South Central Regional Charity for 2nd Quarter 2013

Hello Region of Luv. First allow me to apologize for sending this from my
personal email but we are still in transition so please bear with me. As
many of you know, West, TX was recently devastated when the fertilizer
plant in their town exploded, taking a large portion of their town. At
least 14 people, many of them first responders, lost their lives in the
incident and our thoughts and prayers go out to their families. Then a day
later, there was a flash fire at the Exxon Refinery in Beaumont, Tx which
injured at least a dozen people, 4 of them critically. It is now, in the
wake of disaster when we as a people truly shine and step forward and give
of ourselves to help others. With this disaster in our own backyard, we as
a club find ourselves faced with an opportunity to step forward and show
others why we are the Region of Luv.


In light of those recent events, we will be supporting those communities as
our South Central Regional Charity. Everyone is encouraged to help in any
way that they can. There are several ways you can help and some of them are
listed below.


Start Date: 4/20/2013


End Date: 6/30/2013


Monthly Cap: 30R


Blood: In a time of disaster blood is always needed. A request for blood
has gone out from the hospitals in Texas. To do our part we are offering
Regional Prestige for blood donations during this drive.


*Donating Blood = 25R per donation*

Please Note that if you are turned away from donating blood for whatever
reason, you may still claim prestige for the failed donation.


So what if I can’t donate blood? Well you can provide transportation for
others who can donate.


*Transportation for **Blood Drive** = 10R per trip *(max 20 per month)


Money: The American Red Cross exists to provide compassionate care to those
in need. Monetary donations should go to the Red Cross to facilitate their
aid in the area.

Donations can be made at


*$2 = 1R *(max 30/month)

* *

Items: In a time of disaster when so many have lost so much, donations of
items are greatly appreciated. Listed below are items which are needed and
prestige for each item.


*Bottled Water = 1 Case/3R*

*Canned Food = 2/1R*

*Toiletries = 1R*

*Clothes = 1R*

*Blankets = 2R*

*Diapers = 1Pack/2R*

*Formula = 2R*

*Bottles = 1R*

*Toys = 1R*

*Stuffed Animals = 1R*

*Peroxide = 1R*

*Rubbing Alcohol = 1R*

*Adult Diapers = 1 Pack/2R*

*First Aid Supplies = 1R*

*Gauze = 1R*

*Cots = 3R*

*Air Mattresses = 3R*

*Pillows = 1R*

*Toilet Paper = 1 Pack/1R*

*Paper Towels = 1 Roll/1R*

*Item donations are capped at 30/month


Time: Volunteering your time is always appreciated and encouraged. Many
organizations in the region are putting together collection sites for
donations. We encourage you to go out and help at these collections sites.


*1 Hour = 5R **(max 30/month)*

* *

Don’t forget to report your contributions to your DC!


DOMAIN COORDINATORS, please track all donations of your members and compile
it into a report to be sent to

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