First Annual MES National Event: San Antonio, TX!


Good evening. Some of you may have realized we were working on something big recently, and until even tonight I could not even let most of my RC staff know of this possibility. For some time the South Central Region has prided itself on a great number of firsts: the first Camarilla National Event, the first Regional Event, the creation of the Featured Game of the Month program, and now we can add to it the honor of hosting the first Mind’s Eye Society National Event in April 2014, here in San Antonio, Texas!

This will be an upgrade to SCaRE and will have all the great things we were going to contribute to what was a Regional Event led by our own Rebecca Morgan, now with the additional support of the National level of the organization to make this event truly awesome. A sincere thank you to Houston and OKC who both put in bids that could have easily hosted this event, and it is because of the strength of all our bids and our membership that we were asked to take this intrepid step for the new organization.

Thank you all for being amazing, and lets get ready to host the organization here in the SCR.

(National Event Announcement below my signature)


Ricky Kramer
South Central Regional Coordinator

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Date: Thu, May 16, 2013 at 11:47 PM
Subject: [Us-announce] MES National Event and the Regional Event Schedule
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Members of MES, ****


The NCA’s office has some exciting information to put out! ****


The first is in regards to the MES National Event. It has been expressed,
often and loudly, that there is a desire for MES to have their own National
Event. Unfortunately, there are still only 12 months in the year and they
are full already. The challenge was figuring out how to add a National
Event without diluting the quality of the Regional Events.****


For 2014, we are going to try something new and will “upgrade” one Regional
event to host the National Event. The Regional Officers have supported this
idea and we are moving forward with it. For the 2014 MES National, the SC
has graciously agreed to let us upgrade SCRE while we create a formal
procedure for future national events.


The First Annual MES National Event will be in San Antonio, Texas in April
2014! We are very excited to have Rebecca Morgan of the SC as the National
Event Lead. More details will be released once they are finalized and all
calls for positions should be anticipated soon. ****


The second announcement regards the regional event schedule. One of my
goals from the moment I was hired was to create an established schedule for
regional events so that members could better prepare. This also allows for
a 2-year all call for bids, giving us much more time to plan events.****


The schedule has been created by working with the regional officers to get
feedback on desirability as well as limitations created by the holiday
season, a fall CCP Hosted Con, and other factors. It’s impossible to
accommodate everyone, but I’m proud of the results. 2014 is a little off
because of changes needed to get regions decoupled, but beginning in 2015,
the schedule is set. The schedule is below and will also be available on
the NCA website. All calls for the remaining 2014 conventions, as well as
the 2015 cons, will begin shortly.****



January – SWRE
April – MES National hosted by the SC
May – NERE
June – GLRE****


2015 (and all odd years):****

April – SERE
May – NWRE
June – NCRE
July – ECRE****


2016 (and all even years):****

March – SWRE
April – SCRE
May – NERE
June – GLRE****


My thanks to the RCs, RSTs, and Becca Morgan, ANCA Contracts and
Scheduling, for all their work to make this a reality. Questions about
anything in this email can be directed to my office.

Jenn Eiland

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