New ARCs!

Thank you to everyone who applied or even thought about applying. There are many ways to contribute to the Administrative parts of the Mind’s Eye Society, and each way has its specific pros and cons. Coordinators are very often under-appreciated so I really want to express my gratitude to anyone who even considered stepping up to that monstrous challenge. <3

So with thanks to all given, the brave souls who will help me are:


 SC ARC Prestige – Cameron Wright, US2011118180 from Fort Hood, TX and his email will be

SC ARC Charity & Events – Ali Brady, US2014040024 from Dallas, TX and her email will be

SC ARC Media & Elections – Lucas Westfall, US2002034285 from Odessa, TX will have the email

SC ARC Tech & Special Projects – Kevin Whiteside, US2014020062 from San Marcos, TX will work out of email


Please give them some time to settle in and get accustomed to their new wings. Look for their first email to the region and then after that feel free to bombard as needed!

I look forward to the things we will accomplish. 🙂

Achievement: Flying Monkeys Released



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