of contact for the con (to help
    ferry people to the right place), and to design and manage Websites,
    Facebook, G+, Wiki, and other media. The creation of these resources will
    be done in consultation with the Event Lead and the NCA staff to ensure
    that all necessary functionality is implemented. He or she will also drum
    up interest in the event, promoting it consistently and posting regular
    updates on email lists and other media when needed.


    *Registration Lead*

    Registration is a position that is handled before and at the convention and
    is responsible for assembling a team to handle the registration desk (both
    Pre-registration and at the Door Registration). The Registration lead must
    be able to handle large sums of money responsibly. He or she is responsible
    for registration being staffed at all times.


    *Charity Lead*

    The Charity lead is responsible for suggesting charity events and
    fund-raising events for approval by the Event Lead, and will be responsible
    for full project management of approved events. This person must posses the
    ability to handle funds responsibly. Experience with charity work is


    *Prestige Lead*

    The Prestige Lead is responsible for collecting the volunteer hours and
    donations prior to and throughout the convention and reporting them to the
    Event Lead in a prompt manner. This position will be encouraged to enter
    all of the information as the event weekend progresses and to meet the
    deadlines for delivery one week post convention.


    *Volunteer Lead*

    The Volunteer Lead is responsible for soliciting and scheduling volunteers
    before the event and at the event. It is also important to work closely
    with the Prestige Lead to ensure that all volunteer hours are accounted.
    The volunteer lead will work closely with the Event Lead, other coordinator
    staff leads and the St lead to staff the convention efficiently and


    Vendor Lead*

    The vendor Lead is responsible for soliciting and managing vendors for the
    dealers room at the convention. The Vendor lead will communicate regularly
    with vendors and keep the event lead abreast of the situation regarding
    vendors for the convention.


    *Security Lead*

    The security lead will be responsible for organizing security efforts
    during the convention. Traditionally, we have always policed our own, as it
    were. Hotels tend to appreciate this effort to keep our convention from
    troubling other guests while still allowing members to enjoy the
    convention. The security lead will assure that a suitable security staff is
    on duty for the duration of the event. This lead will also be involved in
    the training of said volunteers.


    *Production Lead*

    **The production lead is responsible for setup and breakdown efforts during
    the convention. Settings and ambiance, as well as functionality will the
    concern of the Production Lead. This person will work together with the
    Event Lead and ST Lead to deliver the best possible setting for the
    convention. This person should also be able and willing to communicate
    effectively with hotel staff as needed.


    *Hospitality Lead/Concierge*

    Hospitality is showing MES members the region and the event staff’s
    hospitality. The Hospitality lead will be responsible for securing food and
    beverage donations for the hospitality suite as well as organizing any
    games/activities to be hosted there. They will also be responsible for
    assuring that the Hospitality Suite remains staffed during all hours of
    operation. Hospitality will also be responsible for putting together a
    concierge service in which local attractions and businesses are showcased
    along with any other helpful information for convention guests.

    *NOTE *: Additional duties may be added at the discretion of the Event Lead
    and the NCA, as needed. These descriptions are meant to give volunteers a
    good idea of what their responsibilities will be, but do not encompass
    every possible duty of a job. If you have any questions, please do ask
    before applying for or committing to one of these positions.



    Rebecca Morgan
    MES National Event Lead