SCaRE Feedback Due Wednesday


Good evening. We have a difficult decision to make in selecting a bid
for the location of SCaRE 2014, but one I want to be sure we have made with
as much information as possible. Since these bids have expiration’s, our
time is limited so if you have any chance at all of attending SCaRE 2014,
please give us a few minutes of your time to review the following links to
provide your feedback.

*SCaRE 2014 Bid Comparison Wiki*

This first link is the wiki that takes the detailed bids and compares
the raw numbers of each bid in an apples to apples fashion for comparison.
A lot of this may be more information then you need in filling out the
survey, but for the financial aspect of the convention they are metrics I
am interested in, and I would rather you have too much data then not enough.

*SCaRE 2014 Bid Survey, Closes Wednesday 20th, 11:59pm*


This next link is the survey, of which the results will aid us in
applying the pulse of the membership to our discussions, which mainly focus
upon financial feasibility. Our goal is to select a bid that balances both
our responsibility to run a financially successful convention with the
desires of the membership.



This survey is not worth prestige, because we need the sample set to
consist of those who truly want to attend this convention, so we get
properly representative feedback. Thank you again for helping us make this
tough choice and please forward this to your local lists!

Ricky Kramer
South Central Regional Coordinator

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