FGoTM bids and SCaRE!

Hello, Region of Love! As we enjoy the holiday season, we need to be
gearing up to kick off the new year right as far as events are concerned.
With that in mind, I have two major things I’d like to make sure that
everyone is aware of.


First, There is a bid guideline for SCaRE. It is fairly detailed and also
fairly demanding. It will take some doing to get hotels to agree to our
terms. BUT, we are also offering them a nice little chunk of business, and
with some effort, it is more than possible to secure a fantastic site. The
trouble with this is that the *deadline for turning in SCaRE bids is
February 28, 2013*. A solid bid takes time and a lot of hard work to
build, so this is a serious endeavor. That said, I am available to assist
any domain who would like to try and submit a bid for SCaRE 2014 to secure
a hotel bid and even to create their bid documents if they would like that


I have worked in the hospitality industry at several hotels (even in group
and event sales), so I have no trouble speaking with hotels on any domain’s
behalf or simply joining in on a conference call, or physically visiting a
site with local coordinators if it is at a time that I am able to attend.
Whatever you need to make your bid happen, I will try to do it. So, What
I’m trying to say is that if you’ve been thinking that it would be cool to
have SCaRE in your domain but you have no idea where to start or if you
have sites that would work, email me at this email address and we can talk
about it and see what we come up with. I’m here to help. Use me, abuse me.


Second : I have no official future FGoTM bids at this point. I’ve had
inquiries, but no submissions. I just wanted to give everyone a nudge and
ask that if you are considering doing a feature, touch base with me. Maybe
I can alleviate some of your doubts and help you make it happen. I am
looking forward to traveling to the next SCR FGoTM! But, we have to have
one for that to fly!! So, you all know where to send the bids!!




If anyone has any questions about the bid process for either SCaRE or
hosting a FGoTM, please email me and I will do what I can to help.


Becca Morgan
South Central ARC Events and Services

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