FGoTM – Ft. Worth, TX – July 27th

Hello, Region of Love! I am pleased to announce another upcoming featured
game of the month for the South Central Region! We will be hosted by Ft.
Worth, Texas which is nicely located for travel! The staff has done a lot
of work already toward putting on a great show, so I look forward to seeing
everyone there! Please take a look at the details below:

*Domain Coordinator: **Kenneth Emch**
Email Address: **warshire1@yahoo.com**

Acting Coordinator(s): **Katie Henderson**
Email Address: **Ritorimisu@gmail.com**

Acting Coordinator(s): **Mariel Rushing**
Email Address: **Mariel_rushing@yahoo.com**

Domain Storyteller: Devon Weir
Email Address: **FtWorth.DST@gmail.com**

Primary Venue/Storyteller: **Katie Henderson**
Email Address: **ritorimisu@gmail.com**

Secondary Venue/Storyteller: **Daniel Walker**
Email Address: **nickeldan@gmail.com*




**Noon – Staff Arrives at the Marriott for FgotM meeting
12:30pm – Changeling set up and Admissions
1:00 pm – Game on Changeling
6:00 pm – Changeling Game off
– Changeling clean up
– Requiem set up
– Requiem Admissions
6:30 pm – Regional meeting
7:00 pm – Requiem Game on
12:00pm – Requiem Game off
– Requiem clean up
12:30pm – Evacuate premises
– Travel to afters (IHOP)
1:00am – Eat and Soft RP


**Storytelling Particulars: **We ask that character sheets be submitted to *
*FtWorth.DST@gmail.com** **no later than July 20**th**. Characters
submitted by this deadline will be given a small in-game benefit by the DST
as a token of appreciation for helping us plan for this event. Characters
may be submitted after the 20**th**, or on the day of the game, but will
receive no in-game benefit. In addition, two downtime forms are available
for players to fill out and submit with their character sheets. Players who
submit the downtime form will be considered full-1 at the start of game for
either blood or Glamour. It will also make the characters for which the
forms are submitted eligible for potential in-game content. This is not a
guarantee of in-game content, but the more we know, the more we can plan to
entertain the players. Each form should include any downtime actions
relevant to attending the FGotM, such as how the character prepares for
travel or housing, gifts created to present to other characters, or NPCs
the character would try to contact. All downtime actions MUST be approved
by the player’s principal storyteller prior to consideration for the FGotM,
so be sure the forms are copied to the proper Storytellers as well.*


Players who do not submit the downtime form should reference the relevant
VSS for information on feeding or harvesting.


For the duration of this event, travel restrictions set in the VSS to and
from Ft Worth are lifted. It is simply not feasible to police every
incoming character to a regional event. That said, we would appreciate
players volunteering to encounter the described opposition in order to help
us maintain the theme and spirit of our current venues.


Keep in mind that proper character sheets require the statistics for the
character, a proper and complete experience point log, and a list of any
relevant approvals. For powers not found in the core book, a reference must
be provided prior to the game. We are a domain getting back on our feet,
and every ounce of help you, the players, provide, the more stellar a
production we can put on for you.


Teasers will be published as soon as possible.


Also, we are requesting any players who would like to portray NPCs to
contact *FtWorth.DST@gmail.com* <FtWorth.DST@gmail.com> as soon as
possible. Thank you!


**Marriott Hotel: San Marcos Room and Adjoining Terrace**
**3300 Championship Parkway, Ft Worth, TX 76177


Exit to 114 from 35W. Head west a little less than a mile on 114. Turn left
onto Championship Parkway. Marriott is at the end of the road.


If you are lost, Call 972-814-5959 ask for Ken or 972-814-9784 and ask for



**Tarrant Area Food Bank – **http://www.tafb.org/donate-food.html**
Prestige will be awarded based on purchase receipts, please have receipt
separate from personal items.

**1G / $2***



**We are currently not prepared to feature any classes, as such. However,
the Domain Storyteller will be available throughout the event to help new
players get involved in Ft Worth, as well as offer guidance on how to break
down the barriers of being a new player.*


*Game Afters/Socials:

**Afters will be held at IHOP (12750 North Freeway, Ft Worth, TX 76177). We
will phone ahead 1 week prior to ensure adequate staffing. When leaving the
Marriott head to 35W. Go south on 35w and Exit 170 / Alliance Gateway Fwy.
Turn east (left) on 170 / Alliance Gateway Fwy passing under the highway.
IHOP will be your first turn in on your right.


**Snacks and Beverages: **

**Individual portions of Food and Drink (eg, McDonalds for one person) are
allowed inside the Marriott, but donations of catering style food are not.**
**There is a restaurant on premises that is open till 10pm to serve your
needs. We recommend that you eat and drink before you arrive or in between


**Ken Emch is offering two unfurnished rooms in Little Elm Texas to players
that wish to stay overnight. Roommates are encouraged. He also has a pull
out bed. Please speak to him to determine availability before you travel. **


Sleep Inn & Suites Speedway – **Recommended** – **817-491-3120
13471 Raceway Drive, Roanoke, TX 76262
(Tell them you are with the Mind’s Eye Society for this discount.)
Standard – $69.99
Whirlpool Suite – $89.99


Marriott Hotel – 817-961-0800
3300 Championship Parkway, Ft Worth, TX 76177
Up to 4 people – $149.99


Motel 6 – *Not Recommended* – 13601 Raceway Drive, Northlake, TX 76262
Single – $49.99 + tax
Double – $55.99 + tax


**Smoking Ordinances:

**Smoking is permitted outside the Marriott, and a terrace will be set up
near our room with seating and an extra ashtray.*


*Nearby Shopping:

**The nearest Walmart is on the north east corner of 114 and 377 in
Roanoke, Texas.*


*Restaurants/Dining: **The restaurant inside the hotel features casual
dining to steak house dining prices, which varies between lunch and dinner.
The menu is limited. *


*The hotel is about 10-15 minutes away from Roanoke, TX, which has the
following restaurants:

Babe’s Chicken Dinner House (104 N Oak, 76262)
Chili’s (113 E. Highway 114, 76262)
Classic Cafe (504 N Oak Blvd, 76262)
Cristine’s Mexican Restaurant (2003 E Highway 114, 76262)
Dickies BBQ (1224 N Highway 377, 76262)
McDonalds (110 N Highway 377, 76262)
Taco Bueno (1200 N Highway 377, 76262)
Waffle House (800 W Highway 114, 76262)
Wendy’s (1204 N Highway 377, 76262)
Whataburger (605 E. Byron Nelson Blvd, 76262)*



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