Dallas Featured Game of the Month – January 4th

Have you made plans to attend the SC’s January Featured Game of the Month –
hosted by Dallas, Texas? These folks know how to put on a great game and
this is the perfect time to look for plot hooks and make IC plans for the
upcoming national event hosted by the SC in April! It’s a vampire weekend,
with both new and old world of darkness vamp games being hosted, so, come
on out and support your neighboring domains. Plot and scheme, make ties
and have a good time!


Domain Coordinator: Debi Hodges US2008021874

Email Address: dc@mesdallas.com

Acting Coordinator(s): Cortney Mills

Email Address: rainbowd219@gmail.com

Domain Storyteller: Robert Hodges US2008021876

Email Address: dst@mesdallas.com

Primary Venue Storyteller: Cam/Anarch – Chris Kans

Email Address: Camanarch@mesdallas.com

Secondary Venue/Storyteller: Jonathan Loyd

Email Address: requiem@mesdallas.com
Event Schedule:

Saturday, January 4, 2013

• 11:30am : Requiem Check in

• 12pm – 5pm : Requiem Game

• 5:00pm-6:30pm : Dinner Break

• 6:30 pm : Regional Meeting (There will be pizza)

• 7pm : Cam/Anarch check-in

• 8pm – 12 midnight : Cam/Anarch Game


Dallas Games Marathon

930 West Parker Road, Suite 530

Plano, TX 75075


More details will be posted on website/Facebook invitation. Plan
pre-registration similar to Austin. (Great idea!)

All Day Gaming Charge is $5.00


North Texas Food Bank


No classes planned; Regional Meeting between games. Pizza will be made
available during and after the meeting for your convenience.

Game Afters/Socials:

Afters possible at IHop, which is about 2 miles from site.

Snacks and Beverages:

Snacks will be available for $.50, Water will be available free all night,
and sodas and ice will be made available in the building. MANY restaurants
are available in the area for dinner breaks. Also, a 7-11 within the same
parking lot.

Several MES members offer crash space, and there are 5 reasonable hotels
within a few miles of the site.


Smoking Ordinances:

Smoking allowed outside the shop in the parking lot.

Nearby Shopping:

This is in a strip mall, with a few restaurants and shops,near many
different types of shopping, including 3 malls within 10 miles. (Collin
Creek, Stonebriar, and Willowbend)


Several Fast Food and Sit down restaurants nearby. There is a home-style
dining restaurant called “Chubby’s” in the same parking lot.

Please keep an eye open for updates! Our Facebook event will be up and
announced tomorrow. Invites will be sent at that time. You can also join
by following the link that my lovely web guru, Nicki will post later on

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