Wicked Witch of the South Central

Heyla to the Region of Love!

First things first – an official Thank You to Ricky for all his hard work on our behalf. I have a great example to follow and can only hope I do as good a job as he did.

I’m taking a few days to get settled in and am transitioning the RC email to the @mindseyesociety version. I’ll make sure to let everyone know when that’s completed.

Over the next few days I’m going to work up my needs for ARC Staff and will send out all-calls shortly thereafter.

I prefer email as the primary form of contact, but understand that sometimes you need a faster response. As an FYI I work 12 hour night shifts, so the best time to contact me is between 5pm and 8am, Sun-Tues. If you wake me up during the day I will likely send the Flying Monkey Minions after you….and your little dog too!

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